‘Godzilla’ UK Trailer: Some Secrets Are Too Big to Stay Hidden

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Something very big is arriving in theaters this summer, and we’re not just talking about its box office potential. Gareth Edwards’ highly-anticipated reboot of the Godzilla franchise will feature a mutated lizard so enormous that it probably has several small moons orbiting it, and so tough that it eats nuclear bombs for breakfast (probably).

As evidenced in the new UK trailer for Godzilla (2014), Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) plays Joe Brody, a scientist who is also something of a conspiracy theorist, seeking to uncover the truth about a “natural disaster” that ripped his family apart fifteen years prior. The story of the movie ranges not only all over the globe but also back in time as well, through the many attempts to cover up the existence of Godzilla. With a secret that big, however, there’s only so long that it can remain hidden.

Godzilla also co-stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass 2) as Joe’s son, Ford, who has recently finished a tour of duty and seems to be the main protagonist of the film’s ensemble cast. Ken Watanabe plays Daisuke Serizawa, one of the few people who know about the origins of the monster. Oh, and did we mention that some other famous kaiju will also be making an appearance?

godzilla bryan cranston 570x294 Godzilla UK Trailer: Some Secrets Are Too Big to Stay Hidden

Composer Alexander Desplat’s chilling score sets a doom-laden underscore for the very apocalyptic tone of this trailer, which very much frames Godzilla as a kind of disaster movie. Imagine Deep Impact with a living, moving asteroid that’s capable of getting very, very angry. Though considering the size of Godzilla, it’s possible that he’s barely even aware of the humans trying to take him down.

Could this be the movie that will launch a new Godzilla franchise? Will it at least manage to outperform last year’s kaiju movie, Pacific Rim? Tell us what you think of this latest trailer in the comments.


Godzilla stomps into theaters on May 16, 2014.

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  1. Holy fak- can’t wait!!

  2. That’s no battlestation!

    But I bet that’s a Mothra!!!

    • It’s “Megamaid!”

  3. As hard as it will be, I’m not gonna watch that trailer or any other that’s still coming. I’ve seen enough to plant my ass in the theater and I don’t wanna see more until it’s on the big screen. :D

  4. I dislike playwire videos, especially the adverts.

    • I came to the comments to complain about the video player

  5. My friends that’s not Mothra

    It’s RODAN.

    • Either one would be epic!

    • I think you’re right. It looks more like Rodan than Mothra. I’d prefer Rodan if I could pick between the two.

      • That was what I thought of at first glimmer as well: Rodan.
        This movie looks pretty interesting, and is on my Netflix list.

    • Agreed. The creature in the scene with the soldiers popping flares up against its giant, scaly, razor-studded belly was, too.

  6. That shot of Godzilla standing amongst the smoke and debris…..

    • Omgawd I know!!

    • See what happens when you smoke and drop your ciggarette?

  7. I believe what that flying creature was is probably Rodan. That’s what I have my money on. Mothra for today? Eh, not so sure. It worked as a thing for the hippies back in the day.

    • It’s been confirmed already that the studio only got the rights to use Godzilla. All other monsters in the movie will be completely original, and I’m glad for that. I hate how much Toho recycled the same monsters again and again.

  8. Man this is going to be awesome! LESS THAN 2 MONTHS!!!

  9. Tell me that was Mothra at 1:22!

  10. It’s Rodan

  11. I’m so psyched out of my mind for this.

  12. I thought I read somewhere that the other kaiju in this film besides Godzilla (of course) were made up for this movie. I could be mistaken, but I swore I read that somewhere as fact.

  13. I’m still no fan of this Godzilla design, but they seem to be setting the tone of the film brilliantly so I think I actually will watch.

  14. I miss Akira Ifukube’s score…

  15. Guys its not Rodan nor Mothra, its a MUTO

    • Correct.

      The Aaron’s agree thus it’s settled. ;)

  16. The film will do well at the box office. This one hasn’t been bashed by the media and critics as Pacific Rim was before it came out. Those same people that thought that Grown Ups was good.

    Pacific Rim was a well done film that had to deal with the problems between WB and Legendary Pictures.

  17. It’s not Mothra, Rodan or Battra! It’s the flying MUTOs people! They even have pics of the toys online. No classic Kaiju other than Godzilla are in this film guys.

    • What is a MUTO? I am afraid I am not familiar with the term.

      • From Wikizilla:

        Muto (ムト?, Muto) are a species of mutated insect-like kaiju co-created by Legendary Pictures and Toho that are set to appear in the 2014 Godzilla film, Godzilla.”

  18. Too freakin excited.

  19. GODZILLA will leave his footprints all over the Summer Box Office.

  20. Ok, so the other beasts won’t be called Rodan, etc., but they will serve the same function. It’s a good idea, I think, as long as they use the other beasts to create a moral conundrum: “Godzilla is destructive, but he killed the other beasts, so what do we do with him?” Silly to not have the rights to the other Toho beasts, but whatever. I’m excited. Been so long since an anticipated summer movie delivered.

    • I don’t think it’s as much a rights issue as the desire to be creative instead of reusing all the old ideas. It’s good that they come up with their own adversary, if only to separate themselves from all the silliness that the Japanese Godzilla movies have turned into. Let’s face it: all but the very first Godzilla movie are ridiculous kid’s movies.

      • I don’t believe that ALL of the movies after the original Godzilla were for kids, or at least designed for them, especially when they went into the final 2000 millennium phase. That Godzilla was rough, and powerful and evil. He didn’t care about us at all like the other earlier one did. He fought new monsters and another killer Mecha Godzilla robot.
        But if your not a Godzilla fan then you will likely say that comment.