New Photos Of Rooney Mara As Lisbeth Salander in ‘Dragon Tattoo’

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New photos have emerged from the set of David Fincher’s take on The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and they offer a better look at Rooney Mara as the titular gal, a.k.a. Lisbeth Salander.

Sherlock Holmes 2 star Noomi Rapace played the role of Salander (in our opinion, to perfection) in the Swedish film version of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, so there is reason to wonder if Mara’s take on the character will prove as memorable in Fincher’s American version.

Late Swedish author Stieg Larsson – who wrote the original Girl With the Dragon Tattoo novel and its sequels – described Salander as a grown-up version of Pippi Longstocking, herself one of children literature’s most famous, red-haired heroines. Salander (who dies her ginger-colored hair black) is described in the first of Larsson’s novels as “a pale, anorexic young woman who had hair as short as a fuse” and is decked out in piercings and tattoos. Despite being small in stature, the 24 year-old Salander’s appearance very much reflects her fiercely independent nature and outlook.

Mara played Mark Zuckerberg’s ex-girlfriend, Erica Albright, in Fincher’s The Social Network and was convincing (in her few scenes, at least) as a intelligent, capable woman who refused to tolerate the Facebook creator’s rude behavior towards her – even after Zuckerberg had begun his trek to fame and fortune. Salander is definitely a much darker and more complex variation on that character type, though it’s not a stretch to say that Mara seems up to the challenge.

But what of Salander’s physical appearance?  Just have a look at the photos of Mara in costume on the Dragon Tattoo set, which can be glimpsed below (for more images, check out

The costume and makeup designers look to have done an excellent job transforming Mara into Salander – even though her hairdo bears an odd resemblance to Ramona Flower’s from the original Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World comic books. Mara looks a bit paler in her getup as Salander than Rapace did (see below), but that is likely due more to the natural lighting of these set photos – plus, Fincher tends to favor dark cinematography, which will also affect Mara’s appearance in the film.

hollywood wants Noomi Rapace1 New Photos Of Rooney Mara As Lisbeth Salander in Dragon Tattoo

Noomi Rapace in ‘The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo’

Fans of the original Girl With the Dragon Tattoo movie are very much split in their feelings about Fincher’s English-language version, which will draw moviegoers who are intrigued by the story but passed on the Swedish film due to, well, a dislike of subtitles and their preference for more familiar faces in the cast. There is a lot of great talent involved behind the scenes of this project so it is hard to dismiss it entirely as just another subpar Hollywood remake – for now, at least.

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is scheduled to hit theaters in the U.S. on December 21st, 2011.

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  1. Not bad. In the books she is constantly being remarked on her adolescent looks despite being in her 20’s.

    While I thought Noomi NAILED the role, her only limitation was that she very clearly looks as if she is in her 30’s.

    While I say that, I still don’t see the need to make an American version of an awesome film from a spectacular series.

    • Most American moviegoers don’t want to read subtitles, unfortunately.

      …Does this girl have eyebrows? Hard to tell in the pictures.

      • @Jason: Her eyebrows were/are bleached. I don’t recall that detail in the book, but hey…what the heck.

  2. Yawn. No need…Said it all before…

  3. Mara actually looks closer what I pictured in my head when reading the novel than Rapace did. Noomi did a fantastic job as Salander, but you have to admit, Mara is one hell of an actress. She did more with her ten to fifteen minutes of screen time in The Social Network than most A-list actresses could have done with an entire film. Also, Fincher has said on multiple occasions that he is NOT remaking the original film, but instead doing another adaptation of the novel. He’s also said that his film will focus more on Salander than the Swedish film did.

    • That what worries me, the film wasn’t all about Lisbeth. I see no need in making a remake. I don’t care what Flincher says, it’s a remake. He is already doing a movie that isn’t even old yet. And there no need to make American version. A lot of AMericans don’t understand different culture very well. What made the Swedish movie so good, it wasn’t from American view point, or made in America way of making flims. I have see the trailer for the US version and it seem to me like a copy cat.

      • Nonsense!

  4. Wow. You can barely recognize her, she doesn’t even look like herself. However, that is the point. Unfortunately, I still feel that they could have cast a better actress for the role. However, Mara was the best candidate out of the four unknown actresses in the running. She was really good in The Social Network. Even though she only had 2-3 scenes, she played the role with sheer perfection. I really felt strongly towards her character when she found out that Zuckerberg blogged about her and almost ruined her reputation.

    However, I would have preferred Emily Browning for the role of Lisbeth Salander because she closely resembles the character I envisioned when reading the book. I still don’t know why she was cut from the list of finalists. Mara had the role in the bag from the beginning because Fincher prefers to work with the same actors over and over again. She entered the race solely on his recommendation.

    • I pictured Ellen Page for the role. She has the youthful look, plus she can pull off the sarcasm, drama, etc. See her in Rock Candy…brilliant.

  5. I don’t see a problem at all with making these books into movies after Sweden did it. Let’s be honest, most Americans will not watch foreign films. They prefer to see movies in their language and with people they can recognize. So to be honest I actually hate how many people on the message boards on this site are always so negative toward an American version of foreign movies. In my opinion this is a great way to get the American audience on board to maybe read the books or better yet, actually see the original films. Now granted majority won’t do either of those things but I saw Let Me In last week and guess what I did yesterday? Yup, I watched the original version. Another point I’d like to make in this rant is that I’m a little over judging a movie before you even see a preview. It’s a bit silly. If Fincher sticks to the material and if the acting performances are good then why will this be a bad movie? Because Sweden did it first so certain people don’t like that there’s a new American version? Seriously, get over it. I know for a fact that Bollywood borrows ideas from American and British films and makes it for an Indian audience. It’s things like this that turn me off to reading message boards.

    I’ve seen the original films and read the books. FANTASTIC STUFF. Rapace was great.

    • Rapace’s star is certainly on the rise. I just hope they don’t Jeremy Renner her.

    • totally agree- all the whining & complaining & refusal to see the english version is so phony- get over yourselves! i’ve read all the books and have seen all 3 swedish films- loved them all! but i can’t wait to see what fincher does with them now…noomi was amazing and should win the best foreign actress award but even she said the role should go to an unknown as she was done with it. the actors they have cast so far are really great- it should make for a fun adventure!

    • If “Most” Americans won’t watch foreign films then the issue to be addressed is why won’t they, why are “Most” Americans so closed minded that they cannot appreciate creations from other cultures and isn’t this just another underlying symptom of American Xenophobia that leads to”MOST” of the world HATING the United States?

      In simple terms it can be boiled down to American arrogance plain and simple. Yes the movie will be flashier polioshed and glossy like most big budget American movies are. Thank the Goddess though that there’s still the raw and gritty original for us purists. See I CAN read unmlike many Americans, and when I was a child subtitles were a distraction but this film is also dubbed in English and dubbed very well, so there was no reasson to remake it, except mfopr American arrogance.

      I mean think about it: When I look at American politics most Teapublicans want to get rid of the Board of Education. There are enough F’tards loose as it is who can’t read a text book (much less read a subtitle).

      • And in case anyone wants to point out my typos as a sign of a lack of education, well if you understood the “context” of my comment the typos are fforgivable.

      • Well, gee, Antigone,
        If you wait long enough, China will be the go-to country for everything, and then you watch everything in Chinese with Swedish subtitles. Rapace was fantastic, and Mara is fantastic, as well. I’m an American and I watched all three Swedish films. Loved both versions. Btw, Wallander was made in both Swedish and English. Kenneth Branagh starred n the English version. I suppose you’re resentful of that, as well. Too bad. You should appreciate both versions, Lovey.

      • i can read subtitles…we all can. were just lazy. so sue us.

      • Hey Antigone, you should know about those Ftards!

  6. still not sure about this mara doesnt look like i thought she would not seen much with her in it but going to see social network on Wednesday so will have a better opinion on her acting then.i hope this film lives up to the books and Swedish films ive enjoyed all of those so far.

    on a side not any uk readers out there dont you think rapace looks like kat slater (from eastenders) in the photo above lol

    • I don’t watch Eastenders, but she does remind me a lot of Lene Nystrom. Actually, I think Lene probably could have done a good job of the role.

  7. Although I understand the concern over this movie I have complete faith in David Fincher. And I also think that Rooney Mara will be great in the role. I second everyones opinion about “The Social Network” and I even thought she was the only good thing about the new “Nightmare On Elm Street”. Wow. I never thought I would say or type a positive word about that movie….

    • Why do you have complete faith in him? Do you know Fincher personally? Are you in the film industry? If not then why are you trying to appear as a expert?

      Did you see the original? Do you know why viewers are concerned that Fincher is going to mess every thing up? In the book Lisbeth Salander is described as appearing like a 14 year old boy.

      In the U.S. version on the promotional posters Fincher has Lisbeth posing topless wiht the male lead, so already he screwed up.

      No I have NO faith in American filmmakers, they always pander to teenage males.

      • @Rachelsluv
        Why are you so angry and elitist? Jeez! If anyone is arrogant, it’s YOU! Does someone have to know David Fincher personally to have faith in his directing capabilities? Have you seen Se7en? How about The Social Network, or Fight Club or The Game? I’ve seen enough of his work to trust in his abilities. If you’ve seen an artist’s work, do you have to know him/her to trust in his/her talents? Do you even have to be an artist yourself to have an opinion? I can appreciate “gritty” every bit as much as something “polished” or “glossy.” I suppose you reject digital media, then? Good luck finding film for your cameras! I’ve read the original Larsson books and Lisbeth is not described as looking like a 14 yr-old boy, but looking “boyish.” And Rooney Mara is FAR more boyish looking than Rapace. Yes, Noomi is fantastic, but why are you so offended someone else is bringing even greater exposure to Larsson’s works? You’re such a hypocrite! You’re not even European and yet you pretend to be! Btw, YES, I’ve seen the originals, and I dig ’em, but I’m not so closed-minded [or insecure] I can’t appreciate artistic license. Why can’t you?

      • I think you are wrong. There is no indication of anything that you say in fact anywhere. Are you an expert? You seems somewhat haughty to me. Like a drag queen without enough money to pull it off…always just a little bit pissed off because life is always selling them short for whatever reason. Where are your creds? Thank you however for your opinion. Want to go out sometime?

  8. I read all 3 books (wished the family would allow someone to finish the 4th) but the 3 books were awesome, i am glad that we got to see a bit more development of Salander as the books evolved. Was it me or was it kind of weird to read a book where it refers to everyone by their last names. This was a first for me, but not so unusual as i am in the military here in the USA.

    I hope the movie does the books justice, I am not going to hold my breath on that one. hell look what they did to “Trublood” Sookie Stack house, they ruined the whole series after seriously deviating from the books.


  9. wow. just saw rooney mara on the net and i know she will nail the character of lisbeth salander with a bang. the character of lisbeth is young, frail looking. i think rooney is a perfect for the rule.

    • i love the books. i think i will read the book twice, thrice with the same anticipation as the first time i read it. i believe rooney mara will fit the character of lisbeth salander like a glove.

  10. Hopefully she does the hot explicit lesbian scene just like in the original. woot.

  11. Doesn’t look like Rooney Mara put in near half the effort Noomi Repase did with
    visually designing Lisbeth’s character.

    • Really? I don’t know what Noomi did to prepare, but Rooney went and got real piercings, real tattoos and that god awful haircut. If you’ve seen pictures of her prior to filming, you’d see that she’s done a LOT.

  12. Ugghh, she looks good – except for the HAIR. What the crap are they doing? It’s looks ridiculous. She’s supposed to have short hair – it says so explicitly in the book (in the first book, anyway). I already feel the disappointment welling up inside me. Sigh.

  13. at first when i heard hollywood was re-making it i rolled my eyes… but now i am very interested in seeing what he will do with it. the ONLY “problem” i have is that i simply cant see anyone else play lisbeth. noomi was sooooo amazingly perfect for the role. i wish she would reprise her role, yet i can understand why she would not want to. fortunately they chose an unknown actress…. thank god!

  14. I think it so dumb to remake it. The original one was so AMAZING. I haven’t seen it and all ready know that it’s going to suck. Just looking at those pics of “lisbeth salander”. She looks NOTHING like the real lisbeth. They are making her look all girly girl up with a bit of ” goth punk”. The real lisbeth could never buy those kind of clothes. The real lisbeth is a badass woman not a fashion model. And y the hell have your own name tattooed on yourself? She can remember her own name people. Hollywood always F’s up movies/books just so they can make a lot of money. It’s sad really.

    • I think the “Salander” [temporarily] tattooed on her chest was only for the W mag cover.

    • well said

  15. noomi rapace did nail it.
    i am sorry to say this, but rooney is looking much too waiflike, mainstream heroin chic, which is reducing the brilliant raw performance of the original. i have faith in d fincher, so lets hope this unique story is not ruined with a mediocre adaptation. the fact that W published rooney’s LS photos is disappointing, this entire novel is based on the intrigue of the character, and hollywood is starting to kill it before it even has a chance.

    • Noomi Rapace was a great character, but she was CLEARLY 30’s-ish in appearance…simply too old and too strong. Re-read the books; Lisbeth’s slight frame is re-emphasized many times. I assert so many fans of the Swedish films are stuck on Rapace because the films had much to do with Westerners even knowing about the character, much like peoples’ fixation on Sean Connery as the ‘best’ Bond, and I prefer Daniel Craig over them all.

      • Noomi wasn’t even in her 30’s when she filmed the movies, she was 28, so to say she was too old for the role is ridiculous. Rooney Mara is 26 now, so she’s even older than what the character is meant to be and she also certainly doesn’t look like she could pass for 14.

        I also don’t think Noomi looked too strong, she’s very slim and she had a complete flat chest, she looked very slight in build to me. I’m personally smaller than Noomi, but I have a stronger build than she does, she really looked petite in the film.

        I think Rooney looks the part, but I also think Noomi looked the part. I think it is okay to have different variations of the character, it doesn’t mean that one has to be better than the other.

        • There’s nothing ridiculous about it, she might have been 28 playing LS but it’s said many many times in the book the character looks like a teenager and Noomi Rapace doesn’t

  16. when i saw mara then scrolled down to noomi, i sighed. i mean what is this!i don’t care if americans are to lazy to watch the foreign films. they are always lazy!The two Lisbeths look so different.then i bet when the movie comes out, teens will dumbly tried to copy the leather, i don’t give s*** look.I’m just hoping,PRAYING that mara will be 100% bad*** or else this could a complete diaster that the majority of the watchers will never know.Mostly because they are to lazy to read the book to see how the real character is.
    i wish her luck.

  17. It’s hard to imagine anyone but Rapace in teh role after you see the Swedish version. Also loved the male lead, who is handsome but still has a gut — in other words, human, unlike most American actors, who need perfection. I loved ahte Swedish versions, but two of them were hot for TV, and they may be better for being shot for the wide screen. However, Noomi’s Salander is exactly as I imagined her — or better, How RApace got so much expresion from her eyes alone is incredible, And her body was perfect — tiny and waiflike when dressed, but surpisingly muscular when naked, as befits someone who was a boxer and cabable of kicking ass as Lisbeth does. And unshamefully fluid in her sexuality,which had so much to do with her character and the books overall. Where the Swedes let me down was in teh role of Erica Berger, who was povotal in teh books but played by a woman who looked like a witch and totally unlike the savvy, sexy and complex character she should have been. In fact, I expect the US version to miss the mark majorly with the sexuality angle, which is distinctly European. And possibly the political angel as well. Unless I am pleasantly surprised, I expect a dumbed-down version of the Swedish films — a punkier, tech-savvy version of “Enough” — too focused on Lisbeth’s revenge on her tormenters and not enough about the victimization of women in general, the politics or the sexual complexity that teh Euro version excelled in.

    • Whole heartedly agree with everything you wrote, Jeannie Jayne. Well said. I was born in Holland but live in Canada. It makes me sad Americans are robbing themselves of the rich experience of world cinema just because they don’t like to read sub-titles. LOL
      I absolutely don’t believe Mara will be able to come close to the way Noomi Rapace nailed the character of Lisbeth Salandar. But I’ll still watch it.

  18. omg so ugly are you serious this rooney girl..The original was NOOMI RAPACE amazing cute sexy dark but this rooney omg UGLY!!!!! Im sorry messed up my image of salander..Dont know what the hell the director was thinking when casting her its like casting natalie portman sheesh…so messed up

    • Do yourself a favour and look at some out-of-character pictures. She’s actually rather gorgeous.

  19. Jess [above] has it right; what’s with all of the negativity from the lovers of the Swedish version and of Rapace? It’s like there’s this vehement resentment there should be–GASP!–an American director to approach the telling of the film!! Just because the first [film] version of Salander was Rapace, that means she’s “the only one”???? COME ON! Again; Rapace WAS/IS good, but she is CLEARLY TOO OLD to ACCURATELY fulfill the role! I wouldn’t have necessarily have chosen Rooney Mara as Lisbeth, but her build and waif like build and girlish appearance are more true Larsson’s original description of Lisbeth! Or did you just not pay attention to the novels?
    I still would have preferred Ellen Page, but…let’s see what happens.

    • What you don’t understand. Hollywood always does this to foreign films. It like saying foreign films aren’t good enough, unless they make it in Hollywood. Which is not true. There is a lot of great foreign films out there,that are great, and what is great about them their not hollywood made up. It from a different culture that sees things different. And this about do you really think that America can really make an intense rape scene as the Swedish version?????????? What it comes to real life scary things, we don’t show the truth behind it, we make it romantic, where in the Swedish films there was nothing pretty about anything that was going on. They showed you the truth have what happens in real life. And the author when he wrote those books was bringing up issues that was happening in his own country.

      • Hollywood thinks foreig film aren’t good enough and then they make lousy remakes for stupid american audiences.

        • I think Hollywood sometimes underestimates the American audience. Quite often you’re right – the U.S. remake of a foreign film is really dumbed down (anyone remember that AWFUL remake of the awesome “La Femme Nikita”?).

          I do also think that a lot of viewers don’t want to have to read subtitles, they just want to watch/hear a movie. I don’t have a problem with it myself – I watch a lot of TV with them on because I don’t hear as well as I used to.

          Having said all that, I don’t think this is your typical “cash in” H’wood remake. I do think there is a serious attempt at making a serious film with this one.


          • “Having said all that, I don’t think this is your typical “cash in” H’wood remake. I do think there is a serious attempt at making a serious film with this one.”

            That remains to be seen.

            • “That remains to be seen.”

              Of course. :)


  20. I just hope that the u.s. version of this film doesn’t follow the usual dumbing down treatment given to most stories by Hollywood: Scenes and dialog replaced by 3 second camera shots and sound bites that turn a story into just a bunch of commercials strung together. Characters cast based on their eye candy factor. -Entertainment for an audience with ADHD who feels robbed if they have to think to get the plot.- How often do I hear (read) complaints about foreign films “…long and boring scenes….” If a u.s. audience could concentrate on dialog for more than 30 seconds, more foreign films migh seem less boring and confusing to the north american masses. But hey, that’s just my take on things.

  21. Nothing wrong with the originals. Will be no more than a second-rate American remake of a fine foreign language film. We’ve seen this before with Scandinavian cinema. I hope Europe and the rest of the world boycotts this Hollywood junk.

    • I magree , second rate band you know that all of the good scenes are in the trailer. She doesn’t look kick ass enough, she’s way too soft to play Lisbeth Salander.

    • Stop acting as if Roony Mara looks like a teen because she DOESN’T and if you saw the original GWTDT Noomi Rapace looked as suitable in the role as Mara now looks.

      But here is a bigger point. ADULTS like me do NOT want to see teenagers pretending to be adults because they are argumetative, annoying and clueless about life.

  22. Why did Fincher decide that Lisbeth Salander should not have eyebrows? Let’s hope that wasn’t their best creative decision on the remake.

    • I believe this version will definitely be more stylish and that alone is enough of a problem because American films are never as raw and gritty as they ned to be. That is what makes foreign films more “real” now we are going to see a polshed version of a movie that came out in 2010.
      But we’re not off to a good start when poor Lisbeth isn’t even allowed to have eyebrows.

      • Maybe you should do a little more research into something before talking about it. She does have eyebrows. She bleached them. I saw the movie the other day and it wasn’t bad, I quite enjoyed it. I am contemplating getting the books to read them. I had previously not ever heard of the books before as that is not the type of genre that I typically read hardly, if, ever. So the movie has accomplished something for me already, wanting to read the books.

        All of the anti-American rants on here are also pretty interesting. LOVE the stereotypical crap that some are spewing forth from their mouths. But, then again, when it comes right down to it, it is the Americans that the world cries for to fix their injustices. Maybe we should stop and let the rest of the world fend for themselves for a while since we have more than enough troubles of our own at home right now.

        Anyway, as I said, I enjoyed the movie. Might even read the books now and see the orginal Swedish version, but then again, maybe I won’t since I am too stupid to be able to read a book or subtitles. Thanks for helping me make up my mind on this….it was great talking to you all…..

        • AQre you seriously going to nitpick over something as insignificant as Bleaching eye brows vs. removing eyebrows altogether when the effect is still the same? The appearance of having NO eyebrows at ALL! In fact you did not know her brows were bleached until she said so in a recent interview. Like EVERYONE else you also thought that she didn’t have eyebrows.

          Look school-child you are on Christmas beak and just trying to a jingoistic [You don’t know what that word means do you? Do SOME Primary Research. HA].

          How undereducatedare you falsely believing that America is not one of the most reviled nations on Earth? And I was BORN in the United States

          Baby the U.S.’s glory days have ended, get used to it. And merely electing a white president in 2012 is only going to make the white supremacists happy and no one else.

          Find another forum to spew you one sided TeaBaggin’ sentiments.

        • Yeash definitely you won’t read because the thought of reading a subtitle in thhe original mwas enough to scare you silly, Plus is a “FOREIGN” movie and heaven knows that you won’t risk viewing something that could potentially be better.

          • Yes, you are absolutely correct! Nevermind the fact that I lived in Spain (Andalucia) for several years of my life (AFTER graduating high school and college) and am able to speak the language pretty fluently, having LEARNED how to speak there (never took a single Spanish class), by talking to the people in the town in Southern Spain and totally immersing myself in the culture. So yes, I am scared of seeing films in foreign languages. Also scared of seeing TV in foreign languages….Oh wait, been there and done that!

            • Yo hablo Espanol tambien y Ich spreche Deutche as well oh and I earned a MASTERS of mScirnce Degree in 2006.

              See how xenophobic Americans assume that they are the best and truthfully speaking I doubt whaty you claim. No one who has lived abroad can be so closed minded. Just goes to show how American white tween males are so annoying, worse that the women they try to denigrate daily, despite being deathly afraid =of women.

              American white teen males are also very needy and actually worse than women with their need to have the last word all of the time. Get lost you lying loser.

            • Contrary to what Carl Rove wants you to believe, being educated and intelligent is NOT being an Elitist.

              STOP beiong an Extremist, NO I don’t reject digital merdia, In Fact I am a Digital Artist. Why are you assum,ing that you know anything about me? Are these the same assumptions that lead to your total faith in David Fincher?
              Seriously, give me a break.

              I also write screenplays and know the structure of a film, for me the verdict is still out on this ASmerican version until I see the movie.

              But I goota say that being lied to and then attracked by nangry white males isn’t helping me in being fair. As previously stated I already believe Fincher messed up by pandering to American Males.

              • No an “elitist” is someone who is educated (not necessarily intelligent) who believes because they understand things better than those poor schmucks who live in “flyover country” they are empowered to tell everyone how to live their lives.


                • EDUCATION is the keyword Mr. Angry white male and education = Intelligence by virtue of having the ability to engage in critical analysis.

                  Of course unless one is a xenophobic nitwit will to dismantle the Dept of Ed because Sarah Palin telkls him to, oops I mean Rick Perry.

                  Isn’t there a cross somewhere you should be burning, instead of annoying me?

                • You would have a point if uneducated American didn’t overly rely on naive psychology to make sense of their skewed paradigmatic Assumptions.

                  So please be clear EDUCATION = INTELLIGENCE.

                  You as well as I know that you want an educated and intelligent surgeon to operate on you and not one who merely posseses common sense. Get Real

                  • Yes, this “highly intelligent” administration is doing a very educated job of destroying the US economy.

                    Reply how you like – you reveal your colors with ever post, responding by labeling me, which is standard operating procedure for the Left.

                    And not that it matters to state it, but as opposed to an “angry white male” I’m actually a guy who doesn’t suffer from “male white guilt.”

                    You should hold up a mirror – you’re the angriest person on this page. Sad, really.

                    Flame away, but be careful or you might have to find another place to vent your “feminist anger.”


                    • Always funny to see disgruntled white males with collective amnesia act as if their dullard of a president [And I am referring to GW Bush] didn’t destroy the economy that Barack Obama has spent nearly 3 years trying to fix in the face of unrelenting Teabaggers who gave this country it’s 1st ever credit downgrade.

                      Of yeah there’s not going to be a Republican Pres in 2012 but keep telling yourself otherwise.

                      Look go b*tch on You Tube, you’ll get plenty of support there, face it yoiu don’t possess the communicative skills to match mine. Now Begone.

                    • Oh and one more thing: Don’t target my typos because if you understood the context of my comment , well then anyone with an education is aware that as long as the context is clear typo aren’t an issue in discourse.

        • Bubba: Are you insecure?

  23. Look I am not hre to deconstruct or debate white male insecurity. I expressed my views concerning this film and I stand behind what I think until I view the film. I am not swayed by adolescent lies or flights of fancy either. I am done with the discourse.

    • Rachelsub: Done with the discourse…petty comment for you, you are never done..this is a good format for you, call it a rant, because that is all you do here…You should read, “The Hollow Men” …

  24. I was pleasantly surprised Rooney Mara has quite admirably taken hold of the Lisbeth “torch” passed along by Noomi Rapace. When she needs to be badass and aggressive she delivers. When she’s supposed to be pensive or vulnerable, like when she sees Blomkvist with Erika toward the end, and you can see her disillusionment and–surprise–hurt…Mara delivers. All in all? She now owns the role. WELL DONE, Rooney!

  25. If you haven’t seen Fincher’s “version” then you cannot really comment on Mara’s performance. In my opinion, Mara is every bit as good as Rapace, perhaps better. It’s like die hard James Bond fans saying Sean Connery was “the best” Bond, because that’s who they first saw in the role. However, I think Daniel Craig–interestingly enough–is my favorite Bond yet! Mara is superb as Lisbeth. She’s every bit as “gritty” as Noomi, she surely is every bit as talented as an actress, and she captures every nuance of Lisbeth’s character that I pictured while reading the books. Even at 2 hrs and 38 minutes, however, Fincher wasn’t able to capture every plot aspect that I found enjoyable in the book, but then…that’s just how it goes when transferring novels to film, most would agree.