16 New ‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ Images: McClane & Son Take on Russia

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A Good Day to Die Hard – A.K.A. Die Hard 5 – is less than a month away from being released and, unlike its Len Wiseman-directed predecessor, we have assurances that it’s R rated. Do fans of the series who were disappointed by Live Free and Die Hard dare get their hopes up for what some have dubbed “Die Hard in Russia”?

Now, sixteen new stills from A Good Day have been released, featuring Bruce Willis as John McClane, Jai Courtney as John “Jack” McClane Jr., Yuliya Snigir as Irina, and Sebastian Koch as the villainous Komorov. 

Check out the stills below, courtesy of The Lebanese Cinema Movie Guide:

The stills, like the various trailers released before them, tell a tale of father and son…fighting bad guys in Russia. When John McClane’s son, “Jack” – a CIA agent – gets into trouble in Moscow, John has to travel abroad and help his son out. Presumably, “helping his son out” turns into having to fight terrorists, because what sort of Die Hard movie would this be without terrorists (or at least thieves masquerading as terrorists)?

Everything we’ve seen of A Good Day to Die Hard makes it look more like a buddy cop movie than any previous Die Hard film, save for maybe Die Hard with a Vengeance. Sure, some might argue that Sergeant Al Powell (Reginald VelJohnson) was McClane’s “buddy” in the first film or that Matthew Farrell (Justin Long) was his “buddy” in the fourth, but an important distinction between a “sidekick” and a “buddy cop” is that sidekicks assist the main character while buddy cops are of (nearly) equal power and importance.

Both Powell and Farrell functioned more like sidekicks than partners to McClane. Zeus (Sam Jackson) from Vengeance, on the other hand, was a prime example of a buddy cop, fighting bad guys, stopping bombs, and jumping off bridges, even if he didn’t make his bones by doing police work (see: 48 Hrs. for another example of a buddy cop duo with only one cop). Likewise, “Jack” McClane appears to be far more than a mere sidekick in A Good Day to Die Hard.

Bruce Willis Jai Courtney Die Hard 16 New A Good Day to Die Hard Images: McClane & Son Take on Russia

You can see some of the obligatory buddy cop tropes in the stills above – John and “Jack” McClane arguing, “Jack” pulling his gun on John, John and “Jack” teaming up and going toe-to-toe with the bad guys. From the trailers and the stills, it seems pretty obvious that “Jack” is going to be nearly as (if not equally) formidable a badass as his father, though I hope that when the inevitable fight between them comes to pass, the father puts the son in his place. I mean, it’s his fifth movie. It only seems right.

(Side note: Does A Good Day to Die Hard mark the first father/son buddy cop duo?)

I have to say, I’m just a tad bit bummed that Die Hard 5 didn’t go with my zany idea for a story (the entire Gruber family – mother, sisters, a brother, a cousin, and an uncle – seeks to avenge Hans and Simon by hunting down John McClane on (wait for it) Christmas Eve). That said, I’m definitely more intrigued by A Good Day now than I was when the first trailer hit. Some of that’s due to the R rating, some of that’s due to nostalgia, some of that’s due to the practical action sequences from the trailers (though the computer-generated stunt where John and “Jack” jump out the window did not engender a lot of confidence in me).

But mostly, I would just really like to watch a quality buddy cop movie at my neighborhood cineplex. It’s been a long time since we’ve had one of those.

Are you guys looking forward to A Good Day to Die Hard? Will you be begging your significant others to go see it with you on Valentine’s Day? Let us know in the comments.

A Good Day to Die Hard, directed by John Moore, hits theaters February 14th, 2013.

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Source: The Lebanese Cinema Movie Guide

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  1. Love these movie, i hope there is another one or two after this.

  2. Yuliya Snigir: schwing!

  3. I’d say Marvin the airport janitor was more of a sidekick in Die Hard 2 than Al

    People seem to have a lot of hate for Die Hard 2, IMO it was rather epic in its scale and execution, Colonel Stuart was a badass fo with an awesome final face off and I also enjoyed the amount of swearing used,
    63 f bombs!

    Can’t wait for Die Hard 5

    • I was saying Al was a sidekick in the original, not Die Hard 2. Die Hard 2 has like five sidekicks.

      • Ah my bad, yeah that’s true, ‘Hey Karmine, what sets off the metal detectors first, the lead in your ass or the s*** in your brains?’ classic

      • Let’s not forget Argyle the limo-driver!

    • I quite like that idea –

      John McClane takes a well needed vacation, he and his estranged wife end up on the same cruise ship together out in the Carribean, little do they know that a storm is brewing out at sea as terrorists take over the luxury liner with crazy demands and fire in their hearts, but they hadnt bargained on our favourite one man army!!

  4. I didn’t mind the last one at all, I thought it was pretty fun and handled well for being toned down to PG-13.

    It looks like, to me anyways, that the studio may be gearing up to pass the reigns on to “Jack”, because I don’t know how many more of these films Willis has left in him.

  5. If this movie does well, I know there will be the inevitable idea to pass the “reins/torch/whatever” to Jack. Why is it that every franchise now lasts so long that once the main character gets too old, they have to pass it on? Even long dormant franchises like Beverly Hills Cop feels the need. Anyway, perhaps the next movie, if there is one, would be to have the next generation of the Grubers going after Jack.

  6. this one should be a good one the dude who plays mclanes son was in spartacus so it’ll be pretty awesome

  7. In all honesty, I don’t think there IS a “worst” Die Hard film. The first is easily the best, but the others are all the same in quality: Fun, well written action flicks. Sure, The PG 13 rating was anoying (and the jet scene was WAY to over the top) but other than that, I really don’t understand the hate toward Live Free or Die Hard. I don’t understand the hate toward Die Hard 2 either.

    But, I am really looking forward to A Good Day to Die Hard. And the writer has a good point, HAS there been a father/son buddy cop movie before?

    I don’t want to see a “passing the torch” thing, but here’s what I want to happen. Die Hard 6 should be the FINAL Die Hard film. Period. And in it, I want to see as much of the old characters come back as possible: Mostly Holly, Al, Lucy, Jack, Zeus and Matt. The villain should be played by Gary Oldman, and the title should be “Old Habbits DIE HARD”. What do you guys think?

    • I agree with almost all of this. I think that name would work ONLY if they brought back many old characters. (Sam Jackson in a DH6 would be epic.)
      I also agree that all the sequels have something to be enjoyed in them. But I do to some extent, understand the hate. I’m just much more forgiving toward the things that people hate on in them.

    • Oh I certainly didn’t mean to give the impression that I ‘hate’ Live Free…perhaps I Shoud’ve wrote ‘least good’. Die Hard 2 was the first one I saw at the cinema when i was 13. I still think it’s an amazing action flick. But you’re right, they’re all quality action flicks, just the first is maybe the greatest action film ever!

  8. I hate Die Hard 2 and I only watch the unrated version of Die Hard 4. That was the worst thing was trying to give it a pg13 pass smh.

    • I do too. But I always get a little upset when he blows up the helicopter with the car and doesn’t say, “I was outta bullets.”
      But the neck snap in the apartment shoot-out scene alone was awesome enough to make up for it.