French Actress Juliette Binoche in Talks for ‘Godzilla’ Reboot

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Godzilla Juliette Binoche Casting French Actress Juliette Binoche in Talks for Godzilla Reboot

Apologies in advance for the upcoming pun: One cannot possibly accuse Gareth Edwards’ English-language Godzilla reboot of aiming low. With a script currently being rewritten by Frank Darabont (The Walking Dead) and what’s shaping up to be a killer cast, Edwards (Monsters) appears to be putting serious effort into crafting the best of all possible movies about a titanic radioactive monster.

Adding to the already impressive set of faces attached to the project, Godzilla is apparently courting someone especially interesting for its extended cast – respected French actress Juliette Binoche.

Variety has announced that Binoche is in active negotiations to appear in Gareth Edwards and Legendary Pictures’ Godzilla. If Binoche accepts the role, she will join a cast that includes Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass 2), Elizabeth Olsen (Oldboy), and Bryan Cranston (Argo).

Binoche is probably best known for her lead roles in 1996’s The English Patient and Chocolat in 2000. She has had important roles in a number of European productions, including Krzysztof Kieslowski’s Three Colors Trilogy (especially Blue) and Cache. More recently, Binoche has appeared in Dan in Real Life and Cosmopolis.

The number of well-regarded, diverse actors being recruited by Godzilla indicates that there will be much more for them to do than simply point at a green screen and yell, “Oh no! We must run!” This jibes with recent comments that the film will try not to engage in the camp and humor of previous interpretations of Godzilla, instead opting for a more somber, disaster-film feel. The logline of Darabont and Edwards’ take on the movie seems to be a return to the tone of the original Gojira, complete with dark sociopolitical allegory. If Edwards is indeed including some serious undertones in his giant monster movie, it only makes sense that he’ll need some dramatic heavyweights to sell them.

Godzilla Half Century War French Actress Juliette Binoche in Talks for Godzilla Reboot

Image from ‘Godzilla: Half-Century War,’ by James Stokoe, published by IDW Comics.

Of course, until we know anything about the exact plot and characters of Godzilla (beyond the guaranteed widespread urban destruction), this could all end up being song and dance. Simply having prestige actors on-set does not immediately confer a film with prestige itself. One need only to flash back to the 1999 Roland Emmerich production of Godzilla, which also cast a (more or less) respectable French actor in Jean Reno (Alex Cross). Despite Reno’s perpetually-incredulous presence, Emmerich’s Godzilla is so despised that later Japanese movies in the franchise actually killed off its version of the giant lizard.

Such worries aside, Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla probably deserves the benefit of the doubt for the moment. Binoche is a fine, understated actress who could probably bring a good deal of gravitas to a movie that will need it. After all, it sounds as if 2014’s Godzilla could be walking a very thin tightrope to maintain its darker tone.


Godzilla will stomp into theaters on May 16th, 2014.

Source: Variety

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  1. She won an Oscar, So this would be the first time an Oscar winner would be willing to join a Godzilla film.

    That say’s wonders about the script if she Officially joins.

    I told myself i wouldn’t get excited for this until i saw the trailer but i can’t help but be very optimistic about it an will probably jump out of my chair when the trailers released.

    Glad Edwards is taking this seriously an i hope it could bring the Godzilla franchise back to its former glory.

      • But they said Godzilla will be the only monster in this movie (how much of that turns out to be true, we’ll have to find out) so unless we’re told that yes, they have more monsters then Godzilla is and always was – even back in the original – more of a human story than a “huge monsters fighting each other” story.

        That’s the thing with some comments on here that I just never understood.

        The original was all about an anti-nuclear message and people reacting to this huge monster destroying cities in a blind, animalistic rampage. Because of its popularity, audiences wanted more, studios wanted to keep cashing in and thus Godzilla was turned into an intelligent hero type that fought other monsters to stop them killing people.

        Pretty much getting as far removed from the original message as they could and after decades of that, we now come to a point where the 90 version and this upcoming version are hated because it too focuses more on the repercussions of such an event rather than on the “wow, huge monsters fighting, awesome!” mentality that people think of when Godzilla comes up in discussion.

        Although, to be fair, the 98 version did focus way too much on the love story and the “Hollywood science” (as I call scientific depictions in movies that are there solely to give exposition rather than advance a plot in ways that don’t come across as corny).

        Honestly, I’m coming into this Godzilla movie thinking along the lines of “Cloverfield without the home movie feel”. In other words, a great monster movie showing ordinary people reacting to an extraordinary event.

        • If i am not mistaken the director said when the Movie was first announced something about Monsters Battle each other !

          And talking about back to the Original,i guess you mean the first one,then you are right ! But Godzilla evolved and became the a Movie Series with ORIGINAL creators and writers on board !

          So for sure many ways to look at it ! For me I grew up with him and the Sunday Morning Matinees ! The Original is for me the TOHO versions and that includes all of them,especially the Monster VS Monster Battle ones !

  2. i dont really care about having all these super respected actors in a godzilla film. this is supposed to be a summer blockbuster. i would rather have actors that i know can sell the tickets so we can get a sequel. you need stars like will smith and liam neeson and the like that can pretty much garantee you $100 million. but whatever, i wont be watching this for the human drama anyways.

    • Couldn’t agree more with you !
      Amen to that brother !

    • Sir Ian McKellen was a respected theatre actor that pretty much became the face of the LOTR and Hobbit franchises and helped bring in billions of dollars.

      Same with Patrick Stewart starting out as a serious Shakespearian actor but becoming famous for sci-fi thanks to Star Trek then having a resurgence in popularity thanks to X-Men and recently seeing another one due to American Dad! and some British tv commercials for price comparison websites.

      I wouldn’t worry about Oscar winners appearing in this because:

      1) they could bring an added depth we couldn’t even comprehend at this point until we see the finished movie

      2) they have an audience all of their own who might be tempted to see Godzilla when normally they might not

      It’s like seeing John Hannah in the first two seasons of Spartacus. Here’s a guy well respected as a serious dramatic actor yet he’s getting involved in scenes featuring extreme language, violence and sexual activity, Lets try not to use previous movies Binoche and others have starred in as a baseline for how they might portray their characters in Godzilla.

      Just makes me wonder why people commenting on a website dedicated to movies could be so afraid of actors and actresses who bring a certain quality to their work getting involved in movies like this that aren’t typically dramatic or emotionally weighty in the old fashioned sense.

        • Who says they’ll ask for high paychecks just because they won Oscars?

          That’s not always the case.

          Also, yeah, they won’t be on screen for only 20 minutes but why should they? Having a 90 minute movie and 50 minutes of those are purely Godzilla smashing things would get old fast. Healthy dose of Godzilla and humans is what we need and I have a good feeling that’s what we’ll get.

          After all, Jaws was a massive success and a classic movie but we saw maybe 10 minutes of the actual shark in the entire movie, possibly less.

  3. …Did you just put “well-respected” and “Cosmopolis” in the same sentence? The writing on this website leaves a lot to be desired. A whole load of nothing.

    • Why?

      Liam Neeson is well respected but a lot of people didn’t like Darkman. Johnny Depp is well respected despite starring in quite a lot of stinkers. I guess I don’t see your point.

    • No, they’re not in the same sentence, and the word “well” doesn’t appear at all. No more sugary drinks for you.

  4. It’s about time we get a good Godzilla movie here in the States. The 1998 film was garbage, total garbage. I feel sorry for anyone who actually likes it.

  5. She could make me roar like Godzilla!

  6. I vote kelly reilly.

  7. Why do we need another American Godzilla film? The ’98 one was a steaming pike of sh*t and was so horrible i hate even HEARING about the film, let alone talking to people who ACTUALLY LIKE the film. Im skeptical of how this’ll turn out, im partially expecting this to seriously bomb

  8. Just make sure he fights other huge monsters and looks terrifying. My favorite Godzilla was borne from the vengeful souls of WW 2 pilots/sailors, but I didn’t care because he was terrifying to look at and announced himself PROPER by emerging from Tokyo Bay and promptly Nuking a school full of children.

    He’s a force of nature, so let’s not make him goofy or diminish him by having the goofball military take him down with some shiny new toy.

  9. It’s crazy when you look at the talent that’s involved with making this movie.

    I really hope it can be an entertaining summer blockbuster with some character depth.

  10. Man, looking at how the internet is reacting, most people are either bewildered or outright angered that Binoche would “debase” herself by appearing in a Godzilla movie.

    I’ve even seen one commentator suggest a boycott of the film, which just seems insane to me. Is the idea of a talented award winning actress appearing in a monster movie actually offensive to some people?

    People are nuts.