Another Glimpse At G.I. Joe’s Cobra Commander

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In February, Screen Rant reported on the first ever look at Cobra Commander, the villainous leader from this summer’s G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra.

That first glimpse of the character came from an unreleased Hasbro toy from their new Combat Heroes line. These are basically exaggerated looking mini-figures similar to the Superhero Squad Marvel figurines. Needless to say, the character looked much different than what we expected.

Our new image for Cobra Commander (who’s played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) also comes from a Hasbro toy, but a much more detailed and realistic one for the movie’s tie-in figures.

Take a look and see what you think:

gi joe cobra commander toy Another Glimpse At G.I. Joes Cobra Commander

The information on the packaging hints at the character’s origin:

The Devious brilliant leader of Cobra demands complete allegiance from his followers as he works toward his ultimate goal of controlling the world. COBRA COMMANDER hides a deadly secret few others know, just as his mask covers disfiguring damage from a fiery accident.

Sounds like Darth Vader but without the force and much worse looking. The obvious observation is that they’ve changed the character’s look quite a bit from the classic Cobra Commander that fans have come to love.

I do not have high expectations for this movie after seeing the disappointing G.I. Joe trailer.

gi joe cobra commander original Another Glimpse At G.I. Joes Cobra Commander

What do you G.I. Joe fans think of the live-action incarnation of Cobra Commander?

G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra opens August 7, 2009.


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  1. bad

  2. Looks more like Destro than CC.

  3. Looks like a reject Tie-fighter pilot from Star Wars. :D

    Honestly would be happier with just the cloth mask above, but will see the movie regardless.

  4. How come the first sign of bad news comes in the form of a toy? First Deadpool, not Cobra Commander. STOP the madness!!!

  5. Colossal Failure!!!! WHY WHY WHY????? I have no hope for this film now.

  6. Cobra Commander was one of the most iconic enemies visually. Everyone would recognise the blue cloth mask. It’s weird to change him up so drastically. Won’t deter me from seeing the movie and I’ll save my final judgments until I’ve seen it.

  7. Why? Why are they purposely making a bomb? Is it a “Producers” type scam?

  8. I agree with ya Blipvert. I’ll be seeing the movie before seeing the movie cause it looks like it has a pretty good cast and i was big fan of the 80′s animated series. I dont know why they feel they need to change the look of Cobra Commander just because his cartoon counter-part looks like kkk member. It was never a big issue to anyone then so it shouldnt be one now. People would more likely go to it for sure if they stick to the basics.

  9. Sorry, i messed up on my typing. what i meant to say is i’ll be seeing the movie before passing judgement.

  10. I think Cobra Commander is still good, no matter what they do

    He looks better in the Hood still anyways.

  11. I have read that the filmakers did not want Cobra Commander to wear the blue hood because it looked too Ku Klux Klanish.

  12. as usual the filmmakers have to make the baddie more high tech 21st century for the little kids these days.
    for me he gets a huge thumbs down.
    anyway, wasn’t cobra commander originally called baron ironblood? before he came back from the dead, and im pretty sure he used to wear a white suit with a metal mask and have white hair…or is my memory of theese toys pre-dating cobra and g.i joe.
    in europe it used to be called action force.

  13. Stephen Sommers is like the film equivalent of autism.

  14. Ouch…This movie looks like it should be a straight to DVD release. Cobra Commander does not look good.

  15. Theres more than one picture of Cobra Commander. What would you prefer to look like? The same KKK blue mask. Studio would probly have alot of protests about it.

  16. Of all the bad movies to make, why did they have to do it to my childhood favorite?

    The trailer looks horrendous. I thought only Michael Bay could butcher my favorite childhood franchises. I’ll wait and see what the critics and the fans say before paying to see this one in the theaters. If they rip it, I’ll probably pass altogether. Someone else may have to remake GI Joe in the future, just like they’ve done with every other comic book movie.

  17. Might as well call him a sci-fi Jason Vorhees. I was hoping for something better but with each new preview or clip I see it sucks even more than the previous clip. No wonder they’re not screening it. Even if it was a cloth mask and blue (not white like the KKK) they could’ve made it more like a ski mask with the Cobra logo on it. Or use the fragging mirror helmet. Plenty of people can make them in their garage so why can’t a movie studio do it? This year has sucked big time with movies. The only things that might have made me see this movie were the actors playing Snake Eyes (minus the rubber lips on his mask…duh idiot designers), Storm Shadow, Baroness, and even Destro & Zartan.
    I’m done with movies this year. They’ll have to pay me to go to a theatre now.
    peace all

  18. I wished more people had more of a open-mind on films. It’s a live-action film thats intended to be more modern. Makin a film in live- action film has always been different than makin a animated film based on the Cartoon or comic. Im not too crazy about those special suits they wear, but somthing little as that wont stop me from seeing it. I even doubt that they will be wearing them through out the movie. Even Transformers wasnt 100% perfect to me. If you complain about rubber lips on Snake eyes, why not bother complaining about Optimus Prime having a mouth? or having Jazz be the smallest autobot in the first movie when in the cartoon etc it was Bumbblebee who was one of the smallest? Im a big movie buff and not once have i seen a film be 100% perfect in every way. Not even the The Dark Knight impressed me as much as people made it all hyped up to be. Im just expressing my view on things.

  19. I have to say, after reading “Above and Beyond” and being a fan of G.I. Joe my entire life, I enjoy this rendition of Cobra Commander and have purchased the figure. I am eagerly awaiting the release of the movie and will go see it with much enthusiasm

  20. @ Trevor
    I cant wait to see the film myself. Im glad someone else has a open mind about the film besides me.

  21. Why did they change the look of the bad guys from the show the two main ones that is ?

  22. @ Blaine
    All i know is the reason why they changed Cobra Commander’s look was because they felt people critize them if they based his look off the blue mask and refer it to KKK. Which is stupid cause obviously they didnt mind having him look that way on the animated series. But in the animated series, they too had Cobra Commander wear the helmet instead of the hooded mask. Bottom line is they were afraid of being racist.

  23. @ Blaine
    Btw, look closely when watching the film and you can notice his mask is kinda both only differance is you can also see little bit of his head;s fleash along w/ the eyes.

  24. So I saw the movie(for free). It blew big time. The Rise of Cobra? I could’ve watched a clip of the last 2 minutes for that. Plot was terrible and some of the characters back stories were changed. That for some is no biggie but when you’re talking about the main villian (though barely any screen time) well then that’s just plain lame. His back story is what makes him who he is. Action was fine and special effects were good. Like I guessed Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Destro, Zartan, and even the Baroness were good. The rest of the cast was forgetable. Even if they didnt go with either origianl Cobra Commander look they had way too many characters looking the same. Neo-vipers, Destro, and Cobra Commander (at the end) all looked like they came from the same artist’s sketch. As an artist I can pick that apart. As for Snake Eyes, yeah I know the lip thing is a minor point but it does remind us that Hollywood is going overboard on affects instead of plot and character development. Plus the rubber suit look is getting old. Whats with Hasbro based movies having scenes or action taking place in Egypt?
    In my previous post I was picking apart what I’ve seen in the GI Joe trailers and other things. I wasn’t talking about Transformers but yes I can say some stuff about those movies too (good and bad), but this thread is about GI Joe.
    So I’ve seen a bunch of movies this year and tried to be open minded about them but I can honestly say this year has had a lot of disappointments.