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Godzilla 2014 Movie Spoilers Godzilla Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Godzilla review, this is the place where you can discuss Godzilla spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Godzilla episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Godzilla for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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Godzilla runs 123 minutes and is Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of destruction, mayhem and creature violence. Now playing in 2D, 3D, and 3D IMAX theaters.

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  1. How the heck did his wife survive

  2. How the heck did his wife survive lol seems pretty unbelievable for her to survive a building falling on her

    • People survive buildings collapsing all the time, not a majority of the people in the buildings but it happens

  3. the human actors were meh. 10 years from now we will still remember when Godzilla battles the 2 MUTO’s. not the humans

  4. So glad he got to spray the blue fire. Was waiting for it and was hoping it would come.

  5. I wish the Muto’s were just called Rodan’s or something. It is clear this will be a film franchise, I want to see as many original monsters as possible.

    • can someone please tell me if godzilla dies. I’ll cry like a baby.

        No, Godzilla doesn’t die. By the end of the film, he is unconscious (everyone thinks he is dead), but wakes up. Everyone cheers Godzilla, and he walks into the ocean, and then the credits roll.

  6. Is it worth seeing in 3d or should I just go to regular show?

    • 3d is surprisingly effective given the dark scenes and volume of human scenes. Recommend 3d IMAX if possible

  7. I’ve googled, asked many places, but no one can answer this simple question. How could Godzilla defeat the MUTOs with his radioactive atomic breath, when the MUTOs eat that stuff for breakfast?

    • I would say in the same way that the army general explained that the nuke would kill them. The blast would be too powerful.

      Convert this *(&^%! Or something like that. ;)

    • How does water kill you? You drink it. Way too much water moving way too fast will kill you…just apply the same idea to the Mutos and Godzilla’s atomic breath.

    • When Godzilla grabs them by the mouth and blasts them point blank with his breath weapon, nothings gonna live through that.

    • Note that Godzilla is pulling on it’s head as she is blasting her atomic breathe into the MUTO (Mothra) which results in breaking and severing it’s head from it’s own body. Also Godzilla atomic radiation breathe is more powerful than anything they have eaten or can handle which can cause it to die.

  8. One of the BEST 3D IMAX experience of my life! The crowd in the theater was awesome too! When the tail-whip fatality happened, the crowd cheered. And when he finished off female MUTO with a his fire, the crowd cheered even more!! So awesome!!!!

    • But it wasn’t fire. Godzilla’s breath is atomic=radioactive. The MUTO’s should have just gotten stronger

      • Because it was radiation in the form of an attack. At least that’s how it appears to me. The MUTO spent the whole film eating radiation in different ways. Such as attaching themselves to the unknown monster at the start, absorbing the power directly at the plant, gradually absorbing from the cocoon, and by just eating nukes. However, Godzilla’s atomic breath I can only imagine blast’s several miles per hour, similar to a firetrucks hose. And I’m sure you know this but a firetrucks hose will break the skin on humans. So like humans need and drink water, but if I opened a persons mouth and shot a firetrucks hose down a persons neck that wouldn’t equate to drinking. That person would die just from the force erupting their insides. I’m certain that’s similarly what happened to the MUTO. Or at least my take.

        • That’s the best explanation of this I’ve seen so far.

          • That’s good to know :D Honestly I was confused at first too till I thought about it for a few minutes.

  9. Why were there humans in this movie…..i found the 3D lacking.i was hoping for godzilla to atleast “step on me” literally or a building would fall onto the camera.overall i wasnt impressed with the 3D viewing experience.on a bigger note i didnt See the point of human beings in this movie.i found that the animals did a better job acting out there scenes(the tsunami dog).for gods sake this was a monster why am i not seeing the population literally sh*tting themselves.and the appearance of monsters on earth i’d think the story would get bigger than japan and a usa ship.this was to me a substandard movie. I still dont even understand what the main character was doing in the movie.i believe they tried too hard to tell a storie that characters they created seemed more like background actors.

    • Why were there humans in this movie? Are you hearing yourself? I think that’s why so many people were disappointed by this movie. You walked in expecting 2 hours of senseless monster fights without any context. If Godzilla was onscreen the entire time it would lose its effect. Seeing him less makes each appearance that much more exciting

  10. They said Godzilla was “hunting” the MUTO. So why didn’t Godzilla eat them??? I would hate to believe Godzilla was just helping the humans when they were clearlyshooting at him.g

    • Hunting to kill them I guess. I didn’t see it as wanting to help humans. More of a territorial thing….or he really hates big bugs/parasites.

      • Let’s not forget that Godzilla was so beat after killing the first one that he could barely move. Then so beat after the second he passed out. I would imagine after he woke up he was just ready to go back to the sea. It’s neat cuz we font know much about the ancient world Godzilla is from. Maybe he just enjoyed hunting for the thrill.

      • I thought he is like an ancient protector of earth and Eco system because he has been around before the dinosaurs.

    • Because Godzilla eats radiation and like all animals there comes a point when food is low… and these little bastards, The M.U.T.O’s are eating the radiation, that their isn’t a lot of so godzilla has to kick them around.She wasn’t killing for hunting

  11. My big problem is this:

    How did the female MUTO grow so big? It hadn’t spent the last 15 years feeding on radiation like the male had.

    • The female MUTO was absorbing the radioactivity from the Nuclear waste barrels that we see in the other cells under Victoria Mountain. That’s my take on it. Alternatively / additionally we know that Monarch had been experimenting on the MUTO. It conceivable that they tried to kill it with radiation which it absorbed during its dormant pre ‘butterfly’ stage and they locked it up when it didn’t die. Like the metamorphosis of a butterfly it doesn’t need to eat during its change/ growth period .

      Well that’s my thinking anyway hope that helps:)

      • That makes a fair bit of sense, except it must have been growing for years. I doubt they would have housed it in a room big enough to accommodate its huge growth (since they thought it was dormant). And it can’t have been that size when the transported it in 1999, someone would noticed that!

    • Thank God(Zilla) the movie makers didn’t use Godzooki from the cartoon show. This movie was definitely better without a Star Wars Ja Ja Binks.

      I’m a bit disappointed that Ford blacked out before he was able to disarm the nuke. It was really the only thing that the movie needed him for . He was simply a passenger ( on a plane, on a train, on a helicopter, on a battleship) and the nod thing he said take me for he blacked out. At least Godzilla killed the MUTOs before he passed out. This guy didn’t know anything about his Dads research and couldn’t do what he was trained to do.

      Best character after Godzilla? The ballsy bus driver that saved the kids. I’m not advocating driving straight at law enforcement officers or the military but take your hat off to him . After Godzilla the only character that actually saved any lives.

      One last thing…. When the military guy Hampton I think arrives I’m pretty sure he says I’m from the United Nations were taking over which makes sense as U.S. Have no legal jurisdiction in Japan. But then everyone else military is U.S. Navy, Airforce etc . Who is running the show. Does anybody know?

      • I was also disappointed at Ford not disarming the bomb, but keep in mind that he flooded the MUTO nest and set it on fire, which didnt only kill a lot of potential offspring, but also saved Godzilla in the fight, since they turned their attention to the nest.

        Regarding your question, im not sure if he actually said that, but if he did: The UNO does not have their own military forces, except for a few inspection and diplomatic units. They might’ve taken control, but they don’t replace the US Army. Most commandig units we saw after that time into the movie were micromanagement in-skirmish commanders. The huge decisions might’ve actually been made by the UNO.

    • Some real life species have bigger females to support their offspring. If it had to bear children, it should be bigger and healthier, I guess.

  12. For some odd reason my heart went out to the Mutos. They were, in my standards at least, kind of adorablee, and when the male gives his mate a nuke and touches noses with her I was like “awwww….”(I can mever look at the Lady and the Tramp spaghetti scene the same way again), and the cry of a bereaved mother made by the female at seeing her nest destroyed actually made me cry.

    Overall, epicness, a long and suspenseful wait for Big G, but when he appears, its whole roast epic marinated in badassey and topped with a dollop of awesomesauce. Definitely a must see.

    • Just like the analogous scene in Dragonslayer.

    • You are the first person I’ve seen that had the same thought as I did. If you really pay attention, the MUTOs really weren’t very malicious at any point. Sure they kidnapped a submarine and walked through multiple cities, but they never blatantly attacked anyone (that is until Ford destroyed the nest).
      With this being said, I feel the news sub-line at the end “Savior of our City? King of the Monsters” didn’t really fit because Godzilla really didn’t show himself as a hero. Unless you were in the room with Serizawa, you would think Godzilla was just as dangerous as the MUTOs were, especially with how many buildings he toppled and military ships he damaged/sunk.
      I understand that it would have been hard to give the MUTOs some kind of motive to destroy cities (much like the bad monsters did in the original movies), but I really wanted to hate them more and not feel bad for them…

      • I agree, they were not really dangerous. First, if Godzilla was that bloodthirsty, he would have sunk the USS Saratoga for blocking his way instead of dodging the carrier by diving through. Furthermore, he also tried to do the same thing in the Golden Gate’s water (dodging the ships), yet the shallow water had prevented his massive body from going through which resulted in the bridge’s and the ships’ damage. Second, the MUTO was the same as Godzilla, human tried to kill it first and even did some experiments on it. It’s about the nature thing, they want to reproduce and eat to survive. Humans just happen to live on their territory and with that big ass body they can’t just walk nicely on human-designated areas/cities. It is obvious and undoubted that they would “unintentionally” destroy everything that’s on their path. Nonetheless, the scene of the grievance of the female MUTO has shown that they have feelings too. What kind of mother would be happy to see their children die? (Unless accidents hah). Overall, the movie has illustrated a context in which humans stay in the middle of a fight between two ancient colossal kaijus and denounced the human’s arrogance and ignorance for thinking that they are superior to all else.

    • I totally felt the same thing…when they first met and touched noses, I was like, “Aww.” And yes, when she gives off that mournful wail after seeing her eggs destroyed, I got a lump in my throat…and for a split second, was even mad at Ford for destroying them (though upon seeing the film a second time, I realized that had he not destroyed them, the Mutos were ready to kill Godzilla, and the explosion distracted them, essentially saving Godzilla’s life). But I definitely felt for the Mutos, regardless. You know it’s a great film when you can feel for the monsters.

  13. Always been a Godzilla fan. Read a lot of mixed reviews and yes everyone had an opinion. Not going to spoil any of it, you’ll just have to go see for yourself but I walked out of the theater happy, smiling and satisfied….I truly loved it 5 stars.

  14. I just saw the new Godzilla and I thought it sucked you didn’t hardly see Godzilla til practically the end of the movie to me it seemed more about the soldier and his family not Godzilla I’m an old school fan of Godzilla where they actually focused on him not some guy and his family i don’t know who produced it but they were a little off base As far as looks we’re concerned they great just did not get to see that much of him action

    • It did take almost an hour for Godzilla to show up in the movie which with some careful editing would have fixed that but it by no means ruined the movie. This movie should only be compared to the original, 85, and 98 (unfortunately). All those other zilla movie were pretty bad despite being fun except for a few and Godzilla appeared often just for franchise purposes. Some of those movie even gave him big eyes so children could find him more appealing. Yes, we had to wait to see Godzilla but the action and pace of the movie was great depicting the damage from the first Muto was causing and did not drag at all. I didn’t even notice how long it took for him to show up and it was well worth it at the end. A bigger issue for me was that they made him an antihero, which should not happen in his first movie. Godzilla should have been just as destructive and feared as the MUTOs throughout the movie. Cheering and clapping should not happen instead we should have seen him grab the remaining dead Muto and feed on it, to show the brutality of nature which is also can be a balancing force, then he leaves.

      • I fully agree with the Anti-Hero being to premature. He needed to be a force that scared the s*** out of everyone, perhaps in the second movie, he could of been the hero people need but not…. you get what I mean.

    • Oh my God. Are you really a fan of classic G? The focus is rarely ever on Godzilla. In nearly all 30 films there is a main human character with an uninteresting story. And in all of the best Godzilla films he is only teased until the very end when you get a monster fight in between the main character bits

      • You are truly a true Godzilla fan. Your comment is spot on and is the reason I was less impressed by G:2014. Not the worst Godzilla movie I’ve ever seen, but it’s not Godzilla vs the Thing, Godzilla vs. King Ghidora, or GMK, which all had strong, if sometimes ridiculous, storylines for its human characters. What Godzilla does doesn’t matter much if their is no human drama giving it context.

        Current movie pretty much died with Cranston’s character, who was the only one actually moving anything resembling a plot.

        • Man, the only Godzilla movies which we ever cared about the human is this one and the original which had a haunting tone with Raymond Burr narrating the American version. This movie had enough to get us to the real star of the movie which was a big pay off.

          • Should read my longer comment below, which maybe better explains what I’m getting at. It’s not so much caring about the human characters as it is having human characters give us a plot, a reason things are taking place in the movie. A story to follow, not some uncompelling character who just circumstantially happens to be along for the ride(yep, Ford).

            Godzilla never has any real agenda in any movie, but in the best of them, what Godzilla does effects the agendas of the human characters; in this movie, unfortunately, Cranston’s character was the only one who had an agenda.

  15. Did the nuke at the end of the movie hit Godzilla

    • If you’re talking about the nuke on the boat, no. Godzilla was still on land at the time.

  16. I kept wondering why they tried to take a nuke in a boat easily disabled by the monsters’ emp. Even if it hadn’t been so easily disabled, it never would have outrun them. Brilliant plan.

  17. For everyone who keeps wandering why Godzilla and the Muto’s were enemies, remember at some point in the movie one of the scientist guys mentions that the Muto’s killed that big skeleton thing. And so they are natural enemies, Godzilla wasn’t so much as protecting mankind as so much as destroying his enemy. For his size Imagine the alpha male Lion in the wild sensing another predator, he would seek him out and battle to show dominancy.

  18. I’ve seen this movie and I have to say it was well done! Loved the characters even though I felt it showed too little of Godzilla but Hoping that the second movie will show more of Godzilla from beginning to end. As well hoping to see ghidorah or gigan! Both beast will work for me and then hopefully a Godzilla 3 with Mechagodzilla!

  19. When cranston goes back into the city he looks at the gieger counter then takes off his mask because there’s no radiation. Is this because the muto absorbed it all? If so does that mean his wife survived after the blast doors closed? It’s a bit messed up if you think about it.

    • @alec – The muto egg absorbed the radiation over the course of several years (as I understood it) so his wife would’ve still been irradiated. Plus, the entire building collapsed on her.


    • It means that there wasn’t really a nuclear fallout in that region. His wife didn’t survive. The whole place crashed anyway. But the point of having zero radiation is that he figured out that the authorities were lying. It wasn’t a quarantine zone for being radioactive. It was quarantined because they were hiding the MUTO.

    • Don’t get me wrong, there was some spillage of radioactive stuff, but they just realized that authorities lied about a nuclear fallout. It was something more.

      I could be wrong. Just my opinion.

  20. The Male MUTO spent years in a broken power-plant in Kanto, flies, uses electrical abilities, and devastated air and sea units; it is Zapdos according to that description

  21. I believe the movie was great. People were worried “oh, they didn’t show godzilla that much” but in all honesty Gareth edwards has said, multiple times , that its going to focus more on the reactions of the humans/people that are dealing with such a big disaster as this. When they did show godzilla it was intense and worth the wait. and showed him, all together, for about 25 mins?..
    Somewhere around there. When they did show godzilla it was done VERY well. The fights felt long and, like i said before, was really intense. So it was worth it. And especially when people were calling him “fat” when yes he was, in a sense, pretty big but it still played well in the movie and he still looked AMAZING in the film. I’ll give ‘Godzilla’ a 9 1/2 out of 10, just cause of very little things that i didn’t really like that goes more with people’s opinions.

  22. Okay, not the best Godzilla movie I’ve ever seen, but it wasn’t the worst either.

    The only human character with a compelling storyline dies and the movie’s plot dies with him. What remains is a collection of scenes that doesn’t do much for a viewer unimpressed by sheer spectacle. The emergence of that first MUTO was spectacular and works because the moment is built up to within the context of the story… then the story goes away and for the rest of the movie we watch cardboard cutouts of characters mouth inconsequential lines while things just happen to happen. After Cranston’s character dies, all the other human characters become spectators. And I mean that; the “plan” around which the rest of the movie pretends to revolve is proclaimed not arrived at, and Ford is merely an idle participant in events just like his wife and kid–drama is absent. Far cry from the actual roles lucky Japanese actors get to play in actual Japanese Godzilla movies where characters do things that matter and effect the plot… where Godzilla’s actions either help or hinder the human characters’ agendas and, thus, Godzilla’s actions matter. Rule of Cool only applies to things that aren’t pointless, IMO.

    My other big complaint is Godzilla’s “good guy” status–yes, that’s what it is. He does not intentionally smash a single building, weapons platform, or armed serviceman… and that is a problem. This is Godzilla; you don’t invade Godzilla’s personal space with things like Naval vessels without getting your Naval vessels intentionally swatted; you don’t line up tanks on the Golden Gate Bridge and even point cannons at Godzilla without getting your tanks swatted; you don’t build skyscrapers where Godzilla might one day decide to walk without said building ticking off Godzilla and getting swatted. I have a nagging suspicion “somebody” didn’t want us cheering Godzilla stomping the U.S. military, something the Japanese don’t seem as insecure about considering what they show Godzilla doing to their own military. Look, we’ve got fifty years of character development that should be honored–Godzilla has anger issues that should be bigger than even unintentional propaganda, if that’s what’s going on. Godzilla says, “let me be me,” and I agree with him.

    • Papa ford died early in the movie but he would have been another spectator too. His son was not idle at all (saving children, killing Mutos nest, Halo jumping, dealing with a nuke). What more do you want the man to do?, grab a Muto and shoot atomic breath down its throat. Name me one other character from a Zilla movie that has done more. I cant thing of one except for the scientist that killed Godzilla with his invention or Raymond Burr narrating in the American or the people who pilot the ship or Mechagodzilla. Most of the other people just spectated or got in the way. We are in much agreement over Godzilla antihero status(Godzilla toys). He need to be that in the sequel not this one, however still an enjoyable movie.

      • Daddy Ford might have been a spectator in a bad script, sure, but successful storytelling in a good script would have made him critical to resolving the only conflict that was established—his. Hubby Ford was never established as the film’s protagonist, he begins as a viewpoint character on Daddy Ford, who’s actions actually do move the story—Daddy Ford’s actions and decisions get us from his “crazy person room” to the big reveal of the first MUTO, where he discovers the truth about why his wife died. In a better movie that should have translated into some realization about the nature of the conflict, remember that we’re talking plot here, should have begun the path to conflict resolution… and it’s Daddy Ford’s conflict that must be resolved because no other was established. This might sound complicated or unnecessary, but it’s really pretty basic storytelling and easy to pull off… as long as you don’t ignore/forget about it completely. Too frequently it seems like filmmakers mistake themes for story; I think Godzilla is such a case.

        In an ideal G:2014 that starts as it did up the emergence of the first MUTO, staying on the rails would have meant Cranston’s character lives and proves crucial to defeating the MUTOs; his wife’s death hasn’t been resolved because the MUTOs are the agents responsible for it. Now, it didn’t necessarily have to be Daddy Ford as protagonist; if they had made Hubby Ford his dad’s partner, then Daddy could have died as he did and Hubby/Navy Ford would have needed to prove crucial—and not circumstantially, as was the case in the actual movie—to defeating the MUTOs as the resolution to their responsibility for both his parents deaths(and yeah Godzilla would need to play his gigantic role in the solution). That’s drama. That’s basic storytelling. It’s not hard and, with a little tweaking, every cool SFX scene could still have been present in the movie and it all would have been even more compelling.

        I continue only for the sake of educational purposes. Don’t ask me to recall the specific names of the characters, but if you’ve seen the movies, you should remember to whom I am referring. Just a couple of the most prominent examples from what were, IMO, better Godzilla movies.

        Godzilla vs. the Thing. Yep, that title means I watched it on the Million Dollar Movie, lol. The protagonists free the little fairy twins from the greedy, evil businessman, which plays some role in Mothra and the babies fighting off a rampaging, otherwise unstoppable Godzilla.

        Godzilla vs. King Gidorah. That’s the Heisei one in, I think, ’92. The protagonists destroy the time-travelers’ computer that controls Gidorah, which helps Godzilla defeat said monster. Hah! Unfortunately, Godzilla proves worse that Gidorah, but the “good” time-travel lady returns to the past as the pilot of… wait for it… Mecha King Gidorah who fights off a rampaging and otherwise unstoppable Godzilla.

        GMK. That’s the Millenium one whose title is too long to spell out. The protagonists are a cute, wannabe-up-and-coming reporter and her Japanese Navy Daddy; they both risk their lives to do their things and in the process both of them contribute to stopping a rampaging and otherwise unstoppable Godzilla(she is instrumental in the emergence of the blasphemous, “good” Gidorah and Daddy punches a hole in Godzilla that causes Big G to blow himself to bits… Godzilla’s anger issues are bigger that the hole that just got put into him, it’s great!).

        Honorable mention goes to the woman in the third Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla, who panics and causes the death of her “electric beam tank” crew, but later becomes the pilot of Mechagodzilla whose heroism drives off a rampaging and otherwise unstoppable Godzilla. That movie ended with said pilot standing on the shoulder of an immobilized Mechagodzilla while Godzilla marches back into the sea as the sun sets. Cool stuff.

        There, I’ve pointed to a little bushel of characters that have actually mattered in a Godzilla movie—their actions helped shape the events of the movie. As another commenter said, Hubby Ford doesn’t even disable the nuke that was the only reason for him being in all those scenes anyway. He is not shown to share in his Daddy’s conflict with the circumstances of his mother’s death, so from a storytelling standpoint it’s not even his fight; as it plays out it doesn’t matter that the character is Ford. So, maybe not “idle”, but certainly irrelevant. And I’ll spare everybody my full disappointment in the role of women in a movie made in 2014 by just pointing out that Wifey Ford managed to not get stepped on by a giant monster; women deserve better. (I suppose they can actually get better—they just have to watch Toho Godzilla flicks, even the old ones seem to have a higher regard for the ladies than this installment.)

        I’m glad some folks really liked the movie, just disappointed since it easily could have been a great movie for more of us without losing anything that others already love. At least it was a real Godzilla movie…at least it wasn’t GINO… there’s that at least.

        • Great points, Great examples. Some that I even forgotten. I guess those movies were not as badly written as I thought. However, Young Ford was instrumental due to his decision to kill the Muto’s eggs(which was his best part of the movie)which distracted the Mutos to Godzilla’s benefit after being downed by them. As for Daddy Ford, he was not a animal biologist or have any military experience as far as we know. We had Ishiro(i think that was his name), the general plus Young Ford. So I can’t see a purpose for Daddy Ford once the mystery was over. The problem had with the writing besides the Godzilla antihero status, was the coincidences and conveniences that keep surrounding the Ford family throughout the movie for example grandson Ford happen to be on the same bridge that Godzilla was at, give me a break. Lazy writing like that turns my stomach. These flaws made the movie a fair to good experience instead of being great.

          • Was young Ford instrumental in his decision to kill the eggs? The way I see it, that could have been any character, but it just happens to be Ford because poor storytelling just happens to make him present every time interesting things are going on. In a good story, the filmmaker’s would have given us a reason to see why Ford, and not just any random body, realizes the importance/threat of the eggs. We can rationalize it(make up a reason that doesn’t offend our intelligence), but that’s a credit to our imaginations, not to the absence of proper storytelling.

            As for Daddy Ford… the guy’s a nuclear physicist and Godzilla is a giant, radioactive monster(or should be); I think good writing could have found a useful role for him to play as the movie progressed, in fact needed to find a useful role for him to play since he was the only character with a conflict that drives the plot.

            Your observation about the circumstantial nature of the bus scene applies to every scene that young Ford is in after Daddy dies; it’s just not as obviously a problem because other cool and interesting stuff is going on to distract from the ridiculousness storywise.

            It’s time for me to take off the film-critic hat; as a longtime Godzilla fan, this movie was better than average. It only feels like a Draft bust to me because the big budget makes it a top-five pick and you expect those to be starters and eventual ProBowlers.

            • But you have other character in the movie to figure out what to do with Godzilla, you don’t need one more. Daddy Ford will not jump of a plane or defuse a bomb. He would just be there to give morale support and advice. Young Ford filled the role as the young hero that we could identify with. Ok, the poor writing was there with all those ridiculous circumstances and coincidences he was in but being a bomb expert lead him to those eggs. In which he made a decision that save thousands.

  23. Note the uncertainty of the gender of the monsters here. This film is confusing for those who don’t quite know the whole story of Godzilla. Gender references are inconsistent, such as when the male MUTO sneaks around the guys on the bridge and stalks away, showing the glowing eggs (right before he burns the train). Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe it was the male MUTO they were showing in this scene, but that doesn’t make sense because he’s supposed to be male. At one point, I believe they also called him a “she.” Am I the only one who picked up on this?

    • That was actually the female. The male was the one coming from Hawaii. The one in the train scene with the eggs was coming from Nevada. It’s the female.

  24. Super random thoughts here. General opinion is I loved it, it literally gave me the feelings back a couple of times that I had watching the old Godzilla movies when I was a kid–especially the “Oh no, he’s dead! Wait, yay, he’s not dead!”. I’ve heard many complaints of not enough screen time for Godzilla, but I thought it was balanced pretty good. Let’s just say I really liked this interpretation and moved on. Two scenes stick out for me thinking back: first, when Godzilla showed up near the bridge, he seemed to have no intention of causing any destruction there; he had his hand (claw) just holding on to the side of the bridge. Until the military decided to attack. Ah, what do I expect lol. Second, I was impressed with the scene where the soldiers are going to make the jump, that they did NOT include the little motivational speech during that, like in the trailer. It was all sight, sound, and feeling. I suddenly feel like I want to see it again. Oh, and the Muto by the train tracks–awesome scene.

  25. If Bryan Cranston would have been in the whole movie along with his son the entire movie would have been so much better. He knows how to play a good role instead he’s killed off right at the beginning. What a disappointment. Also the 3D was not good at all. When I saw the previews in 3D I got so excited and then the movie just let me down. It was an okay story, but was ruined with a lack of Cranston and 3D effects.

  26. If they do make a sequel, I hope they don’t use an alien/Planet X origin story. That’s too cheesy/Power Rangers-ish now in my opinion. I’d love to see Ghidorah, but I hope they find a more clever story than a meteorite this time around. And if they do use him, at least modify his anatomy. He shouldn’t be upright. He should crawl and walk using his wings like the male MUTO or a Pteranodon from Jurassic Park 3. Just giving some ideas for a sequel.

  27. Not only were the women completely irrelevant to the story but so was the lead action hero, Ford (by the way, were they sponsors of the film?) His actions were completely irrelevant to the outcome. I enjoyed the film as a leave your brain behind action/monster flick but it wasn’t great cinema.

  28. How did the lady monster lay her eggs I don’t remember her producing eggs with the male??

  29. The Godzilla fight seen was too short and they killed off Cranston way too soon. Ken Watanabe helped cushion the blow of losing Cranston so soon. I love Mr. Watanabe!!! The Godzilla and aphid monsters were awesome in stature and I’m glad Godzilla got away! Looking forward to another Godzilla movie! End of discussion.