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The Screen Rant editorial team is back with episode seventy-nine of the Screen Rant Underground podcast.

Join host Ben Kendrick as well as fellow SR editors Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw as we review A Good Day to Die Hard, discuss Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men: Future Past casting, updates on Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla, and get into a heated debate about House of Cards.

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Screen Rant Underground: Episode 79 - A Good Day to Die Hard & House of Cards

In episode 79 of the Screen Rant Underground podcast as we review A Good Day to Die Hard, discuss Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men: Days of Future Past casting, updates on Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla, and get into a heated debate about House of Cards.

[0:00] News: Guardians of the Galaxy and X-Men: Days of Future Past casting, Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla updates, as well as season renewals for Arrow and Supernatural.

[1:02:25] Rants and Raves: House of Cards (and the Netflix distribution model).

[2:01:56] Review: A Good Day to Die Hard (read our full review of A Good Day to Die Hard).

[2:15:41] A Good Day to Die Hard SPOILERS conversation.

[2:36:25] Twitter Handles and Contact Information.

Hosts: Ben Kendrick, Rob Keyes, Anthony Ocasio, and Kofi Outlaw.



BONUS: As discussed in this week’s episode, here is the teaser trailer for the 1998 Roland Emmerich Godzilla movie:


Next Week’s Review: Dark Skies

Last Week’s Official Box Office Battle Reader Winner (Identity Thief opening): Josh D is the winner with a perfect score of 15 points!

Opening in theaters this week (Wide):

  • Dark Skies - 2,400
  • Snitch - 2,500

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      • Yeah, its sad. They could of did some interesting things with him and Azazel and Mystique. I’d also like Angel back in a more useful way. One of the dozens of underused X3 characters.

    • MOTHRA!!

  1. Seriously, Ben… if you don’t watch Supernatural you are really missing out. The fact that there are eight seasons of it now isn’t an excuse, because you don’t need to feel obliged to catch up with it as quickly as possible. Watch it at your own pace.

    If anything it should be an encouragement, because even the pretty weak seasons 6 and 7 are still so much better than the majority of other shows. Some of my favourite episodes are part of those seasons (Weekend at Bobby’s, Frontierland, The French Mistake, Repo Man, Out with the Old, just to name a few). That’s eight seasons of pure awesomeness.

    • Well, I’m going to have my shot this week! We’ll see if it hooks me. I could see working through it slowly behind the scenes for awhile.

      • Top 5 monster episodes of supernatural;
        Monster Movie
        Live Free or TwiHard

        Top 6 funniest
        Hollywood Babylon
        French Mistake
        Mystery Spot
        Changing Channels
        Yellow Fever
        Wishful Thinking

        Top 7 Best
        After School Special
        Point Of No Return
        The End
        Meet the New Boss
        Swan Song

    • It’s true!

  2. I think Pratt was a good choice to be a good leading man for Guardians he can be funny but at the same time a serious(see scenes in Zero Dark Thirty) & Jason Mamoa is fairly good choice because he is a big Hulking guy (basically what Drax is) Marvel tries to get these guys on the cheap so getting The Rock or Vin Diesel would be fairly impossible, I’d prefer they get up-and-comers and spend the money on the villain & the CGI…

    Ben, I think I have to disagree with you Gamora is the next important Domino to drop she will have a more important role than just kick ass because I think her Arc will be important being Thanos adopter daughter who will maybe try to kill Peter Quill(Chris Pratt) or some other member of the Guardians, especially when you take into fact that Drax is probably going to be a brutish assassin, Groot will probably not speak or more or less have a Silent Bob type role, and outside of Rocket Raccoons probably one-liner/scene stealing role Gamora will be pretty important but that’s just my take on it…

    I think every network show runs into the problem of what new & compelling stories to tell maybe not in the beginning but they run into a wall unless you have a planned end, some jump the shark or they go the route of procedural shows of telling the same stories just differently, cable series can get away with it since they run half as many episodes so they can spread things out & plan a head, Supernatural was great for a while then they ran into the problem of having a plan for the end & then it gets brought back for another season but I think ultimately Sam & Dean’s chemistry can take the show anywhere because fans love the relationship they have to the characters & I do agree that some Arrow episodes miss the mark but I think more episodes hit then miss if that’s any consolation…

    • I’m really enjoying Arrow. I know that doesn’t always come across on the podcast but it’s one of my favorite shows each week. That said, it’s mainly because I like the characters and the set-up. I’m not sure that I’m quite as interested in the execution of the larger conspiracy story – which has me worried about how the show will evolve over time. Still, my fellow editors make a lot of good points about where it could go – I just think some of my initial concerns could prove to be more noticeable and problematic in season 2.

      • I totally get you Ben I do wonder how they are going to keep show going in way that keeps it fresh but we can only really try to see what happens now(even though I too love to cancel shows) & I agree the over-arching conspiracy story may not be as interesting as the stuff that happens on the island or some of the actual characters on the show but I think the vendetta angle is a better way to go then starting out as a more of a procedural, I think Arrow is better of trying to have plot elements like Lost & Dexter then say CSI & NCIS…

        No worries Ben, Kofi’s layed out the plan for Arrow Season 1-4
        Season 1: “Get Through the List”
        Season 2: “Go After the Head of the List”
        Season 3: “Man on the Run” & “Escape to the Island”
        Season 4: “Arrow Returns”

    • That was Kofi on the Gamora thing.

      I agree – Gamora is very important.

      • Your right it was Kofi, D*ck move on my part…

  3. Thanks for another great podcast, gents, it’s become required listening among my friends here in the UK and half of us are not even movie buffs!

    Can we have a few more movies as box office battles ‘punishments’ like we used to get?. I might be a bit self-interested here but I/we (my pals) listen to you guys primarily for the great movie chat, reviews and updates and that’s one area that seems to now be dominated by US TV. This used to be more of a chance to hear about some good convesation about more obscure and/or less current movies. I do realise that the majority of your listeners are US-based however. The massive debate in the middle ws very US TV also!

    Love your show, thanks again for all your great work for free every week – a much better outcome for consumers than the Netflix business model for sure!

    • Kofi will be giving us his thoughts about Celebrity Juice next week.

    • Cheers Wayne! Glad you all are enjoying the show – and appreciate the week to week business model. Some of us, Kofi, would rather we just release all the episodes at once ;)

      We do have some good Box Office Battle entries in the pipeline. We’ve been neglecting that the last couple weeks!

    • I have LOTS of movies to recommend and talk about but Ben won’t let me :(

      • Curse Ben’s evil in all it’s many forms!

  4. On the total digital season watching paradox thing.

    It’s a whole new world.

    Is the experience different when watching an entire season vs. strung out one episode per week?

    Answer: Yes. One is not necessarily better than the other. I think it depends on what is going on in your life. Some people might have a lot of time on their hands….. some people don’t.

    It’s also anticipation vs. immediate gratification. A good story, is a good story, is a good story……. BUT…. take the Superbowl as an example. It’s an event. People are talking about it before the game and people are talking about it after the game. The water cooler effect. What if they packaged all the Superbowl games together in one set and people sat and watched all Superbowls one right after another. Would these individuals have the same kind of conversation that happens with the way most people talk about the game now? No. The, “What’s going to happen?” talk is not there. No tension, no question about what will happen next. The social aspect is completely different.

    And the commercials question. In my Superbowl example the network crams a bunch of very expensive, demographically focused commercials in the half time show. We’re all sitting through the commercials because we want to know what happens, as it happens real time when the game starts. NOT viewed after the fact, recorded on a DVR, so you can FF past the commercials. How are the networks going to stick their commercials into a show that we bought digitally and can easily jump past any ads?

    The new model is not the old model. I believe there might come a time when you will purchase a digital show or movie with commercials inserted and you will not be able to FF. Some DVD’s have crap at the beginning that are hard to jump past to get to the movie. Like the piracy warning stuff. What if they simply force us to watch the ads?

    Or in the future, perhaps there will be an option at the theater box office, or for digital download, where you can purchase a commercial free viewing (a more expensive price) OR with commercials included (much cheaper).

    • It’s definitely not one or the other and I agree – there is something, in my opinion, to that “event” experience. Even when we’re talking about a TV show that plays out over the course of several months.

      Some people will appreciate the 13 episodes at once approach and that’s fine but I do think others will miss out on that week to week conversation and speculation. I have a lot of friends who watch The Walking Dead together and have weekly get togethers around the show. I like that.

        • Some also call it “marathoning.”

          I think it deserves a Screen Rant article.

          It means seriously big changes to the television landscape. I’m sure some TV executives are shaking in their boots. Look what happened to the music industry post the digital download revolution.

          A good topic for somebody (Anthony?) to tackle.

  5. Kofi, maybe the word you were looking for on regards with Peter Dinklage casting was pejorative. It would be funny if he played a mutant that in the comics is not short at all, kind of a twist.

    • Thanks!

      Adding that one to my vocab book!

  6. The whole Netflix model issue just varies depending on who you ask. I know someone who likes to burn through shows, and watch them on Netflix in minimal sittings. To me, its not as emotional as watching something weekly, and it only satisfies the right now compared to long term emotional and conversational impact. An example for me would be The Walking Dead. I started watching the walking dead with season 3 and I love the show. After I watch a new episode every week, I go on a forum and talk about it, see how everyone else liked it, and try to discuss future events. I feel as if you watch tv back to back like that, you just won’t have that same experience. But thats just me, I like to discuss what happens in a tv show like The Walking Dead from each episode and come up with theories about what happens next, while others are just there for a good story or whatever.

    • Tay – Exactly. I said something similar in my comment above. I think people can consume the shows at their own pace and that’s great! But I really enjoy the week to week discussion and expectation a network show creates.

      Maybe I just like to speculate and talk about the experience as it goes along. I can understand why others would rather reflect on it once it’s said and done.

      • Same here. I enjoy the discussion and speculation, but I understand the want to watch things immediately, it just isn’t my preference. Maybe in the near future, we will see a subscription type service in which viewers can get all of the episodes at once, or the next episode of a show for an extra fee. Who knows, but I’ll always prefer the week by week way of doing things.

  7. Guys, I really would like an answer. Will Star trek into darkness play in 15/70 true imax in 2d or not?

      • Sorry about that.. I normally stay away from podcast thread or podcast itself until I have seen the relevant movie so I wasn’t fully paying attention.(normally what I like to do is turn to podcast right after watching the movie if one is available).

        I kinda had a feeling that that was going to be an answer but what I am surprised is that there isn’t enough pissed off people about this thing not being available in imax 2d(specifically imax 2D 15/70). Didn’t they spend ton of time and effort filming this thing in imax camera for about 40 min? What about all that time lost and money?

        When I originally heard about this thing being filmed in native imax camera, my crew from work all took a day off to go see this thing in NY city(lincoln imax).. Now it’s not going to be on imax 2d 15/70? Yes, I have seen the 3D 9 minutes preview and it looked good but I cannot believe that I won’t be able to see this in 15/70 imax .. Why would they not offer this in imax 2d as well as imax 3d?

  8. 1 – Identity Thief
    2 – Die Hard
    3 – Snitch
    4 – Safe Haven
    5 – Dark Skies
    10 – Side Effects

  9. Ha ha This episode was like listening to the McLaughlin Group

    • Ha! I’ll take that as a compliment this time – since we’re not always at each other’s throats.

  10. It was a good podcast. More than just entertaining. It dovetailed with what I’ve been thinking. Not about House of Cards in particular, but binge viewing in general. I’ve done my share of it with the wife on many evenings playing catch up on Doctor Who. We couldn’t have seen the original broadcast since we don’t get BBC America, so downloads (or DVDs) are our only option for DW, which makes marathon DW viewings seem natural.

    But what if, like the NY Times mentioned, people stopped watching the broadcast episodes of programs entirely. Then waited for the complete season to air, and THEN binge viewed the whole season in one sitting via streaming, or digital whatever? Or even worse, waited for the whole show to complete, only watching after the show’s run is over and has been cancelled. Maybe waiting months or even years before watching. Like Kofi and his DVR episode pileup example, only even more extreme.

    How would that effect programming? The Nielsen ratings would be so totally screwed up. Advertising? What a mess.

    • If everyone would do it it would either end the whole era of scripted dramas and high concept shows, and rain a hellstorm of Reality TV on us (here come The Real Housewives of Little Rock, Dancing with the Dogs and Rhode Island Shore), or it would drive the prices for subscription fees or box sets through the roof, because all those shows really need the advertisement money.

    • I watch episodes in groups. We live in a day and age now where waiting is inefficient. There’s too much content coming out across too many mediums on a daily basis, so watching 15 separate and isolated piecemeal things per week and repeating the week after hurts the story and experience for me.

      So this week I’ll watch 4 eps of Arrow, next week 4 eps of Vampire diares, etc.

  11. #1 Snitch
    #2 A Good Day To Die Hard
    #3 Dark Skies
    #4 Identity Thief
    #5 Escape From Planet Earth
    #10 Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

  12. 1. Snitch.
    2. Identity Thief
    3. Dark Skies
    4. A Good Day to Die Hard
    5. Escape from Planet Earth
    10. Silver Linings Playbook

  13. I think the plan for Arrow is to keep making flashbacks to the Island until there are in like season 5!! I say that because he is on that island for like… 8 years? Was that it? I forget :) Anyway the island does offer an alternative story for Arrow, the rise of his new identity on the island in the past-timeline and the rise of Arrow in Starling City in the present-timeline, I’m not sure if they would want to cut the whole island flashbacks as quickly as next season or even the third because they are able to correct weaker character moments and/ or story lines..!! That’s basically the strategy behind Arrow in regards to Smallville, in my opinion :).

    Does anyone have any thoughts about that? Since I believe the main focus seems to be on the side-characters that are or aren’t introduced..

    ps Count Vertigo was my personal weak point in the season as well, I hope they can still correct that in some way… :(

    • He was missing from Starling City for 5 years but he was only on the island for 2 – 3 years. That means we’ll see him leave the island but where he goes next, I’m not sure.

      I once had a thought that each season would represent one year of Oliver’s tome away. So that way, the writers would have 5 seasons worth of flashbacks to go along with the current story. But that’s way too long to carry out those flashbacks though. They’ll probably wrap up the flashbacks by at least the end of season 2.

      As far as stretching the show out for multiple seasons they could follow Kofi’s outline. After that I have no idea what they could.

      • what they could do.

  14. Box office battle

    1 a good day to die hard
    2. Snitch
    3. Darks skies
    4. Identity thief
    5. Safe haven
    10. Side effects

  15. The problem with the 1998 film along with the love story, the casting, the look of godzilla which is so hated its been named “zilla” and not godzilla, was that you could have replaced “zilla” with a giant cgi cat.
    It didnt do anything, godzilla strikes fear because its a sheer force of destruction of that of a natural disaster and all “zilla” did was walk through the city, dig underground and have babies and later chase.

    So yeah I want the remake to have him fight other monsters, but that doesnt mean I think godzilla could be the sole antagonist of a good first film.

    • Also arrow could go on as it is and Id be fine, Ive like the cast, the flashbacks, the plot and the villains so far.

  16. Godzilla needs matthew broderick to be a TRUE Success

    • Did you see him on Modern Family recently? He was actually really great.

  17. I’ll give this a shot…
    #1 – Snitch
    #2 – A Good Day to Die Hard
    #3 – Dark Skies
    #4 – Escape from Planet Earth
    #5 – Identity Thief
    #10 – Side Effects

  18. In my last blog (click my name), I wrote about how Netflix changed the way we rent videos. It took them 11 years. And now, they are focused on changing how we view television programs. I’m one who accepts this new technology and is excited to see where we will go with entire seasons of original series being solely distributed digitally. That’s the #1 selling point for this…consumers choose not only what they’ll watch, but when they watch it, and how much of it they consume. Netflix understands that people will watch programming when they have time. I’m going to watch House of Cards…but I haven’t yet. It’s on my queue and could stay there until this summer. Then, someone will be discussing it in May ;)
    I understand that this a new medium for viewing that people don’t completely understand, but technology advances happen all the time and if you want to hang onto your 8-track player…then by all means, go right ahead.

    • BINGO!

      **claps in applause**

  19. Kofi you are wrong with shows being watched Family guy got big due to the fact Adult Swim had huge ratings on reruns that turned into huge dvd sales but it was 80% about the ratings. The best example right now is scandal it’s a show that is running right now and is getting huge ratings thanks to Netflix but mostly word of mouth thats how i got into it and i watch A LOT OF TV

  20. 1 Dark Skies
    2 Snitch
    3 A Good Day to Die Hard
    4 Identity Thief
    5 Safe Haven
    10 Side Effects

  21. On the House of Cards subject, I prefer watching a show on my own terms. I usually am not part of any conversations surrounding whatever show may be hot at the time. My favorite series of all time is Friends and I never caught a single episode when it originally aired. The DVDs offer extended cuts of almost every episode that offer some of the funniest moments of the show. I understand where Ben was coming from and some people need to see shows if for no other reason than to talk about them the next day. Friends of mine have tried to get me into shows like Lost, that simply didn’t interest me and at a certain point, the barrier of entry was just too high.

    • Totally understandable. I wouldn’t want to actually force people into a week to week conversation either – which is, I suppose, partly what network TV manages to do with cliffhangers, etc.

  22. 1. Dark skies
    2. Die hard
    3. Snitch
    4. Identity thief
    5. Escape from planet earth
    10. Beautiful creatures

    • Hey Tyler,

      There are a few Tylers. Can you please provide your last initial so i can differentiate? Thanks!!!!

  23. 1. Dark Skies
    2. Snitch
    3. A Good Day to Die Hard
    4. Identity Thief
    5. Escape From Planet Earth
    10. Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

  24. 1) Snitch
    2) Die Hard
    3) Dark Skies
    4) Identity Thief
    5) Safe Haven
    10) Silver Linings

    Also, the second you talked about there not being so much realistic portrayal of the media in movies/tv, I instantly thought of State of Play. I kept on trying to shout it out to you guys, until I realized it was recorded several days ago and you can’t hear me. Also, I’d look kinda weird to anyone who I happen to walk by.

    • Ha! We hear you now.

      I need to rewatch State of Play, it’s been a little while for me.

  25. 1 Snitch
    2 Good Day to Die Hard
    3 Dark Skies
    4 Identity Thief
    5 Safe Haven
    10 side effects

  26. 1. Dark Skies
    2. A good day to die hard
    3. snitch
    4. Identity thief
    5. Safe Haven
    10. Side Effects

  27. I burnt through House of Cards in a weekend and thought it was very good (even though I thought the Fincher episodes were a little weak and had some issues with a couple of characters’ actions/motivations toward the end). I came into work the next Monday excited to talk about it with friends like we do about The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad and had done with Lost. No one had watched it. Two weeks later and still no one has gotten past more than a couple of episodes even as the detail and my enthusiasm for talking about begin to fade.

    As a consumer, I appreciate that I had the whole season to watch on my time and took advantage of it, but I think I come out more on Ben’s side. When I reflect on my overall television watching experience, a part that I enjoy just as much as absorbing the stories is dissecting them with friends, reading articles and listening to podcasts. That shared aspect (to me, similar to watching movies in a theater or going to a concert) as well as the weekly anticipation rounds out the experience for me.

    That’s not to say I won’t binge watch season 2. I just think it alters, stalls or maybe even voids the conversation.

    • Interesting, I think I’m the same way. Like, I genuinely enjoy being part of Walking Dead week to week conversations but I’m also blowing through House of Cards – and don’t feel like that’s doing the show a disservice.

      Ultimately, I guess it’s just up to each person how they want to view a particular show. For me, there are shows that I wouldn’t want to be watching in a bubble like that.

  28. 1. Die hard
    2. Thief
    3. Dark skies
    4. Snitch
    5. Safe haven
    10. Side effects