‘Gold Rush: Alaska’ Season 3 vs ‘Jungle Gold’ – Which One is Better?

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gold rush jungle gold Gold Rush: Alaska Season 3 vs Jungle Gold   Which One is Better?

After spending three years with the Hoffman clan in the great northern tundra, Discovery is throwing a tropical twist in with their new series Jungle Gold, where the familiar rough Alaskan terrain of Gold Rush: Alaska is replaced with the dangerous African jungle. Both have the same goal. But which one do you think is better?

Todd Hoffman and his (now) divided crew kicked off television’s proverbial gold rush after heading to Alaska as amateur gold miners attempting to bring home money to provide for their families. Though this element has largely been passed over as of recent – likely because the cast is part of one of cable’s strongest series – some additional storylines have been included to help fill the series out.

Parker Schnabel has, for all intents and purposes, taken over where the Hoffman’s family storyline began. No longer a series about just gold mining, Gold Rush: Alaska began to show one of reality television’s most earnest coming-of-age stories, showing the best and worst of adolescent enthusiasm and conviction. Additionally, “Dakota” Fred helps keep track of things back at the original claim. Though short in story, there’s still more to Fred than the villainous character he (sometimes) portrays. Maybe.

But now, three years after the series began, Jungle Gold comes into the picture, serving as a supplemental series to help strengthen Discovery’s hold on Friday night. Jungle Gold tells the same tale that Gold Rush: Alaska began with (see above), but this time they’re taking the mining to the dangerous African jungle, where tribal chiefs are the only ones able to keep the peace and avoid bloodshed.

gold rush season 3 jack Gold Rush: Alaska Season 3 vs Jungle Gold   Which One is Better?

Instead of the rustic touch of Hoffman and Schnabel, Jungle Gold has Scott Lomu and George Wright VI, two former-millionaire realtors now struggling to pay the bills. Lomu and Wright may have a sharper plan with their gold aspirations than the Hoffmans initially had, but their location is 10x as dangerous, and not exactly full of gold.

Lomu and Wright pretty much have the same financial goals as the Hoffmans, except that Lomu and Wright will have to remove almost all of the gold in their claim to reach that mark – while the Hoffman’s limits appear to only be their ability to run as much dirt as possible. Even if the stories may be similar, Jungle Gold is much more of a suspenseful watch, and not just because of the gold mining.

jungle gold premiere Gold Rush: Alaska Season 3 vs Jungle Gold   Which One is Better?

In Gold Rush: Alaska, stray bears and broken equipment are generally the only dangers we’re used to see associated with the mining trade. Now thanks to Jungle Gold, those preconceived notions of flannelled miners are replaced with black market gold buys, armed miners, tribal chiefs and potential bloodshed. And that’s just in the first episode.

Comparing Gold Rush: Alaska and Jungle Gold really isn’t fair as they both present a different point of view in the world of mining, even if that point of view is of an amateur. Still, it’s almost impossible to say that Jungle Gold isn’t a more instinctively compelling series, no matter how strong the cast stories of Gold Rush: Alaska may be.

If anything, story may be where Jungle Gold is lacking most. Everyone can relate to the notion of wanting to provide for your family, and Jungle Gold does a good job of conveying that element. However, the former-millionaire backstory and quick pace in which Lomu and Wright are able to progress in the goals, from small (sending money home) to large (finding a new claim), weakens those emotional ties, relying on the dangerous elements of the African jungle to help fuel its story.

But who’s to say which is better? Viewers are. So we leave the question up to you: Which do you think is better? Gold Rush: Alaska or Jungle Gold.

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Gold Rush: Alaska season 3 airs Fridays @9pm on Discovery

Jungle Gold airs Fridays @10pm on Discovery

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  1. I’ve been watching JG since the season started…

    These guys are the biggest losers you could ever hope to see on TV…

    They can’t run any heavy equipment, can’t fix anything and don’t seem to have any sense of what they are doing…

    Really…traveling all the way back home for a $25K lawsuit…surely this was either poor scripting or just failing to have your lawyer get a continuance. Another example of really poor judgement and a waste of the money they keep claiming they don’t have.

    I’m sure these guys were perfect for the get rich quick real estate boom but now you can see what little talent (mechanical or financial )these guys really have.

    • Theory: spent money on coke, couldn’t buy land for 5k and had to stage robbery to explain missing cash to mystery investor. Of course all reality is staged but think coked up Scott and roided out George hatched this scheme to dig out of the last hole and make good tv. See below for why.

      Did anyone else just notice how ridiculously coked up Scott – dark haired guy was on the last episode. I don’t normally notice these things – been a while since college but it was blatant.

      Initially, I thought, these guys have been in the jungle too long their judgment is horribly impaired. Then I noticed Scott after the failed pathetic,desperate negotiation to buy the latest new claim. Scott and George were at the campfire plotting the next scheme and Scott couldn’t go 10 seconds without sniffing. Coke sniff – not normal allergy or cold sniff.

      I’ve always thought former MMA (1 fight) George was roided out and lacking in mental acuity but Scott had seemed to be the lesser of the idiots. Last episode I noticed how much weight Scott’s face had gaine – and tonight it finally hit me. He was super high.

      My theory is that they blew the 35k on blow etc and realized their plan to buy land for 5k wasn’t going to fly. So, they needed a way to explain losing the 35k to the last mysterious investor (Discovery Channel) or whoever. So, they faked the robbery. Agree with all of you it was fake. But the back story on these guys and this pathetic plan having been in the works since ’09 it is pretty thorough for the whole thing to be fake. The examiner story gives a thorough background of the plan to mine a year before they pitched to Discovery. These guys aren’t that bright to fakethe whole thing. Instead they are meat heads who are used to doing shady deals and get rich quick schemes. Real estate but also, they apparently lost 300k on a ponzi scheme. They wanted to do the same thing in Ghana.

      Of course, it is staged and fake like all other reality shows. It is a mostly low budget camera crew that shows up at a prescheduled location and time to film the scene. That’s a given. And of course the fake and acxt for cameras. But these two guys were in Ghana and I think what we saw was a camera crew folowing around two low thinking, not sober shcemers trying to do aything to get money.

      The robbery scene though was fake. It was just too lame even for them. They knew the gig was up when Dave didn’t sell the land for 5k the day before. Despite supposedly having 35k left. And, they would have offered Dave more than 5k for land. They had spent it on blow.

      These guys had fight when they had $400 left. They wouldn’t stop or have looked ad acted that defeated if they really had that money left. But they were screwed bc there was no way to make it back and they couldn’t tell anyone that it was gone – on blow.

      So they took their 5k or whatever they really had and faked a robbery in the jungle to explain it away to the anonymous investor and their wives and the viewers. It is the kind of idea two totally coked up losers would think is credible. Wonder who they paid to put sticks in the road as the road block?? And, of course they coaxched the camera crew to stay back and left the money in the bakpack in plain sight as they both jump out of the vehicle. Right.

      If you have any doubt re-watch the last few minutes after the failed land negotiation. It is pretty sad. Scott in particular. Sad. Especially for their families.

      • Great take on the last show! I am out of Alaska with 30 yrs in the
        Placer gold business. Have a fellow Alaskan miner who is in Liberia as
        we speak developing some properties. His son was (Murdered)in Ghana over
        a gold buying deal a few years ago, Awful tragic true story!Can be researched & verified. The Fathers name was Sonny Kragness. Just a thought
        anybody ever tell those 2 dummies that there is some great Gold mining
        properties in Utah? But then again, who cares…
        Robert Flounders Orlando/Alaska

        • Utah? where in Utah I was just there looking for gold and most people

          I spoke with said that was a joke…maybe along time ago when the spanish enslaved indians to mine gold and thats how Brigham Young built Salt Lake City and the temple but I would be interested in a claim if I can find one…California is bad news the laws are all unconstitutional and very upsetting. Tried Colorado but found flour gold…if you know any good claims for a small time prospecter I sure would appreciate the information


      • Not sure exactly what the deal was with giving ”English” Dan,Bob?or who
        ever he was $50.000 for what? If it was a Gate fee so to speak or
        admission fee big, big, mistake! If one? is willing to bring the machinery
        labor,risk,etc,etc into the Jungle,a % is fine! Paying a gate fee,No Way

    • They are spoiled white boys that don’t even have a gun in the jungles of Africa! How dumb is that!
      You better have some street smarts if you are going to go there-take someone from the hood!

      • Don’t Know if these comments are read by the producers of the Jungle
        Gold Show? But if they want to put a real block-buster Jungle Gold Show
        on the Air? They need to get hold of Sonny Kragness in Monrovia Liberia!
        This fellow is American and quite controversial in is own right,and is
        probably one of the best miners in West Africa!
        Bob Flounders Alaska/Orlando

  2. these tow guys are morons. they made a lot of money in the housing market. Then spent money that they didnt have. which buried them in debt. first sing not to invest in them. then they blame people trying to help them for them being bad businessmen and even worse miners. they guys are a bad investment period.

  3. I like both shows but I want to see an gold rush show where they actually follow a really successful miner who consistantly gets large amounts of gold per clean-out. I know that this reality shows are part scripted but the last episode of jungle gold took it too far. Scott and George where arguing with the guy who owned the gold claim and the guy said “what planet are you guys from?” and Scott replied “Clearly the planet without gold on it”. It was the worse line ever delivered, it honestly reminded me of that scene from Anchorman “Where did you get your suit? The toilet store?

  4. I have no way nor intent to convince anyone here of anything, that said… My third cousin is the executive producer of a reality show and has shown me the script of what the actors will say and how to react, exactly like “pro wrestling”. This cousin has seen the actors contract and the money paid for their acting each episode…

    Ok, now the reality, I don’t have any family in the TV industry, at least none I know. The point of that intro is that coming into any online forum and claiming you KNOW that these things are fake based off of either your own knowledge or other inside info holds no weight. My own perception on these shows are this;

    Gold Rush – this show is more genuine. By that I mean, heartfelt, not true. I do believe the show is real but I have no proof, so I’m not making an argument either way.

    Someone brought up that its fake because now all of the sudden this season they have all this new equipment, so that shows its fake. Well yes they do have new equipment, well new to them, not everything is new. In any case, last year they did find gold, sure it wasn’t a large amount, but they do have investors, and that would allow them to get equipment. I’m pretty sure that they are also paid something for each episode adding to their ability to get the equipment.

    The Hoffmans own an airport, again no idea on what they get financially from it. Dave’s family owns some sort of a construction or quarrying company. So their own financial status could easily allow investors to back them. All of their financial information is unknown to anyone on these forums, but it is possible that they were able to buy all of the new equipment.

    I do hope that all of the crews from Gold Rush succeed, even Fred, I don’t like him, but they are or appear hard working people.

    The stripping of the land in that pristine country is awful, but I’m pretty sure that they are obligated to re-seed the area that is stripped once they are done on their claims. Much like logging, an ugly process, but the logging companies re-seed those areas. Although it takes many years, the areas will be brought back to often a healthier area then before.

    Jungle Gold- I have no pity for these guys. They were millionaires. Their families appear to be living in very nice homes. If their debt is that much, then they should file for bankruptcy protection. Most debt will be excused other than medical and student loans I believe, but it will allow them to start over and take jobs to support their families.

    The use of mercury is very controversial, but it’s how they do it there, is it wrong, yes, but not my place to address.

    Is it exploitation? In some cases probably so, but investors from other countries bring much needed cash to a country. It gives the locals jobs that they would most likely not get.

    I just don’t feel any sympathy for someone who was rich and didn’t have the foresight to plan for emergencies. The housing market didn’t fall apart overnight, there were plenty of signs showing it was coming and getting worst once it arrived.

    So I do hope they succeed, not for the two knuckle heads in Africa, but for their families. I believe though that they won’t. I also believe that this show probably won’t have a second season.

    So all that said, either enjoy and watch or don’t, no one forces you either way.

    • The Gold Rush folks were originally discouraged with a thumbs down from
      the Alaska Miners association about producing a mining show in Alaska!
      Seems they didn’t care for the overall attitudes and grasp of what was
      presented to them in respect to Alaska’s Image… The rest is history?
      As far as i can see,the Big Nugget boys are as close to a real Gold mining
      show as it gets! Todd & the boys,including there new mining expert? the
      (Fredster)up in the Dawson Yukon area are having fun with there new found
      Bob Flounders Alaska/Orlando

    • “The stripping of the land in that pristine country is awful”

      You Liberal, I’ll tell you what is awful … people starving and losing their homes because of Liberals like you..

  5. Jungle gold is fake, otherwise those two morons are thieves

    are we to believe that was a real robbery how stupid do you think we are.

    • My first and last posting on the subject of JG. No doubt this show is a pathetic attempt of two losers trying to put a reality show on air. Tonight’s episode of them being robbed was completely faked. It only made them look even more like the bumbling idiots they are in “reality”. My last viewing of this farce.

    • Yes, fake as it gets. Discovery channel should be ashamed for allowing that kind of garbage.

  6. The show is embarassing. Not only are the two “men” as selfish and self-absorbed as possible, they seem to be quite happily poisining our planet. Mercury never, ever goes away. Do the men helping them know that their children are being poisoned?

  7. The fact that many who watch shows like this believe them to be true and unscripted exploits of the participants is a sad commentary on how mass media manipulation has corrupted the minds of the so many viewers. People commenting are either “true believers” or know their being fooled.

  8. I’ve only made it through about 30 min of jungle gold. I can’t stand the jiggly camera thing and really wish that fad would end ASAP. I suppose it’s a way of implying action or interest to what is other wise a boring scene but I find it so distracting. @ David – many watch these shows for entertainment and don’t really care if they are truly real or not, it’s a way to pass some time so who cares.

  9. Tonights show has them going to a “Black market gold dealer” and making $40k in one deal. But wait! Classic jungle roadblock and the cameraman just happens to be 100 yards behind the vehicle when the gunman steals their loot. How does discovery channel get their film trailers into the jungle?

  10. This show is so fake

  11. Jungle gold is tp fake scripted bull fake fake fake

  12. Thinking that one person on here is having a bit of a marriage problem and a coke **SNIF*** problem. Dude you will never get a head this way. Get a job and support your family.

  13. I just watched the season final episode. These two idiots have a lot to learn. One of the final quotes was that he wanted to not fail his kids and show them nothing comes easy. What an idiot! They were away from home for more than 90 days I believe? They sunk in over 250K of investors money & lost it all. Get rich quick never works and the “robbery” was hilarious! Let’s go down this shady looking road and trade 35K for 75K in gold, LMAO! These two idiots could have worked simple jobs back home and provided for their families. Bust your behind at home and work an honest days work. Then have your wife go work at night while you watch the kids. That’s how it’s done. Even if it takes 10 years to pay your debt off at least you paid it off. That would be the true lesson to your kids.

  14. These guys are doing the best they can having no to little acting experience. I stopped watching all the “Gold Shows”. I just got tired of the BS. I still watch Discovery Channel and will catch 30 seconds from time to time. It hasn’t gotten any better. Same “hard luck” story…so close to “something big” and then it all falls apart. This crap gets old real fast for me. The only “gold shows” that hold even an ounce (gold ounce) of interest is “Gold Fathers” and “Bering Sea Gold”…sure they are scipted and scenes are reinacted, but from what I’ve read at some treasure forums they present “more reality” than other shows.

  15. I just read some of the comments. This cannot be compared to Alaska Gold. These are guys that are trying to live the “high” life and their little ones are suffering. Plus I see a problem with the marriage with George. He looks like he is into something and it’s not gold and his wife basically has withdrawn. George if you are reading this, take care of the family man, take care of the family.

  16. I just read some of the comments.

    This cannot be compared to Alaska Gold. These are guys that are trying to live the “high” life and their little ones are suffering. Plus I see a problem with the marriage with George. He looks like he is into something and it’s not gold and his wife basically has withdrawn. George if you are reading this, take care of the family man, take care of the family.

  17. Those two jungle gold guy have the perfect bleeding heart story to do it all for the family. The problem I have is they are two dumb to have been a success at any time in there past except for the fact of selling the show idea to Discovery executives. I just see to much that is bad acting and foolish moves trying to appear so much drama all around them when some is staged for them to play out.

  18. So, let me get this strait… These two Bafoons dealt with Millions in Real Estate, then took a mere “$35,000″ in the Jungles of Africa UNARMED to a black market gold dealer (I know it must be hard as heck to sell gold on your own for a fair market 2nd 3rd hand, but they will deal with 2 dudes from America and let them make $40K in mere minutes ! Lol.. HORRIBLE “ACTING ” at best… They wouldn’t drive over a couple of loose sticks on the road… Didn’t drive the same way back?, .. Clearly not the best “actors” they could have found… The way he was acting over $75 k was silly as heck.. These guys were MILLIONAIRES, should have been used to dealing with money like that.. Then , Go to the police…lol.. Like they would help even if it was real.. My last stand with this BS… Should have known, but I gave it a shot.. My bad…

    • Millionaires? Right, just because they are paying a mortgage for a house worth a few hundred thousand dollars doesn’t make them millionaires. What it really means is they owe money for something they don’t own. It seems there is much envy over the idea these two total lames own money for things they can’t afford. Why all the haters?

  19. The guys from JG are the biggest dumb Ass they should leave it to the Professionals. Who goes into the Jungle with that much money with no gun. Gold Rush is a way better show.

  20. The guys from JG are the biggest dumb A** they should leave it to the Professionals. Who goes into the Jungle with that much money with no gun. Gold Rush is a way better show.

  21. did anyone lse notice the robber was in a previous shot, same identifiable shirt, then the car kept going and they kept talking about the gold, then he roadblock and the fake gunman appears. apparently the robber was running 25 mph through the jugle to keep pace with yhe car. i remember how i liked that show axemen until the writers started to fake a plot line. this one i fake from the get go, and it looks like they are now writing the gold rush show. that means the ratings will decline untilit gets cancelled. bummer. its fun to watch real people do real jobs, not fake drama and corny catch phrases. what the frick. thumbs way down

    • Yes, John! I saw the motorcycle as well. Before they were robbed! Wtf? And, I saw the same motorcycle on the side of the road after they were robbed and they were making their ‘fastr’ (yeah right) exit. It is parked on the right side of the road right after they make the left hand turn back onto the main road. Perhaps it is just another motorcyle parked on the side of the road 5 miles out of town but if it was, why weren’t they at least curios and check it out? This was at the very time they were scxreaming we will go after that guy and rob him…it was Completely fake and not even done well. I couldn’t keep a straight face as Scott was doing the debrief on what happened and said, ‘no George, it was dumb. Who goes into the jungle down a one lane road to an abandoned chinese mine and takes 35k cash without proteftion?’ Ummm no one. They were high and spent all of the 35k on blow and needed to explain it to the mystery invester. So, they schemed this incredible unbelievable robbery.

      No one in their right mind would actually have done this scheme. No one in their right mind would have even believed that these two losers would be that stupid. Faked by Scott and George.

      Also, anyone curious what happened to all of the equipment that they owned? Whatabout all of their debts in Ghana? They were able to just walk away – poor us – we conveniently got robbed ‘down to the last dime’ and Ghana creditors believe that and let them leave?

      These guys pretend to be brave for their families. In reality they are complete pussies. They are afraids to try to get a real job and pay their debts. They have been scheming and flipping deals for quick money their whole adults lives. The real brave guys are the ones who face this and get a job. These guys are just fame seeking, addicted to the quick fix as a way to support their families. And yes, high as hell.

      Scott was so out of his mind coked up in the last episode, he forgot that he needed to try to hide it.

      Genuinely sad – they are not worth sympathy but their pitch to disacovery included lots of claims how they wouldn’t hurt the locals and the land. They would employ locals, reseed any disturbed land, donate money to town children causes, pay taxes etc. They ptiched as if they were do gooders from America coming to save the loxcal Ghanan people. That is what is sad. There were abandoned mines every where and they weren’t mentioned it was status quo and they knew this. There was no reseeding of the mined land.

      There are rules in Ghana where only local Ghana people get licenses to mine. This is to prtect against the Scxott and Geworges fo the world. They apparently got around this by paying extra money. But recall that cocoa farmer whose farm they mined early on. These are people’s lives.

      Oh and remember their security guy. I think the last time we saw him was when George spent 8k on rock splitters! He politely described that for the cameras as being slightly desperate. That was the last time we saw him.

      George and Scott should moe to vcegas and open a magic act – give us miney and we make it disappear up our noses…

      • If anyone would take the time to research Gold Mining in Ghana,there is a
        history of countless scams that are run on (Stupid-ignorant) White folks
        who go into that Country & others like it to buy Gold,thinking they can
        out-smart the natives! West Africa is rampant with Scam Gold deals as well
        as Scam Diamond deals!!!

  22. do you think they are using cocaine? it seems like it…

  23. Why were they driving an African police SUV for the trade and robbery? Among all the other BS that was very odd. Did the police just let them borrow a car for their “black marke”t deals? lol

  24. These guys have got to be the two dumbest guys I have ever seen. This show seems so fake. These guys are the worst judges of character and “deals” I can think of. Why would they think that guy David would need them? He is already pulling thousands of dollars a day out of his own land. What makes them think he would need their help? What could they possibly bring to the table. Morons!