‘Godzilla’ vs. ‘Pacific Rim’: Guillermo Del Toro Loves the Idea

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pacific rim godzilla crossover sequel Godzilla vs. Pacific Rim: Guillermo Del Toro Loves the Idea

Legendary Pictures seems to have a taste for giant monsters right now; following their release of Jack the Giant Slayer last month, they’re also producing Gareth Edwards‘ 2014 Godzilla reboot, and are one of the companies behind Guillermo Del Toro’s forthcoming summer blockbuster, Pacific Rim. With a sequel to Del Toro’s film already in development, rumors and speculation are beginning to spread about what the sequel might bring.

Of course, our ability to guess accurately is limited by the fact that Pacific Rim isn’t out yet, and therefore we don’t know how it ends or whether the plot of the first film will set up the plot of the second. However, with Legendary producing two kaiju movies more or less within a year of each other, questions are inevitably being asked of whether we might see a crossover between Pacific Rim and Godzilla in the future.

When prompted in an interview with Collider to comment on whether there was “an inkling in [his] brain” of a crossover sequel, in the eventuality that both films are popular enough, Del Toro replied:

“So far with the sequel, what we’re writing, what we’re creating, is very different, so there are no plans.  Hypothetically, I would love the **** out of it.  I would love to see a Jaeger and Godzilla duke it out.  That would be too much for the human brain.  But I don’t think there are plans on that.  I don’t even know what direction they’re taking Godzilla in. I know somewhat that it’s grounded differently.

“[In] Pacific Rim … the color, the saturation of color, was almost an acid-drip version of the Heavy Metal coloring that I loved when Richard Corben was working there, when [Jean-Claude] Forest was working there.  Super bright, super saturated, the crazy color and aesthetic.  And Godzilla is more realistic, somewhat.  That’s my thinking.  That’s what I’ve heard.  I don’t even know which way they’re going.”

On the face of it, the match seems perfect. After all, the plot of Pacific Rim concerns giant robots that were designed and built to do battle with the menacing kaiju – giant monsters from another dimension that emerge from the oceans to wreak havoc on Earth. Or, as it’s also known, the most expensive episode of Power Rangers ever made. Godzilla himself (or herself, according to the 1998 movie) is probably the most famous kaiju of all time, and early Japanese monster movies like King Kong vs. GodzillaMothra vs. Godzilla and Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla were a big inspiration for Pacific Rim.

However, there a few additional challenges other than those mentioned by Del Toro. In the original Godzilla movies, mankind is usually taken off-guard by the giant lizard, and the military are left struggling to even make a dent in its hide. Bringing Godzilla into a Pacific Rim sequel after the first film already featured humanity building the resources to take care of an entire army of kaiju, would require some beefing-up on the creature’s part to make him seem like a considerable threat. Then again, Godzilla’s atomic breath might give him a bit of an edge.

Would Godzilla vs. the Jaegers be “too much for the human brain,” or does it sound more like a retread of Pacific Rim‘s original set-up?

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Pacific Rim is out in theaters on July 12th, 2013.

Godzilla will arrive on May 16th, 2014.

Source: Collider

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  1. I wouldn’t mind seeing that happen,but want I really want is a king Kong vs Godzilla reboot.

    • @rome – I’d like that as well!

      • That would be awesome but the thing is there is a huge size difference between the two. King Kong is about 25 ft tall whereas Godzilla is the size of the biggest skyscraper. I know they could ignore that like in the old movie but that always nagged me deep down.

        • @Deadpool

          You are not the only one. I always knew a Godzilla vs King Kong ends the same way as Godzilla vs Bambi.

    • Meant to say what.

  2. Aaawwww man they have to have a Jet Jaguar inspired jaegar in Pacific Rim.

    • I think the main one looks like him..Gypsy Danger.

  3. I would rather have Godzilla vs. Cloverfield.
    I’ll take Godzilla in that one.

    • Well yeah, Godzilla would win because the Cloverfield monster was just a baby.

      Now, having its angry (and full grown) mother taking on Godzilla….that’s a movie I’d love to see.

  4. @Rome
    A Godzilla vs. King Kong remake would be sweet as well.

    Good call Rome.

  5. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Godzilla should stick to his roots, if he is gonna fight giant robots it better be Mechagodzilla, Jet Jaguar, or Moguera. The reboot is going to be realistic and Pacific rim is not heading in that direction.

    • I agree with him

  6. Don’t worry he said its not happening look on his website.

  7. Del Toro is always talking out of his ass. First he speaks of how he has a juicy story for a Justice League Dark film, now this? Quit hyping nonsense Del Toro, it only makes you look stupid at the end.

    • How do you know he doesn’t have a juicy story for Justice League Dark?

      • I don’t know, you don’t know and the problem is nobody will know and that’s my problem. I’m a huge Del Toro fan and I applaud him for many of the films he’s created that has expanded imaginations of millions including myself but lately I have been a tad bit annoyed with Del Toro. The man claims he is very busy which I wouldn’t doubt but it seems that in every interview he conducts he’s I always find him talking about how he wants to do this and that and then I start to think about “Well wait, what the hell happened to his Frankenstein and Creature of the Black Lagoon remake that’s been in the works since, um 2007ish? Whatever happened to the Haunted Mansion reboot that was announced in 2010?” Del Toro talked so highly of those projects and then out of nowhere he stops talking about them, then he jumps on to speak about how he wants to do Justice League Dark and so on and so forth.

        Hey, I’m sorry but as a fan I haven’t forgotten and not only that but Del Toro signed contracts with those movie studios to make those movies. Now I understand that you can’t rush perfection but it’s been years already, if Del Toro continue to make these studio companies wait (and believe me they have been patient)they’ll find someone else to fill in his shoes. Who wouldn’t wanna see Del Toro’s take on Frankenstein and Creature? Who wouldn’t wanna see Del Toro save us from that awful 2003 Haunted Mansion film with his own take on it? I’m dying to see those! And what aggravates me the most is that he doesn’t even mention those projects anymore, it’s almost as if he abandoned them like he did with The Hobbit. AND… that’s what I mean’t by hyping up nonesense because to me it is until he actually sets out to do what he signed on for. Hopefully soon!

    • The man loves Fantasy and Sci-fi. He can dream. What is wrong with that? Haven`t you and your friends ever done that? Who would win in a fight between _________ and _________? Wouldn`t it be cool if…? Never? I love Del-Toro, he is like a fat, bearded, spanish version of me.

  8. I feel like studios are associating cross over’s with a $$$ right now. It will only take a couple bombs for the whole thing to come crashing down. The Avengers is one thing as these characters always share space on the comic page. However I have no interest in this kind of cross over. Let PR grow it’s own story and Godzilla has enough in his mythos to keep a franchise for a good while.

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  10. The scary thing is that it’s still fully possible for them to cameo Godzilla into Pacific Rim.

    Think about it. As far as story, PR is set well after the monsters initially attack. The end of the movie could feature (and as Del Toro has said there’s a monster that’s there to surprise you) them talking about ‘one of the older, tougher monsters’ and just literally feature a shilouette of Godzilla and the roar.

    The Godzilla movie had mentioned trying to say Big G wasnt a radioactive evolution of a lizard (it’s a reboot after all), so what better way than to say he’s from another dimension? His movie could just be he’s one of the first monsters to appear (since there are 2 others with him in it).

    Even oddly shaped legos can still snap together at times.

  11. Godzilla vs all of the dinosaurs in Jurrasic Park!!

  12. I think this would be a great idea! However, I also think that they need to intertwine the two universes early on, like as in the next Pacific Rim or in the second Godzilla (if they can hopefully pull that off). Say if they want to do this, then I think that there needs to be background Pacific Rim universe in the Godzilla movie. I think this is a great idea, but there needs to be a solid amount of planning early on. Plus, if Edwards is really keeping Godzilla the way the fans like him like he promises he is, then a Jaeger weighs a 30th of big G. Personally i think that would be absolutely radical to see a whole bunch of Jaegers going after Goj and have the King toss them around like rag dolls. Just throwing general fan based, public ideas out there.

    Thank you guys for bringing back the childhood hero! Looking forward to this summer and next year.

  13. And using the excuse “Godzilla’s atomic breath could give him a bit of an edge” is no excuse. He’s the King of the Monsters, he has to have an edge.

  14. I say Godzilla sides with the Jaegers. He hates party crashers like King G, so he’d hate Pacific Rim Kaiju party crashin’ as well.

  15. I think a crossover between Godzilla and pacific rim would be freaking epic!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. i could see the direction of the crossover either being a standstill between the two in a giant fight or godzilla isnt from the rim all the other creatures are from and it goes from a fight to a team up thing between the robot and godzilla vs the monsters either way i hope it will be one heck of a movie and hopefully this will revamp the giant monster movies franchise

  17. As far as Godzilla being a threat, isn’t he like 400ft tall vs the 250ft of the jaegers? One of Godzilla’s thunder thighs alone would be more then a Jaeger could handle lol

    • Godzilla is listed at a 100m, more or less 300 ft. Knifehead was at 315 ft, and is a mere Category 3. SCunner and Raiju is at 500ft +. Slattern was almost 600ft.

      • Godzilla is roughly 330, the Jaegers are all about 260. Slattern seems to be about the size of Ghidorah, so it’s nothing he hasn’t seen before. Plus, he got his insides blown out quite easily, I can’t imagine what Godzilla would do to all those things with his heat ray.

  18. Man, I so want to say my ideas but I don’t want to spoil the movie Pacific Rim……for those who seen it.. I’m going to put a spoiler alert..



    At first I thought it could work, but suddenly, I can’t see Pacific Rim and Godzilla being tied in closely.

    What I think could work though, is have the aliens produce a clone of Godzilla… they’ve somehow obtained a DNA strand of Godzilla and is in the process of producing a clone Godzilla-look-a-like with the glowing designs of the Kaiju. That would be awesome and could so totally fit the Pacific Rim universe without interfering with the Godzilla reboot.

  19. That’d be awesome, but Godzilla would wreck EVERYTHING in that movie. Nothing was durable.

  20. im sure if most of you guys knew the godzilla universe like some people do u woudnt want to se them fight there r already so many monsters in the godzilla universe

  21. But i would like to see it

  22. I’d love to see a crossover of Pacific Rim / Godzilla! But there’s just no way a single Jaeger could halt the King for very long. Not that Tristar abomination, though. That was already proven to be weaker than a Category I Kaiju.
    If there were to be any kind of a fair match up, it would really need to involve three Jaegers (at least) just to hold back Godzilla. Heat ray aside, the fact that big G has the accelerated healing factor (Regenerator G1 according to the Millenium series) and the fact that he’s held back every monster and machine sent his way makes a compelling argument in his favor.
    Better get hacking on those Mk 6′s, Mr Del Toro!

  23. I love voting. That is all.

  24. with all do respect to the poster and if he is talking about the director of Pacific Rim, then even worse

    when they are talking about ”beefing up” Godzilla because the Jaeger fought a whole ”army of kaiju”
    they do not know much about the history of Godzilla. Godzilla would’ve eaten all those kaiju for breakfast

    Those who are hardcore Godzilla fans, know that on top of his awesome fighting and atomic breath, he can get his arm and tail cut off by a sword slice from Gypsy, then flee and hide for an hour, and return with a new arm and tail and even stronger.

  25. They totally should make Jeagers vs. Godzilla in the sequel to Pacific Rim. except in the story line they would obviously have to make more Jeagers since there are none left. and some way incorporate that humanity knows Godzilla is coming. and you also cant have just one jeager fight Godzilla in the new movie Godzilla is 350ft tal while Gypsy danger is only 260. unless humanity builds even bigger robots specifically designed to fight Godzilla. and one thing I didn’t like about pacific rim is that it wasn’t holpess enough, I was expecting to feel and apocalyptic feel with more dust and greyness and less of the bright neon colors. and also not have all the fights in the dark and in rain. I wanna see what the jeagers and kaiju look like in sunlight.

  26. What will happen if knifehead come in categories 6 or 7..?? That will be so awesome!!! ”Knifehead categories 7 vs Godzilla “

  27. What will happen if knifehead come in categories 6 or 7..?? That will be so awesome!!! ”Knifehead categories 7 vs Godzilla ” c

  28. Godzilla verses the Kaiju? At least there’s a challenge, kinda. King Kong? He’s not a threat at all unless somehow he’s made anywhere near equal size.

    The Kaiju would be easy prey for Godzilla. The Cat-5 would be his size but his atomic breath can take care of them.

    The only other thing you can put up against the King of the Monsters is a monster of kings. Something maybe from space? An implant is put in Godzilla so he goes rampaging because of the aliens but when it’s removed Godzilla goes crazy on them.

    Godzilla verses a space alien might be cool. That’s what the original films did in pitting our hero against king ghi-do-rah. I loved those matchups!

    If our hero is going to fight the Pacific Rim MUTOs then he must be given the ability to fight with the people on his side.

    Hats off to whoever it was who decided Godzilla was supposed to be a savior and not a menace.

    The military should support Godzilla on any future film. That’s the only lesson that can be learned from the first installment of the new vision. Godzilla doesn’t show up to destroy cities for no reason. That was how he was portrayed in the past.

    No. Godzilla has a reason for being. He isn’t the result of nuclear testing. He is a creature that existed before the nuclear age.

    If Godzilla is going to fight the Kaiju, he needs to have some kids to help him out.

  29. Gamera, the only monster to defeat Godzilla was a kaiju if I remember correctly…No reason why not to do a crossover down the road…