‘Godzilla’ Reboot is Coming to Comic-Con

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Godzilla Header Image Godzilla Reboot is Coming to Comic Con

Last year marked the first time Legendary Pictures ever hosted their own panel presentation at Comic-Con and they used that opportunity to briefly detail four high concept films that were in early development, by bringing directors, writers and several of the stars on stage. These included Pacific Rim, Seventh Son, Paradise Lost, and Mass Effect.

This year they’re bringing two of those back along with one surprise film they’ve not officially announced is coming to the show: Godzilla.

Yesterday’s press release indicated that Legendary will be sharing a panel in the convention’s biggest room with Warner Bros., but it was vague in detailing plans for the booth or panel guests:

Legendary Entertainment – This year Legendary is showcasing its film slate in conjunction with its long-time partner Warner Bros in Hall H on Saturday, July 14 beginning at 2pm PT.  Legendary films including PACIFIC RIM and SEVENTH SON will be part of the presentation.  Legendary will also once again have a significant booth presence on the convention floor as well as stand-alone panels relating to Legendary’ s burgeoning comics division.

Latino Review has the scoop which details that Legendary is also secretly (not anymore) planning the first ever presentation for the Godzilla reboot, and that the what will be shown is very impressive.

Godzilla 2012 design 570x737 Godzilla Reboot is Coming to Comic Con

The convention has a special relationship with the beast, as Legendary held a booth for the film at Comic-Con 2010 where they also showcased the first Godzilla concept art. The film is being produced under a collaboration between Legendary and Warner Bros. and the last we heard on its status was when Max Borenstein was brought on last fall to rework David S. Goyer’s script for director Gareth Edwards (Monsters).

The goal of the project is to bring the franchise back to its roots of what made the classic Japanese Godzilla films special. The film will embrace the classic style Godzilla in a contemporary setting with an updated origin, and best of all, he’ll be fighting at least one monster instead of the Army as we saw in Roland Emmerich’s 1998 attempt at modernizing the franchise.

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Source: Latino Review

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  1. God, I hope this doesn’t suck. We need another great Godzilla movie.

  2. I LOVE Godzilla, with that said i have high hopes for this… I hated the 98 one… but Legendary Pictures fixed Batman so hopefully they’ll do Godzilla justice for American Audiences.

    Hopefully we get concept art, we know were gonna get a release date.

    • Yeah, I can’t imagine how any fan of the Japanese Godzilla films and kaiju films could enjoy that 98 travesty. An American Godzilla film ought to be a grim reboot that returns Godzilla to his roots. I enjoy the sillier Godzilla movies, but the best ones are the more serious ones, like the original, The Return of Godzilla, and GMK.

      • I loved the original movies from the 50’s to the 70’s (along with the likes of Monster X aka King Ghidorah, Gamera, Mothera, Rodan, etc) so to see him turned into the 1998 version was sad on so many levels.

        I can only hope Legendary is sincere about bringing him back to his roots.

    • i liked the ’98 release… well, im not a godzilla fanboy so…

      • Disliking the often panned ’98 version does not make a person a fanboy. People are so quick to slap labels on folks…

      • I love Godzilla AND I liked the ’98 film. I just don’t think of it as a REAL Godzilla film, but a cool monster movie.

  3. Dr. Niko Tatopoulos lol I love ’98 Godzilla in all its horrible fun-ness and Jean Reno greatness!
    Looking forward to the reboot

  4. I want this to be a scary monster movie with great characters and a worthy story. Kinda like that Korean movie The Host. I don’t want another soft female lead toughening up to save the day. I’m not being sexist, it’s just that it has become so overused. I put my trust in David S. Goyer’s writing.

  5. I’m glad the director of “Monsters” is directing this one. Monsters was a great movie with good, compelling characters, and decent special effects. Hopefully he will bring some of the human emotions that these kind of films are usually lacking in.

  6. GODZILLA!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I would be ultra excited about this movie, but I got burned by the 1998 Godzilla movie. I learned an important lesson that year. The tagline “Size does matter” does not always hold truth because sometimes, a guy in a rubber suit smashing a set with a miniscule budget is way more impressive than million dollar CGI special effects of a lizard rampaging Manhattan.

  8. Best news of the day – especially since I’ve been in love with Godzilla since I was 6.

    As for the 98 version, it’s been 14 years since that, and enough Godzilla movies after that to wash out the taste.

    Can’t wait for a more true to form godzilla movie!

  9. Holy crap I was waiting for more than half of a year for more news about this movie! Finally!!

  10. I loved the the ’98 version of Godzilla, but I know a Godzilla reboot would be awesome. The special effects in movies have been getting a lot better, so lets hope the new Godzilla movie is going to be awesome.

  11. In 1998 the ‘look’ SUCKED! Bring it back to a more traditional look (and it sort of looks like they have…) and it should do well. Hopefully keep the ‘beam’ he shoots intact as well.

    All Hail the Lizard King!

    ~ Stark

  12. Well, the Emmerich movie was clearly a remake of The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms and only called Godzilla, because that name was more familiar to the audiences. I wonder if they are going to make an actual Godzilla movie this time around.

  13. FINALLY!!! some news!!! cant wait for this!!! I hope Toho starts up their films again soon to. i would love to have an american godzilla franchise at the same time as the toho franchise. its been 8 years since there has been a godzilla film.

  14. So this Godzilla will be an origin story, with Godzilla fighting other another monster/ monsters??? That could work. Some scientists are in the pacific studying seismic activity at different islands or something like that. And wind up being caught in the middle of a confrontation between the monster and Godzilla. Who knows where they will go with this. But I’d love to see Godzilla fight another monster, monster shows up wrecks havoc, can u imagine the audience reaction when Godzilla first appears or is heard with his trademark Roar, then battles the other monster/sea creature. Hope they are getting ready to start filming this, it’s been forever since it was announced. This origin film needs to show why Godzilla is the “King of Monsters” If it takes place way out in the pacific islands then there would be less military involvement, which i think is good for the first film. By the time the military/naval forces arrive the battle is over and Godzilla has returned to the sea. Godzilla needs to be hard to pick up on radar. How they could do that would be an interesting curve. I’d like Godzillas first brief appearance to be with a storm/ tropical storm as an ode to the original. Hope this film is awesome.

  15. this will be legend – wait for it – dary!!!

  16. Pacific Rim and Godzilla, Oh Yeah let’s stomp some cities!!!

  17. This is great news! I’ve been a fan since I was like 8.. I didn’t mind the 98 movie. I just wish they didn’t call it Godzilla. I just love giant monster movies!

  18. the first godzilla film i ever saw was Godzilla: King of the Monsters version with raymond burr when i was 6, been a godzilla fan ever since. and i agree with what a couple other people have said. GINO was a good monster film. but a terrible godzilla film.

  19. I’ve been a huge Godzilla fan since I was 7 years old (1967). If this is done right, it will be a HUGE Box-Office success and will open the door for future films. Hopefully, Toho will start their series up again also!! It would be nice to have two sets of films. I pray that WB and Legendary Pictures listen to the fans: Give him his Japanese ’54 or similar look, keep the monster very destructive and give him back his atomic-ray and trademark “roar”!!! LONG LIVE THE KING OF THE MONSTERS!!!

  20. First, they need to make him bigger than the traditional 250-300′. He needs to be bigger than the tallest buildings so that if, for instance, he was to waltz thru NYC, he wouldn’t be dwarfed by the buildings. So I’m thinking like 1000′ or maybe more. That would also add tremendous fear factor from great distances visually and from ground quaking stomping. They also need to remove any softness/sympathy/compassion etc from his demeanor. And he needs to be truly undefeatable so that the world needs to fear his perpetual presence that he might appear anywhere and whenever.

  21. Im sorry but there has already been a reboot of this movie. It was called Cloverfield and it was amazing.

    • No.

    • The only reason to watch Cloverfield is if you like T.J. Miller, but you can’t stand his face.

  22. HELP!! Why have you not even mentioned the teaser trailer that was shown on Saturday at SDCC? And, more importantly, why haven’t you posted it? Get us that teaser, please!!!