Richard Donner Says ‘The Goonies 2′ Is Happening

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Cast of The Goonies Richard Donner Says The Goonies 2 Is Happening
Remakes, sequels, reboots… the idea remains as popular as ever, with 1980s properties currently receiving a variety of updates, from this year’s About Last Night remake to the upcoming Jem and the Holograms. Believe it or not, though, there are still a number of 80′s properties which remain untouched.

One of the most beloved of these is 1985′s The Goonies. Produced by Steven Spielberg, written by future Home Alone director Chris Columbus and directed by Lethal Weapon‘s Richard Donner, The Goonies was a red-blooded adventure movie about a group of friends who undertook a dangerous quest to find a legendary pirate treasure and save their homes, starring a charismatic ensemble of child and teenage stars, including Sean Astin (Lord of the Rings), Josh Brolin (No Country For Old Men), and Corey Feldman (who was at the height of his childhood fame).

The notion of a sequel has been kicking around Hollywood for a long time now, but TMZ apparently received confirmation from director Richard Donner himself that The Goonies 2 will indeed be made, with hopefully the whole cast returning, according to the director.

Donner was signing autographs in Beverly Hills when the celebrity news site asked him about the current state of comic book-centric Hollywood blockbusters (he doesn’t have a problem with it), and when asked if he ever planned to do another comic book movie, he replied:

“If you call ‘Goonies’ a comic book. We’re doing a sequel.”

The Goonies and Sloth Richard Donner Says The Goonies 2 Is Happening
As for whether or not the entire cast will return… that’s another story. Some of the most memorable turns among the kids were by actors who no longer act. The crew’s chubby scene-stealer Chunk was played by Jeff B. Cohen, who now practices law. Inventor Data was portrayed by Jonathan Ke Quan – who will also be forever known as Indy’s sidekick Short Round in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom – continued to work in the industry until 2002, but has no credited role since. Martha Plimpton and Kerri Green – Andy and Stef, the high-schoolers who got caught up in the madness alongside Brolin’s Brand – continue to work, but a ways from the A-list.

Then there are those iconic villains, the Fratellis – the brothers – played by Joe Pantoliano (The Matrix) and Robert Davi (Die Hard), are still around. Unfortunately, Anne Ramsey, who played Mama Fratelli, passed away in 1989, and NFL star John Matuszak, who portrayed the big-hearted Sloth beneath a layer of latex, died that same year.

Still, Sean Astin, who had the central role as the brave, asthmatic Mikey, told IGN back in 2012 that “I’m 1000 percent certain there will be a sequel. I will bet my children on it.” Feldman, however, responded to this dubious gamble by saying:

“Oh my God. I am betting no child on this matter.”

The Goonies 2 Konami Game Logo 1024x576 Richard Donner Says The Goonies 2 Is Happening

Is Donner serious? Maybe. Many people thought a Point Break remake was insane until it turned out to be something that’s happening. Up to now, the only official Goonies continuation existed in the form of a Konami game on the original Nintendo Entertainment System – and in the imagination of a generation of kids who grew up with the film.

And the idea of revisiting the now-grown Goonies 30 years on can work as a way to continue the franchise with the characters’ children. In fact, the potential storyline is so obvious, it’s a bit of a wonder it hasn’t happened by now. Some of the original cast could probably be coerced into returning without too much trouble, especially if the original’s producer Steven Spielberg throws his weight behind the project.

But what about Josh Brolin? The star is now firmly part of the A-list, was a winning surrogate for Tommy Lee Jones in Men In Black 3, and despite a box office flop in the form of Spike Lee’s Oldboy remake, his career is going strong. He wasn’t the main character in The Goonies, but his presence as Sean Astin’s older brother provided a needed gravity. 

Time will tell, but children of the 1980s invariably find a goofy grin on their face at the mention of that movie, and if much of the original creative team return for this sequel – if it’s really happening – there will be a nostalgic audience already waiting.


The Goonies 2 is currently in development.

Source: TMZ

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  1. I am 110% down for this.

  2. Sloth loves Chunk! ;)

  3. Does this really need to happen?

    My answer is no.

    What next? Flight Of The Navigator 2?

    • The Next to Last Starfighter……

      • +1

      • Haha, brilliant. +1

    • ET 2 :)

      • “ET WhatsApp home”.

    • Dazz, whenever I hear someone make your comment, I have to respond…

      No movie “needs” to happen.

      If people are going to be employed and make money doing it, and if people are going to enjoy watching it, and if it does not intrinsically lower our culture/morals, like so many other films (e.g. The Human Centipede), then why not?

      If you don’t want to go, you don’t have to. Not sure why you even bother to submit such a comment.

      • While you are right you overlook an important downside: all of these remakes and sequels tie up time, actors and resources that could rather be used to make one of the thousands of original ideas happen that are out there. We are missing out on great original movies for the sake of rehashes that aren’t that good most of the time.

        • That, I will give you, but we should also remember, some films, like Goonies, have a cult following. That following would love to see an extension of the story, and because the original was made so long ago, a sequel would be largely “new” to the youngsters today. Still, if a film, especially a children’s film, employs people, attracts an audience, and makes money…what’s the big deal? I’m all for it!

      • While I usually don’t like cash-in remakes, this is a sequel and isn’t quite the same (especially if the original director is involved), and if they can do it well, then I wouldn’t mind it being made. If nothing else, it might make kids go back and watch the original, and experience the same magic and wonder we felt when we watched the original as kids.

        And I don’t really think it will take away that much from original stories getting green lit, because plenty of them still get made, and the studio execs who want the easy cash of an 80s sequel probably wouldn’t be all that eager to fund a risky original story anyway.

    • I would watch the crap out of Flight of The Navigator 2.

      • I want to comment – but I have no words. TOO Awesome. I’m sure SJP wouldn’t mind rocking some pink hair again…

        I would also like to submit the suggestion of a remake of ‘Adventures in Babysitting”…?

    • Flight of the Navigator 2. That is LOL hillarious! Man did I want to fly in that thing when I was a kid… even if it did look like a giant silver clam!

    • Goonies rule!!!

  4. RIP Sloth. I hope they dont mess this up.

  5. If Donner is on-board then I think Sean made a wise bet. If there is a story to be done, I am sure that he find it.

  6. They left it to late, now its serves best as a stand alone film

  7. What?? I just never saw the appeal to this movie at all. To the fans of the movie good for them they are getting a sequel instead of a reboot followed by a sequel which is something unheard of these days.

  8. While I would love for it to be true, I am skeptical. Maybe Donner was just pulling the same schtick that Brolin did a few years back. Just giving the answer that people want but completely in jest.

    It is TMZ after all…

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  10. But what about Josh Brolin? The star is now firmly part of the A-list, was a winning surrogate for Tommy Lee Jones in Men In Black 3, and despite a box office flop in the form of Spike Lee’s Oldboy remake, his career is going strong.

  11. At least this is better than another article I read that said John Matuszak was going to be part of it.

  12. Eh. I don’t know. Why, really? Make a new movie. Super 8 did fine by copying that old feel. Why make a sequel now to a movie from forever ago just because it was a particularly good movie?

  13. Would love to see the entire cast reunite. It really sucks that Sloth wouldn’t be around, I really don’t think they could do him justice, but I’m sure they could make up a good story explaining his absence.

    Spielberg has to be on board though. Glad Donner wants to do it.

    It would be very cool to see the kids all grown up and now as parents with kids of their own who then embark on yet another adventure. Maybe the parents would be skeptical in their older age and end up having to find out where they are together and rescuing the kids. I hope it would have the same spirit and adventure with ZERO CGI.

    • Don’t be stupid, it won’t have ”zero CGI”! That is deluded thinking. It will be entirely CGI. Get over it.

  14. A sequel to a 30 year old movie sounds like a really bad idea, no matter how beloved it was.

    • Exactly, it only works if the beloved movie has a pretty rich universe where a sequel can naturally happen due to circumstances that happen in the original that could lead to a new generation of characters discovering something or continuing what the original characters did.

      Star Wars is a great example of that.

      If this does end up being made, it’ll be amongst the other films that didn’t need sequels but got them anyway, like Saw, Grown Ups, Paranormal Activity, Avatar and countless others.

      Someone else mentioned it could be like Super 8 but honestly, I found that film boring. It didn’t live up to the constant hype I’d read about in the year between cinema release and Sky Movies Premiere air date.

      • Heaven forbid that perhaps kids might enjoy it…

        Again, Dazz, you don’t have to go.

        If I ever take the time to bemoan the fact that a children’s movie might be made, please let me know. That will be a sign that I’ll have to step away from the computer for awhile…

        • Why would kid’s of today want to watch a sequel to some old film made in the 80s? Do you think 80s kid’s would’ve wanted to watch a sequel to a film made in the 50s? Today’s kid’s like Transformers and Lord of the rings movies!

      • Dazz, while it pains me to do so, I admit you make SOME good points. However, you also generalize. Some sequels made decades or years later are fantastic.

        For all the bad ones you mentioned (which I actually agree with mostly), think about Tron: Legacy. Jeff Bridges was aged perfectly to fit the role and it ended up being an oddly spiritual movie. Maybe it didn’t do quite as well at the box office, but it was certainly a success, not to mention they got Bruce Box-whats-his-name back too. The acting performances were solid and the visuals and soundtrack by Daft Punk were stunning. It CAN be done well.

        There can definitely be another story for the Goonies, because up in Astoria there could have been other pirates who hid treasure there besides One-Eyed Willie. It would be believable. What would really be cool is if one of their own kids got the itch and began a new journey with a map of some sort where the parents maybe have to come rescue them by the end. I think it would be interesting to say the least.

        Lastly, the 100% agree about Super 8. While that movie had decent child acting, which I’m very particular about (see Jake Lloyd, ugh) I thought JJ was just plain copying Spielberg shot for shot (minus the painful lens flare). One of the kids had a bright yellow jacket just like Chunk. They rode bikes to wherever they needed to go aside from the car scenes. But what really bothered me was the endless cursing. The Goonies pulled it off well because it was funny and seemed so off-the-cuff and natural, not to mention it was the 80s and a less conservative time. In the 70s, which Super 8 was supposed to be modeling, normal kids did NOT curse that much naturally, even around each other. It was like he was trying to make them sound more mature or something so that we as viewers would understand that they were serious. Well JJ, it serious-ly backfired and made them sound like ignorant brats.

        At any rate, I think the Goonies 2 could be a great success if the original cast returns and they get Donner/Spielberg in their respective positions.

        • Ian, the 80s were a MUCH more conservative time than today. Much more conservative. If you think they were liberal times that you either weren’t born or have forgotten them.

  15. Does this movie need a sequel? No
    Time to kill another classic? Yes

    • Do you “need” to see the film? No.
      Does any sequel ever “kill” a classic? No.

      (Jaws, Rocky, Star Wars, etc….all still classics, with some terrible sequels).

      • “Jaws, Rocky, Star Wars, etc….all still classics, with some terrible sequels”

        Sorry, but that comparison doesn’t wash. The sequels to Jaws were all made within 12 years if each other. Star Wars was a brand new cast. The Goonies will be over 30 years old by the time it gets made – and all the cast middle aged. Sounds amazing lol

  16. This needs to happen with the script that is currently out there.

    The ending alone is so fantastic and so perfect they need to make this movie.

  17. why not, employs peps , make it

    • What a great attitude “it employs people”. In that case lets destroy a legacy. There’s plenty of other crap movies being made that “employ people”. Unbelievable!!!

  18. I’m actually not sure how to respond.

    I mean as a child of the 80s this movie was a favorite of mine growing up…I mean I don’t know if a sequel will capture the same essance…I mean are we gonna look at astin and bolins kids doing a similar tale? Or is it a remake/reboot thing?

  19. Meh. Goonies was a pretty good flick. I enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun. Whenever I hear Goonies II, I always think back to the NES game.

    I’m slightly excited to hear they’re making another movie, but not really blown away. If they get the original cast (the survivors, that is) isn’t really that important to me. As long as it’s fun like the first, that’s all that matters.

  20. Is this a joke? Goonies 2? 30 years later with the same cast? Sorry peeps but you’re going to be disappointed. If this was going to happen it needed to happen in the late 80s or early 90s at best. Do you honestly think that a bunch of middle aged, 40 somethings running around in caves looking for treasure is going to be exciting – All full of CGI with green color grading and a tedious Hans Zimmer/ James Horner soundtrack? This is staggering that no matter how many people b**** about Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull, Star Wars/ Superman sequels, horror remakes etc, they’re still going to want for something that is as good as they remember from their long lost youth. Give it up, it’s not going to live up to expectations. Read this board the signs are there: everyone is hoping for something great without thinking rationally. It simply cannot be done without recasting a brand new cast of teenagers and getting the old guys to play the parents. No other way.

  21. Josh Brolin was in The Goonies????!?!??! i gotta re watch it sometime soon :3

  22. I loved Richard Donner at the height of his career, The Omen, Superman, Ladyhawke Goonies, Scrooged , Lethal Weapon 1,2,3, & 4, Maverick, Assassins, & Conspiracy Theory. But Timeline and 16 Blocks proved maybe he has lost the magic in my opinion.

  23. The Goonies 2–yay, we say! Our family gathers around together to watch The Goldbergs (a family from the 80′s current sitcom) We laugh & relate (even our tween) to these characters from the 80′s. We’re now watching The Goonies for the hundredth time. A sequel–the original Goonies own little Goonies–w/ Richard Donner, Spielberg & the original cast(RIP Sloth, Mama Fratelli,…). More good clean 80′s family fun–it could only be Good Enough For US!

  24. I would love nothing more than to welcome “Goonies 2″. My wjole family loved the first. Whenever it’s shown, we watch it.