‘Dragon Tattoo’ Remake Cast Details & Release Date

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Daniel Craig The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Dragon Tattoo Remake Cast Details & Release Date

Yesterday we got wind of the news that David Fincher’s remake of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo may end up being R-rated. In my eyes this is essential in making a faithful and quality adaptation of both the source novel and original Swedish-language movie.

We heard a little while ago that Daniel Craig was in talks (reportedly even close to signing a deal) to star as the film’s protagonist, investigative journalist Mikael Blomkvist. Also, we’ve been hearing for quite a while that a lot of actresses are circling the titular role of a savvy and rebellious hacker who helps Blomkvist with his investigation.

In an update to the the casting news, Variety is reporting that Craig is still in talks with Sony to play one of the two main characters, despite it being six weeks since word of his involvement surfaced.

However, Deadline has an update to the story which suggests that Craig might not end up starring because of scheduling/contractual issues with both the in-limbo Bond 23 and Jon Favreau’s sci-fi/western, Cowboys & Aliens. The latter film started shooting this month and Dragon Tattoo starts shooting in October. That might be cutting things a bit close, considering how big of a film Cowboys & Aliens is.

I really hope Craig does end up starring in Dragon Tattoo. I think he’s got the right charisma and look about him for the role of Mikael Blomkvist. Just look at the picture above comparing him to the original actor, Michael Nyqvist. Like two peas in a pod! icon razz Dragon Tattoo Remake Cast Details & Release Date

On top of the role of Blomkvist, there’s also the other key role of hacker and investigator Lisbeth Salander to fill. According to Sony co-Chairman Amy Pascal, the role in the remake is highly sought after, which is evident from the number of actresses that appear to be interested in the role.

So far we’ve heard of the likes of Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan and Ellen Page. But Deadline reports that they’re not the only ones circling the role, as actresses like Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland), Emily Browning (Sucker Punch), Sara Snook (Sleeping Beauty), Rooney Mara (A Nightmare on Elm Street) and Sophie Lowe (Blame) are also now in the running. Some of the actresses have sent in tapes to director David Fincher, while others will test for the role soon.

Despite all these known names being thrown around, Variety reports that the role will more than likely go to an unknown. Would that be a better choice – allowing an unknown to be catapulted to stardom by this remake, which Sony is hoping will launch a successful franchise?

Mia Wasikowska, Emily Browning and Rooney Mara - are any of those suited to play Lisbeth Salander?

The process for finding the actress is said to be similar to the way Sony searched for their new Spider-Man, which, as we all know, ended up being Andrew Garfield. One interesting thing to note is that Fincher is supposedly telling actresses to work on their Swedish accents, which is unusual considering that up until this point it was assumed that the remake would be completely Americanized.

If they’re going to keep the look of Lisbeth the same as in the original film and book (which I very much hope they do), they need to get an actress who looks (or at least can play) tough and isn’t just a pretty face to slap onto the posters. I personally would like to see Ellen Page get the role: she’s a great actress, can be tough and/or gritty when she wants to be (see Hard Candy and Mouth to Mouth) and brings name recognition with her.

Finally on the Dragon Tattoo front – despite not having the two leads in place yet – Sony has set an official release date for the remake: December 21st, 2011, confirming previous reports that it would be a holiday season release. Christmas releases usually do well at the box office and hopefully Dragon Tattoo won’t change that fact.

Would you like to see Daniel Craig star in this remake and who would be your choice to play the titular tattooed girl?

Since The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo starts shooting in a couple of months, you can expect to hear casting announcements pretty soon. Be sure to check back at Screen Rant for those and any other details about the remake.

Source: Variety and Deadline

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  1. I just finished the book and think Daniel Craig would be great for the roll, but as I was reading it, I was kind of picturing Liam Needson in my head. I also think they should go with an unknown for Lizbeth, but none of the ones that are listed. If they do go with an established actress, I think Ellen Page can go dark enough to pull it off

  2. @Seth W,

    Liam Neeson is a great choice, too. Actually never thought of him but now you say it…

  3. Carey Mulligan is unbelievably talented and it would be great to see her change things up and go really dark. No one is going to replace Rapace, so its just about the actress making it her own.

  4. I’d go with Keira Knightly, with short hair ans tattoo’s she fits the character perfectly, plus she’s hot and can act.

    • I agree, especially with the nude scenes if ever they’d include it..

  5. Daniel Craig–Mikael Blomvist
    Ellen Page–Lisbeth Salander (A MUST!! She’s perfect!)
    Erika Berger–Vera Fermiga
    Cecilia Vanger–Ellen Barkin
    Martin Vanger–
    Henrik Vanger–Christopher Plummer

  6. I don’t know if Ellan Page could be butch enough.

    Natalie Portman just came to mind.

    I speaking form the Swedish movie as I haven’t read the book. Daniel Craig is an awesome choice, and Liam Neeson, well, if it’s on film he’s probably in the running somehow.

    What about Will Smith?

  7. Ellen Page could do it, she’s small and fits the physique of Lisbeth, but I’m worried about her being Lisbeth. She seems to always put too much snark into her roles, but then again in Inception there wasn’t her trademark snark. She was good in that. I was truly hoping for Carey Mulligan since she’s a phenominal actress, it would show how versitile she is as an actress and launch her into bigger fame. I also think when they get into costume, she’ll look perfect. I have no problem though with an unknown or Mia Wasikowska, or Emily Browning (I’ve always really liked her).

    Daniel Craig is pitch perfect for Mikael. He should get it, but if he doesn’t as long as they don’t cast somebody like Brad Pitt for Mikael, I’m happy.

  8. I totally believe that the Americanized version of Lisbeth will not capture what the Swedish version was able to get on screen. I think the updates for this movie should be more concerned with getting the Lisbeth character right instead of worrying if sappy faced Daniel Craig is going to bless us with his over hyped melancholy.

  9. I think casting an unknown as Lisbeth would be best anyway

  10. Devin: Landry, I’m a lesbian.
    Landry: (laughs) No, you’re not.
    Devin: I’m serious. I’m gay. I like girls, not boys. I feel like I need to tell you because you have the wrong idea about us.
    Landry: That’s important information and, that, I’m really glad to know because I could have sworn the other day that you kissed me back whenever I kissed you.
    Devin: I didn’t want to be rude, Landry, and I thought I had to make sure I would give it a try. I know now that I really am. So I really should thank you, I guess.
    Landry: I’m gonna have to go and let this sink in because I, uh, don’t know how to react to this right now.

  11. Lisbeth should be played by an unknown and someone who can be dark and edgy
    and the perfect person for this is British actress KeyLee Jade Flanders. I seriously think this should be our girl. Hands down.

  12. Why screw up perfection? Get Noomi Repace to play Lisabeth, she is the only Lisabeth and it’s going to matter to those of us who’ve seen the original. Those who have not need to see Noomi do it. I wish they would not re make this movie, but if they must, go with Noomi for the lead and do the novel proud. After the original, it’ll just be laughable with any other lead, stick with what you KNOW will work and honor the novel!

  13. Personally, I hope the remake fails big time at the box office. There is absolutely no need for a remake of a 2009 movie that was already brilliant. I wish Hollywood would grow up and come up with some new ideas instead of stealing others!!!

  14. Noomi would be my first choice for the remake. After all she would be hard to replace. However, Ellen Page would be a good choice, but I would love to see Angelina Jolie as Lisbeth, even if she isn’t as young as Noomi.

  15. I agree whole heartedly with casting Ellen in the role. She has the perfect physique and has the gumption to really pull it off. I also think that kristen stewart would have been a good choice as she reminds me of a young angie(which would have been the perfect choice) but i say go with ellen i would like to see her tackle this role it would be good for her

  16. December 2011, Just returned from seeing this film. Figured out Who did the
    Murder way before the Detective in the Film did. However, I do Not think it was absolutely necessary for the producers to include SOFT PORN for the Bedroom Scenes or the RAPE Scene is NOT really that Necessary to tell the Story. They could have handled it another way. Having a young unknown actress simulate giving that FAT SLOB Investment Banker a B.J. then later
    going up to his room to be RAPED while being Video Taped for the Movie doing it was a Bit Much. What happened to the Correct Values we as adults are trying to Send to the Younger Generation who go to these movies ??? I really don’t care or give a damn How the Swedes make movies from Books in Europe, They Don’t Seem to Understand How Perverted it looks when an attractive young Actress Preforms Oral Sex on a FAT SLOB Actor, or does Appear to preform Sexual acts on what is supposed to be an Older Man who is also Married ??? Does that make it any more Acceptable being shown this in a Movie. Yet the Theater warns the Public, that this is PG 13 R
    Rated ??? Parents have the obligation to Advise their Children while viewing it? I am over 60 and an Adult Male. Retired Police Officer who doesn’t think it’s all that necessary to show such explicit scenes in our movies.. You can made an Adaptation of the Screen Play and Book yet still keep the Intent of the Original Book this was taken from. Showing Explicit Scenes Takes away One’s Imagination as they used to say when movies were really Classics that People Enjoyed even with your Families.
    Since I was married and am divorced I am not a Prude but Think this could have been Much Better Made without the Explicit Sexual and Torture Scenes. It just sends the Wrong Psychological, Moral and Ethical Messages to younger viewers…. After seeing the results of women and men who were both physically abused, assaulted, raped, etc. am not much in favor of seeing explicit scenes showing basically how someone could get away with it. On the Other hand, I did feel the Rapist got what was coming to him being Tatooed. and The Murderer in the End of the movie met his Just End being Burned Alive in the Wreck. It also showed that Lizzy’s Intention was to chase after him and shoot him, not that he didn’t have it coming. I also Figured out Who the Missing Daughter was all grown up, The women in England. Others will argue with my Logic. But Classy movies used to be made in the USA which you would not hesitate showing to your Family.