Gerard Butler & Geoffrey Rush Join Alex Proyas’ ‘Gods of Egypt’ [Updated]

Published 2 years ago by , Updated September 24th, 2013 at 6:45 pm,

Gerard Butler as Leonidas in 300 Gerard Butler & Geoffrey Rush Join Alex Proyas Gods of Egypt [Updated]

Egyptian mythology is brimming with interesting stories about both gods and human kind, and one of those tales is being brought to big screen soon by Summit Entertainment, director Alex Proyas (Knowing) and writing duo Matt Sazam and Bruce Sharpless, who are also the screenwriting team behind Dracula Untold.

The title of the film probably gives away its subject: Gods of Egypt will tell the story of one of the many disputes between the ancient deities whose likenesses are scrawled all over the walls of ancient Egyptian buildings and tombs. Not much is yet known about the project or when Proyas intends to start filming, but a fresh piece of casting news offers a positive sign for Gods of Egypt‘s development.

According to Deadline, Gerard Butler (300) is currently in talks to play Set, the god of storms, deserts and foreigners. According to mythology, Set was jealous of his brother Osiris and eventually killed and dismembered him (that’s how gods settle family disputes). As a result of this, Osiris’ son Horus became Set’s enemy and the two were thrown into conflict, which in the film will play out with Horus seeking assistance for his revenge from Hathor, the goddess of love. If Butler is cast, this could mean we get to see some interesting fight scenes between him and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Game of Thrones), who has been cast as Horus.

[UPDATE: THR is also reporting that Oscar-winner Geoffrey Rush – arguably best known by mainstream American moviegoers for playing Captain (Hector) Barbossa in the Pirates of the Caribbean series – has joined the Gods of Egypt cast as the sun god Ra, the father of Set and Osiris “who is also Set’s ultimate target.”]

Proyas’ previous films have leaned towards weird and occasionally gloomy sci-fi with films like I, Robot and Dark City. He’s also no stranger to revenge stories, having directed the original 1994 adaptation of James O’Barr’s comic book series The Crow, which was about a musician who is brought back to life in order to avenge the deaths of himself and and his fiancée.

Nikolaj Coster Waldau in Talks Gods of Egypt Gerard Butler & Geoffrey Rush Join Alex Proyas Gods of Egypt [Updated]

This isn’t the first epic tale that Proyas has attempted to tackle. His planned adaptation of John Milton’s famous book Paradise Lost, which many consider to be unfilmable, proved to be exactly that when Legendary Pictures scrapped it entirely over concerns that the required budget was too high. Recreating hell on film is apparently a pricey challenge.

Butler was seen most recently in Olympus Has Fallen, in which he found himself trying to protect the President of the United States from terrorists during an attack on the White House. He’s perhaps best known for his role as King Leonidas in 300, which is no doubt what many will think of when presented with the idea of Butler playing an angry god. He may not have been immortal in 300, but he was definitely a force to be reckoned with.

While we wait to see whether or not Butler officially signs on for the role, answer this question: who would win in a fight between King Leonidas and Jaime Lannister?


Gods of Egypt doesn’t have a release date yet, but we’ll keep you updated on any further casting news.

Source: Deadline

Update Source: THR

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  1. Here’s hoping this film gets made…Oddly, there are relatively few films tackling the incredible tapestry that is Egyptian mythology. Greco-Roman mythology seems to be the norm.

    THIS, I want.

    • There probably aren’t as many Egyptian Mythology based films because the heads of many of the Egyptian gods are animals. With Greco-Roman mythology, the studios can get people interested by casting actors based on looks.

      • Now this is interesting, I’d definitely check it out. Then again, many of the Greek God story hasn’t been told or presented in a way that I enjoyed, so I hope this one will not be treated the same. Oh, and I wonder how they will treat the animals head thingy

        • Maybe they will have them transform into animales as a power of theres, instead of having animal heads, idk lol.

      • I liked how Stargate dealt with that; the “gods” wore armor and their helmets appeared as shapes that ancient Egyptians recognized as animals.

        There are many ways around that, actually, you can just say that each God represents an animal. BOOM, then ancient Egyptians just superimposed the animals head in place of the god’s head because they were really bad at drawing faces that looked different from other faces anyway. lol

  2. Already cannot wait for this.

  3. i hope they tell it in a realistic way and not go over board with the mythologic stuff like a Zues or whoever…historical not made up powers etc..

    • You hope they don’t go overboard with the mythological stuff and made-up powers? You know they are playing Egyptian gods, right? Sort of makes the mythological and made-up stuff unavoidable since it is, not to put too fine a point on it, entirely mythological and made-up!!

  4. And we have more whitewashing. They’re supposed to portray Egyptian gods, but the cast is European? Um, k. Isn’t this a rare opportunity to cast some, I don’t know, African actors in major roles?

    • as long as hes not blonde i think its impossible to prove what race he was…where they african dark skin or middle eastern dark or light(which Butler can pull off with his complexion)

      • Maybe with a tan, but why is that necessary? I’m sure there are plenty of African actors (both North African and sub-Saharan) who could use the work and the opportunity. I guess my issue is that it’s so rare to have ready made roles for minority actors and to pass them up for yet another European cast seems kind of messed up.

        • i hear ya…history is messed up like that, the story usually gets told not by the (native) people but by the person who is paid to give his best interpretation that suits the money people.

        • I agree. Where are the Africans who should be playing African Deities?

          • They should get Michael B Jordan to play a role Hahaha…ha…wait… that joke doesn’t work here…

      • Impossible? What are you talking about? Is not Egypt still located in Africa?

    • my thoughts EXACTLY!

    • I know, right? I’m having this same discussion on Fb right now. What are these white filmmakers thinking of when they do the casting of these roles. Egypt is in Africa, isn’t it? Noah wasn’t a Euro, right. Wtf..

    • This type of comment didn’t take long.

      If your one of those people who believe that only black people come from Africa or that the Egyptians were not Caucasian…. you need to read a proper book.

      But don’t worry Captain Diversity, the new Annie has an African American in the role of a redhead.

      • The Khemit empire (ancient Egypt) spread ONLY because of the progression of the Khush empire (central/sub saharan Africa)…the only reason they went to the coast is the same reason as any culture, they would have more opportunity by spreading to the coastal areas….they did trade with the Arabs and europeans but the majority of the people were BLACK

      • “If your one of those people..” Your ignorance of genealogy and the history connected to it is worse than your ignorance of proper grammar, ie., you’re – your. Now, I didn’t say anything about any one ethnicity “only” being from what you refer to as “Africa”, but, the only non-Black people during that period would have been Africans stricken with albinism, you know, “white people”. Khemetians (Egytians), were definitely NOT Caucasian, said tribe being from an area known as Caucasia or the Caucasus Mountain region, which borders Europe and Asia. So, pray tell, what in the hell are you harping about? The casting is NOT accurate, and you can’t compare historical figures with a fictional one, ie. Annie. You’re a dunce.

      • Another incredibly uneducated and downright stupid comment. Captain Diversity? Hilarious.

    • I was thinking the same thing.
      Also, notice the severe lack of outrage. People worshipped and died for these dieties, barely a peep about the mostly white (so far) cast. Same thing with Passion of the Christ.

      Human Torch is black, people swear off of FOX’s Fantastic Four movies for life
      Annie and that little girl from Hunger Games is black, people lose their sh*t and get all racist on Twitter.

      This is a good chance for Middle Eastern, and African, and hell… even some hispanic/caribbean actors w/ the right complexion to get their act on and they’re getting second billing at best. How’d Gerard Butler (Leonidas) get a role before Rodrigo Santoro (Xerses)?????

  5. Alex Proyas ‘s dark city is one my favorite movie so hell yeah I’m excited for this movie

  6. I think they will use the animal head to show true form to the egyptians, but to fellow gods, self form looking human or vice versa

  7. gods are very tricky to do on film because they would need to be humanized to a certain extent where we can relate to them. however, we would never enjoy seeing gods being less than they ought to be because it wouldn’t be what we imagined them. and we would never like to see them powered up because it would be difficult to relate to them.

  8. Paradise Lost and Dante’s Inferno both need to be made, along with At The Mountains Of Madness. All need to be made, and to heck with the budget…the sky’s the limit, I say!

  9. I’ll watch Gods of Egypt on Netflix when available. Sounds OK to me.

  10. “He was thought to have white skin and red hair, and people with red hair were thought to be his followers.” from this site

  11. So, is this live-action or animated/CGI? The main thing that sets Egyptian Gods apart from the Greek/Roman ones is the animal heads. Unless, of course, they didn’t have animal heads. I’d be cool with that.

  12. As for starters the ancient so called greek gods aren’t greek after all, but mix deities from other cultures, most of the gods were the same and called under diferent names bt the peoples that adopted the new religion.
    Amon Ra was same as zeus or deus Pather in india or Perun/Pelegon of he Slavic mythology.Osiriis was the Dionisus Isis was Minerva from the Pheonicians Godess od Love, and Aphroditis in the Balkans.The Greeks have parently adopted every religion Deities from much more older cultures, nothing is threis, and they can not claim as they thing they are Cradle of Civilizasion. that is all nonsence, We all know that 5 exites civilaziotn in Parelel from f difernt Regions, around the Known World.Nile Valley , Indus Valley, China, Tigris and Euphrates (Mesopothamia),and the Danube Valley,
    now if we look at the cronology we can’t for fact chose which is older or lasser. But we can speculate and crete myths , and tht is waht happened in those Ancient times peoplcreated stories and myhts in order to belive in the supernatuaral, only the supernatuarl can lead them to the right path of salvation, and some culture we drown into religiois practasis that endun making human and animal sacrifice to please their Gods.Pepol that is all doctrine, becuse the only true God was the One only God the rest were advance human race from diferent civilisation and not from this world.becuse of the mess they created now us the pole have to deL WITH ALL THE CRP THTAT IS GOING ON.
    that is way thre is so much divrsion and hatret between culture becuse of the wrong doings bt the Gods, and following some doctrine.It mtter obly one thing we are all the same same human race and that we all have one God and that has to be revilaed to the mass.Beliveing into Duality makes as small, and low, we go down the path not uplifted into the path.
    So all of you clear your orthodoc view and techings that most scholars make you belive and thatis written on stine no everything is written into the human DNA, as jesus said it go inside and find and lern about the Universe.

    • It’s pretty much an established fact that all major religions of the past… forever or so borrow elements from other religions. Some of them don’t steal directly, but have analogues. Others have more ‘obscure’ gods because of their particular culture or geographical location – the Incans had a great focus on llamas that the Romans did not.

      The most famous/obvious is Christianity branching out from Judaism. Scholars have even traced the Jewish ‘God’ back to a proto-Jewish religion where that particular God was just one of many and quite possibly the archetypal ‘trickster’ God and Judaism as we know it started out as a cult worshipping this one God of a proto-Jewish pantheon.

      It sounds nerdy as hell, but religions are interesting.

  13. A all white cast portraying black gods..hilarious. Next Denzel Washington as Zeus.

  14. The people of the land were black… Skin was of darker tone than it is now sooooo… Why in the world would the gods be white?!?! Why couldn’t they be portrayed by black actors? Persians not enough? Gotta whitewash Egypt too? I’m disgusted and even more outraged that this film is coming out in February. What a spit in the face…