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Godzilla Movie Poster 2014 Godzilla Review

Edwards smartly blends sixty years worth of Godzilla movies into a cautionary tale warning of modern humankind’s arrogance, presenting the King of Monsters as both horror and hero.

In GodzillaJoe Brody (Bryan Cranston), a chief engineer working at the Janjira nuclear plant, discovers a mysterious seismic activity pattern that, if ignored, could threaten the stability of his facility (as well as the lives of nearby residents). Yet, before Joe can plead to his superiors for caution, a mysterious force causes a meltdown within the plant – leaving Joe, his family, along with the rest of the area, devastated.

Fifteen years later, Joe is still searching for answers, obsessed with uncovering the real reason behind Janjira’s nuclear meltdown. When the eccentric conspiracy theorist is arrested inside a quarantine zone, Joe’s son Ford (Aaron Taylor-Johnson), a Navy EOD technician, must travel to Japan in an effort to bring his father back to the states – and put an end to Joe’s increasingly dangerous search for answers. Yet, just after Ford arrives in Japan, it becomes clear that Joe was right all along – and that the world is about to pay the price for not listening to his warnings.

Bryan Cranston Aaron Taylor Johnson Godzilla 2014 Godzilla Review

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Taylor-Johnson in ‘Godzilla’

When his critically-acclaimed film Monsters became an indie sci-fi favorite, director Gareth Edwards was challenged with rebooting the iconic King of the Monsters for Legendary Pictures. Despite abysmal ratings for Roland Emmerich’s 1998 Godzilla, the film’s $370 million (unadjusted) in ticket sales made it clear the giant lizard still had pull at the global box office. Thankfully, Edwards learned from Hollywood’s past mistakes and the new Godzilla offers a fresh and tantalizing moviegoing experience for longtime fans of “Monster Zero-One,” as well as casual viewers looking for summer spectacle.

In spite of tongue-in-cheek Godzilla vs. [Insert Monster X] movies over the last half-century, the original Toho Gojira (1954) wasn’t created to birth a cinematic icon – the monster was used as a horrifying metaphor for the atomic bomb. To that end, Edwards smartly blends sixty years worth of Godzilla movies into a cautionary tale warning of modern humankind’s arrogance, presenting the King of Monsters as both horror and hero. Some may complain that there isn’t quite enough Godzilla in Godzilla, but Edwards’ restraint is actually a credit to the success of the film – especially in an era where audiences can become desensitized to CGI characters and onscreen destruction. The director walks a fine line between showing off the redesigned reptile while harnessing the creature’s larger-than-life persona. Godzilla makes a big impression, dealing genuinely crowd-pleasing moments without overstaying his welcome, and leaving audiences to relish in every shot of the monster.

Godzilla 2014 Monster Godzilla Review

The King of Monsters in ‘Godzilla’

Instead of relying on massive CGI fights to sell the film, Edwards makes smart use of interesting human stories – which lead viewers through increasingly revealing looks at Godzilla and other threats. Edwards’ movie isn’t just about Godzilla or military might, it’s a captivating tale of people (at all levels) as we encounter natural forces outside of our control. Regardless of its scope, the movie is surprisingly intimate – with beautiful cinematography that grounds Godzilla in a rich and lived-in world. Edwards keeps his focus tight on a small group of human characters – allowing them to develop within the context of the greater crisis (but without stealing the spotlight from their titular star). As a result, the computer generated antihero is rarely disconnected from the perils of people on the ground – with seamless shots that transition back and forth between selfless human heroics and eye-popping monster mayhem.

Cranston sets the tone early as charming but compulsive Joe Brody – a man that, even before disaster strikes, is aloof and obsessive. Despite an award-winning turn as Walter White in Breaking Bad, Cranston has been relegated to thin caricature in most of his film roles – one-note villains or tough-as-nails military men. Fortunately, Cranston is given a lot more to work with in Godzilla and the actor supplies an emotional and empathetic performance which ensures that both pillars of the narrative (sci-fi fantasy and human drama) are taken seriously.

Aaron Taylor Johnson Elizabeth Olsen Godzilla 2014 Godzilla Review

Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen in ‘Godzilla’

Paired with Cranston, Taylor-Johnson is a serviceable leading-man for the story as Ford – a relatable hero trying to get back to his wife, Elle (Elizabeth Olsen), and son Sam (Carson Bolde). At times it’s clear that Ford is a fictional fabrication – a character designed for every occasion in all the right places at the right times – but thanks to a likable turn from Taylor-Johnson, it’s easy to suspend disbelief and follow along.

While Olsen furnishes one of the stronger performances in the film, the talented actress is given very little screen time. Instead of developing Elle as a character, Edwards sidelines Olsen to fleshing-out the men and monsters around her - adding another layer to Ford as well as providing on-the-ground emotional drama once Godzilla hits the mainland. Similarly, Ken Watanabe’s Dr. Ichiro Serizawa is tasked with delivering exposition in nearly every single scene – providing backstory, scientific revelations, and giant monster insights whenever a character (and the audience) needs clarification. That said, Serizawa is still an impactful addition, similar to Dr. Kyohei Yamane (Takashi Shimura) in the original Godzilla, a scientist reeling from the collision of scientific discovery and its consequences. Serizawa helps viewers navigate conflicting feelings about Godzilla – making it acceptable (at least this time) to root for the King of Monsters, even when he’s destroying entire cities in the process.

Ken Watanabe Dr Ichiro Serizawa Godzilla 2014 Godzilla Review

Ken Watanabe as Dr. Ichiro Serizawa in ‘Godzilla’

Godzilla is also playing in 3D and 3D IMAX theaters and the film takes full advantage of both premium formats. The film may not have been shot in 3D but the post-conversion contributes in immersion and enhanced visual spectacle. IMAX 3D is also a worthy investment, even for frugal filmgoers, since the extra screen size and audio fidelity enhance Godzilla’s massive size and heart-pounding roar. The 3D isn’t essential (especially in certain parts of the film) but viewers who are willing to invest in a premium ticket will get their money’s worth from the IMAX experience.

Moviegoers expecting two hours of CGI monster beat downs may be underwhelmed by the amount of Godzilla in Edwards’ reboot. However, the director has actually delivered a much more ambitious and memorable experience, blending a crowd-pleasing return for the titular star, poignant human drama, thought-provoking cautionary themes, as well as fun Toho series nods (like monster battles on TV) – all with entertaining blockbuster spectacle and a third act brawl that sets a new bar for the beloved King of the Monsters.



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Godzilla runs 123 minutes and is Rated PG-13 for intense sequences of destruction, mayhem and creature violence. Now playing in 2D, 3D, and 3D IMAX theaters.

Let us know what you thought of the film in the comment section below. If you’ve seen the movie and want to discuss details about the film without worrying about spoiling it for those who haven’t seen it, please head over to our Godzilla spoilers discussion.

For an in-depth discussion of the film by the Screen Rant editors check out our Godzilla episode of the SR Underground podcast.

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Our Rating:

4 out of 5

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  1. 3 and a half out of 5 stars in my book; and that’s being generous. I watched the original Japanese version from ’54 for the first time after I saw this new rendition this weekend and it’s so clear that it was HUGE let down! Getting Bryan Cranston for what felt like 5 minutes when his “your hiding something” speech from the trailer was the best part of the film, the tension and build up from the amazing trailer not even closely comparing to what was displayed in the film, Godzilla looking like a bad butt (you know what I want to say there) in some shots but like a puppet in others (like the big opening reveal). I definitely won’t be watching this again. I’ve been telling people to save their money and wait for Netflix on this one. Those that persisted, apologized to me afterwards for not taking my advice.

    • I agree with Benny. Well stated. I did not make it through the entire film. Was so disappointing that we walked out before the ending

    • Yeah, I went with some friends who was fimilar with the 54′ film and they though this version was a step up from the 98′ movie but still not as great as the 54′ original. They loved the look/design of Godzilla but hated how he was portrayed. They hated that he wasn’t as frightening as he should have been like in the original. I’ve heard the same thing over and over the last couple of days. The good thing though is that this movie will do amazing overseas which is a good thing because with X-Men coming out this weekend I see Godzilla having a major drop this week.

  2. It’s a boring movie. It focus on story instead of fighting scenes. That means I wouldn’t want to see 2nd time because I have already known the story. I expected to get Pacific Rim, but it gave me Cloverfield. I dont like people pretend how great this movie is. It’s boring. Even Japan old Godzilla movie has better fight and monster transformation. Pretend to love boring movie doesn’t make you look smart.

    • That’s pretty presumptuous of you to assume anyone who likes this movie is just pretending to like it. Oh and that people are saying they like a “boring” movie to seem smart? What kind of logic is that? And you came to that conclusion because YOU thought it was boring? Enough people have commented how this movie is NOT boring so I’ll just say your comment is pretty ridiculous.

  3. I’m going to re-watch the 1998 version to wash the taste of this one out of my mouth.
    We have the special effects to make a truly beautiful monster, so why make him look like a guy in a suit? A morbidly obese guy, for that matter. I cannot take a Godzilla this fat at all seriously. Especially with his tiny head.
    The Emmerich version was far scarier because it could run, whereas this one just waddles.
    Admittedly the atomic breath bit was awesome, but as far as giant monster fight scenes go, Pacific Rim wins hands down.

    • Guess you don’t remember ol’ thunder thighs from the ’90s Toho films…

    • I thought the Emmerich re-design in the 1998 film was remarkable and far more sensible than the actual Godzilla. The problem is that, if you are going to radically redesign such an iconic character, the ONLY way you can get away with this (and thereby make people forget about the ‘old’ version) is with a VERY good script, acting and direction. The 1998 Roland Emmerich film had NONE of those things. It was just another Michael Bay-esque piece of crap with lots of explosions and destruction and nothing else.
      Pacific Rim was an okay movie, provided you did not expect it to be anything more than that. It was terribly generic and formulaic and the only thing making it watchable were the CGI fights between mecha and Kaiju. What you guys seem to be doing is childish ‘Which movie had more action?’ type comparisons, in the same way that as kids me and my friends would read Hulk and Spider-man comics and debate who would win in a fight, rather than what was going on in the stories.

      Also, if you objection is to giant monsters not moving fast or “waddling” then why are you praising Pacific Rim?! It was full of waddling, slow, fat monsters.

      • They moved faster than the 2014 Godzilla. And besides, the 1998 film was trying to be entertaining more than anything else, like the rest of Emmerich’s films. The 2014 tried to be far too serious and deep and ended up failing (IMO).
        The planes killed 1998 Godzilla. They also killed King Kong. King Kong beat the original Godzilla in a fight though.
        If you put the 1998 baby Godzilla’s against a gorilla, I would put my money on the baby Godzilla’s, although King Kong drew strength from electricity and was struck by lightening, so (to make it more accurate) the baby Godzilla’s would be fighting a gorilla on crystal meth, so it would be pretty close.
        So the final pecking order would be humans (in fighter jets), with Godzilla 1998 and King Kong scrapping for the second spot, and the original Godzilla design at the bottom. Which is kind of funny.

        • Just a humorous aside here but the “King Kong vs. Godzilla” movie (which was one of my favorite movies of all time when I was a child) was a disaster all around. For starters, Godzilla is around 400 feet tall and King Kong was only 50′ tall, yet onscreen they are the same size!?

          Also the original Godzilla was never killed (he managed to survive for dozens of films, more than James Bond IIRC) so he would be at the top of the pecking order. Emmerich’s Godzilla was killed in it’s first and only movie. The 1978 King Kong remake from Dino DeLaurentis or whomever was, like the original seemingly killed at the end by helicopters (instead of planes) but he actually survived and returned to wreak havoc in the 1980s “King Kong Lives” (with Linda Hamilton).

          So the true packing order would be:

          Original Godzilla (was never killed)
          1970s & 80s King Kong
          1998 Godzilla

          • The original Godzilla was killed 5 times, including KKvG, although one of those times showed its heart start beating again (presumably to regenerate).
            The original Godzilla was 200 feet high, the 1998 one 300 and the 2014 one 400. King Kong was ~50 feet high, but they made him bigger in that movie.
            Either way, planes still win.

            • Just like in comic books, even if a movie ends looking like the character is dead but they bring him right back in the next sequel, he did not die. The original Godzilla was never killed and certainly was not killed in King Kong vs. Godzilla. Kong wins the fight (at this point in time Kong was more popular even in Japan than Godzilla was and King Kong vs. Godzilla remains (though this is probably changing as we speak) the most successful Godzilla movie yet made in terms of ticket sales. But Godzilla is not killed in this film.

              You are correct that Godzilla was never actually 400′ tall. Seems he reached over 330′ in one or two movies (“Godzilla 1985″ was one though the scale in this film is absurdly inconsistent.) and was 400′ tall in the American cartoon “The Godzilla Power Hour” (where ‘Godzuki’ was introduced) but never got this tall on film.

              • Either way, Kong still whupped him a lot more easily than they killed the 1998 Godzilla. And considering that Godzilla would have a stupifyingly overwhelming advantage in water (doubly so, as gorilla’s can’t swim) and he just let’s KK go, Godzilla being dead seems almost infinitely more likely than him swimming off in defeat. Although he might just be unconscious.

      • On your side in this but just wanted to point out that you can’t really inject “JAWS” type scariness into Godzilla. What made Jaws scary was that it was a big ocean with a 16′ great white shark swimming around…somewhere. Godzilla is 4o stories tall and won’t be sneaking up on anyone.

  4. I was only gonna watch this because of Bryan Cranston, and after the movie ended i couldn`t help but feel disappointed that i was right in the first place. Bryan Cranston NAILED his scenes and brought a unique quality to the film. After his ULTRA anti-climatic death the film just went downhill very badly. Oh and the Atomic Beam, that was cool.

  5. I thought Winter Soldier was my movie of the year this obliterated it. Holy crap this movie is good!!!

    That last fight scene, especially when the music was intermittent, I almost jumped out of my seat.

  6. Good but not great, could have been the latter if there was more of guess what ? That’s right, GODZILLA ! I felt there was just not enough of the big guy, I mean it’s his movie and it seemed you got more of the MUTOs which, by the way, reminded me a bit of the Cloverfield monster with all those long appendages. I also thought it was a bit of a ripoff seeing those spikes on Godzilla’s back moving through the ocean, but not a single scene of him swimming along underneath the water, that would’ve been a bit of a neat, different look, but the film didn’t go there. Anyway, like I said, good but not great, and all in all I enjoyed Pacific Rim a whole lot more.

  7. I thought it was a great movie!

    My only 2 criticisms were that the movie was really dark. I felt like there were entire scenes where I just saw blobs running around. Also, Aaron Taylor-Johnson got lost in the crowd a lot which sucks because I really like him as an actor.

    Other than that I really liked it!

  8. 4 stars. Wow. I’m always with Screenrant on reviews of films but this was a pretty big disappointment. Other than Cranston, the acting was pretty damn bad. Watanabe was terrible and so were Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Elizabeth Olsen. It seemed that she knew that she’d be in the movie for a very short time so she overacted and faked her entire pointless role.

    I definitely went in there with huge expectations but teasing the audience over and over and only showing Godzilla for 10 minutes is bull****. The movie should’ve been called “Mutos”.

    Godzilla was awesome and just like Transformers they messed it up with the human story. I know it’s needed but very poorly written. Very clichéd monster movie.

  9. If people were real fans of Godzilla they would be able to appreciate this movie. If we had two hours of nothing but Godzilla people would be complaining there’s no real story or character development. If you watched the 1954 film or ANY of the original Godzilla films. You would know they focus on humans and Godzilla doesn’t show up till the last half either. I loved this movie. Had the perfect build up and suspense and great acting.I saw it three times and plan to get it on DVD. If you don’t like this movie. Obviously you’ve been desensitized to movies with two hours of nothing bit fighting and stuff blowing up with no real connection to people at all. Which is sad.

    • If you like this movie, obviously you have low standards and only care about seeing Godzilla, rather than seeing him in a good movie.
      People have opinions, and those opinions differ. I consider myself a Godzilla fan, but I didn’t particularly like the new one. I thought Godzilla looked terrible in it.
      I watch the old ones every now and again for a laugh, because their terrible, and I liked the design of the 1998 Godzilla, but just because my opinion differs from those of most fans doesn’t mean I’m not a fan myself.

      • Wow. A Godzilla elitist. Didn’t know you existed. Let me guess, you are a Green Hornet elitist too?

        • Just to clarify: You do realise that my first sentence was sarcasm, right?
          I’m assuming you were being sarcastic when you said that you didn’t know Godzilla elitists existed, considering the ridiculous vitriol the 1998 design gets.

    • This^. No matter how many times I see kids come to this site to complain about ‘Not enough ‘splosions and CGI fights.’ it never ceases to amaze me when they do. This is the reason why Michael Bay’s dog**** crap-feats make so much money and a film like ‘The Remains of the Day’ is unknown to 98% of moviegoers. This is why we are getting the laughably bad ‘Fast and Furious’ movies, over and over and over again.

      • My above comment was in agreement with Victoria, not MegaSolipsist, btw.

        • Yes I knew that.

        • And I happen to agree with you as well. There are times I want to see an out and out action sci-fi movie as well. I even have my guilty pleasure movies like the SyFy original movies that come along from time to time. But something like Godzilla or Pacific Rim which I also loved are far and few in-between. I try not to take anything to seriously when leaving comments, but when I read some of the things that are written in here like you do, I cant help but wonder what it is they really want to see?
          I don’t mind explosions and violence Im pretty easy, but when some trash a movie like Godzilla and you can tell they don’t really have a clue about the whole Godzilla thing. and maybe even some other things as well.

    • Victoria, I do agree with you mostly. Although like MegaSolipsist says in the next comment, because they didn’t like it doesn’t make them a Godzilla fan, I will agree with that. But your assessment of the film is spot on though.
      If there was nothing but 80 percent of the movie about Godzilla, people would complain about no human drama in it. Gareth Edwards did a perfect blend of mixing it up to make it seem as real as possible if an attack by giant creatures did actually happen. The first major battle that started to happen and then quickly changed to the battle happening on the small screen of a TV that Olsen’s kid was watching intently was brilliant. It looked exactly the way it would if anyone was watching it as well as bringing the attention to her about the possible plight of her husband that was now lost in transit. The face of the little boy watching intently as a real battle was happening was perfect.
      It was scenes like that which made the film real. Something that the Japanese films never really succeeded in bringing to the movies. But for them, after the first Gojira film, people became a necessary evil for the vehicle of Godzilla.
      I think that we were treated to a real version finally of the big guy.
      I’m an avid fan of the Godzilla, and I don’t watch the earlier films for laughs, I watch them because I love the monster the way he looked. I loved MechaGodzilla 2, because I love giant robots and watching Godzilla fighting a giant mecha is always fun.
      From what I’ve read here and in other places, Godzilla 2 is a no brainer.
      The 1998 Godzilla, I couldn’t wait for. I liked the film as a giant Monster movie, but It wasn’t Godzilla. This is as close to a real life Godzilla as we can see. He was huge and real and terrifying. And the biggest part was at the end when he woke up which I knew he would do, and in classic Godzilla style, got up, and just ambled back into the water, exactly the way Godzilla has done a number of times in the older movies.
      I plan on seeing it again a few more times and then will totally get it on Blu-ray.
      Everyone does have their own opinion about the movie, but some of the comments I have seen, totally don’t seem to make sense and I’m sure are just written here to irk others that did like it only because they don’t like Godzilla. If you do like Godzilla, then you would find at least a few redeeming things about the movie, but some commenters just trash it to hell with no viable real reasons to substantiate their claims. And that’s really too bad.
      I really do hope that Gareth Edwards does do the second one. HE’s a fan and knows the way he would want to see it on the screen.

    • Victoria Stark wrote : ‘If people were real fans of Godzilla they would be able to appreciate this movie’

      You shouldn’t really have to be a Fan of Godzilla to enjoy this movie. The film should be able to stand on it’s own merits.

      ‘Obviously you’ve been desensitized to movies with two hours of nothing but fighting and stuff blowing up with no real connection to people at all’

      The main problem I personally felt with this movie was that ‘IT’ failed to give any form of connection to the characters. The characters were throw away and added very little to the story or the atmosphere.

      The people who keep trying to make out that this is some sort of Summer Blockbuster for ‘smart’ people really need to re-evaluate that thought. There is a difference between an intriguing slow build story and a dull one. There is a difference between thought provoking characters that have a purpose and watching someone stumble around the screen offering very little to the movie. There is a difference between a slow reveal of something and constantly cutting away in the hopes that you can try and recreate the kind of magic that was created in movies such as Jaws.

      People should also stop insisting that anyone who didn’t like the movie are all children that are only interested in Michael Bay style movies – you are coming off as film snobs with a superiority complex. Whatever type of films people like they are entitled to their opinions. Yes, some people may have hoped to see a Pacific Rim style monster smack down, which DOES NOT make them any less intelligent, while other people may have wanted to get a great story with a great character arc in an intelligent and suspenseful Movie. For me personally, (and this is MY opinion only), this movie didn’t deliver on either one of these, but if you enjoyed the movie – Fantastic – you’ll be pleased to know there will be a second one coming soon and no matter how many people were disappointed by it the sequel will still be released. Your enjoyment of the movie will not be diminished by other people not enjoying it.

      I’ve never been a Godzilla fan, but it was something that I used to watch as a kid and as a kid I really enjoyed it for the monster mayhem. My seven and ten year old were bored to tears through this movie and while I didn’t expect them to be too fussed over the character parts, similar to myself as a kid watching the older Godzilla movies, They should’ve been thrilled at the Monster scenes. They weren’t. Myself, as a 40 year old who loves more character driven blockbuster movies like Jaws, Close Encounters, Alien, Blade Runner etc. should’ve been thrilled at some great actors coming together to deliver a great Human story. Sadly I wasn’t. I can let slide the poor story and characters but when a movie with three monsters fighting bores a seven and a ten year old to tears there is a real problem! A problem I never had with the 50′s movies when I was a kid.

      • That’s the issue though with some films today in which they focus too much on the visual aspect of the film and not enough on the storyline/character development. I do think this movie was a huge improvement over the 1998 version but no where near the epic impact the 1958 version had. Like I said, it’s a good movie but not great and didn’t live up to the hype for me. When you have kids bored when watching this, people comparing it to Bay’s Transformers, and Godzilla fans divided on liking the movie or not then it’s not a good thing. Like Bay’s Transformers it might make money but that doesn’t mean it’s a great film

        • People are divided on this for one major reason, because of the failure that the 1998 Godzilla film brought to everyone. That was the first American treatment of Godzilla, and it was very important that they got it right. They really didn’t. That wasn’t entirely the producer and directors fault, because Toho studios had set them up to fail, by not letting them use the popular image of Godzilla, so they had to retool it completely and make it different enough for them to sign off on it. Now I liked that movie, as long as I don’t think about it being Godzilla, because it wasn’t. Also, everyone is divided on it because everyone has a certain image in mind and an idea of the way they want to see Godzilla played out on the screen. Now we have a Godzilla that is updated, visually representative of the Godzilla monsters of the earlier films, especially the ones that started in “Godzilla Millennium”. People have complained about the size and bulk of it. Well, pic a Godzilla movie and take a good long look. The suit changes for every movie. Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla 2 was one of the bulkiest. And yet this one moves with the same moves that we have come to love from the earlier films. We got to see this Godzilla’s personality, even if it didn’t occur until the end. I have no problem with that.
          The story was great, It explained and gave credence tot he original 1954 version, just to let you know not 1958. It gave an reason for eh appearance and what really happened at that time.
          As for Godzilla not showing up until later, It was that way for almost every film that had him in it. Where it was Ghidorah, the three headed Monster, where he showed up about 40 minutes into it, to Godzilla vs. Biolante where he showed up almost an hour into the film.
          There was so much story that involved a number of character that you couldn’t call it anything but Human, so I suggest that many of you go and take another look at the film. It goes both ways.
          Oh, and when it comes to children, they are all different. My son was brought up watching Godzilla films form the age of two years old, He was never scared of Godzilla and begged to watch one of the films everyday, He knows them inside and out. He’s 12 now, and he came with me to see Godzilla, and he had a smile on his face all the way thru the movie, looking up at me, giving me the thumbs up and leaning over to me to tell me something about it that he saw a connection to one of the earlier movies.
          All children are different, if mine wasn’t 12, and I bought him at 8yo he still would have loved it. So please don’t compare your children to anyone else’s children. I cant help it if they were bored to tears. But the movie is what it is. Entertaining and enlightening and very creative waiting until the last moment to even fire his atomic breath. My son went totally banana when that happened, and so did I.

          • faustus01 wrote: ‘So please don’t compare your children to anyone else’s children’.

            I don’t actually remember comparing my children to anyone else’s – I simply presented the fact that my children were bored.

            faustus01 also wrote: ‘I cant help it if they were bored to tears’

            I also don’t remember blaming you for them being bored!

            Again I say – don’t get so hung up on if people didn’t have the same view as you. It really doesn’t matter and should take nothing away from your enjoyment of it.

            • I think what Faustus was getting at is that you were making the argument that if this film failed to entertain YOUR children then there must be something wrong with the film. Hence you were assuming that your children, as per your anecdote which we cannot scrutinize, were some sort of barometer by which the film should be judged.

              • I understood exactly what he was getting at but I just wanted to point out that I was simply putting forward the point of view of my family – (I also just felt like messing with him a bit – LOL!) :0)

                • That does not change the fact that Faustus was correct in his/her assessment (I apologize for not knowing Faustus’ gender. I try not to assume people are male or female until they come out and say.). You WERE making the argument that because your children, according to you, did not like it, this was evidence that there was something wrong with the film. My contention with this was that in a rational debate about any subject, anecdotes flirting with the ‘argumentum ad populum’ or even the ‘argument from anonymous authority’ fallacy are never good.

                  • Hmmm! I can see that we are going to get nowhere here and to be honest I have already invested far more time into this that I really wanted too.

                    If what I have typed has come across as me saying that ‘even children do not like this film’ then I apologise for not being eloquent enough in how I worded my comment. What I was actually saying is that ‘I’ found little to enjoy with regards to the plot, characters etc and that ‘I’ hoped that at least ‘MY’ children may get some joy from the Monster aspect of the movie. I didn’t just assume that they found the film to be dull they told me that it was boring – so while you seem to show some doubt that my children actually thought this with your ‘According to me’ part of the comment I’m afraid that you will have to take my word for it as I don’t really feel like letting them loose on a Screen Rant comments board for them to get dragged into this, forgive me for saying, ridiculous debate over pretty much nothing important.

                    I can’t be bothered to play read between the lines and try and find little faults in what people have said, may have said or may have meant. I can’t be bothered to try and twist words and comments to try and make myself ‘THE WINNER’. I would sooner just give an opinion on what I thought of a film. Read other peoples opinions on what they thought of a film and hopefully use that opinion to open my eyes to other possibilities on what may or may not be good about a movie. I have seen plenty of movies that I have not liked on first viewing that have later become films I really enjoy and the same the other way round too.

                    Honestly my friend don’t get worked up about it all enjoy what you enjoy and by all means comment and let everyone know what it is that you liked about this movie. (I’ve read a few people commenting on how good the score is – to be honest I never really took much notice of the score on this viewing but it is something I will look out for on my next viewing in the hopes that it does improve my enjoyment of the movie). Just try and refrain from being hostile and calling people Trolls – it actually makes you look like the troll and ends up just taking away from any of your good points that you make.

                    • You are misreading me here Guy. I was not at all implying that you were not honest about your children’s feelings. What I was saying was that anecdotal evidence is worthless in any debate. I can certainly see how children would be bored with this movie and any other movie that was action-packed or otherwise appealing to their sensibilities. We have no way at all to scrutinize such an anecdote to see, for example how ‘bored’ they were and why, whether someone else said something to motivate them saying the same thing, etc.

                      Again, when you comment in a public forum as part of a debate then you are obligated to at least substantiate your assertions, clarify your points and explain your reasoning, which you have tried to do for the most part (until these last few posts). If you are just sitting around with a friend and the trailer comes on TV and your friend says “Loved that move!” and you say “Did not love it.” then of course you are under no obligation (either of you) to engage in formal debate or something but that does not really apply here.

                      I have no idea what the rest of your rant was about or what it had to do with me as I have never done any of the things you are ranting against. Seems kind of straw man-ish. I am also not hostile or “worked up” (trust me that there is no one here capable of causing such with me) and my calling the one guy a troll was because he offered the absurd statement that Battleship was a far more engaging movie than Godzilla. If that is not trolling then nothing is. Reminds me of the troll who came to various forums making a fake case for the Dungeons and Dragons movie being much better than LotR.

        • It is fine to say you felt this movie did not match the hype and even to dislike the movie for whatever your reasons are. But to say it was somehow less impactful than the 1954 movie is engaging in pure, blind nostalgia. Sure we can find good things to say about the 1954 Godzilla movie but overall it was not as compelling or with as much impact as even the 1998 Roland Emmerich disaster. That is the way things go. Movie making evolves AND progresses over time, just like writing, acting, special effects etc. all do. Even the post WWII message about atomic weapons was of little impact compared to the impact of the title character itself (being the first ‘giant monster’ of this type to make it to the screen which captured the imaginations of people the world over.).

      • Are you reading this, Victoria and SkeleTony? This guy hit it on point. Read twice, just in case.

        • I have read all the comments. Which do you think “hit it on point”? Guy Turner’s? While I appreciate his efforts to be rational in his contentions, he said little to nothing that I could not counter or refute.

          • I really hope I don’t come across as being a D**k as I’m honestly a nice person in real life! but I’d just like to point out that you can’t actually ‘Refute’ anything that I have said as everything I have said is just my own opinion – to refute my opinion is to say that my opinion is wrong and there is no right or wrong in a discussion about liking or disliking a movie.

            • You are not at all being ‘d***-ish’, but you are wrong to say that your points cannot be refuted because they are your opinions. If that were the case then NO argument or assertions could ever be shown wrong because anyone can just raise the proverbial shield of ‘Just an opinion’. When you present your conclusions within a public forum as part of a DEBATE about a given subject then your points and arguments most certainly can be refuted (or countered) and keep in mind that my response was to Alex above and if you read what he wrote then you have to see that your response here is in error. He was in essence saying ‘Guy Turner made such good arguments and well reasoned points that SkeleTony and Victoria should concede the debate.’.

        • Again, Godzilla is not the place for “scares”. There has never been a scary Godzilla movie and probably never will be because this genre is not right for ‘scares’. Not to say that a 400′ tall world destroying monster would not be scary in real life but it cannot be scary to moviegoers. The reason Jason or Michael Myers or Jaws are scary is because you don’t see them coming and they kill one person at a time in savage, horrible ways. Godzilla causes tsunamis and wipes out entire cities.

  10. This movie was awful. It’s biggest crime is that it’s completely boring and at least 45 minutes too long. I quite enjoyed the short Godzilla cameo at the end though.

    • Seriously, you thought it was boring? There was a lot of good back story that was paying homage to the original Gojira movie. That in itself was worth seeing. It made Godzilla’s whole history plausible, especially when and if you go back and watch the very first film.
      The whole story was fun to watch and not once did I sit there and yawn. The movie was everything you would want to see, fleshing out the mythos of the monster in way we have never seen before.
      Everything made perfect sense. Maybe you need to sit and really watch the movie this time.

      • No…. It’s just a differing opinion. Don’t worry, nobody’s stopping you from loving it.

        • The “It’s just an opinion” line is usually used when someone is unable to substantiate assertions made. It is fine to have differing opinions but if you post to an open forum, in a debate about a subject, you no longer get away with the “It’s just an opinion” line. You are obligated to REASON to your conclusions and explain WHY you feel the way you do. Now, of course you can be childish and say “I’m not obligated to do anything…blah, blah, insult, blah.” the same way certain faux journalists and commentators at certain alleged ‘News’ channels can do this with politics, but like with them, the rest of us should rightly be dismissing your views as vacuous crap.

    • The difference is the original had some great storytelling involved in it in which the characters had a purpose and didn’t feel misused. This version, although good didn’t have that kind of storytelling. So by the end of the movie you didn’t feel like Godzilla had just a cameo entrance

    • Stop saying that that’s what people want. I don’t want more destruction if there’s a cohesive story. There are some Godzilla fans, like me, who understand the “mythos” (Screenrant’s favorite word) of Godzilla. I loved Godzilla’s look and the tone at the end was fantastic to me but everything else made me dislike this movie.

      The story was bland and clichéd, in my personal opinion. I very much disliked the acting. Cranston was great but the rest of the cast were just absent. Again, in my opinion.

      So stop saying that we want Transformers-type action. Also, stop promoting your blog “review” on another movie site.

      • I don’t see at ALL how anyone can think it has a bland or cliched story, OR that the acting or characters are sub par. Have you seen any of the other films in the series? The story nor the characters are in no way less developed than any of those.

        People post their own work with each other all the time on all various sites and threads. If it’s relevant to the topic than it’s an expansion of that conversation that allows for a forum where the public can exchange ideas and their work with each other. My “review” isn’t spam, so there’s not really a reason for your hate. I personally am always open to contributing to a constructive dialogue, and don’t see how sharing my more in depth commentary is negative or hurtful to anyone.

  11. I am getting really sick of everybody who didn’t find this movie amazing being accused of only wanting brainless Michael Bay action movies.
    The reasons I didn’t like it were the weak plot, flat characters, staggeringly awful Godzilla design and the way it tried to build suspense for so long that I just became inured to it and got bored.
    In my opinion, making a Godzilla movie boring is the cardinal sin.

    • Okay I want everyone of you to read my comments this time. When I made the Michael Bay comparison, it was in response to MOST (if not ALL) of the comments that had been made thus far which most certainly WERE the “Not enough ‘splosions and action. Movie sucked because Pacific Rim was better fights. Derp.” type comments. THAT is what I was contesting. I am not at all saying that no one can be intelligent or have legitimate reasons for not liking the film.

      So please, save your indignation.

      • I have been accused multiple times (by other people, not you) of wanting a BayFest simply because I didn’t like the plot and characters of the new one, and my comment was addressed at those people generally. No offence was meant.

        • That is cool but you understand why I am reacting to this right? I was the only person in THIS thread who brought up the Michael Bay comparison and right after that a few of you were complaining like I had made some ridiculous stretch and there was no relevance between Michael Bay and the comments that were being spouted here in this thread.

          • I’ve discussed this movie on several other threads and Michael Bay was brought up in all of them. I generally address them in one burst of internetting, so it can get a bit confusing trying to keep track of them all, and yes, I understand your reaction.

  12. I came into this expecting a slower pace. .. and I would have been fine if the character drama was compelling. This was poorly edited vanilla flavoured nonsense from the 45 minute mark onward. This is in NO way an elevated block-buster as we were sold.

  13. Here’s a movie that’s FAR more engaging than Godzilla


    There you go

  14. As genuine fan of movies I don’t get irk but really feel sad and dis-inspired when I read people writing like ‘boring movie’, ‘no real monster action’,’failure on character build up’,’terrible acting’,’no Godzilla for 45 minutes’,’complete garbage movie’, I feel like, Am I leaving on some different planet? or Have I seen some different movie?(I don’t know may be I live in India, and we make highest no of movies in the world and watch too) we(Indian) might be having different test in movies but we too understand what the cinema is and there can be difference of opinion and every one has right to express his/her but seriously these type of comments are too much. Some times I do feel these people are frustrated in all their lives and they need some reason to show it so if there is some deviation in type of movies they see and they dont get to see the way it should be as per their imagined way(which they think is the best way) they suddenly start overreacting and write like this.
    Personally I enjoyed it a lot , I was not expecting here pacific rim 2 or just mind less start to end action flick or godziila to be shown in every scene just because this is his movie so I went with not much expectations and no pre-conceived notions which gave me immense pleasure while watching. and there were 3 kids sitting beside me who also enjoyed the same way as I enjoyed with out getting bored for a single minute though there was lot of human character drama which was not for their age(7-15 Yrs) (I dont know may be our kids are smarter , mature and patient than those who r saying the kids even got bored) at least director gareth edwards tried to do something differently in which whether he was totally successful or not may be talk of discussion but it never seem to be a total garbage or boring movie (just like some people comments) and nobody would attempt anything differently if people react this way . I guess world is full of strange , abnormal and jerks !!!!!

  15. AS a final statement from me, at least until I see something else to put my two cents worth in for, I really do appreciate everyone’s opinion in this matter and things like this exist no matter if its Godzilla or any other super hero movie.
    I was never trying to change anyone’s mind at all, but reacting to several things I read form a multitude of comments.
    Seriously, I am one of the biggest Godzilla fans, and I’m sure there might be bigger fans of course, there always are, But I am passionate about the Big Guy. For me, and my son, it was a dream come true to see him done as real as possible. And that made me feel good and enjoy the movie even more. My take on the story and the way it turned out was, for me, I already knew from countless trailers and reading on line about the plot, a feeling of loss and urgency on the part of Cranston’s character, which I believe he carried it quite well. The loss of ones spouse is never easy to take. He brought that home for sure. He died yes and for some too early, but he died knowing that he had made his point at last and he could gather home to his wife. That left his some, who had all this animosity for his father, to all of a sudden be changed in the midst of collateral damage and destruction. He had a family he had to try to get to and protect, but his duty while in the midst came first. do you save the many or the few?
    For me, once again, I felt those emotions from each character come thru, and it worked for myself. As for Ken Wantanabe character, He played it with all the remorse that the same character had so many years ago. Something inside him akin to a fear he knew that was about to happen. Even at the end, you could tell he was relieved that Godzilla was still alive, because its the way of the Japanese race. As per Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah 1991. HE owned the character.
    Godzilla amazed me just seeing his spines sticking up out of the water. I knew it would be a while before we got to see his full image, but I was alright with that. and used to it.
    Godzilla delivered on all fronts. The amount of criticism here is only a fine and small percentage out there. I’ve read other sparkling review from people and believe me the good out weighs the bad so once again I’m ok with that too.
    One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. I just cant wait for the next one and for my mind I hope Edwards does that one too.

  16. After reading the comments on this review it would seem it would have been best if Hollywood had made multiple versions, just like comic books. That way you could have the Gareth Edwards art house version for story snobs, the Guillermo del Toro mayhem-a-thon for the ADD audience, and maybe a Steven Spielberg middle of the road Jurassic Park version for the wider audience. This way everyone can be happy,and get what they want. Then five years from now Platinum Dunes can grab the rights and remake it into a movie everyone can agree to hate.

  17. s*****, cock swinging movie.

  18. The marketing campaign for this new Godzilla film was so deceptive it should be criminal. They made it look like Godzilla was going to be this raging killing machine that rises from the deep and levels cities and threatens mankind. Did you see that “Destroyer of worlds”, trailer? It was Awesome. Better than the whole movie. It set this film up as if it was going to be like the 1954 version. Dark, mean, Godzilla against the world. The studio did a blatant bait and switch. It’s almost like a restaurant advertises a steak dinner but when you go inside and sit down they serve you fish. There is definitely something fishy about this Gareth Edwards Godzilla movie. It shouldn’t even be called Godzilla because it plays a “Godzilla verses” movie and weak one at that.

    I knew there were problems when I first heard that Godzilla was going to battle other monsters. Other monsters? Ok, I began to feel a little nervous. Maybe it was pressure from the studio to throw in everything and the kitchen sink on this first movie. The MUTOS took valuable time away and focus from Godzilla and it was HIS damn movie. The movie is called Godzilla afterall, not MUTOS vs. Godzilla but that’s what we got.
    This is what Gareth Edwards and his writer Max Borenstein could have done something like this.

    “After many nuclear tests and bouts global warming, an angry Godzilla awakens from the sea, goes ashore and goes berserk, destroying buildings, cities setting fires with his atomic breath killing thousands like a raging tornado. The military try all types of weapons and tactics to stop him, guns, missiles, explosives, tanks, lasers but nothing works. Finally, their scientists create a biomechanic monster to stop Godzilla. The two beasts have a series of small battles and in the climax the two monster fight to the finish. The Biomonster hurts Godzilla but dies in the end. Godzilla is wounded but because of his regenerative powers lives to fight another day and goes back to the sea. Humanity is saved…for now.” Credits roll end of movie. Hardcore fans, critics and casual movie fans all happy!

    Of course this didn’t happen. What we got was Godzilla playing second banana in his own movie with lots of human drama. There’s also few moments that made me cringe because Godzilla was engaging in some very un-Godzilla-like behavior.
    Cringe Moment One: Godzilla swimming toward the Golden Gate Bridge and the Military ships trailing along side of him like he was a big dog or something. WTF??? Toho’s Godzilla would never do this. He smashes ships. Sinks them. Unleashes his death ray and burns them all to Hell.
    Cringe Moment Two: After the MUTOs double teamed Godzilla, he fell to the ground and while the building behind him was collapsing ontop of him he looked right at Ford Brody, as if he was saying, “I’m hurt”, then a black cloud of smoke enveloped him which ended this pitiful humanizing moment. Toho’s Godzilla rarely almost NEVER makes direct eye contact with humans. I remember two RARE times this happened. In Godzilla vs. The Sea Monster (1966), he looked directly at Kumi Muzuno while she was crouched on some rocks hiding (she was hot too!) and in Godzilla vs. King Ghidora (1991). He looked directly at Mr. Shindo in the office building before he killed him with a blast of his atomic breath.

    Just a few more points and I’ll wrap this up. I had high hopes for this new Godzilla film. Maybe too high. I know Gareth Edwards is a good guy and he knows how to make films but did he really know enough about the history of Godzilla. Godzilla’s best movies are the ones where he is clearly the villain. Let’s look, Godzilla (1954), King Kong vs. Godzilla (1962), Mothra vs. Godzilla (1964), all have Godzilla as bad guy. When Toho changed his character from villain to hero and savior of the earth, that was the beginning of the end of the serious, menacing Godzilla. Enter the goofy and somewhat humanized Godzilla that started with Invasion of Astro Monster (1965).
    In this new film Godzilla is clearly the hero and good guy. Maybe this was more pressure from the studio. I know there are many chefs in the Hollywood movie kitchen and sometimes you can’t totally blame the director but making a tamer friendly Big G towards humans killed it for me. I almost walked out. It just reminded me of all those Godzilla movies from the late 60′s early 70′s that were aimed straight at the children’s market.
    I really don’t know if Americans can even make a good Godzilla film anymore. (I know Edwards is British. You know what I mean). Maybe this genre of film making is so inherently Japanese that Hollywood just can’t understand it. Here’s what I purpose what needs to be done for the next American Godzilla film, if there is one. It needs to be a a real co-production between Toho and the Hollywood studios. Hollywood has the money and the technology to put great CGI effects on screen but has no ideal how to write a good Godzilla script or deal with the personality of the monster. Toho doesn’t have the unlimited funds like Hollywood but could oversee the storylines and keep the studio focused on what a Godzilla film needs, everything from the creature designs to screen time, to incorporating the human and monster elements seamlessly into the story. People will say this is being done already but if it is something is definitely getting lost in translation. I’m convinced Hollywood cannot do it alone. Toho made a few joint kaiju movies with Hollywood in the 60′s, “Frankenstein Conquers the World” (1965) and “Invasion of Astro Monster” (1965)” to name a few. American actor, Nick Adams was in both.
    Finally, after seeing this latest Godzilla I walked out of the theater feeling pretty disappointed. Not as disappointed as I was in 1998 after sitting through the Roland Emmerich big iguana movie but disappointed nonetheless. I didn’t get my $12 plus $10 parking fee worth of Godzilla. Even when Godzilla isn’t on screen I want the characters talking about him. Where is he? Where’s he gonna strike next? This didn’t happen. Godzilla wasn’t even the star of his own movie. Edwards could have hit this one out the park. I mean, he could’ve really grand slammed it. I was rooting for him. I wanted to like this movie like no other and tell all my friends to go. The trailers were awesome but somewhat misleading. The buildup was phenomenal. I followed every online leak of information about this film right up until opening day but in the end what I got wasn’t even a Godzilla movie. It was more like a MUTO movie with Godzilla sprinkled in.

    • First of all Darklord, your post is exactly the type of comment that invites many of us to compare you to Michael Bay fans. Your primary complaint seems to be ‘Not enough explosions and destruction! I paid to see the world destroyed but I got some…story crap!’. Secondly, there is a reason why Hollywood did not ask YOU to write the script and your crappy plot synopsis illustrates why this is. Do not flatter yourself by thinking everyone would have loved your amateurish storytelling.

      Thirdly, your “cringe moments”…*sigh*. Why would a 400′ monster even notice boats cruising along near him when he is swimming toward land?! What you are clamoring for here is akin to a blue whale stopping to tail-smash a few seals on it’s way to wherever it is going.

      “Godzilla’s best movies are the ones where he is clearly the villain.” – Darklord

      No. We can probably agree that one of the reasons the original Godzilla movies are so laughably bad (and I am a fan and have been all my life) is because they tried to turn him into a superhero OR a villain! Realistically such a creature would not be either and should not be. He is a creature too big for the planet (like a mastiff in a studio apartment), reacting to tiny pests who are trying to kill him.

      And this nonsense that only the Japanese can make giant monster movies right is absurd! Toho and others made countless really BAD giant monster movies and a very few good ones (I mean objectively good, with a well written script, good acting and direction, believable special effects etc.). Cloverfield was better than most, if not all the giant monster movies coming out of Japan. For that matter even Pacific Rim was better than most if not all of the Japanese Kaiju and mecha films.
      What you are asserting here is akin to someone saying “Only Americans can make good superhero movies.” or some such nonsense.

      • SkeleTony do you honestly think this movie delivered what the trailers promised? You don’t see the outright bait and switch? Wow! Then, I have some great used cars to sell you. You’re my kind of customer! Easily duped. It was clear as day for me.

        As far as America not being able to make a good Godzilla film, I stand behind what I said. Don’t get your feelings hurt Mr. Red, White and Blue, America can’t always do everything. This is the second time I was burned by Hollywood. The first being Roland Emmerich’s 1998 movie, you probably think that film was fine too. I feel that the makers of this movie mislead the public with their blatant lie of an advertising campaign. That’s my main beef with this film. If you don’t understand that little nugget then we really don’t have much to talk about, but I’ll keep going for your education.

        This new Godzilla film is making a lot of money and the studio are happy and that’s all that counts in Hollywood. I’m curious to see what business it does in the weeks ahead. Will people go see this film again and again like Star Wars? I don’t know. I won’t. Hardcore fans like me, who’ve been watching and collecting these films for almost 40 years, know better. We know when we are getting cheated. Many of us feel somewhat indifferent about this film. On one hand, I’m glad it got made, Godzilla looks great. The CGI is awesome. This will keep Godzilla franchise alive for a new generation of fans and helps all other films in the Godzilla back catalog. On the other hand it didn’t deliver what was promised.

        So you didn’t like my story outline, too bad junior. It least my story would have illustrated the apocalyptic vision that was sold to us. I would rather see my version of Godzilla than this mess of a movie that writer Max Borenstein dreamed up. There’s no point in kicking this around anymore. The film is out an many people like it more than I do. I’ve come to realize there are many different types of Godzilla fans. Some actually like the humanistic Godzilla that gesticulates, brushes dirt off his shoulders and does boxing moves while he saves the world. That’s the Godzilla from the late 60′s early 70′s movies. The Edward’s 2014 Godzilla is more modeled after those films, not the bleak destroyer of first film. I’ll say this again…What we see in the trailers is a LIE. The awesome 2014 Godzilla film in that was so brilliantly portrayed in the trailers doe not exist. I wish it did.

        • First of all Darklord, you need to learn what the term “bait and switch” means and how to properly apply it. Trailers do not ‘promise’ anything. The sole intent of a trailer is to entice moviegoers to come check out the movie. The extended Godzilla trailer was FULL of Brian Cranston ACTING (not fighting) and very little Godzilla or CGI destruction at all. So how in the Hell did you come away expecting a Michael Bay Transformers styled crappy action-fest or even a typical giant monster slugfest?!

          A bait and switch example would be if the trailers showed a giant turtle shell with rocket-fire coming out of the rear, then a bunch of shocked people pointing up and shouting “GAM-!” just before a cutaway while the movie itself had no appearance by Gamera.

          Your second paragraph is an example of the most common fallacy offered in debates: The straw man fallacy. This occurs when someone constructs and then beats down a dummy position which the other debater never advocated and which is much easier to ‘knock down’ than the second participant’s actual positions.
          Specifically your characterization of me as someone who believes everything America does is the best.
          Roland Emerich’s terrible 1998 Godzilla movie was indeed bad but to compare that movie with THIS new Godzilla is like someone saying that The Road Warrior was comparable to the Fast and the Furious in terms of bad movies featuring motorized action (the Fast and Furious being absolutely terrible while the Road Warrior was pretty revolutionary for the most part in actuality).

          AGAIN, that YOU expected a shallow action and destruction movie that was typical of past Godzilla movies from Japan is not something the producers of this Godzilla movie can be blamed for. They made it clear in the trailers that this was not going to be such a vacuous offering. Shame you did not pay attention.

          And AGAIN, stop flattering yourself. You are free to believe your own ideas are revolutionary takes on Godzilla. Also, feel free to insult me but at least try not to be original. Taking my admittedly too often used “Junior” and throwing it my way is pathetic.

          • SkeleTony you must be delusional. My friends and I are here laughing as we read your pompous high and might dribble. Stop saying that anyone that does like this movie is because they want Michael Bay styled action. It’s getting old. You need something else hang your misguided views on. Maybe you’re the real Michael Bay fan here because you reference him so much, like you have some secret love for Bay or something. I’ve noticed that you like to try to pick little Godzilla arguments with anyone doesn’t like this new film. You’re like a little kid that no one wants to play with, you are constantly trying to stir the pot looking attention. Get over it dude. You’re not a Godzilla authority here.

            What you fail to understand is that this movie DID NOT deliver what the trailers promised. Teasing an audience can go only so far because at some point you have to show the goods onscreen but using a deceptive lie of an ad campaign just to get people in the theaters is totally unforgivable.
            Anyway, I’m done with your education. The lesson is over. School’s out, Junior. I’m not going to waste anymore time telling you my take on this movie again. Maybe you’ll understand the concept of honest movie marketing one day. Bottom line, I give Godzilla 2014 a generous **1/2 stars and that was only for the CGI, the brief hints of nostalgia and the musical score.

            • You don’t win irony points by calling ME “Junior” kiddo. Come up with your own insults.

              Your “trailer lied to us!” nonsense has been thoroughly and repeatedly debunked. If you cannot come up with anything to substantiate this absurdity then you have to concede the point…Junior.

              What would you call dozens of comments saying “This movie sucked because there was not enough fights and destruction!” if not typical Michael Bay fan boy-ism? I could have gone with any number of bad movie collections/franchises from Fast and Furious to 90% of all superhero movies but Michael Bay is the pinnacle of mindless, poorly scripted, s*** blowing up every 15 seconds action movies so comparing those commentators to Bay’s fans was as natural as comparing comparing conspiracy theorists to cultists.

              Having a different viewpoint than you does not amount to me liking to “pick little Godzilla arguments”. You would have noticed how untrue this is if you had bothered reading what I actually wrote. There were at the very least two people whom I disagreed with above but complimented them on having well thought out arguments and points.

              Anyway, take care kiddo. In time you will look back on how you behaved in your youth and grimace in embarrassment.

            • Darklord you are absolutely right!! The Godzilla movie ads are just lies bro. Legendary Pictures lied to us. Plain and simple. I got suckered in just like everyone else hoping Godzilla was going to go on a rampage like in 1954 movie but what I got was Godzilla saving the city from the bad Mutos. What a letdown. I almost walked out.

              • Thanks Markalite09. I feel your pain. It’s criminal how Legendary/Warner Bros. duped the public about Godzilla 2014. I’ve posted a couple of links in some of my earlier posts for everyone to read about this clever bait and switch. I’ve been telling everyone I know, if you’re expecting to see the movie that’s portrayed in the trailers, don’t waste your money. That film doesn’t exist.

                • Again kids, the trailers showed less than 3 seconds of Godzilla without showing him destroying anything. The 5 minute long extended trailer showed a LOT of human drama and interaction. So from THAT you came to believe that the trailers were saying “Come on in and see Godzilla in non-stop full blown destructive action! See him destroy Japan and America!”?.

                  • SkeleTony…

                    Careful using logic and reason…those arguing against you might get scared at the use of such black magic…

                    It’s a shame so many of these people who disliked the film (a perfectly fair, valid, legitimate opinion to have, BTW) cannot seem to apply the same…sigh.

    • Great stuff Darklord! Just ignore this fools here. I wish this movie didn’t even have the CloverMutos. It would have been like the first film…AWESOME. Godzilla against mankind. That’s what I wanted to see. That’s what it looked like we were going to get from the trailers but surprise! We get this sorry movie instead. Damn.

  19. Godzilla is excellent? We must of being watching different movies.
    I must say I would have to make this movie the worst one of the year.
    This was so bad I had to walk out half way through “cause I couldn’t stomach the mess this movie was.
    God no not Godzilla 2 kill this franchise before it ever gets started.

    • Really? You walked out? Wow who does that? good you missed a great ending…

  20. You know, after reading and skimming through lots of the comments on this review, I’ve come to realize this is basically like doing a comic book movie…

    That is, a lot of people are saying things like “this isn’t how Godzilla is supposed to act/look/sound…” “This isn’t the like the Godzilla I remember as a kid” “It was boring and there wasn’t enough action or this wasn’t as profound and deep as the original” and what have you.

    But then I’m reminded of the stuff mentioned by the guys on the podcast, specifically Kofi Outlaw who said something along the lines of “WHICH version is this supposed to be like for you?” There’s the original 1954 Godzilla, the more campy/cheesy/sometime hero 60s and 70s (Showa) Godzilla, the ani-hero sci-fi like 80s and 90s (Heisei) Godzilla, the 1998 Zilla, and the over the top anime-esque post 1999 (Millennium) Godzilla(s). And it just seems like not everyone is going to be satisfied so just hope for a better sequel or take the Ben Kendrick mantra and just wait for the inevitable reboot either by another American studio or whenever Toho feels like making another Godzilla film.

    I already mentioned it in my first comment but I absolutely loved this Godzilla and minor nitpicks aside thought it was one of the best ones and can’t wait for more of this version.

  21. How can you cancel a show because it is up against another one? This was a great show with characters that you routed for. NBC needs to rethink their decision to cancel this show they do not have to many shows worth watching.

    • Wrong thread.

  22. 4/5, but a shaky 4.

    I didn’t find the human aspect compelling enough to justify so little Godzilla. Simple as that. The characters were formulaic and one-note, though the actors did a decent enough job with the one-notes they were given, which to make it even worse was relegated often to pretty repetitive reaction shots. Ken Watanabe, in particular, was completely wasted. He was there to stare in dumbfounded awe or slackjawed amazement and offer up dialogue that was there only to drive the plot to the next point.

    But it gets points, IMO, for trying to recapture the tone of the original Toho films. The problem is: those movies HAD to make the people the focal point because of the limitations of technology of the day (a guy in a rubber suit as opposed to a multi-million dollar CGI effect) and they managed to do a better job at portraying the human side of human stories told with a giant monster as an allegory than today’s directors. Because the strength of THIS Godzilla movie was the effects. There just weren’t enough moments where they showcased those strengths. I mean, people have noted that there was only 17 minutes of Godzilla in the original movie…. but that was also made over 60 years ago, for 1/100th the budget, and was a 30 minute shorter movie to boot.

    There were just too many teases, too much of a bland attempt at a human drama that never really came together, not enough payoff and WAY too little of the big green guy. Frankly, the ONLY reason it gets a 4 instead of a 3.5 or maybe a 3 is because of how great Godzilla looked and the overall quality of the action and SFX scenes. It became TOO much of a story about Ford and his family, and not enough about Godzilla and the CloverMUTOs. I didn’t like that Godzilla needed saving so quickly, and that they chose to use a Godzilla ’98-esque moment for the rescue.

    Frankly, I thought Pacific Rim was a better movie in every way: better acting and execution of a more compelling human drama, more and better action, SFX and fight scenes. The shame of it is that Godzilla is considered better, and will make a completely ridiculous amount of money more AND has already been greenlit for a sequel (or two!) because it was a remake of a recognizable property rather than an attempt at a new story trying to establish a new world… and yet people then complain when we get SO many remakes, reboots and sequels. Go figure.

    • See THIS is a review I can respect. I may disagree with you on points or I may come around to your way of thinking at some point (for all I know) but at least you have provided actual reasoning, sans absurdities.

  23. Godzilla runs 123 minutes… well the film anyways, Godzilla is in it for 13 of those minutes. It was a long, boring wait to see any actual, you know, Godzilla.

    • *Sigh*…another Michael Bay fan?!

      • I’d take any Michael Bay, Peter Berg or platinum dunes production over this. Plus it’s full on ignorant to criticize Michael Bay in comparison to whatever faux-elevated rubbish ypu believe this Godzilla to be. A film-maker is no one thing. Michael Bay may make movies that disappointment you from a character stand-point but he’s a excellent choreographer of huge scale action. The last battle in Godzilla is flat as a pancake when stood next to the kinectic, thrilling last hour of transformers 3. Ragging on Michael Bay seems to be fashionable but we’d all do well to remember that an auteur of action is every bit as valid as an actors director. This is a visual medium after all.

        • A good troll I will admit. I wasn’t going to bite on it but I can see how many would. ;)

          • @skeletony, I swear I’m not trolling. It’s honestly where I’m at with ny enjoyment of movies at the moment. I’m 33 years old now for some context. When I was in my late teens I was probably at the peak of my film elitism. I was watching a lot of world cinema and discovering the history of film etc.. I’m married with a mortgage and work 55 hours a week, when I have some vacation or a day off I want something more substantial but after work usually I just want to be entertained. Transformers is a muddle of clichés and stereotypes but it 100% delivers on the mindless spectacle in spades. I either want to be entertained, educated or moved.

            Unfortunately for ME Godzilla 2014 didn’t tick any of those boxes.

            Sometimes you want steak, sometimes you want a cheeseburger y’know.

            (Unless you’re a vegetarian of course)

      • @ Skeletony, You’re a troll right? Like the official troll of SR? Okay, I’ll feed the troll.

        Here are my points:

        The only character who had any development was Brian Cranston.
        Other than the previous mentioned actor, there was no good dialogue.
        “If you have any better ideas, now’s the time”.
        “Let’s move people.”

        I wish the Admiral had said, “Doctor, I’m begging you, tell me what to do?” That would have been original and exciting.

        If you know what the exact words a character is going to say, before they say it, then this is bad dialogue. Listening to the Admiral talk was like listening to every other general/admiral/military leader in every movie ever.
        Ken Watanabe was criminally wasted in this movie.
        Liz Olsen was mildly more likable since she cared for her son, but again, unused.
        The main character… and no, I’m not talking about Godzilla. What does he do exactly? Does he accomplish anything? Yes he gets ‘home’ but what else? And really, gets home? That’s such an overused cliche it should be banned.

        I expect a movie bearing the name “Godzilla” to have more than %10 of the run time showing Godzilla. Now, I know that if we had two hours of him smashing buildings it would be just as boring. I would have been happy for 25-30 minutes spread out over two hours. I would have been happy with human characters that were proactive, competent, and sympathetic, I got none of these. Well I got one, but he didn’t last very long.

        I was unhappy with the directors decision to tell you about important action scenes rather than let you watch them (big build up in Hawaii then a massive letdown). Cutting away from the real action just to hear about it later is really common in books, but it is bad film making, no amount of saying otherwise changes this.

        I would have been happy if they cut MUTO time and developed a real story with the human characters. If you think long scenes of characters sitting quietly is drama then you don’t know what drama is, I can recommend a few good books that will enlighten you.

        Finally, I dislike most Michael Bay movies, I think he ruined Transformers, calling me names is in fact an ad hominem, and is usually employed by those sputtering morons I like to call-politicians.

          • Darklord…

            Maybe those of us who found positive qualities in this film (or, HEAVEN FORBID, enjoyed the film) and did NOT find any deception in the marketing are not the delusional ones…maybe YOU and yours are delusional for NOT seeing what we saw.

            Just something to consider…

            • Im in agreement with you Archaeon. This is becoming more of a conspiracy against Legendary Pictures then it is about a movie. The movie was immensely good and still kept within the confines of the Japanese films only 50 times better. They cant understand the idea of what trailers are supposed to do. Create excitement and they always show the high energy scenes . its not rocket science.

            • I’m glad you enjoyed the film and all the awesome marketing that went with it. I wish I could say the same. I was really rooting for this movie but it was like a restaurant advertising steak, serving chicken, and hoping no one notices the difference. The trailers sold a movie that I really wanted to see but this wasn’t it. This film could have been a great triumph for Godzilla fans all over the world but poor writing, wooden acting, insane action stopping editing and lackluster directing prevented this. Hopefully, the next Big G movie Godzilla will be the focus, not just a second banana saving the day. This movie was more in tune with Godzilla’s lesser “verses” movies, NOT THE ORIGINAL 1954 film.

              Let me break it down even more for those how rode the short bus to school. Jaws was about a shark. Even when it wasn’t onscreen the movie was still about the shark and the attacks. The shark is the driving element in the film, justify the title of the film. Jaws. It wasn’t about some big killer whale attacking people and the shark comes in at the last minute to save the day. That’s what we have here with Godzilla 2014.

              • You really should not insult mentally or physically challenged individuals…you negate your entire argument and make yourself seem stup!d when you do so.

              • Darklord, great analysis my friend! Game over man! I you just killed them.

                • Actually, Darklord did nothing except show how silly you and he are in your absolutism.


              • Darklord or Darksied, this movie was not meant to be a remake of the original 1954 Godzilla, not at all. Its a movie that takes place obviously in the present day, when the threat of Godzilla was still possible in the back of the world’s official’s mind. Instead of having a movie that has to restart everything allover again, we have movie that is bringing him back to have a Godzilla versus.
                What we have is a movie that just takes place like all the others. I think you will find most Godzilla fans, want the big guy to fight another creature. Never once did the trailers present it self as a remake of the 1954 film. Especially when in the trailers you saw that there were other monsters in it to fight.

                As for critics reviews, Time Magazine isn’t the do all end all of film reviews, and we all have possible critics that we like to either read or listen too. Personally, film critic David Edelstein, of CBS news on Sunday morning is one li like to listen too. I don’t always agree with what he says, but he did love the new Godzilla movie. So, its ok if your just looking for critics and reviews that just happen to agree with you. It still doesn’t mean all that much after all.
                Trying to make a crusade against this movie isn’t just and isn’t right to all the people that love it. Trying to somehow take Legendary to task isn’t going to mean a thing.
                If I was you, and totally glad I’m not, why don’t you just solve the problem by not going to see any films put out by Legendary Pictures. Eventually, when you realize that all trailers say the same thing you will run out of movies from all the film studios.

                • fasutus01…

                  Very well said…THANK you for using some common sense in expressing your view.

                • I’m with Darklord. I don’t care what kind of a spin you put on this. He’s he’s right. He’s got you guys on the ropes! This movie wasn’t very good.

                  I wiah I hadn’t seen it. I wasted $22. You are right about one thing this movie is nothing like the classic 1954 original film, with all its CGI wizardry it doesn’t hold a candle to it. It has more in common with that godawful 1978 Godzilla cartoon, you know, the one with Godzooky. Think about it.

                  Keep giving ‘em Hell Darklord!

                  • Thanks Brain! Welcome to the team! As Stan “the man” Lee would say, “You’re a true believer”.

                    Here’s another gem of a moment that had me scratching my head. The male Muto gives the female the nuclear bomb with a monster kiss. She takes it and inserts it into her body. I sat in my seat thinking really, Gareth? You’re killing me, son. This is a monster version of the spaghetti scene straight out of “Lady and the Tramp. Oh, brother.

                    People here can now wax philosophically about how they love this scene. I’ll just tell what a guy sitting two rows back in the movie theater shouted at the screen. “WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?” My thoughts exactly.

                    • Another great post Darklord.
                      You, me and few others here are the only ones that can see through the fog of fandom, the other seem to be blinded by their love of Godzilla and will accept him in anything.

                      The bomb exchange was a very odd scene. They should have cut that bull*hit out or reworked it somehow and kept in Akira Takarada’s cameo.

          • Darklord These fanboys can’t take the truth. Don’t worry about their bitc*ing. Keep preaching the word! I thought the ads for this movie were bullsh*t too.
            The Alpha 3 article was great. Thanks for posting!

            • …says the REAL fanboy.

              Seriously, look at your screen name.

              • Difference is I don’t let my affinity for these Kaiju films blind me to the facts when especially when one is riddled with problems like this one is. This movie was a letdown. It was better than the 1998 film but that’s not saying much.

                • Funny thing: You think your opinion is, in any way, factual. It isn’t. You simply confirmed your fanBOY (as opposed to FAN) leanings.

                    • Wow…what brilliant comeback.


                      One apology to you, TOHOfan(boy)7: On the next comment page, I said you used the same referent critique as another poster…you simply used your own AGAIN. My comment about it stands up even more solidly, so I’m sorry about incorrect connection, but thank you for confirming my conclusion.


                    • Toho I’m on your side with this. Seems like Archaeon got his feelings hurt.

                    • Brian…

                      You, TOHOfan(boy)7, and (in the)Darklord have been spouting so much nonsense on this thread that you have reached the point of being utterly laughable.

                      BTW, no matter HOW much you cheer him on, TOHO is simply NOT going to think you’re special…heck, he actually provided some definitions on the next page of comments that specifically negated a good bit of the blather he’s been spitting out. Find a new, BETTER cause.

                      Good luck to you and your little friends…I am moving on. :D

    • I have already debunked your silly ‘Trailer lied to us/bait-and-switch’ claim and it does not become any more true if you repeat it over and over.

      • Saw it again… Was just as bad the second time. Boring AND stupid. Cloverfield’s a better Godzilla movie than Godzilla 2014 could ever hope to be.

        • Its amazing the ferocity and receptiveness the nay-sayers have in trying to continue convincing themselves and others how bad the movie was. Those that like it, love it and say it. And most leave it at that. But the haters, they just keep going on and on, not that it matters any.

          • Well you seem to have a lot to say yourself. I don’t have to convince myself.. I already know I hate this film. And if I choose to rant about it on a site called Screenrant that’s my prerogative. You should be thanking me. I bought 4 full price tickets for this even though I know it’s garbage. I’ve contributed to a sequel directly… I’ll bet at least a few of the peeps screaming defence here probably streamed it. So, Cloverfield… Awesome yes? Other films that involve large creatures rampaging through a city that are far superior:-

            King Kong
            Jurassic Park 2: the lost world
            Pacific rim

            X-men: days of future past… That was a good movie.

            • Mark, I’m with you on this dude. I know what you mean. This movie was a BIG letdown bro.

      • Don’t make me laugh! You’ve debunked nothing. It’s all in your mind.

    • Once again I had thought that I had made my last comment to all the other insipid comments downing the movie. But I guess this is just one last one. And I get it, I understand, you didn’t like the movie. Christ, get on with it will you. This putting up a separate subject link about how Legendary Pictures lied to the audience is down right ignorant. You don’t really care about whether Legendary lied to its audience, which they didn’t, you only care in that small little mind of yours that you seem to think they lied directly to you. If that truly was the case, then every other studio has also lied to you about every movie you have ever seen. Or maybe just maybe, a movie that you particularly loved has actually found someone else that thought that studio lied to them about that movie.
      How pathetic it is to go on a one man spree of taking Legendary to task on this. I don’t usually get this verbal, but seriously.
      I’m going to assume that your old enough to realize that any trailers that are released for a film, are doing exactly what they are supposed to do, generate interest in a new film. That’s simply preview trailers 101. They are also edited in a way to generate water cooler talk. That’s just business, nothing else. You cant tell me that at some point in time you went to go see a movie after seeing the previews and then realized that some of the scenes you saw in the trailers never appeared in the film. They just do that. All studios do it.

      I really shouldn’t have to say any of this at all. I loved the movie. that’s it. and according to the polls, so did a greater percentage of the movie going public. You just seem so rooted to the making everyone that saw the move and like d it to come over to your own way of thinking. That’s being nothing more than a ramble rouser.

      I love discussing a movie and points about it that might have made it not so good or made it better, everyone loves it. But your just trying to take everyone down with you. Don’t get me wrong, this is not a personal attack on you, but when you go way out of the way to try to prove a point and saying that your telling everyone you know and apparently those you don’t know, not to go see it, Well, why not let them make their own decisions? I’m sure all the people you know are old enough to do that. Oh and that was the Godzilla movie I went to go see. I don’t know which one you went to go see, probably the 1998 one. lol

      to quote Stan Lee; “Nuff’ said”.

    • Darklord, I’m with you one this. Thanks for posting this link! I may never believe what I see in a trailer again.

  24. The 2014 did a lot to capture the spirit of Godzilla, which I thought was entirely lacking in the 1998 movie. To me, this was Godzilla. The 1998 film was a large monster that they called Gozilla. Surely Godzilla as a character could have appeared more often and been developed himself, but I left the film feeling that it was a good starting point for the big guy.

    For one, I appreciated the departure from the mindless entertainment of movies like Pacific Rim. They already make a hundred movies a year like Pacific Rim. How many more do we need? Thank you to the makers of Godzilla 2014 for not going that route.

    Though I liked the film I have 2 big complaints. The smallest of them is that there are several silly plot points that could have easily been filled in, or that didn’t need to exist. But those are minor and not worth mentioning.

    My biggest complaint is the waste of the potential that could have been for the human characters. Bryan Cranston would have been welcome in the entire film and I think the movie would have benefitted from his presence. It’s a shame he dies so early.

    Perhaps worse, Ken Watanabe as Dr. Serizawa is grossly under-used here. His ethnic heritage and his character’s name clearly represent his role as the link to the original Japanese version, yet he his given little to do but stare quizzically in scene after scene. Ironically, Watanabe becomes similar to 1954′s tacked on Raymond Burr character in this film, providing exposition and following the events without really being explored as a character himself. I wish he could have been as deeply involved in the events of the film as the original Dr. Serizawa was.

    Yes, I realize that Dr. Serizawa was running the project that uncovered the MUTO which initiated most of the events of the movie, but Watanabe himself didn’t do nearly enough. Why couldn’t they have had Serizawa go into the detention room and talk to Bryan Cranston directly after Cranston’s terrific rant? Big opportunity missed. Why couldn’t Watanabe have done more to interact with the American general pursuing Godzilla instead of just looking distracted and worried all the time? Seriously, give the man more material!

    • Sir, at the very least you could post a “***SPOILER ALERT*** before, you know…dishing out a bunch of spoilers.