‘Godzilla': Other Monsters We Could See in the Reboot

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Godzilla 2014 Roar Godzilla: Other Monsters We Could See in the Reboot

After the Godzilla Experience at San Diego Comic-Con in 2013, the intriguing viral marketing, and the dark, destructive trailer, is it any wonder that Gareth Edwards’ take on Godzilla is our number one Most Anticipated Movie of 2014?

Unlike the abysmal 1998 giant-iguana version of Godzilla, whose only enemy was mankind (while using Madison Square Gardens to dump his spawn), the 2014 version appears to have the King of Monsters battling several beasts in various terrains – air, ground, subterranean and the ocean.

While well-known actors such as Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) and Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass) seem to get a lot of screen time in the trailers, the inclusion of several other monster species most likely means the human characters in this film are little more than stomping fodder for Godzilla. But just who could these unknown MMAs (Massive Monster Assailants) be? Based on our knowledge of Godzilla lore and screenshots from the trailer, we have a pretty good idea.

The monsters we chose were selected because they are NOT extraterrestrial (with one exception), and NOT mechanical – sorry King Ghidorah and Mechagodzilla fans.

1. Destoroyah

Destoroyah in Godzilla Reboot Godzilla: Other Monsters We Could See in the Reboot

At first glance, Destoroyah doesn’t appear to be the kind of monster suited for a more “realistic” Godzilla film, but consider this – he doesn’t start off gigantic. The Precambrian creature starts off as small as a insect then mutates through 4 life-cycles: Juvenile, Aggregate, Flying, and Final.

It’s entirely possible that all the different creatures, or Mutos, we see in the Godzilla trailer are just this same species in its various stages of metamorphosis.

godzilla flying monster Godzilla: Other Monsters We Could See in the Reboot

2. Gigan

Gigan in Godzilla Reboot Godzilla: Other Monsters We Could See in the Reboot

Gigan’s original form was that of an alien cyborg – complete with forehead lasers, buzz saws bursting forth from his chest and two hook-blade appendages for arms. Yes, Gigan breaks our “no extraterrestrial or mechanical” rule but he has to be included as a high possibility because of the hook-like arms that appear near the end of the trailer. It’s very possible that his origin has been modified for the film, as he remains one of Godzilla’s most deadly foes.

godzilla monster foot Godzilla: Other Monsters We Could See in the Reboot

3. Rodan

Rodan in Godzilla Reboot Godzilla: Other Monsters We Could See in the Reboot

Rodan is an ancient, humungous pterodactyl that lives peacefully deep within the earth until some unwitting miners accidentally started bothering him. After being awakened, he flew around wreaking havoc on Japan until Godzilla stopped him.

He hasn’t always been Godzilla’s enemy, though, even joining forces with him and Mothra to defeat King Ghidorah. It’s worth noting that at one point, Rodan destroyed New York City. In the trailer, a birdlike silhouette in the sky could tease Rodan’s appearance.

godzilla flying monster Godzilla: Other Monsters We Could See in the Reboot

4. Kumonga

Kumonga in Godzilla Reboot Godzilla: Other Monsters We Could See in the Reboot

Kumonga is your basic, everyday, gigantic arachnid (that’s spider for you non-NatGeo types) that lives underground and comes out every so often to feed. Like all spiders, he possesses the ability to spin webbing – except his webbing is strong enough to stop Godzilla in his tracks.

Something closely resembling Kumonga was seen during the footage shown at San Diego Comic Con in 2013, as illustrated by Mike Keller (see his video HERE and drawing HERE). Similar evidence can also be seen briefly in the trailer – if that clawed appendage happens to be  a severed spider leg.

godzilla spider leg Godzilla: Other Monsters We Could See in the Reboot

5. Varan

Varan in Godzilla Reboot Godzilla: Other Monsters We Could See in the Reboot

Varan is an odd flying squirrel-type creature with membranes between his arms and legs and is covered from his head to his the tip of his tail in spines similar to those on the back of Godzilla. Even though he prefers to pillage the ground and attack from the sky, Varan isn’t afraid to get his tail wet either.

He could easily be the unidentified creature flying and diving into the ocean that we saw in the trailer – though his presence wouldn’t really explain the underground tunnel the scientists find.

godzilla sea monster Godzilla: Other Monsters We Could See in the Reboot

6. Centipoor

Godzilla Centipoor Godzilla: Other Monsters We Could See in the Reboot

Centipoor was created by the evil Dr. Demonicus using radioactive material found in a meteor, referred to as the “Lifestone”. Along with Mothra and Lepirax, Centipoor battled Godzilla with the multi-legged beast eventually being destroyed by Godzilla.

It’s not unfathomable to think the dead centipede-like creature in the picture below isn’t at least modeled after Centipoor in a recreation of that comic book scene.

Godzilla centipede Godzilla: Other Monsters We Could See in the Reboot


Godzilla Reboot Parachute Jump Godzilla: Other Monsters We Could See in the Reboot

There’s always the distinct possibility Edwards and writers Dave Callaham (Doom, The Expendables) and Max Borenstein (Seventh Son) decided to use a unique set of monsters in their film which are merely inspired by these classic Godzilla foes, instead of translating them directly. However, with all the available classic monsters at their disposal, we don’t think that’s the case.


Godzilla roars into theaters May 16th, 2014.

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  1. Oh snap its Pacific Rim SEQUEL already?? LOL

  2. I imagine the majority of them will be original ‘MUTO’ Monsters, maybe have Japanese codenames from the old movies?

  3. What if.. and this is just a big what if.. its ALL of them at the same time!? Hollywood does enjoy putting alot of villains into a single movie.

    I dont care either way. This movie looks awesome. Bring on the Monster Mayhem!

    • I heard somewhere the writers are going for an original monster rather than a previously used one. But that was back when the script was still being written I think.

    • Monster Mayhem, I thought you were going to say Expendables 4!

  4. I believe all the Muto’s will be original for this movie anyways. Maybe some homages to the godzilla kaijus.

    Maybe a surprise appearance by someone like rodan for the “boss” battle at the end?

  5. King Ghidorah is a MUST!

    • @Membrane – I’m going to add Centipoor to the line up as well. I saw that pic last night but since it wasn’t part of the trailer (which is what I was mainly working with) I decided against it.

      My gut still tells me Destoroyah is the main baddie because he starts off really small, grows into tall “insects”, then again into flying creatures, and yet AGAIN into the large final version.

      But it’s anyone’s guess if they actually recreated the classic guys or just created all new ones.

      Paul Young

      • @Paul, there is also the skeletal remains (at 1:38) that appear to depict a more elongated animal with less girth than the others which could lend to “Centipoor”.

        I’m glad I have no idea and must wait until May.

  6. I think this is an entirely new baddie. From the trailer it shows a massive global military coverup of Godzilla, so it’s only logical that they potentially created another monster and are trying to cover it up.

    I think King Ghidorah would fare off better in a sequel. As excited as I am for this movie, I’m still remaining cautious.

    If I have to pick a classic baddie… it’ll have to be Mechagodzilla. Or something similar, like Super X with artificial intelligence that goes wrong?? I don’t know. But Something tells me this one is an insect type baddie, so I’ll go with Battra or Mothra.

    • Godorah is to Godzilla as Joker is to Batman.. So sequel would make the more sense. Lol yeah my logic is dumb lol. Think the destroyah hypothesis makes sense, dormant creature in the desert wakes up, breaks out. Grows and transforms until the eventual face off with Godzilla. Wonder if the big G will have his fire breath, havnt heard anything on this. Does seem as though he’s so big he can alter weather patterns and bring forth storms? Or maybe I’m just seeying things.

        • …about his signature Atomic Breath.

          (hit submit accidentally before finishing my sentence)

          • Thx for the link.

  7. Are you guys working on a trailer analysis for the latest trailer? I’d like to read it.
    This movie seems like it’ll kick some major monster’s ass.

  8. I also remember in some random interview, Gareth Edwards did say that Battra was his favorite Godzilla baddie. So it’s possible. *shrugs*

    Maybe I’m wrong and someone can find that interview and correct me.

  9. But technically speaking any one of Godzilla’s past foes can make an appearance wether in this film or in the near future, they can just tweak the origin a tid bit. I mean it wouldn’t be fair to just forget all of his iconic foes and replace them with Cloverield looking monsters. I wouldn’t mind new foes but come on, King Ghidorah has to make a future appearance.

  10. I have a feeling that these will be new foes plus maybe Rodan and assuming that the movie is a success financially they will add in more in the sequels.

  11. It’s also important to note that Edwards has said he wants to do a Destroy All Monsters as a sequel. We could end up seeing all sorts of cool monsters in the future.

    Paul Young

    • I am really actually getting excited to see this! I’ve been practicing squealing “Aaiiee! Godzilla!” in the bathroom mirror all day!

  12. Hat tip to Membrane for the heads up on the centipede picture. 😀

    Paul Young

  13. there is also a possible Mothra apperance

  14. I think Rodan is a good bet. In the beginning of the trailer when Cranston is narrating, you see the kid looking out the window of his house, you can see the origami “birds” hanging in the window, almost pterodactyl like – could be some foreshadowing.

  15. Meganuron, the giant caterpillar Rodan eats, is a possibility as well.

  16. Destroyah makes SO much sense.

    Wouldn’t it be an awesome reveal if he emerged in his terrifying final form towards the end??

  17. As I’ve said before, it will probably be a Chimera like Godzilla, but it has all the qualities of a GIANT WATER BUG (real life predatory aquatic beetle).

    Hooks on it’s arms? Check.
    Aquatic/Dives? Check.
    Flies? Check.
    Predatory? Check.
    Piercing/sucking mouthparts per sketch I’ve seen?

    Just Google Giant Water Beetle.

    • I will heartily agree, though, that having the MUTOS be a creation of man’s folly that is now out of our control would set the story up perfectly to give big G the “antihero” status some of us love (by squashing the MUTOS) and still allow him to be a merciless, unstoppable force of nature. It fits very much with the Destroyah theme and “Vibe”.

  18. It looks like the talons could be like a scorpion stinger.

  19. Awww… No King Ghidorrah or Mecha Godzilla ?
    What a downer. But I’m still gonna watch it. Both in 2D and 3D.

  20. I’m just unfathomably excited at the prospect of many monsters, I want the original toho style, humans dealing with crap we can’t really handle.

  21. First of all, it’s Madison Square Garden, not “Gardens”. As NY Ranger fan I had to get that off my chest.

    To be honest, I kind of wish this was JUST Godzilla in the movie. Although it will be cool to see Godzilla kicking monster butt AND shrugging off mankind’s best efforts to stop him, I don’t want Godzilla to share screen time in his “first” new movie. Bring on the other monsters in a sequel, but give Godzilla the spotlight in the first film.

  22. When that flying thing slams into the water it appears to have twin tails. King Ghidora’s tail was split into two near the base, also he didn’t start as a mech he was originally a three headed monster, the center head was replaced with a mech one after godzilla blew it off.

  23. I always found Rodan, Ghidrah, and Mothra entertaining.

  24. The Smog Monster is hands down the scariest and most formidable enemy of Godzilla. Godzilla had to think out of the box on this battle and used his radioactive breath to take flight. It ended with Godzilla literally ripping the smog monster to pieces. Classic!

    • Totally agree that the Smog Monster was one of the creepiest foes Godzilla fought. That whole movie had creepy vibes. The toxic sludge engulfing cities and the random 70’s dancing girls with the trippy lights.

  25. Wait…there were hints of other monsters in the trailer? I’ve tried rewatching to see where but I must have missed it?

    • Heh, read the intro to the article and commented a little too early. My bad.

  26. It has o be Destroyah for me, too see him and Godzilla go at it in this film would be epic, I want to see the King take on other monsters though, no just humans..

  27. Somehow I doubt ANY of them will show up, it’s very likely Legendary only leased the rights to the Big Guy himself, and will just create new opponents. Same thing happened with the old Marvel Comics series.

  28. According to Gareth Edwards they started from scratch when it came to the other monsters. So they’re not using any monster that has been done previously. They’re all new.