‘Godzilla’ Extended Trailer: Tremble Before the King of the Monsters

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The original, 1954 version of Gojira was a none-too-subtle allegory for a people that was only nine years out from being the only nation ever attacked with atomic weaponry. When its bleak, brutal imagery called up nightmares of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the resemblance was purely intentional.

Director Gareth Edwards (Monsters) has stated that he wants to return the Godzilla franchise back to that mindset, using his upcoming film as a dark mirror for modern fears. Thus, it will come as no surprise that a new, extended preview of the movie features images of tsunamis, the destruction of a Japanese nuclear power plant, and modern militaries powerless in the face of natural disaster.

This new trailer also expands considerably on the backstory of its main protagonists, the Brody family. While previous looks at Godzilla certainly hinted at brutal tragedy, we now know that the titular monster is directly responsible for the death of one of their own – and for the obsessive fervor of Joe Brody (Bryan Cranston) as he attempts to warn the world of the incoming cataclysm.

Godzilla King of the Monsters Godzilla Extended Trailer: Tremble Before the King of the Monsters

For all the apocalyptic imagery and grief on display, even this two-and-a-half minute preview continues to play coy with the actual giant monsters involved with the carnage. Except for a great new view of Godzilla himself and a brief shot of what could possibly be the jaws of another beast, audiences will have to continue to guess at what other mutant horrors Godzilla has in store.

Though this trailer continues to show off the movie’s bravura evocations of disaster, it also raises an unavoidable question: Will this new Godzilla be too grim and self-serious to also deliver on the popcorn thrills expected by modern audiences? We at Screen Rant are still eager to find out.

Godzilla features the talents of Ken Watanabe (Unforgiven), Aaron Taylor-Johnson (The Avengers: Age of Ultron), Elizabeth Olsen (Oldboy), and David Strathairn (Lincoln).


Godzilla will smash into US theaters on May 16th, 2014.

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  1. Totes saw Mothra in that split second on the subway. Anyone else??

    • It’s hard to tell. I don’t think any of our classic baddies are showing up in this one.

    • Mothra?
      The other monsters name is Muto.

    • seems like it’s the Rodan monster. will be interesting!

  2. It’s not Mothra, Rodan, Gigan, Megagirus or any other Toho monster. It’s a whole new creature. Long Live the King! I can’t wait for this movie!!! So excited. Hopefully they bring in other prehistoric beasts from Godzilla’s past like Rodan and Angirus in the future.

    • Well, it’s remarkably resembles to Rodan monster… if not, i’m intrigued!

  3. This is two years in a row now where the movie I’m most looking forwards to involves giant monsters.

  4. Too grim? That’s not possible,with the oceans dying right before our eyes a scary wake up call would be just fine with me.I hope it’s terrifying.

    • Yeah, something truly grim and intense is the only angle that I’m really interested in seeing, personally. I’m not interested in laughably improbable moments, one-liners and tongue-in-cheek.

      I have to say that this trailer has almost convinced me. I’m not a huge Godzilla fan, but I may give this one a shot.

    • HEll yes grim it up, since when has SR worried about a fantasy franchise being too grim?! What a bunch of Goldilocks

  5. Goosebumps every time I see Godzilla. May 15th can’t come soon enough.

  6. Eh… that trailer focused too much on the humans.

    • There’s always one. *sigh*

      This looks so awesome.

  7. I’m trembling all right…with excitement! Looking forward to seeing this big popcorn-gulper!

  8. Gareth Edwards visuals are impeccable. I love his work on Monsters, it teased the monsters, but focused on the story of the two main characters, which was mostly compelling, and hell-ishly intriguing because of the aspect of danger around them. It was (and still is) a solid SCI-FI film. I have no doubt that Godzilla will be a monster hit.

  9. You can’t believe how hard it is for me not to watch that trailer. I think Godzilla will be the first movie in a looooong while that will have me in the theater on opening day.

    And will repeat that on the opening day of Guardians of the Galaxy. Finally some movies that have me really excited.

  10. Slow mo watched the trailer a bunch of times, and my boys are convinced they see Orga. The hulking body, leg and face/teeth at certain points in the trailer do resemble Orga. They are very excited about this…if it turns out to be true.

    • They say they created new monsters for this film but it’s pretty clear that they’re inspired by original monsters from the Godzilla series.

  11. Why didn’t Spielberg return? Where’s the John Williams theme? This JP film looks like trash. Yet again, Hollywood ruins my childhood. Also, this name: “Godzilla” is a blatant rip-off of the TV series “Bridezillas”. Man, where does it end?

    • Yeah, I know, Its just like that “Pacific Rim” movie last year… I don’t even get how its connected to the tv-show its clearly based on, the pacific, but I am not a fan of them just imagining giant monsters and robots into WW2. Are they supposed to be allegory for the japanese or something? Is that why its an alliance of Americans, Russians, Chinese and Australians fighting them?

  12. The dog!!!!! Why do they gotta show a dog dying!!!! This isn’t Sarah Mcgoclin (can’t spell her name)

  13. The dog!!!!! Why do they gotta show a dog dying!!!! This isn’t Sarah McLachlan

  14. One more month! Why are there always cities in his way!! Grrr…

    • If it was Aronofsky directing, he’d use Godzilla smashing cities as an allegory for why we shouldn’t build on fields and forests and such and have Sting write the soundtrack.

      • thats the best comment ive read in a while.

      • LOL! Perfect

      • Nah, Clint Mansell will write the soundtrack and the movie will be as paranoid to a tee.

  15. “There’s always one.”

    No, here’s another one. The first three quarters of the trailer were humans looking worried, yelling at stuff, and running away from water. Watch this stuff with the audio off, and actually pay attention to what they show you.

    Everything else was so vague, or seen before, as to have been useless, unless this is your first Godzilla trailer glimpse. Nothing concrete about other monsters, nothing concrete about plot, and no scene showing whether (or not) he even breathes fire. That might sound like a stupid comment, but Godzilla 1998 didn’t breathe fire. He had one scene where he had hot, invisible breath. I can’t wait to see this movie, but as far as the trailer goes….. ehh.

    • “Nothing concrete about other monsters” Some one needs to rewatch this trailer in slowmotion.

  16. So glad to see Bryan Cranston in this movie. Based on the clip, he promises to bring the intensity and seriousness a film like this needs in order to be respected. This trailer is a winner!

    Buttered popcorn and rasberry ICEE for me please.

  17. take a look a 1:45 pause it look at the tvs they show the monsters he is facing on them

  18. Jesus, this looks so thrilling and incredible. They have really nailed it for a change and it’s no surprise that the gravity and realism Bryan Cranston brings to this makes it over the top. I love that they DON’T show Godzilla until the very end. Whoever the director is must be a Spielberg disciple because that’s the Jaws tactic there – which I wholeheartedly agree with. Keep the audience in utter suspense, build up the stories surrounding the events, create panic in the minds of the viewer and then unleash the beast! Cranston is killing it in this trailer. For it being so short, I already feel sympathy for his loss and believe in his convictions. I don’t feel as if I’m watching an actor, but a real life individual going through this mess.

    This movie is going to be a classic, I just know it.

    • “Whoever the director is must be a Spielberg disciple because that’s the Jaws tactic there – which I wholeheartedly agree with”

      Let’s just say that I don’t believe it’s a conincidence that the name of Cranston’s character is Brody. ;)

      There are definitely worse movies to strive for in tone than Jaws, one of the best movies ever made.

  19. @2:20 looks like there is another monster besides Godzilla on this movie!!! can’t wait to see it.

  20. That tsunami scene reminds me of the 2003 South East Asian tsunami.
    You can still see clips from it on Youtube. I lost a friend back then.

  21. I am pretty sure there will be other monsters in Godzilla. I caught a glimpse of something…

  22. at 1:44-1:45 you can see the Kaiju in the monitor behind the military guy

  23. One word:

  24. The walking MUTO looks like the crackler monster in the Godzilla tv series that came out after the 1998 godzilla movie.

  25. grim it up, I want it intense, serious and frightening. No cheesy forced comedy, no cheesy one liners. Since when has ScreenRant worried about a fictional franchise being too grim?! What a bunch of Goldilocks

  26. In the scene where a helicopter is flying over Godzilla with gunner shooting it looks like in the distance is another big monster kinda standing and leaning back on one hand. I tried pausing the video but couldn’t get at the right moment. Not sure if its a monster or wreckage.

  27. At 1:47, if you look on the television behind that soldier, you’ll see a black and white image of the second monster in the movie.