‘Godzilla’ Viral Campaign Investigates Strange Activities Within the Earth

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godzilla 2014 images Godzilla Viral Campaign Investigates Strange Activities Within the Earth

Giant monsters returned to the big screen this year with Pacific Rim, director Guillermo del Toro’s big-budget throwback to (and, celebration of) installments in the Japanese giant mecha and kaiju genres released over decades past. The film was generally well-received and grossed more than $400 million worldwide – enough to keeps dreams for a planned sequel alive (if an increasingly fleeting hope) – thus, setting the stage well for the return of the King of the Monsters, Godzilla.

Warner Bros. will unveil the official Godzilla (2014) trailer tomorrow, even though the original teaser (first shown at the 2012 International Comic-Con, then again with proper footage in 2013) leaked online a while back. In the meantime, though, the studio has launched a viral marketing campaign for director Gareth Edwards’ blockbuster: a modern American remake of the 1950s Japanese sci-fi/disaster classic.

Much like the Pacific Rim viral marketing revolved in no small amount around the dealings of the fictional organization known as the P.P.D.C (the Pan Pacific Defense Corps), the Godzilla campaign has started by introducing a mysterious company known as M.U.T.O., with the official Godzilla movie Twitter account having already linked to multiple articles and videos that show the company’s research and/or tease their methods. Like how M.U.T.O. has (mysteriously…) begun investigating the cavernous wells Sima Humboldt and Sima Martel in Venezuela and Turkmenistan’s infamous burning ‘Door to Hell’ - is something dangerous going on within the Earth’s core (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)?

Check out related images – including one from a Chinese news article that shows a “living fossil” in the form of the “world’s largest sinkhole” – and watch a couple of viral clips that’ve been unearthed by Latino Review (one of which features the voice of Godzilla costar David Strathairn), below:


UPDATE: Additional viral clips have popped up online (including, a first look at Bryan Cranston in the film):

There are bound to be more goodies popping up on the M.U.T.O. viral site in the near future (go HERE for more details on how to explore the site), so keep your eyes peeled – especially after the Godzilla trailer drops online.

Godzilla‘s cast includes The Avengers: Age of Ultron costars Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen, in addition to Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), Ken Watanabe (Inception), Sally Hawkins (Blue Jasmine) and Oscar-winning actress Juliette Binoche (Cosmopolis). It is based on a script written by Max Borenstein (Seventh Son), with a story credited to Dave Callaham (The Expendables) and (uncredited?) revisions that were carried out by Frank Darabont (writer/director of The Shawshank Redemption and former showrunner/creator for The Walking Dead TV Series).


Godzilla opens in theaters on May 16th, 2014.

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  1. Tomorrow?! I can’t wait!! What a pleasant surprise.

  2. Fantastic. Definitely my most anticipated movie of 2014.

  3. im 28 now and i have been a fan of godzilla since i was 5 so im super excited!!! i will finally get that bad taste out of my mouth from seeing godzilla 1998. when i went to the movies to see that i was like what happened to godzilla he looks weird lol from the photos i seen of godzilla 2014 they got it right finally. i just wish for that 1998 film would have had a different name cause to me it wasnt too bad of a film, it just made godzilla look stupid and it wasnt even close to being godzilla lol

    • Weirdly, the only good thing from that Godzilla movie from 98 was the creature design. Classic is good but I liked that look too.

      • i agree the creature wasnt too bad and the film was good but them trying to say thats godzilla was a joke lol if they could have gave godzilla 1998 a different name and said its like godzilla but not really than i think godzilla fans would like that film more. i heard alot fans dont like that film cause of that godzilla and overlook the fact that it is a good film but if it didnt have godzilla in the title of the film then it might be different. of course thats just a theory and may not change anything.

        • I actually really enjoy that film and like you said, as just a monster film it’s good but a Godzilla film? Ah not so much.

  4. Godzilla Trailer Tomorrow HELL YEA!!!

    Can’t wait, Godzilla is easily my most anticipated 2014 movie.

  5. is it suppose to be fuzzy(pixel) video or is my phone to slow to play it

    • Yeah, meant to be fuzzy. Viral video and all.

      • k…was about to launch my phone

  6. my most anticipated 2014 film. Cant wait. I played around with the viral site a little last night and kept getting block my “Monarch” hmm… whats monarch?

    • Could be a military/government thing to stop people finding out the truth, like a real life cover up thing to stop a widespread panic.

      If so, clever.

  7. This movie is looking and sounding really awesome so far, really psyched for this. Definitely one of my top most anticipated of 2014!

  8. Eh, not really excited for this, especially after seeing Pacific Rim, which was average.

    • Wait….seriously?

      I’m not even a fan of giant robots fighting giant monsters but I thought Pacific Rim was the best film I’ve seen all year.

      • +1000 Dazz, I never stopped smiling through Pacific Rim, really psyched for this

      • It’s weird how people’s taste can be so different. “Pacific Rim” could have been made for me. I love robots. I love Manga and Anime. I love Monsters. I love Del Toro. However, “Pacific Rim” was one of the worst films I’ve seen all year. IMO. On a par with IM3 in my opinion.

        I’m hoping Godzilla is going to be much better.

  9. As a Godzilla fan since I was 3 (now 18), this is the most excited I’ve been about a movie maybe ever. Catch me being the first in line at the midnight showing. hahaha

  10. my most anticipated movie for next year along with dawn of the planet of the apes,so proper excited for this trailer.

  11. Okay got ya beat, Been a Godzilla fan my whole life. Raised my kids with him and now Grandkids. Im 52

    • Take that kiddies

  12. Been a fan since I was about 4, Im 21 now. So not as long as HG, but still a long time. I am only missing one film for my collection! Godzilla vs. Megalon. Funny thing is, I used to own in on VHS way back when. Then for some stupid reason, younger me gave it away. i hate younger me.

  13. cool cant waite

  14. First PACIFIC RIM,and next year a new GODZILLA!?! HITTING – THE – F@%KING – JACKPOT!!!

  15. P.S. I’m in also in my 40s and I have been a Godzilla fan (and a Star Wars fan) since the 70s,so I’m ssooo glad the big ‘G’ is getting another chance to shine,in the 21st century just like Star Wars. So ready,for them to take my $$$$$. :)

  16. IF done right, this could easily be my favorite blockbuster of 2014.

    The inclusion of Frank Darabont and well (of course) GODZILLA, this has real potential to be MUCH better than the last time he hit the big screen.

    Which I agree with what was said here, NOT a horrible monster movie, but also NOT a proper Godzilla movie.

    • Oh, and seems it seems to be the thing to do:

      I’m 37 and been a Godzilla fan since I can remember. It was the Godzilla roar that first got me hooked! Iconic!

  17. I was born yesterday and I’ve been a Godzilla fan all my life. Anyway, I can’t wait to see the trailer, I think Cranston is an incredible actor. It’s good to see him again.

  18. Been waiting for this movie since I was a little kid back in the 80s watching the old Japanese films. 1998 is just a bad memory.

  19. This looks really good, Godzilla looks huge, I can’t wait for this to come out.

  20. what makes this film appealing is the return to Godzilla being a big psychopath. in the original film he was realistic he was evil. this film will take him back to its roots

  21. anyone see that weird trailer that takes place in what looks like a big city and then it cuts to a lobby with a bunch of rats making a run for it and real quick the words “he’s coming” pop up. I thought that might be a viral commercial for Godzilla