Glee’s Heather Morris Being Pursued For ‘Buffy’ Reboot [Updated]

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[UPDATE: Sources at Warner Bros. are insisting this is just a rumor. Read below for details.]

Fans of Joss Whedon’s hit television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer have decidedly mixed feelings about Warner Bros.’ recently announced movie reboot. While the allure of seeing the character back on the big screen is somewhat intriguing, many feel that without the input of creator Joss Whedon, the proposed film is essentially Buffy in name only.

Regardless of that pervasive skepticism, the new Buffy the Vampire Slayer continues to gain momentum.  Newcomer Whit Anderson has penned a script that evidently delivers a more modern take on the mythology, but there’s not enough information available yet to determine exactly what that means. What we do know is that the filmmakers are already having discussions about who should inherit the title role – and one name seems to have jumped to the top of their list.

MovieWeb is reporting that Glee star Heather Morris is actively being pursued to play the new Buffy. Their source claims that Morris’ comedic timing has given her an edge over the competition. Given the physical nature of the role, the 23 year-old performer’s past experience as a dancer and gymnast probably doesn’t hurt her odds either.

Interestingly, their story also gives us some idea of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot‘s tone – even if it does seem somewhat contradictory:

“We have learned that the tone will be more in step with the WB series that ran from 1997 to 2003, than it will the original 1992 feature film. The hope is to incorporate a neo-Valley Girl tone that will find this version of the character more in-line with her original Kristy Swanson incarnation, while at the same time presenting a fresh and hip take on the character for today’s more sauve audiences.”

So it’s going to be like the show, but Buffy’s going to be portrayed more like she was in the original movie? I suppose a more accurate description might be that this reboot is going to blend elements from both interpretations. Kristy Swanson’s performance definitely took the valley girl aspect to the extreme and Sarah Michelle Gellar (as much as I love the show) always felt a little bland to me. I don’t think it’d be that challenging to find some sort of middle ground.

Unlike prior versions that had Buffy discovering her destiny while in high school, the reboot will depict her as a recent college graduate “struggling to find a paying job and a healthy relationship.” Anderson’s fresh perspective on the concept certainly excited the film’s producers and was enough to kick-start the project again after several failed attempts. Hopefully those involved see more in this property than just dollar signs.

As for Morris, I’m pretty neutral on her potential involvement. Her character on Glee seems to have more in common with Swanson’s Buffy than Gellar’s, but from the few episodes I’ve seen her delivery seems to be very dry and apathetic. Not that she’d play Buffy the same way, I’m just saying that it’s hard for me to determine how I feel about this when there’s not a lot of prior work to look at.

This isn’t the first time I’ve watched something I grew up with get remade, rebooted, or re-imagined – and it definitely won’t be the last. So all I can do is keep my fingers crossed that they do something unique and surprising with this concept. And if they don’t, all seven seasons of the show are still on my DVD shelf.

Update: THR has insiders at Warner Bros. that insist this is just a rumor and that discussions about casting won’t take place until after the script is finished. Whit Anderson evidently tweeted a denial as well, but it has since been deleted. If this was just a rumor and no one’s talking about casting the new Buffy yet, I wonder if this will increase the chances of Morris’ name coming up when they do start having those conversations.

The Buffy the Vampire Slayer reboot is aiming to hit theaters sometime in 2012.

Source: MovieWeb

Update Source: THR.

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  1. Great. ANOTHER movie about Vampires. If it’s not vampires, it’s zombies. But I suppose in Buffy’s defense there won’t any SPARKLY Vampires, Unlike that OTHER vampire series.

  2. Warner Bros. has debunked this rumor. Screenwriter Whit Anderson has stated they are not even thinking about casting yet, and the script isn’t even written.

    • I just updated the article to reflect THR’s story on the matter.

  3. Even if this does end up being true, it’d just be another blow against the project. Heather Morris’s character in Glee is easily one of my favourites, helped along by her deadpan delivery of her lines, but I seriously don’t see her as Buffy, even as the Kirsty Swanson Buffy (although I’ll admit, I’ve seen little of the original Buffy movie).

  4. This is a neat idea, she is absolutely the most stunning of the three Buffy’s.

    • Yah! She’d be awesome! She’s my fave character on Glee!

  5. anybody else automatically think of the episode “Once More With Feeling”? thats the one with the musical demon that causes everyone to break out into song. that was a great episode. but without Whedon’s involvement, lets hope they dont attempt anything like that.

    anyway, dont care too much for the reboot, dont care too much for the actress (not good but not at all bad), but i dont hate the ideas either

    • So… You really…don’t care? I’m confused to your stance.

      I still have the hots for Kristy Swanson. SMG…kinda, but she jaded me when she was in Cruel Intentions.

    • Ah ! If they attempt that i think I may die !
      ” Once more with feelings ” Was the best thing On Ever. Like ever !
      Jesus, I hate Hollywood !

  6. Christ, another remake. How about creating something new, Hollywood?

    • Another remake to suck, and some how make millions !
      Why do people get away with ripping genuine stuff. Into crap ? Why can’t they just make another twilight. Something I won’t care about.

  7. who thought this was a movie that the public needed to see

  8. “Newcomer Whit Anderson has penned a script that evidently delivers a more modern take on the mythology, but there’s not enough information available yet to determine exactly what that means.”

    “A more modern take on the mythology” means “dark, gritty and focused.” To be honest, I’m kinda getting tired of the “dark, gritty” reboots. You know what I want to see? “Pee-Wee Strikes Back: Revenge of the Theater Attendant with a Flashlight.” We could even get Jason Statham as Pee-Wee himself. Or maybe the Dwight “The Rock” Johnson. We’ve got gold, people! :-0

  9. i think Aly Michalka would make a better Buffy.

    • Buffy doesn’t have the devils curly hair.

      • she looks pretty with straight hair too just like Buffy.

  10. I’ve been watching Buffy since I was three and to be honest… Heather Morris playing Buffy would be your WORST bet EVER. Just because Buffy herself went from Valley Girl to hard ass… Doesn’t mean they need to have an ACTUAL valley girl DOING IT. If I were to cast anyone from Glee it’d be that girl who played Quinn. She could do it alright. Either that or Anna Paquin from True Blood. Either way, you need someone with experience in the sci-fi genre, not a stupid valley girl >.< That is all.

    • Thank you !
      So true, Heather is a cute girl. But far to bubbley to play Buffy Anne Summers.

  11. Oh god, i love you heather but if you have a soul !
    Ah, Buffy the vampire slayer maybe is one of the most alluring, beautiful, shows out there. With the amazing styling of Joss Whedon ! Gushing over, even to say in the least. Every season was breath taking, wait worthy. And If I only could have one thing in my movie self. Buffy is a game stopper !
    Remakes are crappy interpretations of what someone once made genuine ! You would be ruining the Buffy the vampire slayer name ! Kids today’s, and teens today would only recognize Joss Whedon masterpiece for this crap.
    Please think why.
    Sarah Michelle Gellar -Buffy Summers
    Nicholas Brendon -Xander Harris
    Alyson Hannigan -Willow Rosenberg
    Anthony Head -Rupert Giles
    James Marsters -Spike
    Emma Caulfield -Anya
    Michelle Trachtenberg – Dawn Summers

    All Begged for no when they heard Joss Whedon wasn’t involved.
    No ! No ! No ! No ! NO !
    Stupid idea, not even a little cute to throw around.

  12. Being a hardcore Buffy fan, any remake without Whedon is stupid. You need Whedon Wit for Buffy – that’s what made the show, along with a perfect cast and amazing writers.

    IF this reboot is going to happen, then the ONLY one I could see playing Buffy is Kristen Bell – if you’ve seen Veronica Mars, you’ll know why. Natural sass.

    Other then that, I agree with the 99.9% of all Buffy fans, and give a big NO.
    Not to mention – Valley Girl? Sigh.

  13. I wouldn’t mind seeing Dianna Agron as Buffy. My opinion!!!!

  14. haterd