Comic-Con 2013: ‘Godzilla’ Footage Description

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Comic Con 2013 Godzilla Poster Comic Con 2013: Godzilla Footage Description

Last year, Gareth Edwards stole the show in Hall H of the San Diego Convention Center, by debuting a teaser – or, if you will, a “mood piece” – for his new take on Godzilla. The response earned not only a second play of the brief video, but the crowd response evoked much emotion from Edwards (who clearly feels the pressure and responsibility of such a project).

A year later, principal photography on Godzilla has wrapped (just two days ago, at the time of writing this) and Edwards has returned to the scene of the crime for the 2013 Comic-Con – with much more to show, like died-in-the-wool footage and a cast in tow.

The presentation began with a replay of last year’s teaser, which still holds up and on its own could even be considered a highlight of this year (despite it not being new). After the Q&A with the cast, it was time for the new stuff.

The footage begins with a sizzle reel of establishing shots showcasing a flooded area, a dark street, Bryan Cranston wearing a Breaking Bad style gas mask, multiple shots of scientists in hazard suits, paratroopers jumping out of a plane, a military style refugee camp, etc (mass hysteria and emergency response were the themes). This led to the major scene, which started out by following two armed helicopters flying in the night sky, firing machine guns.

The shot continues, revealing a massive, skinny, four-legged monster. It seemed to have smaller arms on its chest and looked as if it had wings as well.

The next shot is from inside the airport terminal and through the glass walls, we see a plane crashing in a ball of fire right in front of the structure as the monster approaches in the background. Godzilla’s foot lands in view as well.

Next shot is the most clear yet from the front as we see the beast seemingly opening its wingspan as Godzilla – clearly several times larger than the aggressor – rises from behind it, roaring, as if it’s going to destroy the creature to protect the land. It cuts to the Godzilla logo.

Godzilla 2014 Comic Con 2013 Posters Concept Art Experience Comic Con 2013: Godzilla Footage Description

Godzilla (2014) Concept Art at Comic-Con 2013

The Godzilla footage was noticably different in tone and visual style than Pacific Rim – released by the same studios – and it works for the better. The video was super clear, with long, slower wide shots with no weather or light effects hindering view. It still manages to emphasize the scale of the beasts vs. humans, especially when it comes to Godzilla – who, so far, seems to be the biggest monster – at least bigger than the two others they’ve debuted at Comic-Con.

A notable highlight from the panel and the words from Edwards, cast members Bryan Cranston (a scientist), Elizabeth Olsen (a mother) and Aaron Taylor-Johnson (a soldier) is that all of their characters have a reason to be in the heart of the situation. None of it is forced or out of place.

Another point Edwards emphasized is how it’s a “true Godzilla movie” and that they’re working closely with Toho – the Tokyo-based monster movie distributor and production company beyond the classic Godzilla films – and making sure to have Japan playing an important part in the story, remaining faithful to the original concepts.


Godzilla stomps into theaters on May 16th, 2014.

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  1. We need real footage, We didn’t get any last year with the test footage.. I think it’s about time Legendary released this trailer for us long time fans. Not all of us can take time off of work or have the money to go to Comic Con.

    Sounds fantastic though. Hopefully they will reveal it very soon.

    • I think they may have something attached to The Hobbit.

      • That doesn’t come out until December.. Terrible marketing decision if they wait that long to give us a teaser trailer.

        They might have a full trailer attached to that, I’ll believe/

        • Think its a strategic marketing decision. To distance themselves from pacific tim and avoid any possible confusion by the general audience. The teaser coming in december assures that pacific will gave come and gone (dvd release as well) mitigating any overlap.

          • “Pacific Tim” – - – - I love it! lol

          • @Bellcure.

            Pacific Rim.


            Not many people know Pacific Rim….I do not think there is a person alive who does not know about Godzilla.

            • You’d be surprised how little actually know of Godzilla.

              • @Dazz

                I would guess, those people live without social media, internet or TV.

                But even the name of Godzilla has been used as a metaphor.

                Bridezilla for instance. I do believe, that many people would see this far more than Pacific Rim, which is a movie I enjoyed.

    • I know, ive been digging around for a while now for last years teaser but havent found it, finally gave up. hopefully not that its a year later and they have a new trailer with actual footage, they will release last years teaser online. though i would rather see the new trailer because it sounds awesome! I hope whoever they get to score the film brings back some of the iconic theme songs from the godzilla franchise.

      • @Draagyn

        I am just hoping for the Roar.


          Happy?? Lol

          • Actually, it’s SKREONKKKKKK

  2. I am ready to see Godzilla!!

  3. I am ready for them to take my money!!!!

  4. I’m so jealous that I could’nt see this footage,but I know my patience will be rewarded,and I know I will soon see the new 2014 Godzilla before me on my tv or laptop screen.

  5. So, they are going with a Godzilla Anti-Hero twist?

  6. It would be nice if the other monsters the big G is fighting is another known daikaiju. maybe not a popular one like King ghidorah (save that one for the sequel). but one of his smaller villians.

    kind of off topic, but am i the only one that wants to see more of Orga (alien monster from Godzilla: 2000)? I really feel like that monster is very underused and would like to see him in another godzilla film.

    • Ok, looks like Draagyn has put his order in for an Orga-sm…..

  7. I’ll give this a watch on Netflix, I am sure, just to see the scene depicted in the drawing above where Godzill bursts out of a box of wheat chex cereal (see illustration above).

    By the way, did you know they now make a breakfast cereal for impotent men? It’s called “Nut’N Raisen Honey”!

    • @Golidlocks.

      BAD FORM!

      My wife loves her HearherOs


  8. Judging by what everyone is saying about the teaser shown, about the smaller monster, all I can think about is “Godzilla vs. Destoroyah”, and also finding from that Godzilla encounter website, with the fake news report letters spelling Serizawa, this might very well be the case………

    SOMEBODY FIND THAT TEASER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Problem is, Destroyah was one of the few Monsters larger than Godzilla.

  9. that’s a lot of fish.
    -From Godzilla 1998

    That is all.

  10. Rob:
    A few nits to pick:
    died-in-the-wool should be “dyed-in-the-wool”.
    The verb should come last in “at the time of this writing”.
    etc has a period at the end (etc.)
    Toho is a studio, not a distributor. They made all Godzilla movies that counted (not the American ones), not just distribute them. Toho licensed the rights to Sony for the awful 1998 Roland Emmerich film (that had more in common with the Beast from 20,000 Fathoms) and the Saturday morning cartoon that was far more successful (it actually turned a profit).
    Other than that, I enjoyed the article.

    • “Died-in-the-wool”

      Maybe it could have been some sort of sheep-related homicide?

      • @Dazz

        Me Cows had nothing to do with it!

    • Thanks for the heads up!

      For the record, the Dyed in the wool thing and the time thing weren’t put in there by me. The Toho thing was me and I’m leaving it since I specifically listed them as a distributor and production company, which they are.

  11. I don`t get how nothing has leaked online in terms of footage, I thought that at least this year we would get to see comic con trailers. Did they make people leave their phones at the entrange or what?

    Anyway, as upset as I am regarding this issue (I would have bought a ticket to Comic Con but I live in Europe), something puzzles me. My Godzilla lore is weak, so this question might sound stupid, but isn’t Godzilla supposed to be on the bad side?

    From the description, I get that Godzilla might at some point in the movie actually help humans. Could the movie be humans vs kaiju, then Godzilla comes and rolfstomps kaiju and then it`s humans vs Godzilla? If someone would care to give some insight I would be thankful.

  12. @John.

    To answer your question, Is Godzilla Bad or Good. He is neither and at times he is both. He is what we call an “Anti-Hero”. The Original Godzilla he was a result of atomic fallout, a mutated creature that was a “force of nature”. He attacked what was unknown to him and to him, he is top of the food chain.

    As Godzilla Progress through out the years, he faced more malevolent monsters who sole purpose were to destroy, whether is is natural or alien in origin. Godzilla like all Alpha Animals, fought the other monsters that he deemed a threat. So it is like, two Alpha Apes fighting for territory, in the end there can be only one Alpha.

    In Godzilla Final Wars, he was imprisoned in an iceberg as an army of Monster attacked various cities around the world. He was released to fight the monster, not to save humanity because in the end he was about to turn his attention to the humans, but in the end, it was his son that stopped him and led him away from the attack.

    So basically it is the old adage “The Enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

    • i like the example you gave about the end of final wars. but i like the ending of godzilla: 2000 better. He defeats Orga, then as he is leaving the city, he decides to burn it down, and thats basically how it ends. Well at least the american release, not sure how the ORIGINAL ending went as there was a lot of scenes cut out for the american release.

      • People sometimes forget

        The Orginal Godzilla is dead, Japan is currently on Godzialla the Second.

      • Godzilla 2000 ending.

        Yeah, I can live with that one as well.

    • Thank you man, this was revealing. Knowing this, I have no idea where this movie is going, I just want it to be raw and destructive. Cheers!

      • @John



    warner bros logo in manga lettering

    legendary logo in manga lettering

    black smoke
    crushed buildings
    deserted streets
    deserted cars

    cue voice over maybe the president (sounds kinda like chris cooper)


    we see a train deserted looks like something very big stood on it
    and over 20 people lying on the ground (dead)


    we see a building with a hole in it
    it looks like something very big walked straight through it


    we see several godzilla claws on ground as if dead


    we hear the godzilla scream
    sounds like the T Rex in jurassic park if guillermo del toro had directed


    at exact 1 min 02 sec we hear a helicopter

    through 9/11 style white smoke we can make out godzilla moving

    the camera went up and at the very end we see ths profile as it roared again

    fade to black

    G O D Z I L L A

    with the red japanese text behind the english