‘Godzilla’ Comic-Con 2013 Posters, Concept Art & Encounter Experience

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Godzilla 2014 Comic Con 2013 Posters Concept Art Experience Godzilla Comic Con 2013 Posters, Concept Art & Encounter Experience

San Diego Comic-Con is the place where Hollywood studios showcase their big upcoming blockbuster films. Some studios usually have large booths on the convention floor or high-profile discussion panels in Hall H or Ballroom 20, but this year Legendary Pictures took it to a whole new level for their upcoming reboot Godzilla, calling it the Godzilla Encounter Experience.

The Godzilla Encounter has taken over an entire building on the corner of 7th and J Streets and is completely free to anyone who wants to enter. It’s an unique experience and – while we weren’t allowed to bring cameras past a certain point – we did get to experience the entire attraction a day early -which we’ve decided to share it with those of you not fortunate enough to attend in person. Of course, you didn’t need to be there in person to enjoy the new posters and concept art from the film, which has debuted at SDCC 2013.



Comic Con 2013 Godzilla Poster Godzilla Comic Con 2013 Posters, Concept Art & Encounter Experience

They allow waves of around 25 people into the building at a time, and the experience starts in a lobby of sorts, filled with miniatures, pop artwork and set pieces from previous Godzilla films. The setting is downtown Tokyo and participants are given about ten minutes to look around at all the artwork, the original rubber suit from the 1999 film Godzilla 2000: Millennium and can even try some sushi or fresh ramen noodles from the outdoor sushi bar.

There is an interactive mobile app built by MJD Interactive that isn’t required to enjoy the attraction but it definitely enhances the experience – so using it is highly recommended. The app has a built in Geiger counter, the ability to take and share photos on various social media networks, and an image scanning feature that can be used on most of the posters scattered around the lobby.

godzilla aaron taylor johnson Godzilla Comic Con 2013 Posters, Concept Art & Encounter Experience

Without warning, alarms go off and people in hazmat suits usher participants into the next stage of the attraction, where footage of the American military preparing for the arrival of Godzilla in San Diego plays on the walls. We’re told this footage is NOT from the actual film. After a few minutes, everyone is escorted in an “elevator” and taken to the “roof” of the building-  but once the elevator experiences technical difficulties, they’re dumped into an office.

This is where the attraction really shines. There is a very large video wall showing footage (again, supposedly not from the film) of heavy rain beating against the windows. Just when everything gets quiet, Godzilla comes lumbering past the windows letting out his signature roar. The guide tells everyone to be quiet so the beast won’t see them, but too late – Godzilla walks to the window and lets out a deafening scream. Once again, everyone is quickly escorted out of the building, down a ramp and out to safety.



Below you’ll find a gallery of Godzilla images – including two posters that debuted at Comic-Con 2013, some concept art from the film, and a bunch of images we snapped while touring the Encounter Experience:

NOTE: Legendary was adamant that design of Godzilla shown during the Encounter is NOT the final design which audiences will see in the final film come 2014 – but we wonder if it won’t look awfully similar? The concept art, Mondo poster and teaser poster for the film all have a striking resemblance to the rubber suit used in 1999 – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing in our minds.

Godzilla Reboot Concept Art New 570x224 Godzilla Comic Con 2013 Posters, Concept Art & Encounter Experience

Godzilla is directed by Gareth Edwards (Monsters), written by Max Borenstein (Seventh Son) and Dave Callaham (The Expendables 3) and stars Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick-Ass 2), Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), Elizbaeth Olsen (Oldboy) and Ken Watanabe (Unforgiven).


Godzilla stomps into theaters May 16th, 2014.

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  1. So, by judging by the size of the concept picture of Godzilla and the Aircraft picture.

    The Kaiju would be dwarfed by Godzilla.

    • Godzilla would be to the Kaiju what the Kaiju are to humans.

    • If they are 250 hes easily double the size

    • @ Darth Jeff

      I was thinking the same thing. It would appear that this Godzilla is enormous compared to othe versions. I like that.

      Those Godzilla models are very cool. I would be happy if he looked like that.

    • Godzilla is a kaiju.

      • Don’t go there.

        We know what Godzilla is, technically he would be a Daikaiju. We never refered to Godzilla as a Kaiju, just Big G, King of the Monsters and other monikers.

        Just knew he was a Daikaiju, just never called him that.

        • same thing, just bigger :P dont take anything from Pacific Rim as an insult, it was meant as a tribute to the movies that came before and a hope for the ones that come after.

  2. Lookin awesome, the models of Godzilla also look very impressive.

    • Are those the concepts or rather from previous incarnations of the big G in older films?

      • Those are from more recent Godzilla films from Japan.

  3. Looking at the filmography of the screenwriters should I be concerned about Edwards’s ability to carry the movie with his direction?

    • I think Edwards is capable due to his first film Monsters but I don’t really know the screenwriters very well. Borenstein apparently wrote a very well done film a couple years back and Callaham wrote The Unexpendables, which I don’t think is very high quality in the story department. I think Frank Darabont is also attached to the film as a screenwriter and he has done some great films.

      • Yeah, Darabont (Shawshank, Walking Dead, Green Mile) came in to tweak the script, so I wouldn’t be too worried.

      • Oh that’s right, knowing that Frank Darabont is co-writing makes me feel better.

  4. ”David Callaham” wrote an early draft, The ”David Goyer” came in to fix his early draft… Then ”Max Borenstein” was brought in to work on the screenplay with Gareth Edwards which they spent about a year on.

    Then ”Drew Pearce” aged up the characters slightly.

    Finally ”Frank Darabont” went over the entire script and polished it well. Spent about 2 months on it.

    Anything with Frank Darabont is good for me. Anyways the Godzilla encounter is amazing.. Shows they have A LOT of respect from where the franchise came from and will respect Godzilla and represent him properly.
    An not make the same mistake Sony/Tri-Star did on there film

    Can’t wait for the design being shown Saturday.

  5. oh man i CANT WAIT for this movie! Most anticipated film of 2014!!!

  6. I will still call it Gojira … Hail to the king :P hehe

  7. When can we expect a trailer?! I’m dying to see a trailer for the King of Monsters himself: GODZILLA !!

    • They are still filming, plus all the post production, so i doubt we will see a teaser for a while. we might get an early teaser with some non cgi shots and maybe some partial shots of godzilla in the shadows. but we probably wont get a full fledged trailer untill maybe December (hopefully sooner).

      I might need to have me a Godzilla marathon soon now. but i am still missing Godzilla vs. megalon from my collection. i used to own it, but i went through this stupid stage when i was younger where i gave away SEVERAL of my godzilla films and it has taken me years to buy them all back. dumb kid.

      • They could always show us the teaser they showed the Comic Con crowd last summer if they have no actual shots from the movie to show yet.

        • Yeah, i would like to see that, maybe with some new footage editted in?

      • If your in America, Godzilla vs Megalon was released last year, get your self on Amazon… you’ll find it.

        If your in the UK and have a multi-region DVD player same deal, get on Amazon, there’s plenty of nice yanks that will export it for you.

        • yeah, i am planning on getting it on amazon, dont really want to. $3.99 for stupid shipping and handling now on amazon. thats crazy expensive, to me anyways.

  8. This is number one on my list of movies to see in 2014. Gareth Edwards is going to make big G epic. This movie will kick major @$$!!!!!

  9. From what the rep said at the Encounter, Godzilla will be around 25 stories tall – so, about 250 feet.

    Paul Young

    • thats about in the middle of what godzilla’s height has been protrayed as. He is usually anywhere from 50 to 100 meters tall (roughly 150 to 330 ft) sometimes even taller. I believe in Final Wars he was almost 400 ft tall. so at least they are getting the height right. i wouldve liked him to be a little taller though.

      without spoiling anything. roughly how tall are the kaiju in Pacific Rim?

      • The Level 5 kaiju from the end is apparently around 596ft tall. Knifehead from the very start of the movie is supposedly around 315ft tall.

        The smallest is around 207ft.

        • so they are around the same size range as godzilla, thats good, that means for the crossover godzilla would able to hold his own. haha. King ghidorah is usually around 350-450 feet tall.

          • Still a shame there’ll be no more Cloverfield either cause that monster was around 250ft tall and it was only a baby.

            • @ Dazz

              I’m just curious, but what makes you think the Cloverfield monster was a baby?

              • It has been officially stated several times by J.J. Abrams and producers.

    • Not judging by those concept pictures, he wont be around 250.

    • Sometimes, Reps do not know nothing…just saying.

      • so… they do know something? haha, im sure they have an idea of how big they want to make godzilla, and it might change as post production goes along. but i believe what is portrayed in the posters is probably fairly accurate.

        • Well if you go by the poster with the helicopters and his tail…HE IS WAY PAST 250 FEET TALL..

          The one where the Aircraft Carrier is about to be decommissioned the hard way. he is way bigger than 250 feet tall.

      • double negative, take cover…… lol

    • Really? Only 250 ft. The picture withe the helicopters is just showing his tail, and it gigantic. Judging by picture I’m thinking he’s way bigger than 250. I would prefer a bigger Godzilla, bigger than the biggest Kaiju at least.

  10. Top pic: blows nuclear chunks…musta been someone he ate!
    Second pic: fights off a box of wheat-chex cereal.
    Third pic: someone big and mean is about to bi*ch about their electric bill!

  11. I like everything I’m seeing :-)

  12. I need this in mah life NOW!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Are they doing a guy in a suit at the show? The concept model looks a lot like the original doesn’t it? I think this version will be well worth seeing.

  14. I wonder how Earth looks like when you are a big G? :)