‘Godzilla 2′ Confirmed; Rodan, Mothra, Ghidorah Teased

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Godzilla 2 Rodan Mothra Ghidorah Godzilla 2 Confirmed; Rodan, Mothra, Ghidorah Teased

It was a foregone conclusion once the recently-rebooted Godzilla proved to be a commercial hit that Legendary Pictures would be looking to make a sequel. During the company’s Comic-Con 2014 panel, director Gareth Edwards was on hand to confirm that he would be returning for Godzilla 2, while footage teased the possible return of iconic monsters: Mothra, Rodan, and Ghidorah.

Edwards was actually not present for the panel, but appeared in the form of a pre-recorded video from San Francisco, with the director claiming he was helping rebuild the city after the titular monster laid it to waste. Given the shockingly positive response to the first footage shown at Comic-Con, Edwards, explained, he had to once again offer thanks and confirmation that he would return for the sequel.

But first, he would be in need of some time off from the pressure of established franchises and pressure from fans (with the first Star Wars spin-off his next project). Legendary President Thomas Tull had previously gone on record stating that the studio wished Edwards the best, and would wait for him to be available before moving forward on the sequel. They’re not giving him entirely free reign it seems, as the monsters Edwards hoped to include in the sequel were ‘bleeped’ out for those in attendance.

Godzilla 2014 Monster Godzilla 2 Confirmed; Rodan, Mothra, Ghidorah Teased

Fortunately, the crowd was then shown a sizzle reel using the same aged newsreel video from Godzilla‘s opening credits. Spliced into the footage was a claim that “one secret remains hidden,” before unclear images of Rodan, Mothra, and Ghidorah were all shown with their respective “codenames.” The final directive to “Let Them Fight” drew a roar from the crowds, even if the footage was meant to do little more than promise what may be coming in the future.

It will be years before Edwards can turn his attention away from Star Wars and back to the Godzilla series, but when discussing the possibility of future films back in July 2013, he made his wishes clear:

“With the exception of the 1954 original, I would say my second favorite film is Destroy All Monsters. I just love the idea of a monster island. Having a world with these creatures in it. I find that fascinating and would like to treat that realistically. I wouldn’t want to limit it to one other foe, I think it’s more fun to – this question will come back to haunt me if we ever do a sequel – but I think multiple creatures make better movies in terms of the image of Gojira.”

Godzilla Monster Island 1024x576 Godzilla 2 Confirmed; Rodan, Mothra, Ghidorah Teased

What do you think about dropping Godzilla into a fight with an entire island full of prehistoric monsters? Does it seem like too much too soon, or would you want to see the likes of Mothra, Rodan, and Ghidorah re-imagined as early as possible? Edwards has had success balancing multiple monsters with his aptly-titled Monsters, but only time will tell.

We’ll keep you up to date on Godzilla 2, but expect to be waiting until Edwards’ schedule opens up post-Star Wars.

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  1. The hype is real.

  2. King Ghidorah? I’m curious to see are they going to pull that off.

    • My thoughts exactly about King Ghidorah. I especially can’t wait to see how they make his lightning attack and the sound effects for it. I was so hyped when I heard they were doing the the other monsters in the new one. I can’t wait to see it!

  3. Really can’t wait. I still class Godzilla as my favourite film of the year so far (Apes is a very close second and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 third) so more monsters we grew up with?

    Godzilla 2 can’t come soon enough.

    • The second captain America blew all three out of the water. Cap was 1 Godzilla was OK but I was way too much of the human actors and not enough Godzilla . I hope in the second one it starts off with Godzilla fighting mothra then the humans decide to step In and mess things up awaking kg and rodahn too. Godzilla could fight both to a stand still one on one. Then kg and rodahn could fight Godzilla with Godzilla loosing but escaping then the final battle be Godzilla and mothra vs the other two monsters. I hope they don’t do a monster island movie until pt 4-5 . They could set it up in part two where they show footage of the government making it with the discovery of another egg from the monster form the last movie. I hope marvel either gets the rights back to Spiderman, asm 2 was good but it still doesn’t feel not being part of the mmu. Apes was good too. You must be a DC fan boy who didn’t watch the second captain America . I hope marvel and DC does a cross over movie In the future that has nothing to do with any comic book .

      • Oh, so because he enjoyed one movie more than another, that automatically makes him a fanboy? I saw The Winter Soldier myself and didn’t enjoy it anywhere near as much as I did Godzilla. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to see Planet of the Apes, but what I’ve heard has been fantastic. Just because someone doesn’t like what you like doesn’t make them a fanboy. Let people be different. Damn.

  4. Damn I am totally hyped now about this, Ive been a Godzilla Fan my whole life and am a big fan to all the classics of Godzilla fighting against all these monsters kinda reminded me of Pacifc Rim if you ask me but one of the reasons why I never cared to watch the newest recent Godzilla Movie was because I thought it was a repeat reboot to the Godzilla 2000 movie that came out back in 1999 or 1997 if I remember but if they plan on brining in the monsters of the classics then I am all the way in on this…this is gonna be sick!

    • You never saw this year’s Godzilla? You’re missing out, it was fantastic. I don’t agree at all with the criticisms about lack of action.

      • It was better edited then transformers 4 but fantastic? Did you work on the movie

        • Dunno if Dazz did or not but I have to agree with him, Godzilla was fantastic.

          If your a fan of the character, and he is a character, or the genre in general then it’s everything you’d want from a Godzilla movie.

          The pacing is just right as is the amount of monster action….. if you’ve only ever seen the Millennium series where Godzilla is totally over exposed then you’ll be missing the Big G a bit, but if you’re familiar with the series as a whole this new film is more in keeping with the Showa/Heisei eras and is all the better for it.

          Ironically it reminded me quite a lot of Gamera, Guardian of the Universe which is no bad thing as that rocks too.

          The effects are awesome as only modern CG can be, even the human story was enough to propel things along, again especially if your used to the story lines from the Toho films. No sure about what-his-face as Quicksilver but Olson I think we be a good Scarlet Witch.

          ScreenRant: your pic is wrong…. looks like a set photo from Godzilla vs Gigan from ’72. You’ve got Anguirus and Gigan in there not Mothra or Rodan. (Gotta be THAT guy lol)

    • Jason

      Take this from someone who owns ALL the Toho movies as well as other kaiju like Mothra, Gamera and someone who loves Pacific Rim…. GO SEE THIS FILM, DVD, cinema, bootleg download, whatever.

      If you enjoy the classics you will love this….. don’t worry about Godzilla 2000 this is WAY better than that…. it’s up there with the best we’ve had featuring the Big G.

    • f*** yeah! im waiting on a seet of nails

  5. Screw Star Wars Mr. Edwards and make Godzilla 2 next

  6. I’m still waiting for the Gamera reboot.

  7. I found Godzilla, minus the last 10 minutes or so, to be underwhelming. I’d be more than OK if the series moved on without Edwards. I do LOVE the idea of a Monster Island type of film, but a film like that doesn’t need the human element that inundated the first film. I know he’s busy with Pacific Rim 2, but I would LOVE to see what Guillermo del Toro could with Godzilla.

  8. Edwards doing a Star Wars movie gives them enough time to get smart and remove these goofy creatures from their possible sequel plans. Rodan is the only one that would work in the grounded new Godzilla universe, highly modified of course. But a giant moth and a three headed dragon? They might as well include Minya, the happy dance and the jetpack breath, while they are at it. No, please let him fight original cool (!) monsters.

  9. Let them Fight !!!! ( Troll Face )

  10. The worst thing about this is that it’s years away! I’m really excited for this. Mothra is my favorite monster from TOHO and I’m looking forward to how they adapt her in this iteration of Godzilla. Personally I’m hoping her design is based off the original or final wars version. Not to cuddly, fluffy like the 90s and not to weird like GMK.

    And agree with Dazz and Jonathan, this was an amazing films and is my number one for the year. And I’m hoping the stick with the tone they set up in the first film, though I wouldn’t mind it being a little more Sci fi-y in the spirit of the Heisei series. All in all just can’t wait for this!!

  11. So this might pretty much be a re-imagining of Ghidorah: The Three Headed Monster? Sounds interesting, bring it on! The gap between releases will hopefully give them time to make more compelling human characters and produce a better overall film.

    • Godzilla 2 and Pacific Rim 2. BRING! IT!! ON!!! Kaiju fans rejoice,our prayers are being answered.

  12. I loved this new 21st century GODZILLA,it is one of my favorite movies of the year,so far(and my favorite film of this summer btw),right behind Captain America:TWS. I have total faith in the guys at Legendary Pictures,they have given us IMO,the Godzilla for this generation that many G-Fans have been waiting on for decades and the sequel having Godzilla confront not one,not two but three freaking monsters,AND they being his classic adversaries is the only way to go with a follow up to Godziia(2014),heck these days with movies like this you either go big,or you go the f**k home.

  13. What about anguirus. I also want gigan and megalon

  14. Seems a bit ham fisted. Godzilla is not going to be a long lived franchise here but it could probably produce 3-4 decent movies. You need to pit him against a single great villain first. If you put him up against 3 other monsters you’ve got nowhere to go with Godzilla 3.

    • Not true, not true at all, Ghidorah in the second means we could get MechaGodzilla and/or Destroyah in the 3rd. Also, I could see Anguirus being the 3rd.

      • It would be a repeat of Godzilla finale wars

        • Seeing how they weren’t even in Final Wars, no, it wouldn’t.

  15. I hope they don’t ruin the look of rodan,king ghidrah or mothra, they just need a cool shiny color

  16. Wow guys really what about the one enemy the Godzilla faced and it ended in a tie…one of the best battles of all time!!! I wand to see Godzilla Vs. King Kong!!!!

  17. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this , but when Ford and his dad go back to their house there’s a shot where they show a tank/aquarium looking thing and it says “MothRA” on it. I don’t know if that’s just an Easter egg or if it’s some form of foreshadowing but I noticed it when watching it for the third time.

  18. Ive seen every godzilla movie that has been made and i love them all. The new one was amazing. Everything detailed in was great. You cannot ask anything better then that. Cannot wait for the second one to come out, it is gonna be beast.

  19. I loved this movie. I can’t wait for a sequel. IMO I’d like to see Godzilla face a monster much larger than himself. King Ghidorah would be cool. Mothra and Rodan not so much. My picks would be Biolante, Destroyah or Space Godzilla. Mecha Godzilla would be cool too. I think Mothra would make a better monster to help Godzilla in battle.

  20. Loved Godzilla 2014. If I had any criticism of it I’d say more Monstrous and Epic Battle Scenes. I go wayyyyy back. I own every available Godzilla title and have been watching since about 1972.

    My take on what Godzilla 2018 should or shouldn’t be? I think Mothra was the lamest Monster in all Godzilla films. I’d rather see The Smog Monster than Mothra and that’s pretty sad. I think Rodan comes in a close 2nd to lamest Monster. Heck I’d even enjoy Megalon more with his giant hamster turds that fly out of his mouth.

    My Epic Godzilla 2018 flick would have Godzilla facing off against King Ghidorah with a couple cameos of say Titanosaurus, Gigan, Gabara,and Minilla .

  21. Godzilla 2 should be about rodan and Godzilla battling ghidorah (a 2-headed ghidorah would even work). Save mothra for Godzilla 3, when he fights King Kong!

  22. Why do we have to wait 4 yrs for Godzilla 2 Do you realise some of us fans are getting older. I feel the movie should be moved up and find a replacement for gareth. I could care less about star wars. I want to see Godzilla 2.

  23. Gareth is so much capable to do this movie and make it a masterpiece right away. But I would love that Aaron Taylor Johnson get cast again for this one with his Black jacket I found on Celebsclothing.