‘Godzilla': Other Monsters We Could See in the Reboot

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Godzilla 2014 Roar Godzilla: Other Monsters We Could See in the Reboot

After the Godzilla Experience at San Diego Comic-Con in 2013, the intriguing viral marketing, and the dark, destructive trailer, is it any wonder that Gareth Edwards’ take on Godzilla is our number one Most Anticipated Movie of 2014?

Unlike the abysmal 1998 giant-iguana version of Godzilla, whose only enemy was mankind (while using Madison Square Gardens to dump his spawn), the 2014 version appears to have the King of Monsters battling several beasts in various terrains – air, ground, subterranean and the ocean.

While well-known actors such as Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) and Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass) seem to get a lot of screen time in the trailers, the inclusion of several other monster species most likely means the human characters in this film are little more than stomping fodder for Godzilla. But just who could these unknown MMAs (Massive Monster Assailants) be? Based on our knowledge of Godzilla lore and screenshots from the trailer, we have a pretty good idea.

The monsters we chose were selected because they are NOT extraterrestrial (with one exception), and NOT mechanical – sorry King Ghidorah and Mechagodzilla fans.

1. Destoroyah

Destoroyah in Godzilla Reboot Godzilla: Other Monsters We Could See in the Reboot

At first glance, Destoroyah doesn’t appear to be the kind of monster suited for a more “realistic” Godzilla film, but consider this – he doesn’t start off gigantic. The Precambrian creature starts off as small as a insect then mutates through 4 life-cycles: Juvenile, Aggregate, Flying, and Final.

It’s entirely possible that all the different creatures, or Mutos, we see in the Godzilla trailer are just this same species in its various stages of metamorphosis.

godzilla flying monster Godzilla: Other Monsters We Could See in the Reboot

2. Gigan

Gigan in Godzilla Reboot Godzilla: Other Monsters We Could See in the Reboot

Gigan’s original form was that of an alien cyborg – complete with forehead lasers, buzz saws bursting forth from his chest and two hook-blade appendages for arms. Yes, Gigan breaks our “no extraterrestrial or mechanical” rule but he has to be included as a high possibility because of the hook-like arms that appear near the end of the trailer. It’s very possible that his origin has been modified for the film, as he remains one of Godzilla’s most deadly foes.

godzilla monster foot Godzilla: Other Monsters We Could See in the Reboot

3. Rodan

Rodan in Godzilla Reboot Godzilla: Other Monsters We Could See in the Reboot

Rodan is an ancient, humungous pterodactyl that lives peacefully deep within the earth until some unwitting miners accidentally started bothering him. After being awakened, he flew around wreaking havoc on Japan until Godzilla stopped him.

He hasn’t always been Godzilla’s enemy, though, even joining forces with him and Mothra to defeat King Ghidorah. It’s worth noting that at one point, Rodan destroyed New York City. In the trailer, a birdlike silhouette in the sky could tease Rodan’s appearance.

godzilla flying monster Godzilla: Other Monsters We Could See in the Reboot

4. Kumonga

Kumonga in Godzilla Reboot Godzilla: Other Monsters We Could See in the Reboot

Kumonga is your basic, everyday, gigantic arachnid (that’s spider for you non-NatGeo types) that lives underground and comes out every so often to feed. Like all spiders, he possesses the ability to spin webbing – except his webbing is strong enough to stop Godzilla in his tracks.

Something closely resembling Kumonga was seen during the footage shown at San Diego Comic Con in 2013, as illustrated by Mike Keller (see his video HERE and drawing HERE). Similar evidence can also be seen briefly in the trailer – if that clawed appendage happens to be  a severed spider leg.

godzilla spider leg Godzilla: Other Monsters We Could See in the Reboot

5. Varan

Varan in Godzilla Reboot Godzilla: Other Monsters We Could See in the Reboot

Varan is an odd flying squirrel-type creature with membranes between his arms and legs and is covered from his head to his the tip of his tail in spines similar to those on the back of Godzilla. Even though he prefers to pillage the ground and attack from the sky, Varan isn’t afraid to get his tail wet either.

He could easily be the unidentified creature flying and diving into the ocean that we saw in the trailer – though his presence wouldn’t really explain the underground tunnel the scientists find.

godzilla sea monster Godzilla: Other Monsters We Could See in the Reboot

6. Centipoor

Godzilla Centipoor Godzilla: Other Monsters We Could See in the Reboot

Centipoor was created by the evil Dr. Demonicus using radioactive material found in a meteor, referred to as the “Lifestone”. Along with Mothra and Lepirax, Centipoor battled Godzilla with the multi-legged beast eventually being destroyed by Godzilla.

It’s not unfathomable to think the dead centipede-like creature in the picture below isn’t at least modeled after Centipoor in a recreation of that comic book scene.

Godzilla centipede Godzilla: Other Monsters We Could See in the Reboot


Godzilla Reboot Parachute Jump Godzilla: Other Monsters We Could See in the Reboot

There’s always the distinct possibility Edwards and writers Dave Callaham (Doom, The Expendables) and Max Borenstein (Seventh Son) decided to use a unique set of monsters in their film which are merely inspired by these classic Godzilla foes, instead of translating them directly. However, with all the available classic monsters at their disposal, we don’t think that’s the case.


Godzilla roars into theaters May 16th, 2014.

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  1. Hogan was always one of my favorite kaijus. I’d have a major nerdgasm if he ended up in the movie

    • Varan is a flying komodo dragan. He aint no squirrel

  2. Interesting article made even more so considering that there’s virtually no evidence presented to support any of the conclusions reached.

    • He had pictures of monsters that were clearly not Godzilla… are you really typing this? That is decent enough evidence to make an interesting well made article. Your being kind of a jerk, even if there was no evidence it is an interesting theory.

    • Um, pictures are considered evidence big dummy!

  3. You know that it doesn’t have to be just one monster to join the movie with godzilla. It could be multiple. We’ll just have to wait and see.

  4. Rodan!!! Yea

  5. According to earlier accounts, Edwards made it clear that they weren’t using any other Toho monsters and that the monsters Godzilla would encounter here in the ’14 film would be totally original. And someone else reported that they either read in the Empire article piece or heard it from someone at the 20 min screening of Godzilla in London that the monsters are supposed to be natural enemies of Godzilla. Still waiting on confirmation of that bit of intel but otherwise the monsters in this film aren’t going to be any that are familiar to G-fans but all brand new.

    • This is exactly what had been said months ago. I swear besides the dc fanboyism alot of the writers here are just clueless on other movies. The mutos are supposed to be inspored by some of the other toho monsters. They are all brand new. One of them is in released images of the godzilla city destruction set on toyark.com. it looks to be insect like with 6 arms and very angular. The other one hasnt be shown

  6. I’m just EXCITED : )

  7. The wing thing definitely looked like Rodan, The plans were falling out of the sky undamaged. Maybe Rodan with his supersonic speed caused them to malfuction. There’s definitely supposed to be some type of mutated tick monster that goes escapes through the hole that the one scientist is looking up through. Godzilla definitely may be fighting more than 1 monster in this movie, I say no more than 3

    • @ Anon:

      Sounds reasonable, though we can throw that out of the window anytime, do you think Rodan may be diving into the water the way certain sea birds do when hunting for fast moving ocean fish?

      • I am going to say yes

  8. My money is on Rodan, the flying figure and the wings in the water there seem to be the strongest evidence. Varan’s webbed arms are nothing like those.

  9. There will be 2 Mutos in this movie, they are original creatures, but that doesen`t mean, there will be no Toho monsters, or monsters that are inspired by Toho monsters.

    Im pretty sure, Varan will not be in this movie, since he was never really in an original Godzilla movie.
    Kumonga is possible, but I think the eight legged Muto will be something like that, so not really Kumonga, but something similiar.
    Gigan would be cool, if updated and well done, he could be some deformed creature, that was turned into a cyborg. I think, there will be something, that at least resembles tp Gigan.
    Rodan is the most likely, the bird in the sky looks a lot like him, so I think he will be in the movie, or there will be some Pteranodon creature, very similiar to him. The thing biting the train in two halfes, looks like that, too.
    Destroyah is unlikely, but posslible. I don’t want to see him in this movie, because he is to strong, if he’s done like the original monster. He probably would kill Godzilla, if he is not on meltdown. I really like Destroyah, but he is the wrong choise for the first film. Something, that resembles to him, but is not so strong would work. I would like to see Destroyah in a sequel, maybe in the last film. Thar would be fantastic.

    By the way, other monsters, that could make an appearance are Anguirus and Megalon.

  10. Godzilla is the only Toho monster in the film. But sure there could be similar monsters

  11. I reckon godzilla and gamera could take them all out if they teamed up.

  12. Your wrong about gigan. What is seen in the trailer is a muto. Mother a is far more likely since destroyah is one of the newer monsters in the godzilla universe.

    • In all honesty, as popular as Mothra is, i think it would be a little lame in this day and age. A giant Butterfly, cute, but this film is expected to be dark considering how all the cartoons and comic book movies are going these days. I’m extremely axious to see Godzilla and I seriously hope he has bigger feet than what has been 2hown on the 2 ft model that theyre displaying in Toys are us

  13. Just found this blog looking for additional trailers for Godzilla 2014… I don’t know which one or ones of you are right about the “foes” for Godzilla in this new movie – but I just want to say how “cool” I think all of you are to be excited about this new movie and Godzilla in general. I was that way about the original and sequels in the 60’s when I was a teenager and never lost my love for the monster and scifi movies. I really appreciate you guys and your interest in these movies – you make an old man feel young again with all your interest and knowledge. I hope you never loose that – it’s what keeps these movies from just being “dinosaurs” (sorry for the pun)with Hollywood becoming uninterested in making new ones. You guy “rock”!

  14. I’m surprised no one has said Mothra yet! If you pause that trailer around 1:19 really slow-the flying creature that COULD BE Rodan looks more fluffy and moth-like before it cuts away. And the two fairy shobiji hidden in the trailers is a big hint.
    I’m really excited either way, but if this turns out to be a AAA money produced version of All Out Monster Attack-I’ll die from happiness!

  15. I want to see Godzilla as a big success so that monster movies can come back. I want to see the Clovervield monster vs. Category 5 kaiju vs. The kraken (clash of the titans 2010) vs. The giant monster from THE MIST 2007 vs. Godzilla

  16. However cool it would be, it’s not Rodan. It seems they are unique monsters to the film. Can’t wait to see this though! I love how the trailer doesn’t give much away.

    There’s a great article I read earlier about disasters as entertainment which points out some in Japan feel it’s too soon after Fukushima to show a power plant meltdown and a tsunami. What do you think?

  17. Everyone’s freaking out about TOHO monsters being in the movie (which there won’t be as Edwards has made it clear no other rights were purchased. But no ones going to call him out on his Rodan flop? When Rodan first appears from the mines he isn’t stopped by Godzilla. Hell, Godzilla isn’t even in that movie. Lol

  18. It seems as if there were a total of 3 monsters not including Godzilla. In the very first trailer or the pic of the very first monster shown, it was a reddish creature with multiply arms curled up dead and the 2 new mutos that have been popping up as of late

  19. Hmmm… Curious that only one person mentioned Mothra and no one mentioned Battra. I know the sort of “established rule” is no Toho monsters, but I really think Battra (or something similar) is a possibility.

    • Or I could jusr read ALL the comments. Jejeje. Still, I’d put money on Battra.

  20. The only two monsters that are most likely going to appear in this movie, one of which will definitely be in it are Rodan and Gigan. Rodan will surely be in it and Gigan in possible, but there are rumors that the claw hitting the ground could be several monsters such as Megaguerus, Destroyah, Orga, or even a new monster that has never been seen before

  21. Ahem…if you take a walk down the toy aisle in Target or Toys R Us , they already have the toys out for the movie and the monster Godzilla fights is there for all to see. It’s been released for weeks now.

  22. Wow! Just got back from seeing the movie…and it sucks big time!!! Of course better than that horrible and cheesy 1998, Roland Emerich version, but not by much! It is boring as hell and could have easily been 10-15 minutes shorter! The only part that is worth anything are the last 20 minutes or so!

    You know you’re in trouble when the human protagonists are the reason the movie blows! The only one character and actor, I even cared about was Ken Watanabe (“The Last Samurai”), completely wasted in his role!

    “Pacific Rim” was a painfully, awkward, cinematic mess, “Godzzila” 2014 looks like it’s shortbus cousin…The director’s, whatever his name is (not really important),previous credit was the overhyped and overly – praised “Monsters”…a movie that left me about as excited as a shopping spree at Walmart…

    • Well thats your opinion because i liked it but final wars was better

  23. My wife and I saw it, it was ok… Not near enough Godzilla in it though. ..

  24. It’ll be great the movie but I think it is mutos I wish it was mothra though.

  25. i hated the film i expected to see more of godzilla, but ended up seeing a stupid actor the entery movie, i wasted a lot money for this movie to see. s*** man

  26. I watched the many previews and the one where the Muto flew past the windows in the city looked more like Gaos , the flying reptile from the Gamera series than it looked like Rodan.