Allison Williams Eyed for ‘Fantastic Four’; Circles Shakespeare Retelling ‘Rosaline’

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allison williams fantastic four rosaline Allison Williams Eyed for Fantastic Four; Circles Shakespeare Retelling Rosaline

Out of the four leading ladies featured on HBO and creator/star Lena Dunham’s cult hit TV series, Girls, Allison Williams (who portrays Marnie on the show) is the only one who has yet to appear in a feature-length movie. That will soon change, now that Williams – the daughter of NBC Nightly news anchor Brian Williams – is on the verge of signing on for a retelling of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, titled Rosaline.

What’s undoubtedly more interesting to our fellow comic book readers out there, is the news that Williams has been shortlisted for the Fantastic Four movie reboot. The superhero flick is developing from 20th Century Fox, which has a 2015 release date in mind and Josh Trank (Chronicle) guiding the whole thing as director.

Rosaline is based on the book “Wish You Were Mine” by Rebecca Serle, which is a modernized retelling of Romeo and Juliet told from the perspective of Romeo’s (in this version, Rob’s) would-be lover, Rosaline. The movie is slated to be directed by Michael Sucsy (The Vow), based on an adapted screenplay that’s being written by Scott Neustader and Michael H. Weber ((500) Days of Summer). Deadline is reporting that Williams has entered talks to play the title role and, by the sound of it, is all but officially onboard at this point.

Fantastic Four has received screenwriting contributions from Ashley Miller (X-Men: First Class), lesser-known Jeremy Slater, Zack Stentz (Thor) and Trank himself; then, earlier this year, Seth Grahame-Smith (Dark Shadows) was brought aboard to provide a revised script, drawing from previous drafts. However, when all is said and done, it’s possible that not all of these people will receive actual credit for their work on the project (c’est la vie).

Fantastic Four Reboot Director Allison Williams Eyed for Fantastic Four; Circles Shakespeare Retelling Rosaline

According to Deadline, Fantastic Four is in a “very early talking stage” of casting; hence, it’s possible some up-and-coming actress other than Williams could end up securing the movie’s female lead role of Susan “Sue” Storm (a.k.a. the Invisible Woman). Nonetheless, it’s encouraging to learn that the F4 filmmakers – which includes X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn as a producer – have shortlisted an actress with some dramatic chops for the role (sorry, Jessica Alba).

Williams does a good job bringing humanity to the Marnie character and makes the token Type-A member of the Girls brigade feel like a fully-realized person; not to mention, that role is proof that Williams can handle the motherly side of Sue Storm in Fantastic Four. Trank’s franchise reboot will be important in the next generation of superhero movies released by Fox (under the supervision of Mark Millar), and casting someone like Williams would be a move in the right direction.


Fantastic Four opens in U.S. theaters on March 6th, 2015.

Source: Deadline

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  1. I don’t know who she is…but still very pretty

    • I second, third, and fourth the motion. Not blond like Sue Richards, but yes indeed, I could forgive her for that! As for villains, if no problem with character rights, how about The Frightful Four (Wizard, Trapster, Sandman, and Medusa)? Great villains in the early comics, probably some of the best on a par with Dr. Doom versus the Fantastic Four! 4 on 4 cage-match…what a slobberknocker!

    • She’s on the HBO series “Girls”. Her dad is NBC newsman Brian WIlliams

  2. Never have seen the show you speak of but by the sounds of it it sounds like she has the acting chops. I’d be fine with her. I’d rather get some up and comers for the FF reboot. Josh Trank should do FF justice it deserves to be.

  3. If she can act, then I’ll be happy to have her!

    • Same i don’t want another Jessica Alba (in my opinion she just isn’t that good an actress)

      • I agree. She’s good looking, but damn she isn’t convincing at all in her movies. The only problem I had with Sin City was her having a major role.

    • she can act, I think, unless she’s just playing herself. But I think she’d be good as Sue, maybe a little young though, depending on who would end up as the other members.

  4. Never seen the show but I’ve heard good things. She’s certainly attractive enough. If she is a good actor and wants the part I say why not.

  5. Oh wow she’s cute. I hope she gets the part, I mean Invisible Woman at least is always a positive. Because quite frankly the only positive of the previous two films was Jessica Alba. Hell, they put her on the cover of their movie front and center. But somehow… I feel like they might ruin the film again like they did with F4 and Rise of the Silver Surfer… hope not. Gonna see it when it does come out along with Avengers 2, Justice League, and Ant-Man.

    • jessica alba, a plus? Not in the acting category imo

  6. I don’t know her name, I’ve never seen her face, or heard her speek, but I am supremely confident that she is a better actress than Jessica Alba.

    • Here here!

  7. Allison Williams wipes the floor with Jessica Alba, not going to lie. I’ve seen a few episodes of Girls, and she is definitely the best part of all the episodes I’ve seen.

    Hope she gets it.

  8. Here’s hoping that there are no corny “Invisible woman gets naked” bits.

    • Someday, somehow, Larry Flynt will make a spoof.

  9. She’s beautiful enough to play her that’s for sure. But she is also a great actress with depth and the know how to realize a character. This is good news. Trank better do this right.

  10. You making new movipp

  11. Im very curious what villain they will use.

  12. Is their any shot if this being reverted back to Marvel? I honestly kinda want to see major script problems so filming keeps getting pushed back, thus rights go back a la Daredevil? I just think the FF, along with Galatus, Silver Surfer, Doctor Doom, etc. belong in the MCU.

    • Slim to none. Studios know that Xmen and FF are franchises to be coveted, and Fox isn’t going to give them up so easily.

      Gawd knows that Fox messed up FF so badly (Tim Story, what were you thinking?). FF and Xmen are way superior (IMHO) to the Avengers, and I’m dying to see a good FF movie.

      With that being said, at least Mark Millar is involved (love him or hate him), as well as Vaughn. Not sure about Trank, although I didn’t like Chronicle at all (way to emo for me).

      • Sheesh….

        I’ve said it for years and now even ScreenRant has said it. Do yourself a favor and listen to the most recent ScreenRant Underground podcast. You guys who always want rights reverted to Marvel NEVER REALIZE that if that happens, YOU WILL NEVER SEE THE MOVIES YOU WANT. EVER.

        If Marvel got back Spiderman, X-Men, Fantastic Four, you won’t ever see most of those movies. There’s only so many directors, writers, producers and a lil thing I like to call MONEY to go around. If they do Iron Man and Spiderman themselves, you just eliminated Thor, Guardians & Captain America. Cuz most would try to put X-Men or FF in their place. Everything is still under the Marvel umbrella. You just HAVE to divide among other studios for this stuff to see the light of day. Just because Punisher and Daredevil are back at Marvel, DOES NOT mean we will get their movies. ONE STUDIO just doesn’t have the time or resources to do Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Guardians, Ant Man, Avengers, Daredevil, Punisher, Fantastic Four, Spiderman AND X-Men all by themselves.

        • I’m just wondering how Chronicle was “too emo”.

          I mean, it had the perfect mix of action and emotion considering it was a superhero movie and gave bullied kids everywhere an actually realistic portrayal of a bullied high school kid without going into lame cliche that made the bullied kid seem like he deserves his mistreatment like so many other movies seem to do.

  13. good look, fits the roll alot beter than alba.

  14. I am so glad that another Fantastic Four film is actually taking shape. And add to that the fact that it sounds like the producers are trying to make it a good one, all the better. Jessica Alba is endlessly adorable, but obviously miscast in the role (same for Reed Richards in the previous films).

  15. Her character “Marnie” is EASILY my favorite part of GIRLS. I even had to gif her booty pop scene at the wedding in season 1 and throw it up onto my blog lol.

  16. Ok, google image this actress and tell me she wouldn’t make an awesome Harley Quinn… lol :-D

  17. She’s purdy :)

  18. I reserve judgement until the movie comes out.

  19. Let’s fill ot the rest of the cast…
    Joanie Laurie… shehulk
    Wall-E…. herbie the robot
    melissa mccarthy…. female thing/shari/ms.marvel

    yeah this the the wackiest combination of 4 members over the years, just 4 fun.

    there was a time when Hulk, Spidey, Ghost Rider and Wolvie became the “4″, but of couse we’ll get the classic Fan 4.

    • Funny thing is, at least Vivid gave us superheroes we still haven’t seen in proper movies, even if their own versions are….um….different?

      I mean, that adult version of The Avengers had She-Hulk, Spiderman and Ms Marvel alongside the characters from the actual Avengers movie.

      I say this having only seen screenshots and not the actual movie.

  20. Say be a pretty girl, but does Marvel know that you can’t actors in your movies just because they’re sexy? Yes sex sells but the Invisible Woman is a strong female character like Black Widow and Elektra. Marvel stop this crap and cast Rosamund Pike in the role or anybody who is hot and talented.

    • Um….FF is a Fox movie, not Marvel.

      And according to SR, she can act.

      • Sorry, I ment to say 20th Century Fox, but I think I need to see who else they’re considering.

  21. At this point anything they do would be an improvement. Give Doom his due!

  22. The only reason I watch “Girls” is for Allison Williams. The show is not very good, but she is good in it.

  23. How arrogant of you! Jessica Alba is an actress and does have acting skills as much any actress out there. I think it is hardly her fault if she is not taken seriously by so-called experts like you.

    I think any actress will be hard pressed to compete with the image of Jessica Alba as Sue Storm as she did embody the role, despite the very lightweight character and role she was given by the arguably sexist, male screenwriters etc. at Marvel and company.

    Marvel has its work cut out for it to reboot this film because due to dvds the film is still very much out there in my consciousness and so I undoubtedly will evaluate the future actress against Alba, just as I evaluated the newer Spiderman against its predecessors.

    • You know Jessica Alba doesn’t read these things, right? Anyway, I’m sure she is a very nice lady but as far as professional actresses go, she’s fairly underwhelming and one-dimensional. And it doesn’t take an expert to tell that.