Warner Bros. and Legendary Developing ‘Godzilla 2′

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Godzilla film still 014 Warner Bros. and Legendary Developing Godzilla 2

Since first debuting in the 1954 Japanese film GojiraGodzilla has become one of the most widely recognized movie monsters and is often referred to as the King of the Monsters, an allusion to the 1956 American adaptation: Godzilla, King of the Monsters! The dinosaur-like creature has decimated cities around the globe in movies, comics, and on television for over half a century, including the most recent film from director Gareth Edwards (read our review).

Arguably, though, the newest film starring the King of the Monsters is already the most successful – at least in terms of box office projections – and is the only American-made Godzilla film to get the official go ahead for a sequel.

Godzilla had the biggest international opening yet in 2014 and the second biggest domestic opening (behind Captain America 2), taking the number 1 spot in the U.S. Right out of the gate, Godzilla raked in $9.3 million in Thursday night advance showings, pulling a total of $93 million domestically and $196 worldwide. Godzilla also had the biggest IMAX opening of the year with $14.1 million – 15 percent of its total domestic earnings – while 51 percent of the film’s international gross was from IMAX screens. Deadline reports that, in response to the promising numbers, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures are already developing a Godzilla 2.

Comparatively, the King of the Monsters’ last American film – Roland Emmerich’s 1998 Godzilla – grossed $55 million in its Memorial Day opening weekend, $136 million domestically, and $379 million overall (on a $130 million budget).

gz film Warner Bros. and Legendary Developing Godzilla 2

Though Toho Company, the production studio behind Gojira, has built up a beloved cult classic franchise around the King of the Monsters, American studios have yet to see similar series success with Godzilla. Could Edwards’ reimagining of the King of the Monsters prove Godzilla can sustain its own franchise in Hollywood with the upcoming sequel?

Edwards has already demonstrated his unique perspective when it comes to monster flicks – his 2010 sci-fi release, Monsters, only grossed $4 million but became a cult hit among critics. Its sequel, Monsters: Dark Continent, is due to hit theaters later this year.

However, Edwards has not yet commented on whether he will return for the Godzilla sequel. Can the studio produce a successful sequel without Edwards? We’ll need more information from Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures before we can answer these questions.

What say you, Screen Rant readers? Are you happy to hear Godzilla 2 is officially in the works? Let us know in the comments.


Godzilla is in theaters everywhere. Stay tuned to Screen Rant for more information on Godzilla 2.

Source: Deadline

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  1. for me was godzilla a disapointing movie, i looked forward to a little bit more fighting and seeing godzilla more. we saw more of the 2 other monsters then of godzilla.
    i hope in the second movie godzilla steps up his game :)

    • It’s called buildup. This movie did a fantastic job of building up to the moment where you see the big green fighting machine unlike the 1998 Godzilla movie that just stuck Godzilla in every scene they could possibly find. You may have not liked the fact that they didn’t spend tons of time on showing Godzilla but I loved it, that’s what they did with the original Godzilla movies and that’s what the director of this movie did with the indie movie Monsters. This movie truly showed Godzilla as he should be, sometimes as a protector of Earth, sometimes as a monster of mass destruction, but always as the King of Kaiju himself, GODZILLA.

      • Yea but a buildup shouldn’t be Dull like it was in this movie.
        It was a good movie but the build was Dull and wasn’t all too interesting after they killed off the father.

        • I completely disagree. The build up to Godzilla’s first full appearance and then the build to the big fight was perfectly done. Any more Godzilla shown and the movie would have risked becoming Transformers.

          • You’re right. If they had shown more Godzilla the movie would have risked becoming an entertaining popcorn movie that didn’t take itself too seriously, like Transformers, instead of the po-faced pseudo-gritty melodrama it actually was.

            • I think you hit the nail on the head– someone who enjoyed Transformers would be disappointed in a movie as expertly made as Godzilla.

          • I think what they messed up with was making Godzilla such a good guy. I mean most of the damage was done by the MUTOs. I think people wanted to see Godzilla be out of control and destructive. Not just being man’s security guard. We wanted to see him be big and bad against mankind as well as the MUTOs.

            • 3339 – Nope, I was absolutely thrilled that Godzilla was defending the humans, as he did in so many of the Toho films. Those were always my favorite ones.

  2. GODZILLA in IMAX was awesome! it blow my mind by far this is a great movie FOR die hard FANS, instead of that it has some flaws with the story and i agree with the issue of lack of fights sometimes, is the view of the director to make more a suspenses and tense situation among the humans in the climax battles, anyway i´m looking forward to a blu ray realease with extras and also i support and enjoy a lot the news about a new sequel to this movie expecting more mega fights between Godzilla and stronger foes!

    • I saw it in Imax after seeing it in Real 3D. Much better and brighter in Imax. I loved the opening from Imax uses Godzilla’s roar. The movie itself could have been better, but I was happy with it.

  3. 2014 godzilla was amazing they should definetly make another one.

  4. I hope there is a sequel so I see more Godzilla and fight another monster!!!

  5. Can’t wait for the sequel! Bring on Godzilla’s son lol

  6. This GREAT,GREAT and AWESOME NEWS!!! YES!!! I have been a Godzilla fan since I was 9yrs old,when I would watch old Godzilla movies on our local horror/sci-fi movie show that was shown on t.v. on Saturday afternoon in my town in Ohio. I loved Godzilla since my first viewing,and even with the man-in-the-suit/model city efx,I thought they were so cool,as I got older and became an even bigger sci-fi fan and watched the effects of my favorite movies improve,I always wondered what those old campy Godzilla movies would be like with Hollywood efx. The special-effects in the 1998 Godzilla was pretty good,but every thing else about that version was just wrong,now fast forward some 15yrs later and Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros(along with Garth Edwards,of course)has FINALLY given us an American Godzilla that all of us “Big G” fans,have hoped for and can get behind. I really enjoyed Godzilla(2014) and I plan on seeing it again,glad it is doing so well at the box office.


  8. Why dont team up with KingKong? It will be nice see.

    • King Kong isn’t big enough. When they made the old cross over movie they either made Kong 20x larger than he originally was or made Godzilla much smaller.

  9. Mothra anyone? The young boys tank had that name on the front when the father son went to look for the disc’s.

    • I’ve noticed that too. It’s a nice egg.

  10. Very very happy about this. Godzilla was my favorite film of the year and one of my favorites ever. It and CA2 are up near the top. I hope they make some more original monsters or change up the old ones enough so they’re not so cheesy. I mean no magic or goofy aliens. If they’re alien they shouldn’t be ridiculous. Biollante could be cool to see in a sequel.

  11. It was a good movie, but puzzling in some ways. I really felt that this Godzilla was far too considerate of humans, especially for a “force of nature.” I was looking forward to Godzilla destroying the American military and rampaging through some big cities. Instead, he went out of his way to avoid harming humans. I was hoping that this Godzilla would be closer to the original in tone and theme and that Godzilla would be just as big a threat as the MUTO. If there is a sequel, I hope that Godzilla stops being a “good guy” and starts being a monster, one that truly demonstrates how petty humanity is in the face of nature.

  12. Why human bomb Godzilla 50 years ago and now it tries to make no harm to human?
    At least it tried….
    Maybe it revenge human by not showing himself much in his own movie.

  13. I read that one of the producers for Godzilla was the actual director of Godzilla vs Hedorah and is working on a script for a sequal to that movie…Hope it comes true!! and also MORE FIGHTING PLEASE!!!!!

  14. The Godzilla 2 sequel is actually the third installment of Man of Steel … called “The Justice League vs Godzilla”.

    But seriously, I do hope more familiar Kaijus make an appearance if they plan on making a sequel.

  15. I must say though, Aaron Taylor’s acting seemed like the weakest points in the movie

  16. I found Godzilla to be almost as disappointing as Prometheus. The build up was long and (uncomfortably) boring having to sit through the long, drawn out, overly acted, under developed human character scenes… Just to see a shot of a giant bug landing on a building… And this went on… and on… the entire movie. And at the end Godzilla shows up.

  17. YES SEQUEL PLEASE!!!!! Destroy all mosnters style. I prefer them not to mess with Mothra though. Godzilla 2014 was amazing! going to watch it in IMAX again!

  18. I loved it best Godzilla movie I seen. I very excited for sequel but they need Gareth to direct it.

  19. yes they should make a Godzilla 2 but show more of him then the Pepole.