‘Godzilla’ 3D Release Date Announced

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Godzilla Release Date Godzilla 3D Release Date Announced

Going into Warner Bros’ Comic-Con panel there were quite a few known quantities – among them Man of Steel and The Hobbit – and a few surprises like Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis bickering. However, the biggest surprise came in the form of Godzilla. While rumors had suggested the reboot of the Japanese monster franchise might make an appearance, it wasn’t until a teaser trailer was unveiled in Hall H that things got real.

Today Warner Bros. and Legendary Entertainment announced the Godzilla release date, which will be May 16, 2014. Beyond being a prime summer slot, the date is perfect, timing-wise, since the film will release before an onslaught of highly-anticipated sequels and superhero movies, such as X-Men: Days of Future Past and Guardians of the Galaxy.

It’s not a completely empty weekend of competition, however. Godzilla will be releasing against Ninja Turtles, but based on the way things have been going with Michael Bay’s TMNT reboot, we wouldn’t be surprised if it changed dates.

Godzilla‘s long-term competition will come in the form of Sony’s Amazing Spider-Man 2 – which has snagged Marvel’s coveted first weekend of the summer release date – and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes on the 23rd. In all reality, though, Spider-Man‘s box office should have tapered off by May 16th, and if Godzilla receives the same kind of critical buzz that Rise of the Planet of the Apes did, it could conceivably smash right past Dawn and into Memorial Day weekend.

Just to ensure that Godzilla leaves a substantial footprint on the summer box office, Warners has also announced the film will be releasing in 3D. However, there is no word on if the film will be shot in 3D or if it will be post-converted.

godzilla legendary Godzilla 3D Release Date Announced

At the Comic-Con panel Gareth Edwards spoke extensively about grounding his Godzilla movie in reality – something that 3D arguably works against. But if Warner Bros. can get (read: force) Guillermo Del Toro to accommodate the format for Pacific Rim (albeit through post-conversion), we imagine Edwards didn’t have a choice in the matter.

Based on current developments, it appears that Warner Bros. – in a post-Christopher Nolan Batman world – is looking to ensure most of its summer tent poles (with a 3D option). Fan response to the decision to post-convert Pacific Rim was decidedly negative, but if it means a little extra revenue it appears the studio is willing to take on a little backlash. Hopefully, since Edwards knows his film is going to be 3D prior to production, he can plan out shots and sequences that benefit from the added visual effect.

Godzilla will be out in theaters on May 16, 2014.

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  1. Finally!!!

    Godzilla is now my most anticipated film of 2014, I can;t wait to see it an hope it makes up for Sony’s complete miss fire of a film in 1998.

    Gareth Edwards will do a good job, an Toho will make sure we don’t get another GINO.

    King of the Monsters is back May 16, 2014!

    • John, do us all a favor will ya bud? DONT MENTION 1998 Movie crap storm!…I just got over it!

      • Sorry Jeff but I’m going to bring it up also.
        The 98 film has been showing on cable a lot lately so a few weeks ago I figured I’d give it a watch for the 1st time in a decade and I have to say WOW!! I thought it was bad then but all this time later it seems worse. So as bad as a reputation that the film has I actually think it’s not bad enough. It’s terrible in every possible way.

        • Eh the movie on it’s own isn’t that bad, just shouldn’t be called Godzilla.

          • Agreed. As a monster movie it had some cool moments (i.e. the tug boats being pulled under, the bridge scene, Hank Azaria nearly getting stomped), but it was NOT Godzilla.

            • I was starting to feel a little self conscious for liking that one (My son yells ‘blasphemy’ when ever I bring it up.) however, as you say it was a good giant monster movie but not a Godzilla movie. To bad the French didn’t have a giant lizard in their cinematic lore, could’ve used that name.
              If Edwards grounds ‘his Godzilla movie in reality’, hopefully we won’t see a guy in a big rubber suit, but something that takes an impressive CGI version of the big rubber suit and brings to life in a believable way. The attempt to make a giant lizard a believable possibility was one of my favorite parts of the (sorry Jeff w) 1994 film.

        • This, you needed help with? Come on, most Godzilla Fans knew it was going to be bad, when we first got a look at him coming through the building.

          All things Considered, Cloverfield was vastly superior!

          Yeah thats right, I said CLOVERFIELD was VASTLY SUPERIOR than Crapzilla 1998..

          • I hear that.

  2. are we never going to get to see the teaser trailer?

    • I don’t think that it was a teaser trailer, but rather a demo reel. You know, like the one they played at Comic Con before Tron: Legacy came out. In which case I’m sure it will be made public after the fact. Though I imagine there will be teasers later on down the road, but it probably won’t be the demo reel that played at Comic Con.

    • I’ll be watching the 2D version of Godzilla.

  3. Gareth Edwards is going to lay the smack down on both Michael Bay & Jonathan Liebesman with his GODZILLA!!!!!

  4. Id prefer if they shot it in IMax

    • The real Godzilla in real IMAX – that could be awesome.

  5. Wow. People are certainly sure in their opinions, considering almost nothing is known about this movie yet. The fact that they are already hyping the 3D aspect of it, instead of the story or acting, doesn’t bode well for ANY movie.

    • I can’t imagine them hyping “the acting” since the film hasn’t really started filming yet.
      as for the story, I’d be surprised if they even have a complete shooting script yet.

  6. YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!! This is one of the best news I have heard in years! This got me more excited than hearing they were coming out with the Avengers!!! I was literally pumping my fist in the air!!!! Great news to start out the day, or rather, my weekend, nay, the entire month!!!

    • Fist pump OH YEAH!!! LOL

  7. NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!Godzilla, YES. 3D, NO…Unless, it’s IMAX 3D like the one that was supposed to be a sequel to ‘Hedorah’, oh so many years ago. And everyone knows, post 3D SUCKS.

    • You mean Godzilla: 3D to the Max? where Godzilla ends up in Las Vegas, and it was only supposed to be like 40 minutes long? And I think Hedora was supposed to be renamed “Deathla” for that film.

  8. Guess i wont be seeing spiderman 2 either.

  9. I’m a little concerned about this idea that it will be grounded in reality. Seems they tried that with IgaunaZilla and we know how that turned out.

    Forget reality – Godzilla is giant bi-pedal vagauely dinosaur mish-mash that breathes fire and is an nigh unstoppable force of nature. Real? Nope – but that is Godzilla, roll with it.

    • Bravo my good fellow, Bravo indeed..

  10. IMAX would be better than 3D, but it’s the King of all things Kingly. GODZILLA!!!!!!!

    This movie will crush every summer blockbuster that year. I saw Monsters, and I know Gareth Edwards will do a good job at this film. I hope it’s just as good if not better than Gojira, and Godzilla 1984. (I’m not talking about the american modified version crap) I love Raymond Burr, but he should just butt out.

  11. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I am just so freaking excited! More excited than the day I got a Nintendo 64 for Christmas!!!!!! I grew up with Godzilla and I’m screaming like the hysterical girls who saw the Beatles.


    • Turn in your man Card WALLY…Turn it in now. You will get it back when you show that you WILL NOT SCREAM LIKE A LITTLE GIRL!

      • ROFL alot

  12. That is the best news ever that gareth edwardsis directing godzilla reboot movies and they annonce the realese date mai 16,2014 and making new godzilla movies and many godzilla sequels in the future .

  13. Did anyone else have a nerdgasm while reading all the movies coming out in 2014…Godzilla, Spidey, X-Men, Apes, Guardians, and even the Ninja Turtles…and those are just the ones mentioned!

  14. Just let 3D die. It’s not even close as great as James Cameron makes it out to be.

    Im still seeing it in 2D though.

    • If it’s not in 3D how are you supposed to know the images represent objects in the story?

  15. Will Godzilla have the nuclear breath, or will he gargle with Lavoris?

  16. I haven’t heard nor seen anything about this Godzilla to justify what I think about a 3d release. -All I can say about it is I hope they can do a better job than ’98’s Godzilla atrocity.

  17. Aww, I wanted it to release next year :(

  18. Why don’t they just make a King Kong vs Godzilla and get it over with?!

  19. Godzilla The Series was better than the movie. Only thing good about the 98 Godzilla movie was Godzilla looked more bad@ass, & not someone in a suit.

  20. I want to start a campaign to end 3D once and for all… I come not as a conqueror but liberator to give movies back to the people

    • I just watch the Godzilla vs. Magaguirus the other day for the first time that was released by Japan in 2000 with classic man in rubber suit Godzilla and it was definately more entertaining and superior to the 1998 american release hopefully they go with the same look that Godzilla has had for many years im not saying go with a man in a rubber suit but dont make Godzilla look like an overgrown Iguana! Im definately looking forward to a Godzilla remake as long as they dont forever ruin the franchise like Roland Emmerich and his writers almost did.

      • well crap that was suppose to be a comment not a reply but the message below is where it was meant to be!

    • I agree totally Godzilla is Earths protector wether it be a monster attacking or civilization polluting and destroying the Earth thats when Godzilla apears to take out the threat to the home he is protecting and nothing will get in his way!

    • That STILL would not be spacial 4D unless you can point me in the ana and kata directions. You’d be creating a 360 degree 3D experience for which the technology already exists

      But immersive movie experience would be something alright :)

  21. It’s been over a year now. Where’s the freaking trailor?