‘Gold Rush: Alaska’ Renewed For Season 2

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gold rush alaska todd hoffman Gold Rush: Alaska Renewed For Season 2

Even though Todd Hoffman and clan completed the first season of Gold Rush: Alaska with only $20,000 in gold, everyone’s favorite would-be miners from Oregon will be returning to Porcupine Creek for a second season.

While to most television shows a second season means a continuation of a fictional storyline, for Gold Rush: Alaska it means another chance for Todd Hoffman, Jack Hoffman, James Harness, Greg Remsburg and Jim Thurber to provide their families with a new life free of debt.

When announcing Gold Rush: Alaska season 2, Discovery president Clark Bunting discussed how television audiences have been captivated with Hoffman and clan’s attempt at achieving the American Dream:

“This group of everyday men have harnessed their hopes and dreams and combined it with ferocity of spirit in an attempt to rekindle the American Dream for their families. Gold Rush: Alaska reflects what many Americans are feeling right now, and it’s clearly struck a chord with our audience.”

Even though many real-life miners scoff at the amateurish ignorance of Gold Rush: Alaska and ex-would-be miner Jimmy Dorsey was used as a scapegoat for the group’s inability to follow directions (the manufacturer of the wave table said that Dorsey was, in fact, using it correctly – the addition of the jack is what inhibited its performance), one can’t deny the appeal of this television series.

Watching a group of everyday citizens risking everything for one purpose is completely captivating. In today’s times of financial distress, the notion of someone wanting to provide a better life for their family is something that many can identify with – and from the ratings, it looks like many have.

gold rush alaska season 2 Gold Rush: Alaska Renewed For Season 2

Since its premiere, Gold Rush: Alaska continued to rank first place amongst men aged 18-54 and 18-34. Considering where the first season finale left off, one can only assume that this ratings success will continue into next season.

Now that the group knows how to mine gold and Jack has found the glory hole, one can only guess how much money they’ll make next year.


Gold Rush: Alaska returns for a second season fall 2011.

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  1. great show. i look foward to watching it every week. sad to see so many repeats.and the show is now in its second season and still no gold. i think us people watching the show soon want to see gold or i think alot of people are going to move on to another show.

    • I want to watch it more than just once a week, If I miss it, I have to wait, wait and wait.
      Take some of the chopper or son of guns show off

      • I totally agree. I find the gun shows extremely disturbing and they make guns seem like sport fun rather than pointing out the carnage automatic weapons wreak on society. I have no idea whose idea it was at the Discovery network to air such programs. I wish they would be taken off the air.I do not need the television to remind me of my Second Amendment rights. The shows lack the proper respect for safety or the seriousness of gun ownership.

        • automatic weapons are illegal with out a lot of extra paper work and heavy cash out lay! the weapons in the show are semi auto and are legal to own for protection and sporting use!

    • Not me I love to watch this show. The guys struggle to do a good job and I’m all for the show. I want to know how well they do.Good luck guys……Joan

  2. Last nites show (12-30-11)was a let down. the build up to finally running the plant and all we get is reruns and after show clips, (REALLY)??? hope next show is better or i will be looking for my next favorite show on A&E. Please dont let us down.

    • Yes is has been dissappointing 2 weeks in a row.. I can only hope they did this because of the Holidays…. I am ready for the show to move on which it shows for next week.

  3. Last night’s show was an hour of my life wasted that I can never get back. It was soft soaped for some reason that was not made clear. All of the viewers wanted to know about was Fred’s underhanded, sneaky, devious scheme to strip the Hoffmans of their claim. I don’t know what the lease said. It was never revealed how far behind they were on the lease and whether there was law in the State of Alaska that prevented the Hoffomans from defending an eviction, which is standard legal practice in the lower 48. A landowner cannot use “self-help,” to evict in the US, but must proceed through the courts, regardless of any language in the lease to the contrary. However, God flooded Fred’s house almost immediately afterwards, so one does wonder if karma was at work. Also, the critical piece concerning how the men on the Hoffman team took Fred’s conduct was ignored and they were conveniently off set when the question was asked of Todd and all he did was compliment Fred on his work ethic. Not at all what the build-up leading to the show promised. Very disappointed.

  4. i love this show but whats up with the after show and sit downs i want to see gold after they start gettting gold all of a sudden u pull this crap. u should film succesful crews too even though there wont be dramatic scenes but it will show those who want to see gold smile and say whoa.

  5. I think they have done 2 consecutive weeks of behind the scenes because they are reworking the show. It immediately became clear that it is all contrived and scripted in episode 1 this season. The comments on FB have been brutal. People just aren’t buying it. Too bad. Season 1 was great but they have ruined the show.

  6. Discovery Channel has become a joke. They blew a great opportunity with this show and now come up with Moonshiners which besides being obviously fake depicts a guy showing his son how to be successful in an illegal enterprise. Outstanding parenting. I watched it for about 10 mins and got disgusted and didn’t watch it again. If that weren’t enough we get Weed Wars which I refused to waste a second on. What are they thinking? I love Deadliest Catch and don’t believe they can screw it up because those guys would simply throw them off the boats and you can’t fake that weather, but other than that Discovery isn’t getting it done anymore.

  7. great show but what is going on i want to see if they done well how much gold they got dont just see how they can just cut it off now altho i see the next episode is called “dead in the water” ????

  8. First time I saw gold rush I found a new favorite show season 1 keep you on your
    toes every minute. season 2 started out great last 2 weeks if you wanna go that’s cute with infinite sadness we hate him let’s go half men

  9. I really love this show but Im anxious for the season finale

  10. I really like the show and as a former MSHA inspector my fingernails are glad no one has been injured. Some of the situations I observed were life threatening for one or more of the miners and I am glad to hear they are now looking for someone to help get them on the right track to working safely and really hope all three mine sites hit the “glory hole”. If the safety coordinator positions have not been filled I might be able to help them. Terry Miller 01/06/2012.

  11. From the beginning I liked hoffman group. They work very hard and spent almost their saving. Hoffman is vdfy cool guyand I like him a lot. Don’t think that I am a gay. I always wanted to see them to find some gold ans watching each eposode, in other word prayed them to catch some gold. Thank god, finally today they could catch some gold. I am very happy and wish them to catch lots of gold. Me and my son nevdr like docata f…… guy, he is a villian of a mpvie. Hoffman keep it up… You can do it.

  12. This show is brilliant.
    The only reason i watch it is to see what they miss this time.
    I’m a woman and every time something goes wrong i say to myself, yup, saw THAT one coming a mile away.
    But they don’t.

  13. I was a fan, season 2 ended tonight and it was a real let down! It seems they just keep stretching out the series to keep us interested with lots of dialoge, the show is slowly going down hill. This was my last season!

  14. I glad to see smart — Fred if finally getting his. He screwed over the Hoffman crew taking away their mine and all the smart — talking is finally catching up with him. Lost his house and now the mine is shut down.Too bad Fred I hope you loose everything you got.

  15. So what’s up with the BUREAUCRATS shutting down the guys for BS requirements? Also have you noticed that all the BUREAUCRATS are all FAT CATS?

  16. Yeah probably the crew called the inspectors in just for ratings kicks, i felt sorry for parker and his grandfather. Also Todd half-man is an idiot for realizing that the dirt was packed in and may be missing gold at the 12 hour mark, so what does he do spray it with a lil hose and keep going another 6 hours! non-sense, they probably lost so much cold in those 6 hours since it was their prime pay-dirt.

  17. Now that the Hoffman Crew has their equipment dialed in, why don’t they recycle the slurry that has run off from the plant? Any gold that washed through should be right there at the base of the plant. It’s a closed recycled water source, where else is the gold going to go?

  18. As a Canadian i think it is only fittting that they use a British crew in Canada, God save the Queen. I also hope that the Canadian government taxes the heck out of those rednecks