‘Girl Who Played with Fire’ Could Move Forward Without Daniel Craig

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The Girl Who Played With Fire Delay Girl Who Played with Fire Could Move Forward Without Daniel Craig

There are a handful of reasons why a followup to David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo adaptation, The Girl Who Played with Fire is not arriving this Fall, as was originally intended. On the creative side of development, both Fincher and screenwriter Steve Zaillian have been struggling to “make it [their] own thing,” as far as adapting Stieg Larsson’s source material goes.

However, financial issues are of greater concern for Sony, after Dragon Tattoo only proved to be a moderate box office success (a $233 million worldwide gross on a $90 million budget); not to mention, its profit margin is smaller when compared to director Niels Arden Oplev’s Swedish adaptation (which grossed $104 million on a $13 million budget). Hence, the sequel is shaping up leaner than its predecessor – which could mean more than just budget reductions.

THR is reporting that 007 Daniel Craig – who played journalist Mikael Blomkvist in Dragon Tattoo, opposite Rooney Mara as the titular character (Lisbeth Salander) – could end up being lumped together with other “loose fat” trimmed off to make Girl Who Played with Fire a cheaper investment. The reason? He’s now able to demand a higher salary than before, in the aftermath of Skyfall collecting over $1 billion in theaters.

Insiders says that negotiations with Craig have not started yet, but the actor does want to reprise his role. Nonetheless, Girl Who Played with Fire revolves primarily around the continuing adventures of Lisbeth; unlike Dragon Tattoo, Blomkvist is something of a fringe player in the neo-Noir thriller proceedings. That is not to say Craig should be removed from Zallian’s script – nor that the task of writing him out would be simple and clean – but, regardless, that option remains on the table.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Daniel Craig Girl Who Played with Fire Could Move Forward Without Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig in ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’

Right now, either the Dragon Tattoo sequel or Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea remake looks to become Fincher’s next directing effort (note: Fincher has begun early talks to adapt Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl novel, but development on the aforementioned projects is much further ahead… for now, anyway). Both literature adaptations are currently stalled in pre-production, thanks to the potential cost; that goes double for the latter, as the Jules Verne adaptation is a 3D CGI-heavy venture boasting effects demands on a par with Avatar and John Carter. The pair are racing to work out their budget woes first, in order to begin production this year.

Sony has more on its plate right now than just worries about Craig’s salary for Girl Who Played with Fire. Mara, after all, is a rising talent (case in point: she headlines next week’s Side Effects), so bringing her back might become more expensive as time goes on. There’s also Fincher’s original proposal to consider, ie. shooting the second and third installments, including Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest, back-to-back; that could allow for the cost-cutting Sony wants. However, this approach requires waiting upwards of an extra year for either Zallian or another screenwriter to adapt Larsson’s third book. In short: there are some hard choices to be made here, by Sony and Fincher alike.

More on The Girl Who Played with Fire as the story develops.


Source: THR

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  1. I certainly hope this doesn’t happen!

  2. “Right now, either the Dragon Tattoo sequel or Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea remake looks to become Fincher’s next directing effort.”

    Fincher’s in talks to direct an adaption of the novel Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

    • True, but both of those other projects are much further along in development.

      Nonetheless, I’ll add a note mentioning that.

  3. It would be weird to write out Daniel Craig since he’d probably be the biggest draw for most people.

  4. I don’t care if it’s TGWPWF or 20,000 Leagues I just want another David Fincher directed film sooner rather than later.

  5. How can Hollywood waste so much money? How could it cost 90 mill to make this film? Is marketing calculated in?

    Film and professional sports have to come to the realization that you can’t keep paying one or two people huge sums of money and expect success. When you out price your product to the average consumer, which is the biggest slice of pie your done. Lines must be drawn. And when they start to lose money it might be too late.

    To drop Craig would be catastrophic for the franchise. And since the Swedish version was done so well the expectations are higher, especially with Fincher at the helm. Good luck Sony.

    • Hey if “How Do You Know” could cost 120 mil…

  6. Wow Craig is the only reason why I gave the American version a chance. Really do hope they dont make this brainless move.

    • And he actually pulled it off.

  7. I really hope they make TGWPWF because Ive started reading the books and think the first one is an amazing movie. As long as they have Mara and Fincher I wouldnt mind not having Craig. However I believe it would make a better movie to have them together again

  8. The american versions of these movies will NEVER be on par with the foreign version.

    • I think the American movie holds a candle to the swedish one. I read the books before seeing either and don’t dislike any over the other. In a way seeing one spoils seeing the other, as does reading the books.

  9. Meh. Both those movies dont look appealing at all. Fincher needs to do more interesting projects.

  10. The character of Mikael Blomkvist is important in the other two books. Yes the second book digs more into Lisbeth’s past however it is he who does all the investigation to safe Lisbeth on the third book. The interaction between the two is important for her, it his her interactions with Mikael that makes her more appealing to the reader. So they can diminish the character. And changing the actor don’t think its a good idea. Sure Dumbledore in Harry Potter and the Oracle in the matrix had to be recast and everything went fine except the movies were not focusing on them. I hope they can come to an agreement

    • I totally agree with you. Obama and the Democrats never demonize Hollywood for thier spending and what the stars make. Hell they didn’t get a tax increase just like back in the Clinton days. I’m so tired of actors like Matt Damon saying I’m not paying my fair share and he won’t even write the IRS a check. Hypocrits. Eveyone knows these actors have off shore bank accounts to protect their millions. I love a good movie but ticket sales are getting crazy. I hope they keep Craig. If not well the continuity is lost.

  11. He is one of 2 of the main characters. This is NOT a good idea.

  12. But…I like Mikael, he was my favorite character. :( and it has nothing to do with me loving Craig as James Bond. He’s a marvelous actor overall, he played Blomkvist so well

  13. The bottom line is they work out the production issues or forget it. Personally I’m not crying if they forget it the foreign versions were good enough. Why not take your profit and work another story? There are other stories that can be told in this genre, just look around…

  14. Personally i am not a big fan of the 2nd and 3rd books…so Sony mights as well scrap the whole idea…

  15. I adored this movie. I had read the books before this and saw the Swedish versions. I enjoyed this so much. If this character is written out I won’t even give the movie a chance. Sorry to be harsh but he is a major character and needs to be in the movie.

    • I don’t like to read my movies… I’d rather watch the movie. So I invested in Rosetta Stone and learned Swedish, LOL!

      • CLASSIC! Are you already learning mandarin for when the new Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon gets released? LOL

        • I watch so much anime that subtitles never phase me.

  16. All 3 original movies have been dubbed in English.

  17. Just replace him with nyqvist he’s better for the role and it worked fine with Norton and Ruffalo for the hulk.

  18. I hate when a franchise starts out and then an actor doesn’t come back. The continuity is gone. I’d much rather had Katie Holmes come back and play Rachel Dawes in TDK and had her photo in TDKR. It just messes the whole franchise up. I’d much rather had Michael Gambon play Dumbledore he was so much better than Richard Harris for the role. Please keep Daniel Craig… It sounds as if Amy Adams may not come back as Lois Lane so the new Superman franchise is messed up before we even get to see Man of Steel. And don’t even get me started on Terrance Howard, OMG he should have been War Machine not Don Cheadle. That totally ruined Iron Man for me.

    • Okay, you just ranted about not having solid continuity with actors, but you prefer Michael Gambon over Richard Harris for Dumbledore in Harry Potter?

    • Not to mention that everything wrong with The Matrix series was the fact that Gloria Foster played the original Oracle, then over her passing, they decided to recast and had Mary Alice as the new Oracle, hence the terrible Revolutions.

    • amy adams isn’t coming back to MOS2????

      What the hell. Did something happen on that set?

  19. I don’t get this “let me copy someone else’s work, yet make it my own thing” thing Hollywood is doing lately. It can’t be its own thing if you are keeping the title, characters names and the main plot, can’t it? Whatever happened to “inspired by [whatever series]“? Or even better, original ideas?

    • Haha yeah I agree, that’s why I’ve never really been a fan of ‘based on a true story’ or ‘inspired by real events’ movies, you know that most of what you see is made up!

      example – A Perfect Storm with George Clooney, they all die at the end! How do they know what happened? They just made it all up, that massive wave they sail up? Made it up!


      Don’t try and base something on facts or a work of fiction and then go and change 90% of the details to make the movie more entertaining, just write something new and use those ideas or material as the foundation for your work!

  20. “Stupid cheapskates” just about sums it up.

  21. Why didn’t they just contract him for all three films?? The franchise is screwed!


  23. Much as he’s making for the 007 franchise, you’d think SONY wouldn’t DREAM of dropping him off this trilogy….

    It can be a re-boot, they can call it


  24. They should just forget about the other 2 books. If Daniel demands t0o much money and they write around his character, the series is dead.

  25. Well, it’s ok if they just write out Craig, but not the character itself.

    I think they can just remove Craig from the cast and cast another good actor. IMO :)

  26. Such bull. So we the people (the ones who absolutely LOVE Fincher’s TGWTDT) can’t get a sequel to a damn near masterpiece, but instead, we can get crap movies into the theaters every weekend? I personally NEED this sequel, it just feels very “unfinished” leaving off the way the first one did. I hope something can be worked out and everything falls into place.

    • ^^^
      Me too, man. Everything you said. I get so frustrated over the lack of progress in this franchise.

  27. I would not like this….I would not like this at all….