‘Monsters’ Director Gareth Edwards Will Direct ‘Godzilla’

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Gareth Edwards Directing Godzilla Monsters Director Gareth Edwards Will Direct Godzilla

Godzilla is one of cinema’s greatest movie monsters. As soon as you think you’ve put him down for good, the big fella always comes roaring back to life to stomp the world once again.

For the last year or so, we’ve been following development on the most recent incarnation of the Godzilla movie franchise from Legendary Pictures. In September, we learned that Legendary Pictures wanted to bring the beast back to his roots and deliver a film that was far different than Sony’s 1998 remake. Now, we’ve learned who Legendary and Warner Bros. have chosen to bring the project to fruition – UK director Gareth Edwards.

According to an exclusive report from The Hollywood Reporter, Edwards was chosen for the director’s chair after his acclaimed independent sci-fi film Monsters wowed both critics and Hollywood execs. Edwards will work with an as yet undetermined screenwriter, because the original screenwriter, David Callaham, is no longer working on the project.

Screen Rant’s Kofi Outlaw gave Monsters a glowing 4/5 star review, remarking that Edwards delivered a uniquely insightful human story using an alien invasion as the premise. If that doesn’t make it sound like Edwards is the right guy to bring a CGI-fest like Godzilla to the big screen, bear in mind that Kofi also wrote “the director’s true forte is visual effects, and the CGI used at many points to augment the footage is nearly seamless and really does enhance the real-life atmosphere of the film.”

godzilla legendary Monsters Director Gareth Edwards Will Direct Godzilla

Given his impressive CGI work on the relatively inexpensive Monsters, it will be interesting to see how much Edwards is able to do with a (presumably) huge budget on Godzilla. My hope is that his instincts as a filmmaker, to employ CGI naturally so as to aid the story, will remain intact during filming. That’s not to say that I don’t want to see a giant, city-crushing Godzilla; however, I want to see one that I can actually believe in and care about.

I would say that getting Edwards for this film is a big win for Legendary Pictures. The company has been racking up blockbusters left and right (Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight and Inception to name two) and this is definitely a strong step toward delivering another quality big-budget film.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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  1. Thats a very smart move, I think it was helped by the success of films like District 9 which showed unknown directors can really shine. If Gareth Edwards can make an awesome movie with just two people, and a 15,000 Budget, imagine what he can do with a budget of 100 plus million!!!

    • A bigger budget doesn’t automatically mean a better movie. With a bigger budget, it could also mean more meddling by the studio executives. There’s often much more artistic freedom with an independent-size budget.

      In fact, quite often that bigger budget often does result in a worse movie as the filmmaker is now pressured to make something that appeals to mainstream audiences, meaning it will be watered down, toothless and mindless. I hope that’s not the case, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

  2. Great move, Godzilla will finally get justice in American /theater’s… Thank God

  3. So, if it’s going back to its roots, does this mean the Godzilla movie will be set in Japan?

    • Let’s hope it doesn’t mean that it will star a guy in a rubber suit!

      • I would perfer it be suitmation than CG. IMO, suitmation is far superior to CG, and makes it seem more realistic. Although, it’s rather obivious it will be CG.

      • I, too, would prefer they use a guy in a rubber suit. With today’s suit technology, they could make it look really good.
        I would prefer old-school style techniques — the guys in rubber suits fighting in the middle of models. They can use CGI to touch up the visuals.

  4. Monsters was over rated. The trailer for the film was far superior and that wasn’t much of anything. Hollywood is dying a slow death. Film is dead.

  5. I haven’t seen Monsters so i can’t say whether this is a good choice, but enough with the bloody remakes already! How difficult is it to come up with a new monster? Splinter did it, so did the even more obscure Living Hell, so please, leave the giant iguana alone.

  6. This is going to be bad ass IMO :D

    • I really don’t see how it can be a bad film really. I mean, they have to live up to GODZILLA FINAL WARS (which was crap) and Emmerich’s film (which was also crap).

  7. well, unlike the author of this article, I do NOT want a Gojira that I can “care about”.

    I want one that will scare the bejeezus out of me.
    That was my most serious complaint about the recent American remake of Godzilla: they tried to make it a 400 ft Bambi.

    On the other hand, I don’t want a talky, pseudo-artsy, flick with a “human story” that eclipses the fact that it IS a monster movie. “Monsters” could have been set in ANY setting, it didn’t HAVE to have monsters for the story to work. It would have worked just as well in a “war-torn country” somewhere.

    Godzilla cannot be a human interest story with a monster as passing background noise.

  8. Godzilla “Final Wars” was a fun flick. They’ll turn this remake into some cry fest. Big boy is at his best when he’s stomping other monster guts.
    I’d rather see a guy in a suit rather than CGI. Simply because THAT IS GODZILLA the icon. I will admit that the GCI monster in “Cloverfield” was pretty well done and kinda scary.

    • Final wars was not a fun film, I’m probably the biggest Godzilla fan here and it was making me want to slam my head through a door.
      In this reboot he is suppose to fighting other monsters but if it’s Banno’s environmental monsters like Hedorah I will mad as hell.

  9. I hope this director is good. I am trying to find his other movie Monsters 2010 but some say its insightful, some say its boooriing!! I don’t want a boring director to make Godzilla-Godzilla 98 was bad enough!!!

  10. Monsters seems to be one of those movies people love or hate. I went to see it with a group of friends and 3 of us loved it and the other 3 thought it was boring and hated it. This definately spikes my interest in a new Godzilla…

  11. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  12. As I haven’t seen MONSTERS yet, I don’t know how much unlike this choice but sincebi have heard more good comments about it then bad I think it’s a smart move.

    I’m ok with them using CGI tho I would prefer them mix it with suit work. I’m more worry about the design, as we don’t need another Zilla but a true Godzilla (hopefully along the lines of the Heisei suits).

    Another thing is what monsters he is fighting, King Ghidorah, Mothra and Mecha-Godzilla are overused. Mothra is stupid and so is Banno’s Hedorah (since he is the producer i’m guessing they might use it or a version of it).

  13. I just hope that Edwards can deliver the same quality of the great directors that brought Godzilla fame over the years. I am a true ‘Zilla freak, may Godzilla live forever!! If he can deliver that quality then I say he ,Edwards, will have my vote for an oscar.

  14. Wow. It’s good to see that this project is coming along so nicely. And I’m glad Godzilla isn’t a giant fish-eating iguana, too.

    That said, I hope to high heaven that this movie isn’t just an hour or two of sci-fi monster-versus-monster action. I hope it has a good story. Even better would be a well-delivered moral.

    What makes the original movie from 1954 so great in my opinion is that it successfully delivers the analogy and the moral therein of the tragedy of war and weapons of mass destruction, via use of strong characters and storyline. Now, I’m not saying that I refuse to see it if it doesn’t do that- on the contrary, a new set of morals would be refreshing, and could potentially be the renewal of the King of the Monsters for me and countless others.

    But… this IS Godzilla we’re talking about. We have seen ups and downs in his history, and since a lot of people, for some reason, focus on the downs, a lot of silly, false assumptions that Godzilla is always mindless and cheesy precede him. I’m counting on this director to help put an end to that, and return Godzilla to the throne of his popularity- perhaps, even propel him higher than before (no pun intended).

    I’ve got my fingers crossed!