First ‘Die Hard 5′ Image: John McClane and Son Go Hunting Criminals

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Jai Courtney Bruce Willis Die Hard 5 First Die Hard 5 Image: John McClane and Son Go Hunting Criminals

It seems like the more obvious route to go with A Good Day to Die Hard – the fifth installment in the Die Hard franchise – would’ve been to either reunite Bruce Willis as the aging maverick John McClane with his new son-in-law from Live Free or Die Hard (Justin Long), or maybe even team him with his daughter, played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead (who showed that she can be badass onscreen in the prequel to The Thing).

However, screenwriter Skip Woods (The A-Team, Hitman) and director John Moore (Behind Enemy Lines, Max Payne) are instead introducing viewers to McClane’s grown son, as portrayed by Jai Courtney (pictured above, opposite Willis on the Die Hard 5 set). Courtney is a rising star who appeared on Spartacus and costars in Tom Cruise’s Jack Reacher this winter.

A Good Day to Die Hard pits McCane and Son on a wild adventure in Russia, setting them on a crash-course with some mysterious terrorists. Courtney described the dynamic between the two in an interview with EW, saying:

“The relationship isn’t always functional. These are two guys who have been estranged for some time. John likes to wing it, see what happens. Jack’s more of a strategist.”

So, by the sound of it, what we’ll be getting here is an inversion on the father-son relationship from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – or, rather, a traditional mismatched buddy duo, similar to that of Willis and Samuel L. Jackson from Die Hard With a Vengeance. There are also some standard parental issues inherent to the dynamic between McClane and son, as well as a generation gap that recalls that between Willis and Long in Live Freed or Die Hard.

die hard 5 image First Die Hard 5 Image: John McClane and Son Go Hunting Criminals

A Good Way to Die Hard, in other words, is shaping up to be a formulaic addition to the series (big shock, we know). That does not mean that Willis making wisecracks and killing international baddies won’t be enough for hardcore action cinephiles, but there’s little so far to suggest that the addition of Courtney will take this franchise in an interesting direction (like Fast Five did for the Fast and the Furious series).

A trailer is sure to drop soon for A Good Day to Die Hard, since the film opens in U.S. theaters on February 14th, 2013 – so, we will just have to wait and see if the first footage confirms or defies these doubts.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. A Good Day to Die Hard would be Feb. 14, 2013. Because if I take my wife to a Die Hard movie on Valentine’s Day, I better make sure I have my Last Will and Testament filled out. I can’t wait to see this…a week after it opens.

      • Ha ouch.

      • @Jeff

        It’ll be the new Valentine’s Day Massacre because it’ll be happening all over the country all on that same day…

    • My hubby better take me when this opens! Yippee Ki Yay!!!!

  2. That’s not Jon McClanes son!! He looks about 40 years old!!

    I’m really not sure about another die hard, especially by the director of Max Payne and the omen remake?! with the writer of Hitman and Wolverine origins?!

    Bruce is just getting back on track with Moonrise Kingdom and Looper and then this potential turkey may lose him his last hair!!

    Note to self – reserve judgement, wait for the trailer wait for the movie!!

    • yes, courtney my man from spartacus,the loyal to death -varo-. and i think he is between 25-30,really don´t know exactly. in spartacus he looks very youthful in his face. who cares,can´t wait.

  3. I am very interested how the actor playing Willis soon does, he was amazing in Spartacus

  4. Ah god. The whole point of Die hard was that it was a oneman army thing going on, not a damn buddie movie. the only reason DH3 worked was becuase Sam L. Jackson is a AAA acting vet. you cant use Bruce willis as a launch platform for some low budget tv actor. Films are going to hell these days. its all remakes of stuff. when did the good actors stop being produced?

    • Um…you seem to be fogetting the twinkie eating cop, Die Hard was still a buddy movie just with them only meeting in the last minutes. In Die Hard 2 he had the little engineer guy as a buddy. In Die Hard 3 he had SLJ as a buddy. In Die Hard 4 he had Justin Long. Now in Die Hard 5 he has his son. Do you not see a pattern ?

      • Deerang, you took the words out of my mouth. No reason for complaints on the son/buddy angle.

      • Yep, somebody wasn’t really paying attention. It was always a buddy team-up movie…

        • To be fair to Psyko, none of those other characters were much help in the action department which, I think, is his point.

  5. You know when series last this long you start to get the tendency to come up with new rules to throw out there to illustrate how far you’ll let the franchise take you before you write it off as being hopeless. So I’m throwing one out there and that’s 88 minutes. They have 88 minutes to make the story worth seeing. Why 88 minutes? Well I think to qualify as a feature film it has to run at least 72 minutes and just off the cuff the shortest run time you typically see in a studio release is 90 minutes. So I’m thinking if they can’t entertain you in 88 minutes they’ve utterly failed and it’s a franchise bust. Maybe it should be 48 minutes, Thoughts??

  6. I’ll still go see it.

  7. It’s still Die Hard and it’s still Willis. I don’t really care what else you put in there. Although I did really like the chemistry between Willis and Long.

    • They had awesome working chemistry :)

  8. Willis was awesome in looper. Him taking on the whole mob/cartel/loopers by himself was what diehard should be. He’s still got it, bored with the whole buddy/tag-a-long formula, let the man do what he does by himself.

    • if that is a spoiler for looper i’m gonna be pissed.

      • Nah hes on the run/ survival mode from all of them since hes from the future and should not be alive as per the looper trailers. I’ll be more careful in the future when comenting though esp about new movies.

        • cheers man, i’m seeing Looper at the weekend and trying to avoid any spoilers not in the trailer

  9. It’s a Die Hard movie and as long as it isn’t as tame as the 4th, I’ll more than likely enjoy it.

    Yippee-ki-yay, motherfers…

    • Watch the directors cut of Live Free and you get more of a “Die Hard” experience with Mclane giving his normal f bombs here and there.

      • @Alpine

        I disagree, I thought the director’s cut was terrible. Almost none of the “awesome” “cool” f-bombs felt natural, but forced in just to make the “oh cool he said the f-word” crowd happy. It was much better to imagine him as an older (hairless) and more mature version of himself that doesn’t drop the f-bomb as much but still loves to wise-crack. Although he definitely should have said it at the end as he delivered his signature line… That much I’ll agree with…

  10. Yippe Ki Yay! Motherf**ker.

  11. I love all the Die Hard’s. I am ready for another!

  12. It’s sadly apparent that they are trying to keep this franchise alive after Willis stops being able to do these films… sadly I would have rather seen him paired with Justin Long again rather then going in this rather pedestrian direction… and Hollywood wonders why people don’t go to the movies anymore.

    • I agree, I wished John was paired up with Matt again. Those two had a great working dynamic.
      (Plus, I love Justin long. He’s a fantastic actor).

  13. Father-son relationship like father-daughter’s in prior sequel with a young actor who will have to equal (or better) Justin Long. Lack of freshness will have film ignore the script by questionable writers, instead rely on Bruce Willis and lots of CGI. Hope the 6th and final installment has a better title and innovative talent behind the camera.

  14. I really really dislike dysfunctional father and son relationship storylines.

  15. I cannot properly express in words how not interested I am in seeing John McClane team up with his adult son to take on terrorists.

  16. The 6th film should be called “Old Habits Die hard”.

    • Or…Please Let This Franchise Die Hard 😛

    • love that idea for a title, just need too get a script together including air ducts, unlimited ammo in guns, a yippee ki yaa every 15mins and a in a villain who states he is doing it for the greater good but in actual fact it is a clever and unbelievable way to steal the worlds money

      • Wait! You mean a revolver cant shoot 20 bullets?


        • @Jeff

          Well, it can… you’ll just need to reload like 3 times… 😉

    • @Dark

      I’ll have to say, that is a very clever name… Maybe if someone else thinks the same way, and they do indeed make a 6th, that coud definitely make it…

  17. Alright I see everyone is waiting for my comment, I didn’t want to make one but alright.

    Film is gonna suck, it’s going be family issues throughout this and that. They took away the meaning of Die Hard already that was established in the first film. They only reason #3 worked with Samuel L Jackson is because there characters were to completely different people with no what so ever connection. It worked like a buddy cop formula. I wish they would have just brought Sam back, he made Die Hard really fun. The whole relationship between family in these films is not needed. Live Free or Die Hard wasn’t a Die Hard film it was just another generic action film much how the new one is going to turn out. So many pointless sequels, the franchise is dead like Freddy.

    • It would’ve been cool to bring Sam back it would’ve gave it high anticipation plus i wanted to see where Sam’s character would’ve been…probably still hating whitie and voting for Obama lol

  18. My only question is, why is McClane holding the rifle right-handed??? Willis, and McClane is left-handed and always have been in all of the movies…

  19. Oh, and about his son looking like he’s 40, that’s only in the second photo. It’s the lighting, the reflection off his forehead is making his receding hairline more prominant and the shadows on his face is also doing a number on his appearance. The first image on top shows how he really looks better, he looks much younger in that photo…

  20. I don’t get it. Who wants to watch a movie whose sole purpose is to say: “Uh oh. Looks like John McClane is getting too old for this. Old people are not sexy enough. Better throw in a younger guy with more sex appeal, and then maybe we can gradually replace lame old Bruce Willis with the hip, young guy. They’ll never suspect it! Muwahaha!” I just don’t get it. Where’s the appeal? They’ve tried pulling the same nonsense with Indiana Jones. I watch Die Hard movies because of Bruce flipping Willis as John McClane. The more they try to move the franchise away from that, the less interested I become.

    • @Crow

      Sorry, your whole argument is invalid. Everyone including the movie makers know that nobody is sexier than Bruce Willis… 😛

      • Gosh, I feel so much better now. :) But seriously, I think you underestimate the madness that goes on in the minds of film execs. And I think that the film execs who push for this kind of thing are totally out of touch with both the viewers (like you and me) and the people who actually make the movies (directors, writers, cast and crew).

    • Urgh, please, Bruce is much sexier than Jai Courney.

  21. He’s a good actor, but come on…Hasn’t pretty much everything he’s been doing for several years now been more or less Die Hard like? He’s always this good guy who goes through outragous lengths to get the bad guys and generally ends up being out numbered and killing many bad uys in the process. Kind of being a performer for cookie cutter parts…..I’d like to see him be a bad guy once in a while like maybe on Boardwalk Empire or something. A part where he’s not the action man, but the clever boss who might shoot sombody, but generally delegates that work to others.

    • I take it you didn’t see Moonrise Kingdom or Looper then…

  22. Bruce doesn’t always play the same role John Mclane. Mortal Thoughts, Death Becomes Her, 12 Monkeys, Sixth Sense…he can mix it up when he wants to.

    As for this new Die Hard…just as long as they don’t cut the swearing and go stingy on the blood. And no CGI blood like in The Expendables. Make it old school. Real stunts and no CGI effects. Not so sure about the son being in it, but I was skeptical of the last movie and that was pretty good. as for Die Hard with a Vengeance…that wasn’t originally a Die Hard script according to the commentary. It was a thriller called ‘Simon Says’ and they changed it to Die Hard and dropped Mclane into the situation. But it’s a still an awesome movie.

      • @Tundrabeast

        Well, the joke’s on you then, because a lot of that was done through practical effects. Same with the flipping car in the tunnel and the blowing up the helicopter with the taxi, all practical effects… So many people tried to criticize those “CGI” scenes only to shut up when they find out those things were done through practical effects, lol.

        • Interesting. I guess they must enhance everything with so many digital elements and filters that even practical effects don’t look real anymore.

          • @Crow

            I think it might be the fact that we are all expecting CGI and when we see some of those REALLY outrageous scenes our minds automatically expect it to be CGI so it looks like that, lol.

            But not that it really matters, the flying tank scene in The A Team was CGI and that was still tons of fun, lol. It’s all about what happens and how it happens and not how the movie makers did it. Unless it just looks really crappy, because well-done CGI can look pretty realistic…

            • I agree. I don’t have anything against CG in principle. It’s just disappointing and baffling to me that CG from many 90s films (Jurassic Park, Men in Black, etc.) looks oddly superior to that of most modern films.

              • @Crow

                Yah, I agree, there are a lot of movies that do a very careless job at the CGI. They don’t bother to match the lighting most of the time and the CG sticks out like a sore thumb…

  23. When in any of the other movies was a son mentioned?

    • The first movie you seen him as a baby next to Lucy at the beginning, when John calls home. And the second movie when John calls Holly on the plane and asks about the “kidS”.