Warner Bros. and Legendary Developing ‘Godzilla 2′

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Godzilla film still 014 Warner Bros. and Legendary Developing Godzilla 2

Since first debuting in the 1954 Japanese film GojiraGodzilla has become one of the most widely recognized movie monsters and is often referred to as the King of the Monsters, an allusion to the 1956 American adaptation: Godzilla, King of the Monsters! The dinosaur-like creature has decimated cities around the globe in movies, comics, and on television for over half a century, including the most recent film from director Gareth Edwards (read our review).

Arguably, though, the newest film starring the King of the Monsters is already the most successful – at least in terms of box office projections – and is the only American-made Godzilla film to get the official go ahead for a sequel.

Godzilla had the biggest international opening yet in 2014 and the second biggest domestic opening (behind Captain America 2), taking the number 1 spot in the U.S. Right out of the gate, Godzilla raked in $9.3 million in Thursday night advance showings, pulling a total of $93 million domestically and $196 worldwide. Godzilla also had the biggest IMAX opening of the year with $14.1 million – 15 percent of its total domestic earnings – while 51 percent of the film’s international gross was from IMAX screens. Deadline reports that, in response to the promising numbers, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are already developing a Godzilla 2.

Comparatively, the King of the Monsters’ last American film – Roland Emmerich’s 1998 Godzilla – grossed $55 million in its Memorial Day opening weekend, $136 million domestically, and $379 million overall (on a $130 million budget).

gz film Warner Bros. and Legendary Developing Godzilla 2

Though Toho Company, the production studio behind Gojira, has built up a beloved cult classic franchise around the King of the Monsters, American studios have yet to see similar series success with Godzilla. Could Edwards’ reimagining of the King of the Monsters prove Godzilla can sustain its own franchise in Hollywood with the upcoming sequel?

Edwards has already demonstrated his unique perspective when it comes to monster flicks – his 2010 sci-fi release, Monsters, only grossed $4 million but became a cult hit among critics. Its sequel, Monsters: Dark Continent, is due to hit theaters later this year.

However, Edwards has not yet commented on whether he will return for the Godzilla sequel. Can the studio produce a successful sequel without Edwards? We’ll need more information from Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures before we can answer these questions.

What say you, Screen Rant readers? Are you happy to hear Godzilla 2 is officially in the works? Let us know in the comments.


Godzilla is in theaters everywhere. Stay tuned to Screen Rant for more information on Godzilla 2.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Hooray! There is a god(zilla)!

    Since we saw that Mothra reference in the first, hopefully Destroy All Monsters is a possibility.

  2. Good,but I hope they keep it grounded like the first one. So please, no Jet Jaguar, Mechagodzilla, Aliens with funny clothes or other goofy stuff like that. Keep it cool and as serious as the subject matter of giant monsters allows.

    • This whole first movie was made with such a climatic finale that its only going to make us all yearning for more. I am scared of a sequel because I fear that out of the gates, we will get the end of Godzilla at the beginning of the film. After all, the audiences would expect it. I hope they can do it and make it fresh again.

    • Whoa there, Jet Jaguar deserves another film appearance and a new theme song to go with it.

      • No, just no.

        • More Blade movies?

          No, just no.

      • @ The Insufferable Deadpool +1 I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!

    • if marvel can do the infinity gauntlet loki and thor and an alien racoon then bring on mecha godzilla, jet jaguar ad aliens like king ghidorah and gigan

      • +1 BRING EVERYONE!!!!

    • Good thought, Winchester! I like my horror movies as serious as allowed, also, couldn’t agree more (OK, I’ll cut some slack for Dawn of the dead and Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein; otherwise…!). At least I know that Godzilla survives this first film. I would not mind seeing Rodan and Mothra (the other “almost good-guy monsters”) in the second film. If this launches a new rebirth of Godzilla films and they stay “good-zilla-ish”, I would not be surprised to see Baragon, Ghidrah, and a few other familiar faces as time goes on.

    • I actually think Mechagodzilla could be done in line with the tone of the 2014 Godzilla.

      Imagine a self sustaining, self adjusting nano system experiment going the wrong way, breaking the containment measures and escaping into the wild. The simple cloud AI running it would try to copy the most survivable organism on the planet, which of course would be Godzilla.

      It would play on the popular big robot theme, tie into the nanomachine issues that surface from time to time in s-f writing (gray goo and such) and would give the producers an excuse for some sweet SFX effects.

  3. Bring on King Ghidorah!

    • I can’t wait to see Ghidorah as well BUT I think that needs to be saved for #3 or #4. Maybe have a team up with Mothra and Rodan in the 3rd one as well.

      I actually liked the mutos and wouldn’t mind more original (Earth-based) creations. Edwards got everything right, though I understand how some were mad that ‘zilla’s first encounter with the movie got cut to a TV spot.

      I didn’t mind spending 18 bucks at the IMAX theater now that I’m not struggling any more, but a year ago I might have just saw it in 2-D (and missed out, ofc!). I’m just happy to hear this news and hope the team continues striking while the iron is hot….

      ALTHOUGH, I DO think people came to see Cranston just as much as the King. Hopefully Avengers 2 really boosts ATJ & Olsen’s star power because, while Godzilla is good selling the movie by himself, Cranston was surely a deal breaker as well. Either way, the studio should consider bringing in another powerful lead actor/actress to ensure we keep getting sequels!

  4. My thoughts behind returning directors is simple. Do not fix what is not broken. Also, do not get involved in their creative direction. This man made their budget back in 3 days plus small advanced screenings. I think he knows what he is doing.

    • Most of all, you can sense just how much he loves the genre and the Godzilla character and how much he understands it and how to craft a true “creature feature”. Other directors could learn a thing or two from this film and Gareth’s approach to it.

      • Funny how I read this and the repeat of Mark Kermode’s review of it is on BBC News again but as he says:

        “He understands that you have to develop character and story first because otherwise, it’s just CGI, otherwise, it’s just Transformers”.

        • Watch the first Transformers film and take note exactly what time they land on earth.

          That statement is false. Now sequels, I will agree. So little human development to just immediate Transformer chaos. But again, we expect it because we already saw the climactic battle.

          Nolans TDK trilogy comes to mind. How long before did we see the Batman in the first film to TDK where we saw him in the first scene.

      • Source material is easy to hang onto when the majority of the Euro-American’s are foreign to the actual Godzilla mythos. Other than rubber suits and campy destruction, what else do we know of the myth? A nuclear ridden Iguana that Roland Emmerich fed us? (BTW, I love the man and his destruction out does even Michael Bay). But this honestly was an easy one.

        If only M. Night Shamalammadingdong got Avatar correct.

        • I’m not sure Godzilla is as easy as you think because like the original 1954 film, this one dealt with nuclear weapons and natural disasters and human tragedy but just happened to have giant monsters too.

          It’s funny though because half the people who didn’t see a previous Godzilla were pleasantly surprised by the character, the depth and the overall story and meaning while the other half were disappointed because they just wanted another Transformers film with all action and no substance.

          It’s incredibly hard to get a monster film like this right (just ask del Toro, despite Pacific Rim being my Film Of The Year 2013) but Gareth Edwards most definitely got this one right.

  5. I am excited! There was a Mothra reference! I loved it! Just needs less human crap. At least make it interesting if you are going to show humans. But still I hope it stays grounded like this one like the other person said. I had enough Godzilla cheese to last for a lifetime.

    !maybe the third follow King Ghidorah. Then the finale be Deatory All Monsters.

    • The “human crap” made the film as much as Godzilla did. See my comment above yours for more.

      • No, he’s right. It definitely needs to be fixed. There was way more human drama than there was monster stuff, that needs to be balanced better. And the human drama in it was as unoriginal as they come. It started off interesting with Cranston’s character, but once the focus was all on Private Boring trying to get back to his wife, I just got impatient waiting for Godzilla to start being in it.

        Also, they need to stop cutting away to humans when monsters are about to fight so much. It was fine when it was done once or twice, but after that it just got annoying.

        I didn’t hate the movie or anything, but there was room for improvement, and I think a sequel will do just that.

        • The first time they cut away from the fight I really liked it, because there was something nostalgic about the kid watching the fight on tv, like the kid was just film paying homage to the fans who sat on the sofa mesmerized by monster fights. Im guessing film crew was just keeping an eye on their budget, hopefully we’ll see more fights in the second movie.

        • Lol I think I kept on getting fired up and go “this is it!!!” when they are about to fight and then have to put away my adrenaline when they cut the scene, like many times that, by the climax I was out of focus.

  6. Godzilla vs. Batman vs. Superman

  7. Yes! Please keep it like it is tone wise but longer Monster fights.DONT TURN IT INTO A MUPPET SHOW!

    • “Muppet Show” (snort, snicker, chortle!!).

  8. Still, best Monster fights goes to Peter Jacksons KINGKONG Vs. Two T-Rex’s!

    • That’s a funny joke. Thanks for the laugh.

    • Watch again.. its 3 t rexs.. but yeah pretty dumb all the same.

  9. really happy about this, best monster movie ive ever seen. Pacing, buildup fights and effects were awesome. favourite film this year along with Captain America. Im hoping theres 2 or 3 more movies to come ending in a destroy all monsters, this was a perfect start and just happy as it was my most anticipated film this year. Already seen it twice and cant wait for the blu ray and more godzilla.

    • Agreed on all counts. This is killer news!!!!!


  10. I personally can’t wait for the sequel! Godzilla has always been one of my favorite fictional characters ever and i hope they turn it into a franchise. and for those saying there should be returning monsters, i have this to say-
    I think that originality is the way to go. Make the movie interesting and new even to godzilla fans that watched the old ones. What i would say is to make original monsters, but then a huge “destroy all monsters” finale with all our favorites.

    Unless they bring back Gigan. Gigan was awesome.

  11. Does this crap disaster porn reboot really need a sequel? Were there too many unanswered explosions in the first one?

  12. I’ll just copy what I wrote on Collider a minute ago.

    I hope Gareth writes it himself. Monsters proved that he can write characters, and the main criticisms of this movie are a)The characters and b)more monster screentime.

    Address the issues with this film and make another that absolutely kicks ass. I loved this movie, and I’m seeing it again tomorrow.

    This is amazing news. Also make sure to get Alexandre Desplat back, as the music was incredible. I’ve had the soundtrack on non stop since Friday.

    Kick a s s!


  13. *In Mr. Burns voice*


  14. i thought godzilla was good but not worth the imax money, the trailers were misleading. while
    the story was good but pacific rim’s visuals and sound effects were superior. here is the good
    about godzilla.
    1. godzilla looked alot better this time around.
    2. the size of this 20,000 ton monster was impressive
    3. when godzilla appeared it was jaw dropping.
    4. ken watanabe and brian crangston saved the human aspect of the story.
    5. the 1954 connection was sweet.
    and now the bad
    1. godzilla appeared very in little scenes in this movie much like spiderman did in 2002.
    2. the screenwriters did a poor job of coming up with new material seeing that
    they copied some of the 1998 version.
    3. the sound effects were very mediocre in imax sound.
    4. brian crangston and juliette binoche should have been the leads, killing off
    papa brody real fast after all he went through was plain stupid.
    5. aaron and elizabeth’s performances were mediocre and thank goodness for the
    monster saving this movie along with the veteran actors.

  15. I just saw Godzilla and all I can say is Wow! A great movie that captures the feel of the origimal very well. I’m ready for part 2 bring on the next round. I loved his nuclear breath too. That alone was worth the price of admission.

  16. Bambi must be in the sequel.

    • For 2 seconds.

  17. This movie was amazing!

  18. Sweet movie, great monsters. Boring actors. I cared about Cranstons character, they made me care about him, it was do well done, could not give to sh*ts about the son. I mean, you know the monsters are going to the city ur wife works and and u tell her to wait for him??? Lol stupid. I would have told her to get the hell out. Anyways, the halo jump was cool but the rest of the human element was rather pointless. Guess for me after Cranston all i had left was the monsters to look forward to and be interested about. Anybody else feel like that?

  19. Pretty please I want a massive kick-ass sequel.

  20. What ? Already ?
    waitaminit, I thought Legendary Studio has gone splitsville from Warner Bros.

    I saw it on 2D IMAX.it was great! dunno about 3D though


    Or bring back Serizawa to create the Oxygen Destroyer!

    It’s clearly the case that either Serizawa or Admiral Stenz should return in a sequel.

    Or Sally Hawkins, she is one gorgeous lady. Woof!

    • Ill be honest… I hope they dont bring in any monsters Godzilla has fought in the pass. I hope they continue to make brand new creatures for him to fight. The Mutos were awesome!

      • but KING GHIDORAH!!!!!!!!!

  22. I hope Edwards stay on board for what I wanna call Godzilla’s Legendary trilogy.

  23. LOL

  24. Yes.

    That is all I have to say.

  25. Is it just me, or this film felt exactly like the original Japanese films. The atmosphere and buildup was almost exactly the same. And I disagree with first comment. You can still establish a ‘grounded’ Godzilla with MechaGodzilla, mothra, rodan, and other enemies. Just change around their mythos a bit, makie them horrifying and you got a good monster battle.

    • Also, remember the standalone Rodan movies back in the 50s? Since shared Universe is a big trend nowadays, maybe we can see a reboot Rodan movie that shares the same Universe as Godzilla? Is that too risky?

      • I think that could work. Just set up different monsters in different parts of the world so there would be no need to directly reference Godzilla himself other than “he attacked USA last year” or something.

  26. Any future movies need to follow the same formula as the stellar opening act. Other beasties destroy half the United States before Godzilla shows up to slap them around. PS, thank you Edwards for making the Mutos Filipino!

  27. Yes! They must keep good ground just like first one. Dont disappoint us with sequel, please ?!

  28. The problem with creatures like Mothra, Rhodan, Gamera and even Gidorah, apart from being a boring rehash, is that they are pretty goofy. They are a good match for a guy in a rubber lizard suit doing martial arts and happy dances, but once you go a little more realistic and serious they will look out of place and drag the movies down. They should stick with original monsters for Godzilla to fight in the American series.

    • You know what…a 3-headed, armless dragon is a bit out of place. The casuals wouldn’t be into it, which means it would flop and we’d get no more sequels.

      Dang it.

  29. I believe with the Mothra reference, we should expect to see him in the sequel. Even if it’s not the main monster.

    How are people saying Zilla SHOULDN’T fight Ghidorah?

    He was my favorite monster from the old Godzilla movies.
    But, I can see how a Zilla vs King Kong would be a mega blockbuster.

    But, with the shared universe thing going big these days, you can’t rule out some DC super heroes making appearances.

    What if Aquaman could control Zilla?
    Or Superman vs Zilla?

    • I apologize for my pedantic nature but unless your referring to the monster from the 1998 ‘Godzilla’ movie who’s name is officially “Zilla”, Godzilla’s name is just that, Godzilla. :P

      • Meant whose not who’s.

        There needs to be an edit button…