‘Godzilla’ Cast Finalized; Begins Production in Canada

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Godzilla Half Century War Godzilla Cast Finalized; Begins Production in Canada

Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have confirmed the beginning of production on the Godzilla reboot, a project that features Gareth Edwards serving as director and a human cast that includes several Oscar-nominees (and one winner) among its ranks.

We now have official confirmation for all the actors and actresses reported as being in talks for the giant monster blockbuster in recent months (while awaiting Frank Darabont’s final script re-write), as well as one more critically-acclaimed name that was not previously associated with the project. They will be working alongside hundreds of technicians and local extras from the city of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island – where the production is starting out.

Here’s the lowdown on the Godzilla production (via Canada.com):

The film, whose working title is Nautilus, did a casting call in February for extras and recently notified residents along Old Victoria Road that filming is about to begin. Joan Miller, the North Island film commissioner, says Vancouver Island will make up the first shots for the new take on the legendary radioactive monster, which is set to hit theatres next year. Crews will stay in Nanaimo hotels for three days while they shoot the scenes downtown and Ladysmith area before they move onto Shawnigan Lake.

Godzilla features Aaron-Taylor Johnson (Savages, Kick-Ass 2) as the human male lead, in addition to Elizabeth Olsen (Silent House), Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), Juliette Binoche (Cosmopolis) and David Strathairn (Lincoln) playing important leading or supporting roles. They will be joined by Ken Watanabe, whose Hollywood credits include The Last Samurai, Batman Begins and Inception; he’ll be appearing in a Japanese remake of the Clint Eastwood western Unforgiven releasing later this year (going under the non-English title Yurusarezaru mono”).

Unforgiven Remake Starring Ken Watanabe Godzilla Cast Finalized; Begins Production in Canada

Ken Watanabe has joined the ‘Godzilla’ cast

Few concrete details have been revealed about the Godzilla reboot plot; though, Edwards says he and the credited screenwriters – which include Max Borenstein (The Seventh Son) and Dave Callaham (Doom, The Expendables) for a previous draft – intend to bring the franchise back to its roots, as a dramatic and serious disaster blockbuster which taps into the modern cultural zeitgeist (much like the original 1954 Japanese film dealt with the aftermath of the atomic bombings in WWII).

Here is a direct quote from Edwards, describing his approach on the project:

“I’ve always been interested in Godzilla and the ideas around him. I really wanted to see another Godzilla film and jumped at the opportunity. My main idea was to imagine ‘If this really happened, what would it be like?’ I want to take a grounded, realistic approach to a Godzilla film.”

Edwards faces a similar challenge as Jurassic Park 4 director Colin Trevorrow, in the sense that he’s also generated buzz as a promising new filmmaker – thanks to his effective mix of character-driven storytelling and low-budget special effects on the indie flick Monsters. He has our (and many fans) vote of confidence on the Godzilla reboot, thanks to his passionate display and the impressive test trailer shown at last year’s Comic-Con presentation.


Godzilla opens in theaters on May 16th, 2014 – and yes, it will be presented in 3D.


Header Image from ‘Godzilla: Half-Century War,’ by James Stokoe, published by IDW Comics.

Source: Warner Bros./Legendary, Canada.com

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  1. Who’ve they cast as Godzilla?

    • Me

      • Seems sensible.

        • meh, i wouldve considered rodan.

    • Jason statham

  2. Japanese Monster
    American film
    Canada backdrop

    • Sounds about perfect.

  3. Ken Watanabe is a Legend!

    Great Cast assembled here, Soon we should be getting come Official concept art an plot details coming.

    Most anticipated film of 2014 right here!

  4. Hope Godzuki makes an appearance

    • NOT!

  5. Really excited about this movie. The fact that it’s filming soon helps that excitement increase knowing it’s actually going to happen.

  6. Sounds like it’s gonna be a great hit, both critically and financially. Really looking forward to it!

  7. Hopefully Pacific Rim isn’t going to steal any of Godzilla’s Thunder when finally comes out.

    • I’d imagine Pacific Rim’s success will help Godzilla become successful too.

      Like comic book movies, a great one comes out so others follow suit with huge takings because the great movie captured everyone’s imagination.

      • A particular movie genre captures our imagination, true; too many of the same (haunted house, zombi, vampire, serial killer, ad infinitum) caputres our eunni. Right now, we’re going from Grim fairytales to the Bible, while taking those hurried steps back into footprints previously occupied by King Kong. Are we in a continuous loop, or what? Yeah, I know…it’s “what”.

  8. Can’t wait for this film. Godzilla is one of my long time obsessions along with the Loch Ness Monster. Can’t wait for this film, I’m gonna see it on the day of release.

  9. With such a great cast lined up, I’m wondering how in the world they’re going to work in another monster(s?) for Godzilla to fight…

    Personally I’d be content if it was Godzilla alone, King of the Monsters/1985 style.

    But if they MUST include another monster, I vote Biollante. She’d look absolutely terrifying with today’s special effects.

    • If Godzilla were to have an “advesary” in the movie.

      Only one who can match Godzilla, is Monster Zero aka King Ghidorah. Would be the only one that can be as equally terrifying as Godzilla.

      If they go two other monsters to put in the mix would be Mothra. The only monster to defeat Godzilla on more than one occasion.

      But doing so, by adding Mothra would somehow make it a pure copy of Toho Godzilla films.

      Now to combat Godzilla from a military standpoint. Building a Mecha-Godzilla would be pointless, if this is Godzilla first appearance, then having a Mecha-Godzilla does not make sense. The only other thing that could be built to defend against Godzilla is Atragon/Gotengo ship.

      Military does have to combat the threats, so I am thinking if Godzilla does well, Mecha-Godzilla would be the answer in the sequel.

      But in the end, Godzilla and Monster Zero or Mothra are the only two monster that can fight Godzilla, and Mothra can defeat Godzilla and Mothra Leo is the only creature capable of destroying Godzilla.

      But this movie is

      3 Monsters.
      1 Outcome.

  10. I am hoping for the clover monster to finally get a beat down by G.
    Probably just end up being a Godzilla vs tons of exploding cars movie though.

  11. YES FINALLY!!! CANT WAIT!!! Ive been waiting for a news godzilla film for 10 YEARS! and its finally here.

  12. “I want to take a grounded, realistic approach to a Godzilla film.”

    …thats already what every godzilla reboot ever tried.
    Godzilla 1986 tried it and failed. Godzilla 1998 tried it and failed.
    Godzilla 2000 tried it… well, until the random alien appeared and failed.

    The first Godzilla still being the only one capable of having a realistic godzilla.

    • @YourColourTelevision

      Godzilla 1984 wasn’t trying to be grounded or realistic, they were rebooting Godzilla back to his original roots by establishing a new series era. If it was trying to be grounded and realistic then it wouldn’t have involved the Super X, and wouldn’t have spawned the other Heisei series. It was spawning as a sequel to the original, but with the acceptance of what the franchise had already become and established itself as.

      Godzilla 1998 was trying to remake the original Godzilla, while being realistic to a degree. IT failed because it failed in being a Godzilla movie, it failed in being the original 1954 film. Not because it was trying to be both grounded and realistic.

      Godzilla 2000, once again, was NOT trying to be ground or realistic, it was a emergency reboot of the franchise after the bombing of GINO. It was establishing what truly made Godzilla, Godzilla, while involving the special traits of the franchise within the film.(Monster fighting, aliens, etc) It was a suppose to be a reminder to everyone that this was Godzilla, not GINO.

    • Godzilla Returns was a monumental success. It brought back Godzilla’s roots as a devastating and, quite frankly, terrifying force of nature. That film also kicked off the most successful line of films in the franchise. The whole point of the Heisei era films was to make us realize what Godzilla truly was, a vengeful behemoth, who was not only getting back at humanity for the sake of Earth, but also made him to be an animal who when another major entity, (i.e. the adversary monsters in each film), entered his territory, Earth, he was defending it as any other apex predator would. Were there whimsical aspects of it? Of course there were. The amount of money it would have aken to build a 120 meter robot with a diamond in its gut, would bankrupt the planet, but thats not the point of the movies. So no, Godzilla Returns (1985) was not a failure.

      1998 was more of a hit and miss in most areas. Im a huge Godzilla fan but I still watch it. Its a great disaster movie, but not a great Godzilla movie. I get what Emmerich tried to do, it just didn’t have any fan-loyalty behind it.

      As far as Godzilla: 2000 goes, that movie was never meant to ground the Big G back to reality, but to reclaim his place on his throne after 1998 came out and to also give the fans what they wanted out of a post millennium Godzilla movie. Nothing more, nothing less. I still think that 2000 was a great movie, as do most fans.

      Gareth Edwards is a true fan of the franchise. He’s the best person to give the film that Nolan-esque feel to it. IS that theme being played out? Perhaps in some ways more than others. But is it working? A thousand times, yes. If you think about it, Gojira was one of the first movies to have that vibe, as well as Godzilla Returns. Both movies felt very real. When I was a kid, hearing Godzilla roar in the opening of Gojira, or the ominous music and footsteps from Godzilla Returns, gave me the chills. They still do.

      This movie is going to bring back the realism in the Kaiju genre. I think with a resounding success, there will be many more to come. Its time for the King of the Monsters and his kind to return to the big screen. Im willing to bet Godzilla will be that jumping point, just as it was in 1954.

      • @OniGoji @Captain-1701

        I honstely do not like any of those. 1985 was the slowest movie i have… ever seen, 1998 was just… blegh. And 2000 was also just… boring. What even was the plot? I can still recall the plot of any the other Showa, Heisei or Millenium Movies.

  13. “a grounded, realistic approach”

    hmm…I sense a Godcloverzillafield offering in the works.

    that could be really, really good or not.

    on a side note exactly how does one take a grounded, realistic approach to a 200 foot tall nuclear fire breathing lizard who is nigh indestructible, crushing Tokyo, or NYC, or wherever? I’m not sure how that’s going to work but I can’t wait to find out.

    In any case I will be skipping PAC RIM and saving my dukats for this movie. it’s nice to have the king of the monsters back where he belongs.

    • It might mean the society’s reaction to Godzilla, similar to the Man of Steel. Just my guess.

    • It’s quite easy actually.

      Take the approach Nolan’s taking with Superman and like JJ Abrams did when he helped produce Cloverfield, have an extraordinary event happening but show how the real world would react to it.

      That’s why I love Cloverfield so much, it had an awesome monster that was explained to be a frightened baby looking for its mother but had it in the first person view like any home movie we’ve all seen and been involved in over the years so that it felt more grounded and we could relate to the sheer terror about this unknown thing crashing around a well known city.

      What Emmerich did was great but the writers there made it more about the type of people we’d never be able to relate to. The hard nosed military man and the scientist at odds about how the world should treat this creature.

      We can relate to Batman, Tony Stark and the people in Cloverfield because they’re written to be relatable and show traits that everyday people have. Batman is traumatised about a family death, Stark hides his terrible ordeal behind sarcasm and over-confidence.

      Likewise, the Cloverfield characters had the girl upset over her boyfriend’s death, the guy still in love with someone and trying desperately to reach her and make sure she’s safe, the guy who panics but keeps up a sense of humour to hide it and is determined to document everything in case it’s important to those in future or who weren’t there to see what went down. People we see in ourselves or those we’ve known.

  14. I have faith in both Gareth Edwards & Frank Darabont to give us a Godzilla that will scare us. In a good way that is.;)

  15. If they can successfully reboot Godzilla and make it a good film.

    Then I suggest Legendary get the rights to Star Blazers and bring that to the big screen.

    BUT. They have to pull off a good Godzilla movie first and foremost.

  16. Ok this is what I would do.

    Legendary Pictures contacts Shout Factory. Give them 100 million dollars. Acquire the rights to Gamera.

    Godzilla does well.

    Tell Toho, they plan to pit Godzilla against Gamera. The Destroyer vs the Protector.

    Guarantee that every fan boy from both sides would have blown their freaking minds.

  17. FINALLY something worth rebooting. Godzilla was a fun idea, but failed to deliver. Much like RoboCop.

    I’m not trying to offend anyone, but do you think they’ll go down the path of using the nuclear reactor catastrophe as a catalyst to the lizard’s growth?

  18. I would love to see Mothra in the sequel or the final installment, godzilla can be a hero too & if they fail to make a good godzilla film, then Japan should ban you Americans from making any more in the future, lol seriously

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