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Godzilla 2014 Movie Spoilers Godzilla Spoilers Discussion

While our readers are already talking about this movie in the comments section of our Godzilla review, this is the place where you can discuss Godzilla spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for people who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, we would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Godzilla episode of the SR Underground podcast.

We’ve set up a poll below where you can rate Godzilla for yourself. Other than that, feel free to discuss the film and all its surprises!

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Godzilla runs 123 minutes and is Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of destruction, mayhem and creature violence. Now playing in 2D, 3D, and 3D IMAX theaters.

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  1. Oh my God, the Godzilla finishing moves were total bad ass!! Flame through the throat and tail whip = fatality! Oh and why did Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch keep making out? Haha.

    • Is that why their kid looks a little off..? Hahaha.. (sorry if i offended anyone)

      I think it’s because of the quicksilver & scarlet witch situation that makes me a little uncomfortable whenever they made out.

      And what’s up with Elizabeth Olsen and roles in incest situations?

    • Yeah when he grabbed the jaws of the female Muto, I thought “Hmm, I know what I want him to do, but I hope he doesn’t. It’ll rip off King Kong.”

      Then he blasted that b**** and we all let out a roar in the theater.

      When his tail started lighting up, I got goosebumps and just about stood up to watch what was by far the best part of the fight scenes!

  2. The movie was great, better than I could have imagined.. It was the movie we’ve (life long fans) have been waiting for in my opinion.. But the question I left the theater with is, where do we go from here? It was left open for a sequel I believe but he can’t just fight these parasitic MUTO’s again, right?

    • Well there are several scenarios advocated by the film,

      1. There may still but Muto’s in the deep ocean
      2. The nuclear explosion off the bay may trigger #1 and create new Muto’s.
      3. There may still be eggs leftover in which case they will feed off of #2
      4. There may be eggs still feeding and waiting to hatch like the first two. These things lay A LOT of eggs.
      5. The mating communication may have awaken others (this is my speculation)

      • I don’t know if I like the idea of more MUTOs (going off your 2nd, 3rd, and 4th points) like the ones in this film. I’d like some classic monsters or at least more new original ones.

        • No, I hope not. Those two seem rather weak except for their super strong limbs. I am hoping for different types as shown at the beginning of the movie. Now that I mentioned that, it’s funny how people seem to glanced over small things like this and call it dull.

          • The opening was insane.


      • I’m sure it will be something different. They were just one species of the massive prehistoric beasts. Maybe if it is successful enough Toho will allow them to use other monsters like Rodan or Ghidorah. I’d like to see some new stuff two maybe something else that comes from the deep ocean.

      • Maybe godzilla resurfaces in some other cities and unintentionally destroys them and kills many people (I say unintentionally I don’t believe godzilla is a hero. I dont believe he fights the mutos to save the humans, he doesn’t care about us we are like ants to him). So humans obviously feel very threatened by them, ‘they want to keep nature in their control’. So maybe they create monsters of their own through genetic engineering to fight and kill godzilla but everything goes wrong and the monsters get out of their control and turn on humans as well as fight godzilla. I dunno just an idea although I see how this is similar to pacific rim in some sense.

  3. It was a little slow in the beginning, but overall it was bad ass. I wanted to see more Godzilla.

    I hope people will be able to “unsee” Aaron Taylor Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen as a couple before the Avengers AOU comes out, because that’s kinda creepy. I know there was that brother sister/couple thing in Ultimate Marvel, but nah I’m good without that on the big screen lol.

    • The beginning was pure suspense with Cranston leading. Afterwards there was the 15 years later scene but that also changed quickly and introduced the first muto. Keep it in perspective lol. The pacing and suspense of the movie was what kept everyone glued to their seat, peeing in their pants and dresses if they had to.

      • Yeah I agree, I thought the first third of the movie was the best. I love the set up, mystery and suspense.

        My only skepticism lies in what they decide to do next. Obviously there will be a variety of monsters in the next movie if they do a sequel which will keep you more interested.

        I do wish the MUTOS were more of a threat to the soldiers, I believe that would have added more suspense and action on the ground level. Like I prefer Cloverfield as the MUTO. Like the MUTOs needed those spider things to drop off in order to cause a problem for the soldiers…perhaps the babies could have hatched prematurely. Otherwise the guns were completely useless……

        Overall though very good!

        • I think they stayed a mile away from the babies hatching and attacking because that would have been too similar to the 1998 version.

          • true…think im going to see it at 9am today again with all the kiddies.

  4. 1. The Mothra reference may me laugh unexpectedly.
    2. The “King of the Monsters” reference made me happy :)
    3. Absurd human stupidity made my head hurt however common this is in all Godzilla films.

    A slight downside on my part would be that the scenes are all during the night, in fogs, in dust, etc. This, again, is just to hide the imperfections of the CGI. The CGI is good however so its a very minor detail.

    • Yeah I caught that Mothra reference too that was pretty good on their part!

      • When was the Mothra reference? Was it the cocoon at Quicksilvers house?

      • missed that one, where/when/what was it?

        • one was when the school was evacuated the life cycle of a moth poster was seen the 2nd was when they came back to the house, just below the old aquarium ( i believe that was an aquarium) was the name “MOTHRA”

          • I caught the aquarium one it said “MOTHRA” didn’t catch the second.

      • there are actually 2 mothra reference i saw on the movie

  5. OK just going to the point.

    Do you think given the tone of the film (more “grounded\realistic”) and the fact that after he killed the MUTO’s it felt pretty finished, that its possible we’ll see any of the more iconic/significant classic monsters? Specifically the ones with more supernatural origins (Mothra) and in some films King Ghidorah)?

    • I’m sure they just rework some of his past foes to fit more in this particular film universe. Ghidorah would be bad ass.

  6. I have to say the biggest gripe I have with this film, the biggest flaw for me is when the Male & Female MUTOs finally met. Their compassion towards each other really got to me personally and I felt bad for them.
    I’ve noticed the more humanizing of these monsters in recent films. Godzilla in this I understand as he is sort of a protector and there to keep the balance, but, if the MUTOs are the “villains” I don’t want to feel bad for them.
    Really, with them eating up all the nuclear warheads, isn’t that a good thing????

    Don’t humanize these monsters, give me destroyers. Which is why Jaws always is still the template of how to do a great monster film. You don’t feel anything for Jaws but you feel everything for the characters which is the opposite for the monster films after.


    • I disagree. I mean, I totally agree that jaws is a great measuring stick for monster movies but some monster flicks are different. Take Super 8 for example. The film starts out as a classic monster flick but they have you sentimentalize with the monster towards the end of the film.

      I welcome tweaks to conventional structure of movies. Those tweaks give a feeling of spontaneity and they make each film feel more original.

      • Valid point with monster movies being different, but, with all these monster films that follow the formula I find most people rooting for the monsters.
        I was at a screening last night in Toronto where Gareth Edwards presented it and he said he spent time with the human story, but, in the end I didn’t care for the Brodys being reunited and was more concerned if Godzilla was okay. That fatality took a lot out of him!!!
        Also with Cranston’s death it was, “okay, he’s done, onto the next”

        I will say this is the best Americanized version of Godzilla, well done to that, BUT….NO GODZUKI!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

        • Yeah I started to root for Godzilla too. Have you seen The Host? That’s an awesome monster flick. They don’t humanize the monster much (if at all) in that one. I loved that movie.

          • YES!!! Ah I totally forgot about The Host, there is another example of Monsters being Monsters, and, caring for what is most important, the Humans and their plight.

            The only thing I cared about with the Monster in that film was the design but that is it.

        • He’s still chillin’ on the Calico waiting for a call from his agent or do you mean Mogera from the Toho films cause he’s retired now and is stuck on the convention circuit.

      • People seem to forget about the super 8 monster eating all the civilians before they suddenly decide hey he isn’t that bad after all… we’ll just overlook all the people he ate.

    • Many don’t realize but this was done on purpose. It is a surreal look at life and nature. They are Muto but more importantly they are animals from a lost age. If one were to keep it in perspective and make direct comparisons to normal animals, they are simply trying to survive. Their meetup was touching. That Lady and the Tramp scene of them touching noses..errr head is deep. The mother racing, regardless of what was in her path, to save her eggs and kids was heartbreaking. The agony and hatred afterwards, understandable. People missed that last part as well. Before that very scene both Muto’s could have care less about what the Humans were doing.

      The movies is quiet well done IF one bothers to really pay attention lol. I mean the first 1/3 of the movie was a nod to the original in its tone and message yet people glance over it like it was one boring part of the movie, worse that 2/3 of the movie was dull. LOL.

      • Humanizing? Have you ever watched any of the old Godzilla movies! That’s the entire point of these kaiju; to have character! The main reason why Pacific Rim flopped as a kaiju movie is because the kaiju didnt have any distinct character or personality. They didn’t have motive other than to kill, and they were just biological weapons. Kaiku, especially in Godzilla movies, have always been characterized with set personalities. They were created to be rooted for, to have emotional connection with. It is unfair for the MUTOs to just be fodder for Godzilla. In fact, I was quite pleasantly with the sex scene in which they show that these kaiju have motives and, thank God, emotion. It drives the fight scenes because they actually have something to fight for. A true kaiju movie is a kaiju fighting to deliver a message derived from its motives. 1954 is a perfect example of this. Godzilla’s personality was pure evil, a message of destruction and wrath. Mothra has a motherly and loving personality, justifying her destruction of Tokyo to find her twins. Spacegodzilla, with his ruthlessness and cold heart entrapped Godzilla’s son, driving Godzilla’s fight to save him.

        Kaiju aren’t just monsters. They need to have personality to be interesting. Or else the movie would be about the humans, then we’d just have another Pacific Rim it Cloverfield. Kaiju need to stand alone with their personas, or else they wont be worthy enough to be a kaiju character.

  7. Atomic Breath was sooooooo bada**… I about died when his tail lit up cuz you knew it was coming. The tail whip fatality was super legit too.

    A bit slow for me in the build up but that INCREDIBLE final act more than made up for it.

    • Does the atomic breath have a suitable sound effect to go with the awesomeness….

      • Oh yeah. It’s good. Sound effect of the movie has to go to Zilla’s roar though.

        Hey!! Have you not seen it?! What are you doin in the spoilers discussion!!

    • Oh yeah! Atomic breath is worth the price of admission.

  8. If that monster VS monster action actions have subtitles, that last atomic-air-sick finishing move will sounds something like:
    G:”you want to suck on more power, b*tch!?”
    “suck on this!”
    Then he unload that atomic breath like the kid from Mr. Bean airplane episode, ripped that crusty head and chucked it down like Chinese take-out flyers.

    For some reasons, i think it’s the com room or David Strathairn, I was waiting for Moby’s Extreme Ways to play on the end of the movie, or when ever Godzilla popped-out out of nowhere

  9. Seen it last night, it was perfect! Almost teared up when Bryan Cranston sealed the door and they were banging on the window! Top notch acting from everyone! The only thing i was dissappointed(not too much) about was Bryan Cranston died early on, from the marketing i thought he was going to be the lead, other than that one of the best movie experiences in a long time :D

    • The killing of Cranston threw me off too. All the promotional stuff for the movie made him out to be the main character. They prbly switched the focus to him in the ads after Breaking Bad got really huge last year. They did the same thing in the marketing campaign for Stealth (2005) shifting the focus to Jamie Foxx after he won an Oscar for Ray.

      But yeah I almost teared up when he sealed the door as well. Then she takes off her mask. It was so tragic. Reeeeeally great acting from Heisenberg and the actress playing his wife. I don’t think any other scene in the film was that good from an acting standpoint.

    • Haha, the trailers gave us a few tricks lol.

      1. Cranston being a huge part of the movie. He is big but dies shortly after finding the answer he’s been searching for and providing the team with his notes and knowledge of what’s to come/expect.

      2. Huamns against Godzilla. The flare jump to fight Godzilla (at least I thought it was). All misleading lol.

      When she took her mask off, I almost lost it. It was powerful. I don’t understand how someone can find this dull to be honest. Do they not understand why she did this and why it meant so much?

      • That is what I was expecting from the trailers, especially the very first comic con tease and all the trailers are highly misleading. I was expecting “The Destroyer of Worlds” not Stone Cold Zilla Austin

        Arrive. Raise Hell. Leave


        Arrive. Raise Hell. Swim.

    • Correction: I did lose it. Tears brimming, wiped them when no one was looking.

  10. posting again…

    the movie was fantastic!!

    • i super agree!

  11. Easily the most boring movie I’ve seen this year. The movie is all tease, no delivery, especially the encounter in Hawaii. Godzilla shows up, he roars at the MUTO, and then the movie cuts away to some kid watching the fight on TV. Unforgivable. Aaron Taylor-Johnson is bland and has a child’s voice, which worked in Kick-Ass when he’s supposed to be a geeky high school kid, but not here. He spent all of 5 minutes with his family, who, coincidently, end up in danger more times than believably possible. Seriously, the monsters conveniently come together in San Francisco, where Ford’s family lives, and his son is conveniently stuck on the bridge exactly when Godzilla arrives to smash through…ugh. That’s also forgetting that the MUTO attacked the nuclear plant in Japan where Ford’s parents worked and, indirectly, killed his mother. Oh, and Bryan Cranston dies way too early, wasting the most interesting character in the movie.

    • I agree that it was all a bit of a coincidence that ford ended up everywhere something happened, but at the same time, its a movie, with not particularly a realistic plot but that makes it even better! Because the movie is about massive radioactive monsters, it enables anything to happen! So what if some things didn’t make sense, it was made to entertain and boy did i leave the theatre entertained!

    • So in a film about giant irradiated monsters one of your main concerns is that the POV characters happen to be in all the place where we need a POV character and that’s unrealistic.

      Fair enough, just so we’re clear.

      • this…

    • I slightly agree with the first Godzilla scene in Hawaii. I had hope there were more screen time but I accepted it as a nod to the old films having the fight shown on screen. The destruction and thousands of deaths was more crucial to me as one has to understand, and the films goes to great lengths to show this, why they died. Plus, the male Muto had a more immediate purpose than to fight Godzilla.

      Johnson taking the lead role was not a good idea. His script and character is bland but not bad enough for me. I would have prefer, obviously, Cranston in the lead role. Shame really. He is the best actor in the movie. The rest are so-so with the exception of Watanabe. His character is the same as Cranston but while Cranston is very extravert he is very introvert.

      I think you’ve missed A LOT of info as to why all three are converging to San Francisco. Before that the target was Yucca. The destination was even made exponentially worse when the military decided on using nukes, not one but two O.o!? The answer to that was because it’s megatons >.> W.T.F.

      Most of the coincidence you’ve stated are NOT really coincidence lol. Many people were trying to get away from the city and all were stuck on the bridge, not just their bus. Their destination lies directly in the path of the two Muto and hence Godzilla’s. The military radar even showed several possible paths if you’ve missed that part too. Many of the confusion are done on purpose due to the immediate threat of the 3 and the lack of time for the military and government to inform its citizens. One has to realize even sections of the military were not very well informed. EMP blast for example.

      The male Muto hatched and sought the closest food source. This was the nuclear plant in Japan. Why not China? My guess is that China is mostly Coal, as it is today. It cocoon itself, feeding on ALL the radiation even the leaked ones from 15 years ago, and with the help of the incompetent scientists (this really bugs me, the stupidity the movie made of humans), was able to really grow and hatch earlier. I’m like seriously, you didn’t know radiation levels were dropping and bother to as why. The whole island is clean of radiation, you don’t wear a freaking mask outside. Anyways :)

      Coincidence? I think not much. It felt more linear to me as the movie indicated their destinations and purpose early on. It was just a matter of time before Godzilla caught up, yes people and reviewers, with them and took them out. I would love that Godzilla could curl his tail, blow some hot breath and fly but sadly he is pathetically slow so the action must wait until he gets there :) Be bore, be dull, I don’t care. You wait and you will love it dammit!

    • And all of Batman’s enemies CONVENIENTLY all live in Gotham City. Stop complaining, this is just how drama and storytelling works.

      “Hey, let’s have a story where all this cool stuff happens, and the main characters are nowhere near the action.”

      How about not.

    • Not a bad move by any means, but yes those convenience with the Ford family was pretty bad.

  12. Already waiting for the BluRay release, mainly so the CinemaSins team can do an “Everything wrong with…”

    An EOD expert in the Navy? Not fully au fait with US Military but wouldn’t that be US Marines and not US Navy?

    If he’s Navy (and not a SEAL) how the hell can he do a HALO?

    And at no point during the crisis did they Recall a Serving Military Person! They had the perfect opportunity when he was on the boat (USS Saratoga?) to cancel his leave/recall him into service and thus keep him where they needed him.

    Also Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier (more than capable of doing 40 plus knots, and so able to keep up with Godzilla, it’s the support ships that can’t go that fast! ) strangely not attracting Mothra! Instead it’s attracted to a Submarine! (Possible attack on Jaws as Akula is Russian for shark)

    And finally I paid to go and see Godzilla not Mothra! There was more footage of Mothra (or whatever they kept calling it/them) than the big guy!

    • I hate Mothra with a passion. A moth >.> However he is popular in Japan, enough to have his own movie. I also hate the damn twins and their pitched voices. I sincerely hope it does NOT hint at him being in the sequel. If there is a God, Dear God NO!!!!!

      • Mothra in Edwards monster universe “probably” wouldn’t work BUT Mothra and the twins absolutely rock and the Mothra Mahara is the best bit of Akira Ifukube’s work after the Godzilla March.

        Rebirth of Mothra 1-3 are very good Kaiju films, up there with Godzilla at his Heisei best….

    • No offense but those all seem like minor nitpicks that only someone involved with the military would even notice.

      It’s a movie.

    • Apparently you didn’t even pay attention to the movie, therefore you opinion is invalid.

      They’re called MUTOs.

    • EOD is definitely a NAVY position. They are another branch of Naval special forces. as for the Carrier not attracting Muto, the shielding easily would keep it from being sensed. In my opinion the more unrealistic part was the creature sensing the reactor on the russian boat then not sensing it on the carrier. If you need an excuse why one not the other then I will give you that a carrier has more layers of shielding due to the additional decks than the russian sub ( An unrealistic explanation but one I feel justifies it in a sci-fi world.)

  13. I felt Janet Leigh-ed by Bryan Cranston’s death. Caught me by surprise for sure.

    I was more annoyed with the cutaways from Godzilla fights than most, I think. I literally threw up my hands when I finally got a good look at Godzilla and he’s ready to thrash a MUTO, and then cut to the next scene. It was like watching Shakespeare fight scenes where all the action happens off screen.

    Sure, there was the climactic battle that had some payoff shots, but I felt how they handled those other fights kept me from enjoying the last one.

    • I threw up my hands when they zipped up Cranston’s body bag. I was annoyed that they killed him off so soon. It makes sense though. A fall from that height would kill anybody.

    • Eh, apparently we didn’t miss much of a fight in the Hawaii scene.. the tv screen just showed Godzilla attempting to grab the male Muto only to have it fly and haul ass away.

  14. When Godzilla breathed fire down that monsters throat I nearly lost my mind. Whole theater broke out in applause! Epic

    • For a second I thought he was going to break its jaw a la King Kong. But then the atomic breath!! It was awesome. The MUTO’s face starts melting from the inside and then just breaks off. It was glorious.

    • Haha same thing happened at my theater. Also happened when he first came in full view in the scene in Hawaii and when he first used his atomic breath.

  15. I didn’t like he death of Bryan Cranston but i understand the reason for it the actor who dis the part of his was horrible in his acting. but i loved the rest of the film. I really didn’t understand the part of the train, it didn’t make sense and why the MUTO didn’t eat the last missile.

    • @LastTywinfan – Regarding the train, that’s actually how missiles are moved across country, it’s just not talked about much. Routes are highly classified and tend to take back “roads”. They’re also heavily guarded (obviously).


  16. The first act was indeed very sad, and Mr. Edwards has proven no matter what size the budget can make a brilliant monster movie. Easter eggs everywhere including several to 1954 and why the original film was made in the first place. I cannot accept the obtuse comments along with the negativity of not being able to understand the film and it’s brilliance. It was very simple and very well done. As our expectations were through the roof this film surpassed them. The score was spot on….see it in IMAX, again. NOW!

    • I am contemplating whether to make the 1 hour drive to see it agian in IMAX. Damn OH!!!!

    • I’ll see it again Monday when I take my fiance to see it.

  17. Have to say I liked the movie alot. What I don’t understand is WHY Godzilla went to fight the Mutos? Dr Serizawa said Godzilla was hunting them. Hunting by animals in most cases is so they can eat. Which I could understand because of Godzilla being so big he would need to eat something equally as big. But he ends up killing them and then leaving???

    • he’s a protector, right?

    • The suggestion was that Godzilla and Mutos are monsters from a long lost age. They have since resorted to feeding on radiation mainly and most are now in the deep. Both Mutos are unique in that they were Egg on the surfaced or cave and continued to grow slowly until they found much more radiation to really grow. The movie does provide rather simplistic and unscientific explanations to the hierarchy. They can communicate or understand each other but Godzilla is Nature’s balancer. He is the one that makes sure nothing gets out of hand. This became imminent towards the end of the film actually and the movie does not explain it to the audience but let them view in awe and horror.

    • He might just really hate giant bugs.

    • “You crazy MUTO kids, quit it with yer noise makin’. Don’t make me come up there and make you be quiet…”

  18. Awesome movie.
    That’s all I need to say.

  19. I especially loved the Mothra ‘cameo’. I had a good laugh.

  20. The music was AMAZING. As I said a year ago, this guy can write, and if he listens to some Ifukube, we may have something special. Oh, he listened to some Akira Ifukube.

    Absolutely BADASS. They had me by the opening 15 seconds. Alexandre Desplat is the unsung hero of this film.

    Overall, I’d give the film 3 stars out of 4, and 4 stars as a G Flick. It only suffers a bit from a few pacing problems scattered here and there. I’d like a swipe at a fanedit after the blu ray hits.

    I will be seeing this again in a few days. After I write a real review, I’ll link it on the major sites.


  21. I really enjoyed the film. Though like everyone else, I have small issues. First, like many comments I read, I wish Bryan Cranston was in it more. I understand the death of the mother to propel the plot and help build Cranston’s current mental state, but then to kill him off after you build that relationship seemed odd. Would’ve liked to have seen Godzilla more. The airport scene could’ve been a nice first battle, but it was left open as to how it went down instead of showing it(extended cut on Blu Ray?).

    Loved the opening, loved that it was more of a sequel and not a reboot to the 1954 version. Thankfully he lived, because that would’ve pissed me off lol.

    Question to everyone though: In the beginning when it shows Wanatabe and his associate in the collapsed cavern, what is actually going on? One of the MUTOs escaped, but where did it go? If it caused the meltdown, where did it go after? What are those bones? If someone can explain this I’d appreciate it. Thanks!!

    • If I’m not mistaken, it escaped to the power plant (causing the meltdown) and it stayed there for the next 15 years. When Cranston returned to Japan, it was still there feeding off of the radioactive energy.

    • The cave was found after the surface had collapsed during mining.

      The male Muto from the egg hatched and swam to Tokyo and cocoon itself there. It fed on the leaked radiation slowly as it did with the remains of the skeleton in the cave until Humans came along and gave it much, much more food. It then was able to grow much faster. When the mating calls occurred it had its destination with Godzilla and his big behind following :)

      It should be noted that the bones resemble a monster like Godzilla rather than that of the Mutos themselves. This little tidbit, well I mean the skeleton is huge so one SHOULD be able to deduce from it, may have been glanced over by many audience. Basically there are more Mutos or different sizes and variation. As noted by Watanabe the skeleton is old, older at least that it could not be Godzilla.

      • Yeah, I got from that that they were implying that there were all kinds of massive ancient beasts in deep sea areas or in the Earth lying dormant.

  22. This movie blew me away. I absolutely loved every minute of it. the whole theater was shouting OOHHH YEAH! when Godzilla charged up his atomic breath for the first time and when he pulled a old school Godzilla movie with the tail whip. then at the finisher we were all clapping and yelling. i’ll be seeing this again tomorrow with a friend. the only problem I had was the death of Cranston’s character. the part where the muto’s finally met up was touching, more so than ford and elle at the end. and to answer you Geoff the bones in the cavern were the remains of a ancient monster from a looong time ago. and talnted the mutos were parasites feeding off the radiation and laying eggs that hatches into thousands more. Godzilla and I’m guessing others fight the parasites. as for sequels the way the movie is set up I would guess that we will see more original monsters that have awakened from the battles. I wouldn’t get our hopes up to see king gidorah or mothra. I could see a mecha Godzilla but a human made one than one from an alien race.

  23. Loved this movie. I have to agree with folks about the fight scenes. Every time they cut away from a battle, everyone in the theatre sighed. We did get a huge payoff with the last battle so I’m satisfied. In the end, despite the human stories, this very much felt like Godzilla’s movie and not some big production that happens to have Godzilla in it.

  24. Hated It! Here’s my main complaint aside from the fact that Godzilla is only really in it briefly. The story. I was cool with it when Bryan Cranston’s character was trying to figure out what’s going on and would much rather spent the rest of the movie with him and Ken Watanabe trying to figure science $#!t out. But O’no, we had to throw the breaks on and watch the whole “Guy trying to get back to his family” that really only served as excuses to cut away from the action. I’d rather watch guys in rubber suits with science in the background then “guy has to get back to family” with a sides orders of “Child in Peril” and “Military thinks blowing things up will solve any problem”.

    They did get Godzilla right visually and it’s a HUGE improvement over 1998 Godzilla mess.

    Clearly this movie was made to attract people who feel a love/family drama shoehorned into everything is the only type of movies worth seeing. You can have plot and character development without everything being about couples. You can have story without it being all about family drama and love and junk… can’t you?

    • Yes, but then what would be the point?

    • complexly agree with you on that love junk. Kinda sounds sick but I was hoping for Godzilla or the MUTOs to take out at least one of the couple to avoid that usual reuniting kiss junk. The movie is about Godzilla. The 2 MUTOs sharing a moment was the only romance we needed.

  25. I kinda wish that they made Godzilla meaner, like not mankind’s protector. I was hoping for the monsters to all cause their own paths of damage, with the main focus on Godzilla. I mean outside of the fights the most damage was done by the MUTOs, who were actually both pretty legit and worthy opponents. Once Godzilla took down the MUTOs they should’ve had people try and take him down and not be able to do so. That would’ve been epic. I would’ve ended it with mankind thinking they stopped Godzilla only to see him rise up and roar and cause even more destruction. It’s his world now.
    I mean the ending with the annoying couple getting back together and Godzilla just leaving was kind of a let down. I mean after the epic fight with the MUTOs, Godzilla just leaves?

    • How mean does he have to be? The humans were just ants to him and he easily killed a thousand or so on the bridge and then if you notice at the end when he walks into the ocean he crosses a street filled with cars and probably crushes more than a few people. He also caused a Tsunami that killed thousands of people in Hawaii.

  26. I’m sorry but I didn’t like it – aside from Cranston, who carried the film until he died, the performances of the remaining cast were underwhelming and it was hard to relate and care about them. A few things I didn’t like:-

    1. Godzilla being the ‘protector’ of the earth – essentially, in the movie Godzilla is an intelligent creature who assumes the noble role of taking out the Mutos. He comes, does the job, and returns to the sea with a standing ovation from the humans (after causing billions of dollars of damage and countless lives lost -hugely unrealistic) . I could have bought the primeval-predator role whereby he comes to hunt to feed, but to give him an earth-protector role for no apparent reason or benefit to himself – just simply to restore ‘balance’ – is a step too far for me. He’s supposed to be a giant lizard for crying out loud, not a quasi-hero.

    2. How did the boat at the end loaded with an atomic warhead manage to get within a safe distance considering that the boat was chugging along slowly with only minutes to spare before detonation?

    3. Poor muto design and movie time – they both looked too robotic and CGI’d. And I came to watch Godzilla, not Mutos, which received far more movie time.

    4. Why couldn’t they launch a nuclear warhead by air directly at the Mutos? We spent half the movie trying to watch them laboriously deploy these warheads manually. And before you say ‘it’s because of the EMPs’, didn’t you see how every now and again they would land smaller surface to air, air to air missiles and firearms at them randomly? (especially toward the end of the movie).

    Definitely not as bad as the last Godzilla movie, but definitely walked out of the movie theatre disappointed (along with those with me).

    • 1. The protector and nature balancer are theories brought up by Watanabe. We don’t know whether Godilla is or is not. It could be that Humans pose no threat to him, in the past or the present, for him to care much. It could mean that he heard the calls and wanted a good fight :) The thousands of lives lost and damages incur were done to show that Godzilla and the Muto’s are animals. They don’t notice or care, Godzilla to some extent. The ocean scene in Hawaii was a prime example. This will happen every time he comes out of the water due to his mass.

      2. The boat at the end would have never made it within the 5min timer. It was running slow. Both the nukes are touted to be very powerful nukes. So in reality the blast, shock wave and radiation would kill most of the surrounding areas.

      3. The movie makes indication that there are other types from the same age. I’m fine with these for an introduction movie.

      4. They can’t launch anything because of the EMP generated for 50km (I believe) radius. This is why planes crash, buildings have no lights, etc. The ending may have been different in that since they were fighting they were not emitting any EMP. This is also why the boat was able to start. In addition the city hasn’t been notify thoroughly and there were hundreds of thousand citizens still on land. Add to that both Muto’s were on the move away from the original destination of Yucca towards the coast, San Francisco.

  27. Thanks for the answers!

  28. We were a bit confused at how Godzilla killed the MUTOs. They eat radioactivity. Godzilla has radioactive breath. Wouldn’t he just be feeding them instead of killing them?

    • didn’t he rip the head off the MUTO after shooting the radioactive breath down his throat?

      • That was after he killed it…like the other one, by radioactive breath. I still don’t get that. Makes no sense radioactivity would hurt them

        • You’re human, so you naturally drink water. Now, try to guzzle 10 gallons of it in a few seconds…you’ll drown and die.

          Same idea…

    • The radioactive breath isn’t just a radio active burp…it’s a lot of fire/energy being forcefully launched. Water keeps humans alive but an awful lot of it going at a high rate of speed will obliterate us.

    • Difference between eating a tasty ketchup packet and having boiling ketchup murder-shot down your throat.

  29. I just saw Godzilla and it was great but I had one problem with it though I think they killed off Bryan Cranston way to soon I think they neglected his character and Bryan Cranston’s talent I definitely would have given this movie a 5 star if they used Bryan’s character more wisly but other than that it was great so I gave it a 4 star and I definitely would recommend this movie to anyone

    • I dunno…he served his purpose. The guy was obsessed with finding out the truth about what killed his wife..his scenes lead the plot towards the MUTOs and then he dies. The guy finally figured out the question that he had literally been obsessed with for fifteen years. If he had gone on in the movie he either would have just been another guy running through the ruins of San Francisco, but we already had Ford doing that. Or he is another guy sitting on the ship talking about Godzilla but we already hat Ken Wantanabe doing that.

    • thats exactly what i thought,,the final fight could`ve lasted 5 min longer im just saying.Beast movie though, excited for number two

    • That’s because Gareth and the writer didn’t have a great story with his character still in the movie. here’s a link to what he says about killing off his character soon.

      Check it out and you can see they tried to keep him in the movie longer but couldn’t without ruining the character and the movie.

    • I think it’s clever on the part of the director to kill off the leading role early on in the film. It’s keeps the audience wondering what other crazy twists the film might hold. That’s something that made “Psycho” such a great movie. Hitchcock killed off his leading lady the first half hour, successfully unseating the audience and keeping them on their toes for the rest of the duration of the film.

      • Good point.

      • Godzilla compares to Hitchcock? Psycho replaces the storyline of its leading lady in a twist that leads to the twisted and more compelling storyline of its leading man.

        What more compelling storyline does the Cranston character’s death lead us to? No storyline at all, to the effect that all characters are simply going through empty motions; nothing but a collection of visually interesting scenes stuck loosely together by the unflavored gum that was Hubby Ford(Cranston was Daddy Ford, Olsen was Wifey Ford, and the little kid was Baby Ford). I didn’t care if Wifey and baby Ford died because the movie never made them people anyway… they remained–like Ford, himself, and the Admiral and Serizawa and everyone else–vague notions instead of characters.

        I get that some folks might really like this movie–everyone has different tastes–but let’s not get carried away by thinking it’s a good film carried by a good story. That’s a hard sell if you ask me. Poor Alfred Hitchcock is rolling over in his grave.

        • I’m with you on this… dumb – dumb – dumb story.