New ‘Godzilla’ Design Revealed In Full

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Godzilla Pacific New Godzilla Design Revealed In Full

To date, the promo material for Gareth Edwards’ contemporary follow-up to 1954′s kaiju cinema classic, Godzilla, has shown off only bits and pieces of the King of The Monsters instead of depicting him in his full, gargantuan glory. Going by the brand new trailer for the film, of course, there’s a whole lot of Godzilla to show off; Edwards has clearly upped the scale on Ishiro Honda’s iconic screen monster and turned him into even more of a towering behemoth than his past incarnations.

If we have a solid idea of his sheer immensity, though, we only have hints of what the big guy looks like from head to toe. Some of the necessary details come across cleanly, particularly the immediately identifiable dorsal fins on his back that we see break the waves here and there in the yesterday’s teaser; there’s even a glimpse, however brief, of Godzilla head-on toward the end of the clip, but no complete, non-obscured shot of the beast in total.

Good news for the curious, though – the cover of Empire‘s April magazine offers fans the most complete portrait of Edwards’ interpretation of Godzilla we’ve seen yet. Even better, the design keeps a respectable distance to Honda’s original vision; it’s a very current update on Godzilla that’s still recognizably Godzilla. For anyone still washing the taste out of Roland Emmerich’s 1998 Godzilla picture, Edwards’ take should be a breath of fresh air.

Empire has blown up the size of their upcoming issue to proportions grander than the norm; they’ve obviously taken Edwards’ inflation of Godzilla to heart, though the increase also grants readers an even more impressive glance at him. Don’t take our word for it, though – have a look at the cover below, and decide for yourself:

Godzilla Empire 2014 New Godzilla Design Revealed In Full

The image hits on what we already know about Godzilla 2014: this is one enormous thunder lizard. Next to him, a helicopter looks like nothing more than an average sized bird, while human beings appear to be gnat-sized. It’s hard to imagine what, if anything, could possibly stand in his way as he trundles along, wreaking havoc through San Francisco. He’s exactly the force of nature Edwards believes him to be.

That’s a two-pronged plus in favor of what the British filmmaker has accomplished here. This Godzilla manages to both honor Honda’s creation while out-classing Emmerich’s attempts at modernizing the man’s work; Godzilla doesn’t just stand tall above skyscrapers, he has girth, which puts him more in-line with classic iterations of the monster:

Godzilla 19541 New Godzilla Design Revealed In Full

While the differences here are quite obvious – note the textural discrepancies that come from the beloved “man in suit” approach of the Toho films to the present day use of CGI – the similarities are almost more noticeable. Both creatures here stand fully upright, giving them an even more imposing stature, and they’re both just plain old big. Neither Edwards’ nor Honda’s monster look like they go to the gym; they’re robust, rather than lean and muscular.

But that just belies the fact that they’re engines of devastation. Godzilla plowed through Tokyo so easily as to be appalling in the 1954 film; from the looks of the previews, he’ll do the same to the City by the Bay. Compare this to the Emmerich version of the character:

godzilla 1998 New Godzilla Design Revealed In Full

This fellow owes a lot more to Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park than it does to Honda’s landmark film. Emmerich’s Godzilla is a dinosaur, and while he wins a lot of points for having an accurate posture, nobody wants to see a Godzilla that shoots for physiological fidelity. Even the snout’s dimensions differ; 1998 Godzilla has a more pronounced jawline to the more snubbed face of the 1954 and 2014 rendition. Frankly, that just isn’t Godzilla. It’s a T-Rex.

Whether or not Edwards’ movie ends up being any good in terms of storytelling and spectacle, one thing can be said for certain: he’s nailed the look of Godzilla. We’ll see if he’s gotten everything else right to go along with it this May.


Godzilla arrives in theaters on May 16th, 2014.

Source: Empire

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  1. That image of Godzilla’s spines rising from the water is just so frigging awesome!

    • Which is why I tracked it down so I could use it in this post. I get goosebumps just looking at it.

      • You nailed it with this article, Andy, and everything that you said about the 1998′s Godzilla is true. It looked like a T-Rex in almost every aspect and all that we needed was a nostalgic Godzilla. One that took us in a passage through time and landed us in the 50′s film. It looks so awesome. I can’t wait. And I’m just going to say it, every project that Darabont writes has good storytelling so, there is nothing about this movie that should turn anyone off.

        • Well, that’s a hell of an “attaboy” right there.

          Thanks J! Much appreciated. And I can’t wait, either. This is definitely right up there among my “most anticipated” for the year.

        • I’ll never forget watching that 1998 trash in the theater. The previews sold it pretty good. But the reveal was too soon and when he was finally shown he just wasn’t BIG enough. That wasn’t the only thing wrong with that movie though. I hated that BLANKING movie(especially that dumb blonde). But the suspicious part was the fact that the tagline for the movie is SIZE DOES MATTER. Yet that Godzilla is like at least 50 stories tall.

          He wasn’t big enough. Apparently there was a ceiling to Emmerich’s concept. Frankly he wasn’t big enough.

      • All you had to do was ask for any screen cap from me, Andy. When I like a trailer and BOY do I like this one, I make a series of captures from every frame that I like the most. Makes for great Facebook Timeline covers, wallpapers, etc.

    • Doesn’t it look a little strange? Maybe it’s just an odd perspective, but there is no way water could have been deep enough to cover Godzilla so close to the beach. And by the way Godzilla dives it’s much deeper than that.

      • Agreed, as a matter of fact. It’s a cool image, but there’s no way Godzilla could be rising out of the water like that THAT close to shore. That shot was actually my only problem with the trailer. Minor gripe, the movie still looks amazing, but that particular shot looks really off to me.

    • it really is badass… just awesome looking.

      But if you really think about it, there is no way that water would be deep enough that close to the beach for the rest of his body to be submerged…

      • It’s called PERSPECTIVE. There is NO way to tell how far off shore Godzilla is in that shot. C’mon guys. Use your melons! It is a 2-dimensional unintentional bit of eye trickery, nothing else. You guys act like you’re finding something wrong with the 1981 Kraken! LOL

  2. Looks good – I’m looking forward to this one!

  3. Heey, I’m first!! That doesn’t usually happen, lol…

    Anyway, all I wanted to say was that with every bit of info I see about this movie I get more and more hyped. That latest trailer was epic, and this is just icing on that cake. Gojira!! :)

    • Okay, almost first, lol…

  4. They’ve revealed two other monsters so far….a spiderish MUTO and a water beetle-like MUTO. While big, they are dwarfed by Godzilla. The question is: are they saving a surprise heavy hitter? The only thing more terrifying than a 500′ monster rampaging through the city would be if TWO 500′ monsters were rampaging toward each other and you were caught in the middle with no place to go!

    • Well I noticed yesterday in the trailer what looks like King Ghidorah for a split second before the scene with the jets falling into the ocean.

      • I assume you’re talking about the first beat with jets falling into the ocean, at roughly the 1:30 mark? Definitely looks like there’s something in the clouds, but it’s so fast and obscured that it’s hard to tell. The second jet moment is just a whole lot of fog and crashing (though it’s nice that there’s one pilot seen in the background parachuting the safety).

        The insectile leg at ~2:05 looks like a Kamacuras leg, if ever I saw one. But it also looks hell of metallic. So it could be debris. Or a ROBO KAMACURAS.

        …whatever, I’m gonna give up on guessing at this point, and just wait until I can let the film wash over me.

    • Is the beetle one the monster briefly seen when its know cling planes out of the sky and on one frame diving into the ocean?

      • Yes. I havent seen it, but the way it flies AND dives along with the rumored hook appendages screams WATER BUG to me which is a predatory aquatic beetle with yes, you guessed it, hook-like forelegs and piercing/sucking mouth parts. They grow to 4-6″ and kill fish, frogs, and baby turtles.

        Just Google “water bug”.

    • where did you see the reveal?

  5. Well its not the Godzilla i was hoping for.
    I want the original roar, I want him more human like in looks and structure so that we sympathize with him more (just like the original). I like it when Godzilla gets worked up at an adversary and throws his arms around and jumps up and down. Any good monster challenge to him always caused this. He started out as the monster to Tokyo but in later films he was their hero and he was always called upon to save the city from real monsters.
    So far, no remake Godzilla comes close to the original IMO.
    Also, I think the picture with him just off shore would not be accurate as the depicted area tends to be shallow water when it is bright blue and having beaches fade into it.

      • *face palm*

        • Face palm indeed. Just saw the latest trailer and guess what, godzilla is called upon as a ‘hero’ to defend the humans from another monster.

    • He isnt close to the shore, which just shows the sheer size of him, thats why he looks so close. He’s huge.

    • You gotta be joking…..

    • @Jon I’ll just assume you’re joking.
      This movie isn’t a remake, it’s a reboot. The 1998 Godzilla isn’t a remake also, it’s the American’s version nor their own interpretation of Godzilla.

      • You mean a couple of hacks, one of which is German by the way. It was by no means an “American” thing so don’t pin that 1998 piece of crap on us! :)

        • I on the other hand am happy for this one to be credited to the Brits on account of a British director, cinematographer, lead actor and British VFX houses! :-) Joking aside, the fact that it’s being made slightly outside the Hollywood mainstream may be the thing that gives this film weight and depth,

    • Actually, they used a version of the “original” Godzilla roar in the 1:30 sec teaser trailer released a few months back. Both the teaser and the trailer seem to really be driving home the fact that they want these movies are “updated” versions that “feel” like the original.

    • Umm…This upcoming Godzilla is based off the OG Godzilla, from Gojira/KOTM, the first Godzilla. Not the Showa Godzilla from 67-75 (Before that the Showa Godzilla started as a Villain and later on an Anti-Hero within the Showa Series.) The original 1954 Godzilla never acted like that, the OG Godzilla was a walking atomic bomb. He had no emotions, cold, destructive, and purely the punishment of man’s sins incarnated.

      And no, Godzilla was never “called” upon in the later films. In the Heisei series, Godzilla is purely a villain for the first half, and later becomes an Anti-Hero in the later half. He does not care for mankind, he does not care whether we live or die, or lose a loved one during his rampages or battles. He does not care about anything in general, the only thing he cares about is his defending his territory, and destroying any threat he deems bigger than himself. He’s not protecting us, he’s not being a defender, he’s simply wiping everything out that he instinctively targets.

      This personality and characteristics carry over to the Shinsei Series, as well, although in GMK, Godzilla X MechaGodzilla, and Tokyo SOS, he’s a villain and willing destroys humanity. In the rest, he’s generally an Anti-Hero. Well, except in Final Wars, Godzilla didn’t care what was happening to the Earth or the Xiliens, but whenever a monster crossed his path from taking out the Gotengo, he willing crushed his opponent and kept pursing until he finally attained the battle he wanted and took out the ship.
      And was about to destroy the main characters as well after that.

      The Godzilla you knew only existed in a handful of films back in the Showa Series, did you know that Godzilla was returned back to his darker roots in the later films because Godzilla’s creator hated the heroic Godzilla? The change into a hero came from trying to appeal to children due trying to stay afloat during Ultraman’s success. But the creator found it as a disrespectful to his creation as it was not what his icon originally represented or stood from. That and he regrets the campy representation that attached to his monster didn’t exactly help spin a charming image in the US. Which is why you don’t see Godzilla ever crossing over to being a Hero from 1984-Present Day. Godzilla isn’t a hero, and was never meant to be one. He could be a neutral force, an Anti-Hero, but in general, not a hero or a defender of mankind.

      But I digress slightly, Gareth’s Godzilla will be returning to the roots that started it all, the roots of the true Original Godzilla back in 1954/Gojira/KOTM. So you’re very wrong there pal, it has been done and indeed Gareth is extremely close, if not spot on as how things are now.

      • To quote yourself “the Godzilla you knew only existed in a few…”.
        So by your own admission he existed however short in the incarnation that I like him.
        Based on that how can I be “very wrong” if that is the one I like, and he existed, and the current iteration does not reflect that (which I am acknowledging)?
        Maybe he is not the original Godzilla or the one depicted most often but IMO he is the one I like. You do understand “IMO” right?
        Frankly I have seen the city-destroying doesn’t-care Godzilla in most of his movies and I have no interest in it. You can only see that same dead plot so many times. I much prefer the dynamic of how a human would conjure a monster (Godzilla) to help defeat something even worse (thereby making Godzilla heroic), instead of the generic Godzilla dynamic of him being just another huge powerful monster that we must throw our combined militaries at to defeat. The heroic Godzilla has charisma. Much like my appeal to Marvel and DC heroes I believe we all seem to have an interest in “heroes” and we might be quite surprised if we saw a modern day Godzilla depicted as he was in those “few” heroic movies.

    • The Godzilla in this movie looks better than 1954 movie. Plus the way your describing Godzilla is from the less made Godzilla in the sequels. Godzilla was scary and a force in original 1954 film and they are trying to do the same in this one. Sorry we don’t need no weak Godzilla. Godzilla in new film looks like best movie to date on the big guy.

  6. Did anyone else notice the appendages of another creature? They were long and pointy. Not Godzilla’s.

    • This isn’t an exact remake.

      My god, people. Who do some folks say stuff like this? Not just about this movie, but others in general. Transformers comes to mind. So many people want an exact rendition of the original story. That’s lame and unoriginal.

    • I noticed them in one shot. Very narrow appendage, that.

      (Also, it appears that Aaron’s reply linked to the wrong comment.)

  7. The new one looks fantastic, no doubt about that. Still, I think that the 1998 design had its merits. Not just the posture, but the face/jawline. It was very long-yet-blunt, not like a T-Rex to me. I found it interesting, if not as iconic or massive as Godzilla should be.

    • ’98 Godzilla wasn’t really T-Rex it was very similar to the Mutated Iguana that the Origin Scene insiunated Godzilla was.

      The New Godzilla is looking pretty good, though his jaw seems too narrow compared to it’s upper jaw, but that’s a quibble. The Force of Nature Aspect is what is important. Lets hope they don’t muck the film up with too many different Kaiju. Hollywood seems to want to always add to many villains into the plot of a film and we then lose out by not having enough Character development because of the lack of focus

  8. The 1998 version was crap and Broderick’s character simply annoying. This film seems to grab the feeling of the Japanese version. Hope this new film delivers.

    • Have you seen Final Wars? 1998′s monster (‘Zilla’ in canon) gets stomped in seven seconds by Gojira. Thing of beauty.

  9. San Francisco? Didn’t I see the Statue of Liberty in the trailer? Which seemed off because I figured these monsters came from the Pacific… I’m confused.

    • It’s the Vegas statue

      • Yeah when I saw the desert i had a flashback to transformers with the whole keeping Megatron underground. Seems something very similar is taking place there, they found one of the leviathans “sleeping” and have kept it so.. Until now.. Domdomdom..

  10. cautiously optimistic. If Mothra shows I am sold.

  11. I juat like how we saw Godzilla cause more destruction in that trailer than in the entire 2 +hours in Emmerichs film

    • Plus, the design isn’t flat-out terrible, and there’s no Matthew Broderick running around and being annoying.

      • I’m afraid the design IS flat-out terrible.
        I just watched it, and the 98 version was FAR better. I think the makers decided that the leaner look of Emmerich’s Godzilla got negative reviews, so the best reviews would come from a really fat Godzilla. He doesn’t walk in the new movie, he waddles, and having such a small head only makes it worse.
        There are cool bits to it, like his atomic breath, but overall the plot, monster design, character development and everything but the acting ability are better in the 1998 film. And with Godzilla, acting ability is the least important part of it.
        It’s a real shame, because I was determined to like this movie.

        • you shut the f*** up b#&%$!

          • Oh, such a cutting and eloquent response…

  12. I like that it has the classic Godzilla look to it, unlike that 1998 version that looked like a cross of a t-rex and an iguana.

    • I think the 98 design looked way better than this new one. It looked realistic, or at least physiologically plausible, whereas the new one looks like a reptilian sumo wrestler with a tiny head.
      I get that people are nostalgic for the old Godzilla, but thanks to special effects, there really is no need to make it look like a guy in a suit, which the new one has. I think a sodding enormous reptile running after you is a lot scarier than one waddling.

  13. thought rumors were the smog monster being in this?

  14. From the first teaser trailer with the army parachuting into pure devastation, this movie had me sold. I need no more trailers, hints, images, or selling points. I am there, onbaord, excited, in line, my popcorn will be fresh, there will be no bathroom breaks until the credits roll. There will be a silenced cell phone in my seat and with everyone in my party, and may My Lord have nercy on anyone around me who talks, texts, or checks the internet while this movie is rolling, because I will not.

  15. The film looks like it might be good story wise, which is a surprise, but I really don’t like the design of Godzilla, it still looks like a bloke in a suit, about the least menacing thing I can think off.

    As much as Emmerich’s looked like a dinosaur, it at least looked seriously mean, which for me makes it better.

    • I’ll agree completely with you on the Emmerich creature design.
      My only real issue with that film was the lack of consistency in the overall tone of the film. Parts of it were like watching a 500ft Bambi, while other parts were genuinely monster-movie scary.

    • Personally, I think it’s kind of amazing that they managed to retain the “man in suit” feel of the monster with a CGI creation.

      As a loyal fan of Honda’s film, I’ll always take the practical “man in suit” Godzilla any day of the week. If it looks cheap, it still looks real, like it has heft. When Godzilla goes on a rampage in the Toho films, you feel it. I don’t get that with Emmerich’s film.

    • Maybe the face looked hardcore but it’s slender body looked so weird, like it was on a diet

  16. I think you’re unfairly jumping on the “trash Emmerich’s Godzilla film” bandwagon by pointing only to the creature design.

    That remake had flaws of its own, not least of which was an inability to decide on an overall tone for the film: scary monster movie? or feel-good cutesy family feature?

    However that being said, I think that Emmerich’s design for Godzilla was perfect for the “origin” they gave it. It looked like a mutated iguana. It didn’t look anything like a T-Rex. They made it more “realistically” lean than the original monster, which was tubby (by necessity, due to the costume) and bloated looking. (don’t get me wrong, the original, which I regularly watch in the original Japanese version “sans Ironside”, is a brilliant film for its time)

    I DO love what I’ve seen of this re-imagining of Godzilla so far. The trailer gives me terrible goosebumps and makes my hair stand on end. I hate to admit, but I’ve always had a thing about gigantic monsters. They scare me so much more than anything else in movies.

    (p.s. dorsal fins.. they can’t be anywhere other THAN on a creature’s back. they are “dorsal”. and that scene is FRICKEN’ AWESOME! I hate sounding like a teenager LOL)

    • The remake did have a lot of problems beyond Godzilla’s look; it’s poorly written, tonally schizophrenic (as you wisely point out), and astoundingly hideous to look at. But the look of Godzilla is, at least for me, a big part of what makes his movie such a disaster. Not that iconic screen characters can’t have their looks updated, manipulated, or altered, but at the end of all such changes, those characters should still look recognizably like themselves.

      Bereft of context, you might not be able to guess that that Godzilla ’98 image is supposed to be the King of the Monsters. He does, in fact, look like a big damn dinosaur, from the way he distributes his weight to the crook of his arms. I appreciate attempts at grounding giant monsters in real-world trappings, but at the end of the day, they’re giant monsters and should thus remain fantastical. It’s a balancing act Guillermo Del Toro pulled off very, very well in Pacific Rim in my not so humble opinion.

      So as far as I’m concerned, looks do matter, even if the rest of the film is so putrid that a truly classic redesign wouldn’t have mattered in the long run. (Honda’s Godzilla, for what it’s worth, is one of my top ten favorite films of all time.)

      As for dorsal fins – good catch. I don’t really have a defense there other than dopiness, but I’ll eat that and be content letting that little bit of textual redundancy stand for posterity.

      • exactly, all they had to do was keep Godzilla’s silhouette the same as always, after that they could’ve made whatever changes they wanted to do. I read that for this new film Godzilla’s movements is modeled after a bear and komodo, I’d say an upright bear closely resembles how Godzilla moved around and fought, heck even when he roared in the new trailer the way he opened up his mouth kinda made him look like a bear but that’s just me.

    • still even looking at the Emmerich film like a guilty pleasure you can’t help but notice how dumb it is. I could never understand how they could lose him during the helicopter chase scene or how Godzilla was digging underground with out setting off any minor quakes, then there is the fact that Godzilla in that film didn’t look as big or menacing as the original black/white version. The first film made him look like a force of nature that is unstoppable, yet the Emmerich version got killed by two-four military jets after he gets stuck in a cable bridge, which again shows how tiny it was in that film. I also never could understand why it rained nonstop in New York or why they had to put in some lame plot about the thing having babies in Madison square garden of all places lol like how the heck did anyone not notice that? And finally fish? really that was Godzilla’s weakness a giant pile of fish, I get they wanted to be more real but why not have the him kill and eat I don’t know a whale, shark, giant squid?

      • Zilla looked like a giant grandpa iguana that had lost it’s dentures. Oh sure it had some spikes and a bit of Velociraptor to it, but it had none of traits that made previous versions of Godzilla uncompromisingly brutal. (Big Cat fury in his eyes, built like a Grizzly/Silverback, radioactive projectile vomiting). 98 Zilla had more in common with King Kong as a misunderstood animal than terrifying force of nature, even including the “dying heartbeat” at the end.

        • That’s the second biggest mistake, they tried to make us sympathize with a giant monster that was originally created out of the horrors of Hiroshima/ Nagasaki.

          • That’s one way to look at it.

            But as many have pointed out, Godzilla is also an excellent metaphor for the rampaging Imperial Japan of WWII. If you take the Oxygen Destroyer to be a metaphor for the Bomb, this reading makes a lot of sense.

            • Nice. That’s another good way to look at it. I guess it is true, Japan believed for a time it was protected by divine power of some kind and that it couldn’t possible be invaded or brought down on its knee, until a man made atom bomb was dropped on its city.

              • Godzilla can also be seen as a post-nuclear metaphor for the horrors of Hiroshima.

  17. Personally, I LOVED the look of Emmerich’s Godzilla. I like physically accurate. I just cannot find the upright Godzilla funny. The new one (and super old one) are too slow. Like a Hurricane, while Emmerich’s Godzilla was a Tornado. No one sh*ts their pants over some stupid Hurricane, especially not here in the South. You get outta the damn way and you’re fine. It’s the Tornadoes that are terrifying and catch you by surprise.

  18. I’m just glad we’re getting something this good LOOKING at least. I reserve judgement on story till I’ve seen the film it self.

  19. May can’t get here fast enough!! I can’t wait. This was the Gozilla I wanted to see in 1998!

  20. Knifehead – Category 3
    Leatherback – Category 4
    Otachi – Category 4
    Slattern – Category 5
    Godzilla – Category 100

    The Jaegers stood no chance.

  21. I also can’t wait for this new film. I like the new look and the fact that it seems so close to and respectful of the original. The only little quibbles I had upon first seeing it (saw some full body shots of the entire cgi model on a site somewhere) were that the feet and legs looked a little elephant-like. Or, rather, sauropod like. It was theorized that such a creature would need wide flat feet like that in order to support such massive weight if it were even actually possible. I think I would have preferred to see more distintive toes with claws like the original even if that’s less realistic. The only other thing was I think I would have liked the dorsal fins to be just slightly taller. Other than that, I love the look. And I’m sure once I see it on the big screen in 3D I’ll forget those quibbles and be suitably awed. :-) “Oooh no! There goes Tokyo! Go Go Godzilla!” (Blue Oyster Cult for you whipper snappers. :-P )

    • Almost forgot…do we have any indication at all of whether Godzilla will have his signature radioactive breath in this film or was it deemed too unrealistic?

      • Yes, he has the breath!

  22. Godzilla vs. Chuck Norris…

    Make it.

  23. I hope they play some of the classic Godzilla music & hoping to see those Lightning weapons fired by the military. :D

  24. Ummm, Okay so people don’t look before making comments. I’ve watched godzilla and no he’s over 135 feet. Thats like 13 storys tall. Even in the cartoon it said 60 storys high. That’s 600 feet. Who wants to see a small godzilla. I don’t. And this one is bigger then the other white godzilla. I also saw the add where he is way taller then the buildings. By alot more.I look it up and the biggest building is almost 700 tall. This one is close to 1000 feet. I’ll put money on that. So all you need to do is look and not keep guessing. Geesh! Take time and look before telling everyone the wrong thing. The Godzilla kicks but! Just saying.

    • Well,actually,if you are speaking of the cartoon Godzilla with the little Godzuki,the song at the beginning says “up from the depths,30 story’s high,breathing fire,his head in the sky,Godilla!

  25. Also everyone said that the other godzilla got beet up in 8 seconds. That’s bcuz they get jelous in china that they can’t make any good movies. Its like a joke when you put them next to white godzilla. Always being a hater….

  26. I much prefer the 98 Godzilla look. It wins major points with me for correct physiology and posture. With CGI we no longer need a man in a suit, so I have no idea why they are going for that look.
    I think lean and muscular is scarier, and a 350 foot reptilian monster is a lot more terrifying when it is running after you than when it’s waddling. The new Godzilla looks like the only damage it could cause is by falling on something.
    I’m trying not to hate the new Godzilla before I’ve seen it, but all I can think of is a fat reptilian sumo wrestler with a tiny head.

  27. Let’s compare, not the American Godzilla movies themselves, but how people view them:

    1998 – OMG the acting in this movie was so terrible.
    2014 – Why are you criticising the acting? Acting in Kaiju movies has never mattered, who cares if it’s bad, it doesn’t matter, it’s about Godzilla.

    The military makes equally stupid screw-ups in both movies:
    1998 – OMG this movie is so stupid, that is so not how it works.
    2014 – That’s just used to represent how Godzilla is a terrifying force of nature.

    The characters:
    1998 – These characters are so stupid, I really don’t care about them.
    2014 – Why are you criticising the characters? Everyone knows that Godzilla is the main character and the human characters don’t matter in a Godzilla movie.

    Do you get my point? Godzilla fanboys will eviscerate the 1998 Godzilla for many things, and then they will turn around and talk about how those flaws are completely irrelevant in the rest of the Godzilla movies. Talk about the plot holes in the new Godzilla and you’re a hater who’s just looking for reasons not to like it, while they ferret out every single flaw in the 1998 Godzilla like they get a reward for it.