‘Gold Rush: Alaska’ Season 3 vs ‘Jungle Gold’ – Which One is Better?

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gold rush jungle gold Gold Rush: Alaska Season 3 vs Jungle Gold   Which One is Better?

After spending three years with the Hoffman clan in the great northern tundra, Discovery is throwing a tropical twist in with their new series Jungle Gold, where the familiar rough Alaskan terrain of Gold Rush: Alaska is replaced with the dangerous African jungle. Both have the same goal. But which one do you think is better?

Todd Hoffman and his (now) divided crew kicked off television’s proverbial gold rush after heading to Alaska as amateur gold miners attempting to bring home money to provide for their families. Though this element has largely been passed over as of recent – likely because the cast is part of one of cable’s strongest series – some additional storylines have been included to help fill the series out.

Parker Schnabel has, for all intents and purposes, taken over where the Hoffman’s family storyline began. No longer a series about just gold mining, Gold Rush: Alaska began to show one of reality television’s most earnest coming-of-age stories, showing the best and worst of adolescent enthusiasm and conviction. Additionally, “Dakota” Fred helps keep track of things back at the original claim. Though short in story, there’s still more to Fred than the villainous character he (sometimes) portrays. Maybe.

But now, three years after the series began, Jungle Gold comes into the picture, serving as a supplemental series to help strengthen Discovery’s hold on Friday night. Jungle Gold tells the same tale that Gold Rush: Alaska began with (see above), but this time they’re taking the mining to the dangerous African jungle, where tribal chiefs are the only ones able to keep the peace and avoid bloodshed.

gold rush season 3 jack Gold Rush: Alaska Season 3 vs Jungle Gold   Which One is Better?

Instead of the rustic touch of Hoffman and Schnabel, Jungle Gold has Scott Lomu and George Wright VI, two former-millionaire realtors now struggling to pay the bills. Lomu and Wright may have a sharper plan with their gold aspirations than the Hoffmans initially had, but their location is 10x as dangerous, and not exactly full of gold.

Lomu and Wright pretty much have the same financial goals as the Hoffmans, except that Lomu and Wright will have to remove almost all of the gold in their claim to reach that mark – while the Hoffman’s limits appear to only be their ability to run as much dirt as possible. Even if the stories may be similar, Jungle Gold is much more of a suspenseful watch, and not just because of the gold mining.

jungle gold premiere Gold Rush: Alaska Season 3 vs Jungle Gold   Which One is Better?

In Gold Rush: Alaska, stray bears and broken equipment are generally the only dangers we’re used to see associated with the mining trade. Now thanks to Jungle Gold, those preconceived notions of flannelled miners are replaced with black market gold buys, armed miners, tribal chiefs and potential bloodshed. And that’s just in the first episode.

Comparing Gold Rush: Alaska and Jungle Gold really isn’t fair as they both present a different point of view in the world of mining, even if that point of view is of an amateur. Still, it’s almost impossible to say that Jungle Gold isn’t a more instinctively compelling series, no matter how strong the cast stories of Gold Rush: Alaska may be.

If anything, story may be where Jungle Gold is lacking most. Everyone can relate to the notion of wanting to provide for your family, and Jungle Gold does a good job of conveying that element. However, the former-millionaire backstory and quick pace in which Lomu and Wright are able to progress in the goals, from small (sending money home) to large (finding a new claim), weakens those emotional ties, relying on the dangerous elements of the African jungle to help fuel its story.

But who’s to say which is better? Viewers are. So we leave the question up to you: Which do you think is better? Gold Rush: Alaska or Jungle Gold.

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Gold Rush: Alaska season 3 airs Fridays @9pm on Discovery

Jungle Gold airs Fridays @10pm on Discovery

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  1. These two guys are as dumb as a bag of hammers.

    As others’ have pointed out: Why not drive over the road block?

    Better yet, drive through the brush around it. An even better idea would have been to turn around and go the way you came. How did they know that it was 45 ounces, or whatever they said?

    This was the worst show that I have watched since The Buried Secret of M. Night Shyamalan (2004). Yes, that was fake too.

    Most importantly though, these guys obviously got paid by the Discovery Channel, so they did NOT lose everything. Besides that, if they really gave “every dime” to the thief, then how did they have money to get out of the country? Didn’t they own that vehicle?

    • s*** u got it right. but they need to hire some guys to protect what they have going on.

      • They stole the gold. Someone should be watching their accounts and spending habits. Or at least if I was the investor that’s what I would do.

      • They had protection it was 1 of the security that robbed them for viewers sake

    • read my comment on page 3 if you want the truth behind jungle gold. it is not a scripted show

      • whit a president name, we can’t believe what you are saying. Jungle gold is fake, the robery look fake and stage.

  2. After only watching a few episodes here is my take:

    They go to Utah to get additional investments because they ran out of money. Couldn’t get it so Discovery or show producers ‘lends’ them 40 grand in order to complete the series.

    Nothing is going right and nothing interesting is happening so they need to come up with a big dramatic season ending situation to try and sell the show for next year. That’s why the big robbery set up, in which everyone including camera crew are aware of.

    In fact, I would bet the producers where the ones who set everything up. Notice how the lead car during the ‘escape’ from the gold deal had a cameraman interviewing the two guys. When the robbery occurs where is the cameraman? Suddenly no footage is used from his camera in the lead car and you can’t see him in any shots from the rear production crew car.

    And both guys are wearing wireless mics. Yet only the blonde hair guys mic can be heard during the gold deal scene.

    It must have been a big production crew meeting to get all that staging right. Matter of fact, I bet they filmed that last scene multiple times to get right. This coming from a 20 plus year video editor that knows a thing about production.

  3. How Fake was the Robbery Scene?
    1. On the way to the road block they passed many turn offs, the set up would have not worked unless they hit them sooner unless they for sure knew their route.
    2. The road block was soooo small they could have driven over it, LOL
    3. One gunman, really, you’re gonna ambush 2 cars with multiple people with one guy
    4. They come back for the car (from the front) and now there is no more road block
    5. Bad acting, sorry guys

    • Correct, I just watched it now as it the show just aired here in canada. after what i saw I just had to google the scene and see if others thought the same as I did. Pour acting. they came back for the SUV and there was tons of foot prints all around it. How many takes did they film, lol. When they did the cash deal, there was a motor cycle ahead of them then it was gone. next they were at a road block. and as many others have pointed out. things just did not add up.

  4. God’s way of getting even. Mormons aren’t supposed to say “dude”

    • Dude! Your stupid. We can say what ever we want.

  5. FAKE FAKE FAKE robbery scene LMAO at the bad acting

    • Like the Hoffman crew and Parker two Jungle Gold guys look like a couple of phonies

    • lol you are 100% wrong

  6. I do enjoy Gold Rush but I’m getting tired of the lack of intelligence the shows producers credit the general public with. The show has the potential to be really great if it was just straight up reality of what these guys are trying to do rather than inserting all the drama. Follow the story of some guys genuinely mining for gold….. sure….. watch the same overly dramatic story each week no thanks.

    I think the first season was probably fairly genuine but the last two seasons have just gone beyond acceptable, do they really think we are so stupid as to believe the story lines?

    And what’s with this new trend for people on reality shows to call their mothers and fathers by their first name instead of mom / dad? Dustin calls his father Fred, Seth from Hardcore pawn calls his dad Les, and so on across many reality shows.

    Jungle Gold is a disgrace, these two frat bro’s are clearly the dumbest people on the planet, are they not ashamed for the world to see them making the worst possible decisions and failing at everything they try?

    If they ever did make a fortune in the housing markets, they would have required a high level of business acumen yet display absolutely no business management skills running from one epic disaster to the next making insanely bad decisions and believing the next opportunity to be better than the last crazy idea at making a quick buck.

    In just 90 days they have burned through so much money, other peoples money, to achieve precisely nothing. Spend $5000 a month on a mechanic? You could have sent that money home boys. And what are you planning on doing with the $1.5M you assume to be on the claim? after you take off the 25% you owe to Singh and clear your running costs, then split it with your investors, repay them their initial investment, I’m guessing you may have $250,000 left over…. that is of course if you extract every last bit of gold with one excavator, a small trommel and zero skills to actually work the mine yourselves.

    I’d suggest they have a very bleak future indeed as no one is ever likely to take them seriously again in any business they try to undertake.

    They did none of the work themselves unlike the Gold Rush guys who are putting the hours in. The only sensible work they did was to flip gold and it seems obvious that this is the safest business for them to be doing in Ghana if they setup a professional outfit instead of back ally deals.

    If Jungle Gold is to return for a second season it should focus on the locals, the strange English guy and the actual business of how the gold industry functions in Ghana.

    The show in it’s current format is badly produced and clearly assumes the public are devoid of any braincells. Why keep repeating scenes over and over, telling us the same back story each week when you leave out any footage of how loose ends are resolved. What happened to the mechanic? What happened to the security guard, what happened to all the machinery they bought including the rock crushers and why do they seem to have a different vehicle each week? Complete fabrication from start to finish.

    Discovery, we don’t need you to invent situations to insult our intelligence, we would much prefer to see honest genuine people go out and try their luck against the odds to achieve something for themselves as per the intention of the first series of Gold Rush.

    I think I can probably tell you the story lines of the next few episodes…

    Crew lose faith in Todd due to his pig headed rough shot decisions, mutiny on the cards before a good clean out calms everyone down.

    Dustin and Fred fall out over Fred not listening to Dustin, Dustin proved to be right, Fred tells him he’s sorry and is proud of him.

    Parker works himself to death and pushes the crew too hard, the idiot machine operator breaks an essential machine and nearly kills himself.

    Todd finally runs dirt to meet the demands of his investor who makes another threat to pull the plug if they don’t meet a new bogus target. Investor installs his own manager to run the operation which only serves to cause serious issues amongst the team.

    All said and done they will end the season short of their target but with money in their pockets to spend wasting away the off season by checking out other potential locations on another of Todd’s whims.

    Todd will frickin guarantee that next year they are going to pull 10,000 ounces out of the ground…. but that will be a non stop struggle against machine failures, delays and bad ground.

    • Very well put…

    • You should be a writer for Discovery!

  7. Next season on Jungle Gold. George tries to jump a shark!

    • Perfect! Fonzi would approve.

      Except,George would have tried to sell tickets to the event, marketing it as not jumping, but beating up the shark and would have promised a 200 foot shark. He would believed the scumbag guy on the phone selling the shark to him that it was the *biggest shark ever*. But, George would have spent the money on coke and then gone into the jungle down a one lane road with George to pick up the shark and gotten robbed. The end.

      Oh and the tickets holders wouldn’t have been given a refund but they weren’t upset.

      When interviewed by media, Scfott and George blamed all of it on bad luck and said they would try again next year because they love their families.

  8. I did find bits and ends odd about the JG show and perhaps drugs would explain incompetence but having lived around Mormons in Utah I can assure it could well have been flat out naivete as well and I’m not buying into the fake scripts thou I can see where that spawns, no… These two are the perfect example of well-to-do kids who ain’t never had to work a real day in their lives … Dude, omg I am so lost in flabbergastery I don’t know where to go next, but I can assure you when you are a million in debt you do NOT fly back to the USA from Ghana at the tune of a thousand dollars each way with money you claim you don’t have over some puny 25k civil lawsuit, that’s hardly the tip of the iceberg these guys made one mistake after the next it was so, so bad.
    Odder still is the robbery didn’t even really make me feel sorry for them, it should have, but rather it made me feel as if it evened things out a bit overall, put a level on things after they squandered a quarter million dollars in a bad way, all this time their families are living in nice homes but they couldn’t sell those I guess.
    No, I mean if there’s a second season of this they had better come in swinging shovel in hand and I mean get dirty working and stay that way until every last bit of the investor’s money they wasted is paid back, and then do it again and again and work at the tune of 8 grams of gold a day until the million is paid back too, yes sir and if it takes 20 years I’ll RESPECT that!

    Fred’s another story, I don’t even want to right now.
    Hoffman crew, Schnabel family, we’re good.

  9. That guy Scott from the Jungle gold show seems like he has a drug problem.

  10. why would anyone want to go to a country where a rainy season is just that , every hole you dig is going to fill up with water , there’s bad people on every corner it seems , no laws or regulations regarding purchased claims or staked claims , a hired mechanic that doesn’t seem to know much but makes 5000k a month and the wash plant !!! my god could you not have moved the other for less than 85000k with a big ass helicopter . The final episode left me dumbfounded ,ok you’re driving one of the most capable 4×4′s on the planet and you find a 1ft high roadblock on your way back , you stop!!! duh and get out double duh , ahhh floor that truck cause something’s up . Your in the jungle baby , your gonna ……….. . total bs . And they wanna go back lol

    • “your in the jungle baby… your gonna ….. haha sounds like a quote off of the Guns N roses album, but your so right. 5 min after a deal and there is a road block WTF id would have run that thing down or would have reversed it and hit another road. and most of all why the hell did they get out and leave the gold in the bag and on the seat. pfftt.. scripted scene for sure.

  11. I watch both shows, Gold Rush is much better in my opinion because the personalities are much more likeable and the drama (even when forced) is much more believable. In Jungle Gold, I’m given no reason to like the two guys. I actually keep watching because I enjoy watching them fail. They seem like a couple of spoiled brats that need to go get a real job to support their families.

  12. jungle gold guys are awesome for what there doing risking there lives to make money for there family. one thing that they need to do though is get some protection. u need to hire on guys that would be able to set up protection for u and for everything that your doing. im in the military and if that was me id be lighing some people up.

  13. Jungle Gold is very fake. It is plainly obvious. None the less, they will be back for a 2nd season. I am so very tired of these fake reality shows. It’s not reality. Dumb enough to go into a jungle and lose $35,000.00???
    Set up!!!!!

  14. Both shows are very good.

  15. Hi, most of you are very misinformed. I personally know Scotts wife and the gold robbery was real. People on here say they saw roads they could have turned onto. There is only 1 road in and out of where they went, side roads didnt lead out. Also why didnt they put the gold in a different spot? well they should have. excitement was probably their downfall. Why didnt they drive over the road block? Again, knowing what was going to happen they would have, they thought they were far enough away from the buy and have run into these abandoned road blocks plenty of times before. Looking back im sure they agree they should have done things differently. I can care less if any of the internet trolls believe this but this is the truth like it or not.

    • hmm yet my connection to the mechanic, says diff.. there was alot more scripted than this scene, to bad the discovery channel holds a clause over them that prevents them from going public with the real story. But from a viewers point of view, the robbery was pure bad acting. the robber even looked at the camera. a real crook would have shot up the place.

    • I actually feel sorry for wives of thesae two bozos. Putting their faith in that kind of collective stupidity is truly a sad story. These two clowns actually make the Hoffmans’ look good.

      • well said

  16. Right Obama2, this show is fake and these two guys are just plain dumb! So dumb, they have their wives bought into this too? I am wondering if their wives even watch the show. The robbery was staged and it’s not just the sticks that gave it away, it was the motorcycle too.

  17. I am not sure wether or not this show is real or fake, but Discovery makes money from the ads on their channel and a percentage goes to the content on their channel so they did get a couple grand from doing the show but not enough to recover from their debt.

  18. Discovery has went to s*** trying to make every show with to much suspense and scripted. It’s terrible lol they really think people will believe these scripted bologny show lol

  19. The mormons look even stupider when they start explaining, and now,
    they’re starting to sa “frick”. Oh Great!

  20. I just want to see someone actually do good I am tired of the same thing I want a big find and hopefully gold rush will pull threw

  21. Robbery,was so fake,dude….

  22. Robbery??

  23. anyone else realize on gold rush they keep losing money yet find a way to bring in more equipment?

  24. They should just run one episode at a time, over and over for a month, which is not too much different what they’re doing now.

  25. I just wish they would say “frick” a little more often.

  26. i’m also convinced it’s fake but the worst thing is : what can we still believe because the integrity of discovery is down. Are other shows then fake too? Is deadliest catch then fake too? Fake ice falling down on people? Actors jumping in the water instead of true incidents? Do we have to google after each show to find things as prove that it really happened. That is sad, because the facts that really happened, no one believes anymore…

  27. i’m also convinced it’s fake but the worst thing is : what can we still believe because the integrity of discovery is down. Are other shows then fake too? Is deadliest catch then fake too? Fake ice falling down on people? Actors jumping in the water instead of true incidents? Do we have to google after each show to find things as prove that it really happened. That is sad, because the facts that really happened, no one believes anymore