‘Godzilla’ Will Return To His Roots In Legendary Pictures Reboot

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godzilla legendary Godzilla Will Return To His Roots In Legendary Pictures Reboot

It was announced this past March that Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. are developing a reboot of Toho Company’s Godzilla. Fans of the franchise were gratified but wary after Roland Emmerich’s disappointing take on Godzilla in 1998. Things have been moving slowly with the project, though they do still aim for a 2012 release.

Concept art for the film became available at this year’s Comic-Con, providing a bit of nourishment to feed the fan fervor. Though according to the interview below, the “creature head” image for Godzilla that was floating around the interwebs was just an “internet rumor” and has nothing to do with the planned production.

Producer Brian Rogers took the time to speak with YouTube user Zennie 62 at Universal Studios’ 3D Summit, giving fans a bit more information on the progress and direction of the project. Legendary Pictures is the company that worked with Chris Nolan to bring us the phenomenally successful Batman reboots; Batman Begins and The Dark Night. According to Rogers, Godzilla will be a contemporized version of the classic. It will maintain all of the elements that are essential to the original creature, and tell the story in a way that makes sense to a 21st century audience.

“In all the conversations we had with Legendary [Pictures], they made it clear that they want to pay homage to the traditional Godzilla character and they did not want to make the same decisions that Sony did which was taking the whole character and…it became more of an iguana-like character, laying eggs,” he explained. “They wanted to go back to the history of the project, but again because it’s a reboot, bring it into the 21st century and do a project that was current and exciting to the audience… Similar to what Legendary did with ‘Batman.’”

Rogers explains that Godzilla will also return to fighting his more traditional opponents — other monsters.

“I think I can safely say that there will be another monster or monsters that Godzilla will fight. I think traditionally those are kind of situations that the fan base wants to see. In the original Sony version, in my opinion, not having another monster that they were fighting, was a drawback and not an asset. And just having Godzilla fight the US army was not in the same spirit of the character.”

The project originated as an IMAX 3D movie, but Rogers re-envisioned the project as a digital 3D wide release back in 2007. It took a long period of time to get a licensing agreement in place to do a 3D feature film of Godzilla; which is a large part of the reason that the project has developed so slowly.

You can see the complete interview with Brian Rogers below:

Godzilla has a planned 2012 release.

Sources: Bleeding Cool and SciFi Mafia

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  1. Having Godzilla fight another monster seems like a bad idea to me. This film needs to focus on Godzilla, and bring in another monster for a sequel. I’m also concerned that if this film originated w/ Banno’s 3-D, then it could mean that monster would be Deathla (which was bascially Hedorah). At least they’ll be taking this seriously, unlike Emmerich’s nightmare.

    • I was thinking almost the same thing, Matt. The first film should focus on Godzilla and Godzilla alone. Bring in another monster for the sequel, but DON’T make Godzilla man’s ally. I’m all for a new Godzilla film (and I actually enjoyed the ’98 film, but NOT as a Godzilla film, it was a good monster movie-better than Cloverfield, IMO), but the focus needs to be on Godzilla and him destroying stuff!!

      • I enjoyed Emmerich’s film, but only as a “Monster on the loose” film. However, the film was meant to be a remake of Honda’s MASTERPIECE (IMO), and it failed on every level.

        I just hope the monster they bring in isn’t King Ghidorah. I love the monster, but KG has been over-used throughout the franchise.

        • I agree, I think that this should be a solo Godzilla film. BUt i dont think that this originated from the 3D Godzilla film because I think that it was cancelled.
          But if they do bring a monster in it should be Angilas, Gigan, or nothing.

  2. I think Godzilla should be the villain, not another monster.

  3. Godzilla can and has been both the villain and fought another monster. Believe me, this will help the film. Plus the Monster vs. Monster setting will help differentiate this film from the previous in the public eye.

    • Definitely, just because He’s fighting another monster doesn’t mean he’s the good guy.

  4. One question (of many lol) is the setting of the film. Will it be in Japan or bring it to America again? That’ll make all the difference in the tone of the film. Japan has actually felt the affects of nuclear devastation, and it added to the overall message of ‘Gojira’. Emmerich’s film was set in New York simply b/c it’s the most popular city.

  5. The origin and a monster vs monster fight. I LOVE IT!! FINALLY! But which monster should it be? Megalon? King Ghordia? Mecha-Godzilla? Mothra?

    • I actually hope Toho creates an all new monster, instead of using an old one. If they do use a old monster, use one that hasn’t been over-used, like Titanosaurus or Biollante (well, that wouldn’t work for the first film if they stick with the original origin). That’s one thing I don’t like about the studio is they constantly re-use their most popular monsters like KG, mothra, Mecha-G.

      • In the Millinium series, the All Monsters Attack (the one where Godzilla had solid white eyes) he was suppose to fight Angilas, Varan, and Baragon but like you said they replaced Angilas and Varan for KG and Mothra.
        Personally I hate Mothra cause its the most stupidest monster they ever created.

        • Ok no Mothra, agreed. I put my vote for a new monster or Megalon. They can really bring in Mayan culture for that creature and elements of the supernatural. Such as they think the coming of Godzilla is the sign of the Apocalypse and so they bring out there most ancient god to destroy him, Megalon. That would be pretty epic.

          • Or they can use that origin for another monster

          • Let’s leave the cockroach with skyscraper arms out of the reboots lol

  6. i would prefer a re-issue of the original japaneese godzilla.i saw it in a theater that showed the movies with limited runs .

    i may be a stickler for the old but a 3-

      • ok i dont understand, the 3D project had nothing to do with this…the Yoshimitsu Banno project was going to be around 45 mins to an hour long and was going to be like a fun project for him for the environment.

        • it says in the article it will be an imax 3-D movie.

          • Yes but the Imax 3D movie started off differently from the remake of the American version, unless for some reason that combined the too…and if so I am now not as excited cause I hate Banno’s Godzilla film and I dont want any hippie/environment stuff in it.

            • Talks for this film began with Banno’s 3-D film, so you could sort of say it developed into this reboot. I’m fine with it. I love ‘Godzilla vs. Hedorah’. Yeah, it had a strong environmental message, but there’s nothing wrong with that. I guess I appreciate it more b/c I’m a tree hugger.

              • I couldn’t stand Godzilla vs hedorah, its not that I dont like the Environment or anything I just thought well like Tomoyuki Tanaka that it sucks.

                • The only big problem I had with the film was the final battle gets a bit long, and tends to get boring. Plus, I’m not a fan of “Kermit The Frog” Godzilla suit.

                  • Me either, the best suits where the first two (Gojira, Godzilla Raids Again), Godzilla vs Mothra, Destroy All Monsters, and the Mecha-Godzilla ones. All the others in the Showa series were pretty crapy, dont forget the Cookie Monster one in Godzilla vs The Sea Monster and Son of Godzilla

                    • My favorite suits were the ones in ‘Mothra vs. Godzilla, GMK, ‘Godzilla vs. Biollante’, and Final Wars (the only thing good about that film was the updated suits).

                      The one used from ‘Godzilla vs. Megalon’ thru ‘Terror of Mecha G’ looked too much like a muppet. The on from the last three of the “Versus” series looked like he ate a truck full of steroids or something.

  7. He could always duke it out with Betty White! She can swat and has experience handling large reptiles…(anybody get THAT reference…?)

    • Lake Placid …

  8. The Dark Night

  9. I don’t see how anyone thinks Godzilla fighting another monster ”WONT” help the film. I guess people already forgot Roland Emmerichs attempt had Godzilla vs the Military an it got boring.. Then Cloverfield even though i thought the movie sucked, did it again in a different manner.. People aren’t just going to go ”Oooo Godzilla lets go”

    This is a Great way to make people want to see a Clash of the Titans with to huge Monster’s in Top-Notch Quality. An about (TOHO MONSTERS) No… Godzilla should fight an ORIGINAL monster this time.. Then set up a Sequel with Rodan or King Ghidorah or Mecha-Godzilla.

    So far im REALLY looking forward to the New Godzilla movie, there on the right track this time

  10. to those who think the military vs godzila would be boring ,i can think of at least 3 godzila movies like that.

    the first one, gigantis the fire monster which was also godzila and godzila 1985.

    those movies were very good.

    a monster vs monster isn`t necessary for a good godzila.

    • Agreed cause look at the Godzilla vs monsters that sucked:
      Godzilla vs the Sea MOnster, Godzilla vs Gigan (tho Gigan is cool as hell), Godzilla vs Megalon, and Godzilla vs the Smog Monster

      As much as I like the idea of him fighting another monster, I hope it is done right but done use a Monster that has been overused such as Mothra, King Ghidorah and dont create a new monster yet. Hell if they do create the one called Bagan, alot of fans have been wanting to see it on film since the early 90’s.

  11. Let’s just hope there will be monkeys.

    • Talking about King Kong and Mecha-Kong right? Not the Planet of the Apes monkeys…unless they create Mecha-G like in the 70’s….

      • No, I just mean regular ol’monkeys just running all over the place. Gibbons, Chimps, Baboons… you know, monkeys.

        Random, intermittant cameos.

        • Would be sweet, like Scary Movie 4

  12. Honestly, I always thought King Seesar was such an interesting monster because unlike most of the 70’s kaiju, he had a whole mythology around him.

    • I just wish they would give him a more impressive design. Toho made KC look too cartoony in the 70s film, and in ‘Final Wars’.

      • In tohos denfense they used half there budget to get the right’s for king kong. So thats why both Godzilla an King Kong looked that way. So a remake would be good an entertaining.

        • I dont think G vs. KK will happen because King Kong is actually about as tall as Godzilla’s knee, he could punt him like a football.

          • Well, they can just increase Kong’s size like they did the first time they fought. I agree with Andy S that Godzilla would roast him like a marshmellow. They gave him the whole absorbing lightning ability (which was kinda goofy) in the KK v. G to make up for that weakness.

              • That’s just an urban legend. In both versions King Kong wins. Kong was more popular at the time, so it was decieded for him to win.

                • But the japanese version does have Godzilla roar at the end thats the only reason it has became an urban legend. personally King Seesar would be sweet but he is an ally… but then again Angilas was a bad guy to Godzilla…it would be cool

                  • Doens’t that version have both monsters roar? I’m not sure. I haven’t seen the Japanese version yet (unfortunately).

                    • I havent either tho I have been told it just has Godzilla’s roar to tell people that he survived. Which if you think about it, Godzilla swims underneath the water so….
                      Wish Classic Media would release it and all the other Godzilla films

                    • I wish CM would release it along with ‘The Return of Godzilla’, ‘Godzilla vs. Biollante’, and ‘Godzilla vs. Megalon’ on DVD. Sadly, CM doesn’t own the rights to any of those films, including KK v G (Universal has the rights).

                    • You thats funny as I was lookin on Amazon yesterday trying to fid the last Godzilla movies for my DVD collection and those 3 are the ones I cant find. There is a release of Godzilla vs HEdorah/vs Megalon but its hard to find and is mainly sold in Canada.
                      CM should buy the rights to every Godzilla film and gamera. But if that was to happen I dont think they would be able to get KK vs G cause of Universal….

                    • I think Shout! Factory is doing a fine job with their recent Gamera releases. I would also say they’re on par with CM’s Godzilla titles (picture quality wise). I would want them to release Kaneko’s trilogy on BD, but CM’s BD release of ‘Gojira’ was embarassing. It’s sad that such a great film got a pathetic BD release.

                    • I havent seen the Shout! Factory versions, the last Gamera film I had came with two 50’s B-rated monster movies and was lousy.
                      When you say BD do you mean Blue Ray or what? Kinda confused on that.

                    • Yeah, BD mean Blu-ray.

                      You should definitely check out Shout’s releases. I’m still waiting (impatiently) are they’re latest releases of Gamera vs. Gyaos, Viras (double pack), and Gamera vs. Guiron and Jiger (again double pack). I can’t wait for them to release Zigra in 2011 (so I heard).

                    • tell you the truth of the Gamera movies I have only seen the first and the Trilogy, but if I find them I’m gonna buy them all…except the last Gamera film before the Trilogy…heard that that movie was horrible, Barely any moments of Gamera

  13. I don’t know what you people are talking about!!! You can do the origin of Godzilla in two minutes. Yes have another monster to fight The King to show who is the badder monster. Why do people watch Godzilla in the first place? The amazing monster fights.

  14. Can they please go back to the rubber suit character design when they do the CGI?

    The Emmerich version sucked on a most basic level because it did not look like the Godzilla that fans know and love. Give us the classic design. Imagine the uproar if the redesigned Darth Vader to look more like the pink power ranger? That was the level of bastardization they did to Godzilla.

    Also Godzilla was kind of a wild card. Not really friend or foe to humans. He fought monsters that would have decimated earth, but it was for his own survival. In that case, we need a monster foe for Godzilla.

    • It looks like the design is the same just cgi. I think that gives out the best of both world’s. Won’t look cheesy and it will stay true to the original.

  15. I would personally go for a Kong vs Godzilla rematch.I was always pissed Kong won that one.

    • Yeah, the big ape would have been beat DOWN. I’m sure that fur would have been singed right off!

  16. You know what, LP should try and get the rights to Gamera, so we can finally see ‘Godzilla vs. Gamera’. Kadokawa isn’t doing jack w/ those rights, so might as well.

    • That would be the most awesome movie ever right there, and if not Gamera get Iris or Legion from them.

  17. I’m sorry, but, I am sick and tired of classic Sci-Fi/Horror films being redone, or as they call it nowadays, reboot! What they are doing is destroying the classic film, in order to bring a second rate imitation to the screen just to make money they really didn’t truly earn themslves, just stealing someone elses ideas. But, that’s all this new generation can do, is steal from my generation. Nothing more than a bunch of classless buffons…

    • I really don’t mind it. I mean, it’s not like they every single copy of the original film. If it sucks, then I’ll just go watch the original (just like I did with their first failure).

  18. I think it’s important that the filmmakers really dig into what Godzilla was originally about. The first scene in Gojira is a fishing ship witnessing a huge white flash which we later find out is the monster. The incident that inspired that scene gave rise to the entire genre.

    In 1954 the Lucky Dragon #5 was cruising around Bikini Atoll, around where the US was conducting atomic bomb testing. They were outside the fallout zone but the blast was twice as powerful than projected. The sailors all suffered radiation poisoning- they were the first victims of the atomic bomb.

    When a film is inspired by events that historically significant, you don’t mess with the idea. You could write a movie just about that one scene. I wouldn’t even mind if they put in an american journalist, just set it in the time period in Japan where it’s meant to be.

    • Well said, I hope they stay true to the original idea too. Let people see Godzilla as a horror piece not a chessy film.

  19. If Godzilla and the other monster are both villains, and the humans good guys, that will be boring.

    Godzilla needs to be the hero in an Incredible Hulk-like sense.

  20. Making him a hero ignores the fact that every step he takes ruins some lives and ends others. You can’t make it an action movie because then it’s just the same old s***. Really the message demands that you show the violence Saving Private Ryan omaha beach style but if this is all about the money they’re going to do their best to get a PG13 rating so kids see it and they can make toys.

    • I want a R rated Godzilla, maybe PG-13 but I dont want it Kid oriented, they did that in the late 60’s and 70’s. Bring it back to its roots.

    • I don’t care what it’s rated as long as it gets the message right. I would love to see a film where the monsters are clawing into each other, but I care more about them getting the message across.

      • Same here but i feel that the only way that it will get across is if someone will make it PG-13 or R.

  21. also make it dark nothing comical, let godzilla be all business, don’t get in his way kinda like GMK. No Joke. and amazing Power Just jaw dropping, oh my god scene’s that well make people talk for ever about about it like the fight scenes of the 300. no to sure if thats possible but if i was doing this movie bet your @##$$%$%%^^&i would put my stamp on it. it would be a FIGHT!! not a lot of actor time just set the story and give me monsters, think of it this way, how much godzilla would we see on the news if it where real, make the movie as if he is real!

    • I like that except the leave out the actor time, the original film relied on two parts, the actor time building up the drama and then Godzilla coming in and all hell breaks loose. It was dark, hell the American version kinda did it too but it is no where near the japanese version in bringing the horror. Now the whole something like GMK meets 300 fight scenes…if that can be done along with bringing in actors to build up the drama and that happens like the original one…that would be classic.

      • One of the reasons I don’t want G fighting another Monster is that you completely forget about the human characters, it becomes more of a big wrestling match. The filmmakers instead try to give those emotions to the monsters fighting. I think it’s dumb, at least at my age. This is just most of the time though GvBiollante is one of the only films that effectively manages to have the characters actually contribute to the drama with commentary of the monsters fighting.

  22. i would give anything to see a great godzilla movie, do not inbed the movie with a story to deep, let be something like in the movie godzilla is kinda stubbled across, awoke and RUN!!!maybe him and the foe where fighting a thousand of years ago and something happened that knocked them out and beared them alive frozen in time until we the stupid humans do something id duo now like a major oil spill or the ozone layer we awake these god like creatures and their awake not happy and are out to finish each other with REAL VENGANCE!!! and we are the ant’s in the way. as for the feel and look take some hints from like cloverfield (only the sense of the movie, the look of somewhere between Transformers to Avatar(visuals)dark like Monsters(very cool but you never really see the monsters fight anything or just move around which cool for that movie but we want to see godzilla, and the (monster or monster’s) in epic visual battles where they can’t finish each other lending to their god like existance. just a badass monster movies please let me make it you’ll be happy i promise.

  23. I think is great to see Godzilla come back and hope he retians his natural look god forbid we end up like the thing Broadrick delt with what a loser monster. sorry about my spellking i’m typing with one hand if you go into making a sequeal make with Godzilla and mothra, and maybe try to reboot Mothra aGAIN THE FIRST RADIOACTIVE INSECT TO BE ON SCREEN followed by”them”,”the beast from 20,000 pathons ” and “Tranula” from the early 50’s and all the ray harryhousen monsters

  24. Godzilla vs Monsters = Godzilla movie. While yes, there needs to be a focus on Godzilla himself once everything is said and done and the king of monsters is introduced and explained, there lies the rest of the movie. I don’t go to monster movies to see people talk and stuff like that, I go for monsters. Therefore giving Godzilla a monster to fight will not make this film as boring (and stupid) as the 1998 garbage.

    In addition, monster fights will win the heart of old fans and new ones alike. Even if you’re barely being introduced to Godzilla in this film, you’ll still love it, everyone loves monster fights. Can’t wait to see new fans of Godzilla talk about how he would beat the s*** out of the Cloverfield monster, I missed those days as a kid (Where we talked about who would in a monster vs monster fight). :’)

  25. I think it would be a great idea for him to fight another monster but not kg what kong again, or mothra,gigan , rodan. you can still have godzilla a villian but he can also fight for his place in the world as king of the monsters. let hiom tear everything up and fight another monster,… don’t fall back into the cloverfield, or broadrick verions both were a big disappointment.