‘Glee’ Star Cory Monteith Dead at 31

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cory monteith passes away Glee Star Cory Monteith Dead at 31

Glee‘s Cory Monteith has died. The actor’s body was found in a Vancouver, Canada hotel according to the Vancouver Police Department. As of right now, no cause of death has been determined, though Police have indicated that they do not suspect foul play.

Monteith was an early stand-out on FOX’s musical comedy-drama, playing Finn Hudson, a popular jock and glee club star. Over the course of the series’ first four seasons, Monteith’s character dealt with his girlfriend’s pregancy, an on-again/off-again relationship with his glee club teammate Rachel (Lea Michelle), a brief stint in the army, and the pursuit of a career as a teacher. Despite the exit/graduation of four cast members, Monteith was set to return to the show for the upcoming fifth season.

An incredibly talented singer and actor, Monteith had also started to branch out into feature films more, and was set to appear in two independent films – McCanick and All the Wrong Reasons – that are now in post production.

At just 31 years old, Monteith joins the terribly unfortunate and terribly long list of actors that have gone too soon; leaving the full measure of his potential forever aching to be un-capped as everyone stands stunned.

cory montieth glee passes away glasses Glee Star Cory Monteith Dead at 31

“An exceptional talent and an even more exceptional person. He was a true joy to work with and we will all miss him tremendously.”

Said 20th Century Fox in a statement, while co-star Dot Jones took to Twitter to offer her condolences:

“I have no words! My heart is broken Cory was not only a hell of a friend he was one amazing [man] that I will hold close to my heart forever [...] I am blessed to have worked with him and love him so much! My heart is with [his] family and our whole Glee family.”

Choreographer and three time Glee director Adam Shankman also took to Twitter, saying:

“Goodbye my amazing and beautiful friend. The lights in my world just grew dimmer. The world just lost one of our best. I love u so much…”

Love, anger, and pain – it’s safe to say that all members of the Glee family (including their fans) are dealing with these emotions right now, but above all others, they are most likely obsessing over the question of “why”, a question that will in some ways never truly be answered.


In Memoriam: Cory Monteith, May 11, 1982 – July 13, 2013.

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  1. Why? I’m thinking drugs.

  2. Given he just left rehab, a relapse may be the cause, but let’s wait for the autopsy.

    Shame, his performances were really refreshing to me in a show that (in recent times) missed more often than it hit.

  3. soo sad r.i.p

  4. I don’t watch the show or know much about this is actor but my thoughts and prayers go out to him and his family. 31 is too young for anyone to pass. Rest in peace.

    • 31 is also a little old to play a highschool student.

      • Tell that to John Travolta and Michael Rosenbaum.

        Anyway, never heard of him before this news but it’s tragic either way, drug related or not.

  5. I do watch the show, mostly because it is a roller coaster of good and bad. Lately it’s been so bad it’s funny. Its funny because the way the show was going in season 3 i thought his character would be killed off but they just keep him going.

    Really Sad news, its a shame someone so talented would mostly now be associated with a mere tv show

  6. Drugs was probably the cause of it…like always, didn’t care much for Glee, so do not know who this is.

    • Then maybe you shouldnt comment.

      • +1
        @Rigo You don’t know who this is but you have the nerve to say he overdosed? There’s a chance he may have and there’s a chance he may have not but since you don’t know who he is or watch the show you shouldn’t comment.

        Rest In Peace. Sad to see someone with so much talent die at such an early age.

        • John, there is a comments section. If ScreenRant doesn’t want comments they can disable them. Rigo is probably right anyways.

          • Still doesn’t give him the right to be an inconsiderate d-bag.

            • +1

          • You know what? You’re right, why not go to his family, friends and fans and scream out he overdosed, I mean people do have freedom of speech right? So let’s use it anytime and anyway possible.

            There maybe fans of Glee on this website who are devastated by the news. Imagine your favorite actor or band getting into plane crash. I know I’d be devastated. The last thing people need is someone being an inconsiderate douch*.

            • Bro, do you know what a celebrity is????? People speculate on message boards about celebrities. That’s a huge portion of the internet. I just don’t like people policing other people for maing educated guesses. He PROBABLY overdose because he was a DRUG ADDICT. What was wrong with Rigo commenting again? ScreenRant still hasn’t removed it.

              @JOHN take your over exaggerated sarcasm and shove it.

              • It doesn’t fit =/.

    • Dear Mike, You Suck.
      As for Cory, RIP big guy.-”Don’t stop believing”

  7. He (as well as the show) should’ve stopped at season 3, which probably the best ending the show could ever had. Too bad, although not my favorite, he’s one of the best singer in the show, and it’s sad the way he suddenly left for that rehab that stopped him from finishing the last season. His character was treated really badly as well. Too young to die, but I guess he’s having that mental crisis that hit people who reaches 30 nowadays.

    I’m really sorry for his passing, and my biggest condolences to the family and all Glee’s cast and crew who I’m sure will be devastated with this loss. You will be deeply missed Cory, especially when my Glee music collection is filled with your voice *sigh*

  8. he was just a kid really so its kinda fu@ked up

    • 31 years old is a kid?

  9. Don’t know anything about him or the show but it is sad to hear.

  10. Shame to see young talent end so early.

  11. Guess it’s true what they say, only the good die young. Or in this case, the one’s with promising careers in other branches of media.

  12. I find this to be very sad news I give my best wishes to his friends family and others who cared about him. May he rest in peace

  13. I have always watched this show with my wife. Never really enjoying it but I could always see a sort of sadness in his eyes. This is a very sad thing to hear. I wish his family and friends all of the best in dealing with their loss. 31 is my age and I couldn’t think of dying now. God be with you!

  14. I dont watch glee but its really sad for someone so young taken away too early R.I.P cory monteith

  15. This is insane. Never followed the guy beyond Glee season 2, but I never saw him being dead at this point in time. Crazy….

  16. JOhn I agree with what you have said. Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing but there is also responsibility that comes with that. Let’s use it for good purposes rather than say nasty things.

    That aside I do pray that perhaps something good might come of Cory’s death. Glee has a huge following so perhaps this might help young people say ‘no’ to taking drugs. I know it won’t ever end but even if it helps a few then perhaps his family might take some comfort in that.

    I send my prayers to Cory’s family but also to all those anonymous, nameless faces that we don’t know who feel that they need these drugs to survive or get through a day.

    May they all find the help they need.

  17. I sense a tribute episode!!!(Jazz hands)

  18. Do not rest in peace, rest in shame for squandering your life in such a wasteful manner.

    • I’m sorry you feel this way. I have always loved this quote from the movie “To Kill a Mockingbird” I think we should all remember this:

      ‘You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view – until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.’

      • +1

      • Please let me walk in his shoes. Reports indicate he made 40-50k per episode, owned a 10 million dollar home. All that for covering old songs on a show about highschool.

        Ohhh poor him…

        • I guess money means more to you… a job isn’t the only thing in someone’s life and money doesn’t solve personal problems. smh so narrow minded.

          • Alcohol & heroin don’t solve personal problems either but they can help you die, just look at cory montieth.

  19. at the end of the day, it is still a life lost… doesn’t matter what the reason was. be thoughtful guys. it is still a sad story to read. condolences for his friends and family.

    • I offer condolences if the family directly tried to intervene however if they enabled his addictions then I offer scorn instead.

  20. We will miss you Cory monteith

  21. newspapers keep on referring to is “a tragic accidental death”. while tragic yes, because he was young. but i don’t think an accident. heron and alcohol mix together, he should have known better, but i guess he couldn’t help it. and that’s sad because there are other people around the world who are like him, prone to alcohol other addictions related. it’s true, i’ve read other stories where someone lost a husband to heron and smoking, because he was prone to it. all in all, very sad in deed. sad for the parents for losing a son and an older brother losing his baby brother. hate it when the baby in the family dies first. and sad for his girlfriend. i know what they’re going through, losing someone, and it just deranges your energy for days and weeks. Cory, your fans will miss you.

  22. I just don`t see how they continue to make the show,you know-sing and dance,it would be completely natural for me if it gets cancelled-sad thing-it won`t be,cose too much money`s at stake…

  23. that indeed is and I know the cause of his death it was some kind of an overdose of some kind of drug.

  24. i’m sorry, but people shouldn’t overact to his death. i know what i said is harsh and the whole “you don’t have heart” blah blah blah. i don’t have sympathy for people do drugs or anything related and then die because of that. the person who does drugs needs to take that on their own accord to stop the addiction. a lot of well known people, young and old, had the mistake of what this guy did. was there a way for this guy to prevent his own death, yes, his decision. and he made his own decision. i’ve heard he went to rehab before, which a good thing he did on own accord, but still. hundreds of actors die on something they were working on, a movie or a tv show. was he to young to die? yes. of out of the deaths of 2013, the one i was most sad and frustrated was Nelson Mandela. Sad because, young people and teenagers don’t care if an old man dies. he died of natural causes and apparently, when someone dies from a murderer, a car crash or from drug overdoes, is more tragic than a person who died from natural causes. Frustrated because this younger generation, especially the teenagers, don’t know who Nelson Mandela is. You got to be kidding me. He’s in every history book (okay almost), adults and parents talk about him, an icon and the symbol of peace. the kids in South Africa, know Nelson Mandela then the kids from other parts of the world. anyway, i’m not sad that this Cory died, his decision and he suffer the consequences. Which brings me about how famous peoples’ deaths sale. this disgusts me to every level of human emotions. i in fact feel more sorry for you guys who like the Cory guy. after his death, i heard they were going to honor him in an episode. and my thought was, “Really? Are you going to honor him, by having a episode about his character’s death?” this was my thought. i see why they would, to respect the fans and as well the casts and the family of the guy. but there was something underneath the whole facade was rather disturbing me. the guy died, so they think by having a episode revolving his character’s death and as in real life, will bring higher ratings. Higher ratings to the show and to keep the show on the air. Death sales, in a very inhumane way of thinking, as this is what i think. same thing with Paul Walker’s death. there were so many DVDs of the movies he was in and the whole section of Fa. and Fu. movies after his death. Death sales. i don’t know if i’m the only one who feels and views this way.