‘Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ Sequel is Still Moving Forward

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girl who played with fire Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Sequel is Still Moving Forward

It feels kind of weird to say that director David Fincher’s adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo has performed somewhat below expectations at the box office to date.

On the one hand, it’s a $90 million project from a high-profile filmmaker that is based on an international best-selling novel that has only grossed $60 million in the U.S. so far; on the other hand, it’s an extremely adults-only, R-Rated murder mystery full of graphic content and fatalistic atmosphere that’s been generating excellent word-of-mouth. So, those financial returns are about as good as one could (reasonably) expect.

Nonetheless, there’s been some question as to whether or not Sony is actively pressing ahead with an adaptation of the next installment in author Stieg Larsson’s Millennium trilogy, The Girl Who Played with Fire, because of Dragon Tattoo‘s so-so box office performance. According to EW, that is in fact the case.

A Sony representative informed the publication that Girl Who Played with Fire remains on-target for a late 2013 release date. Dragon Tattoo leads Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig are likewise reportedly already signed on to reprise their roles as Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist, respectively, in both the sequel and the (for now, theoretical) third franchise chapter, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest.

Dragon Tattoo writer Steve Zaillian is in the early stage of scripting Girl Who Played with Fire, which Fincher has the option to direct. While he has not yet committed to the project, the Oscar-nominated filmmaker has admitted that (should he sign on) he would prefer to shoot both the second and third Millennium book adaptations back-to-back, for both practical and artistic purposes.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Lisbeth Salander Mikael Blomkvist Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Sequel is Still Moving Forward

'The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' Starring Rooney Mara and Daniel Craig

Fincher’s take on Dragon Tattoo has been playing very well with professional critics and casual moviegoers alike; similarly, it ranked pretty high on our favorite 2011 movies list. That sets it apart from relatively recent costly studio franchise titles that only did so-so business in theaters in comparison to their actual production budget, but were also critical duds (ex. G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, TRON: Legacy)… and yet, sequels to both are being developed, with G.I. Joe 2 having already completed production.

In addition, Dragon Tattoo should continue to play well during the slow-going month of January and will probably (*knock on wood*) manage to snag a handful of Oscar nods in the near future – which will also help keep it in the limelight.

That’s all to say: Dragon Tattoo may not be a box office smash, but it should ultimately prove to be profitable enough to ensure that Sony doesn’t abandon its franchise plans.

We will continue to keep you updated on the status of The Girl Who Played with Fire as the story develops.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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  1. What are the international box office numbers? Has it even been released everywhere. More money comes from abroad then from the US.

    I can never decide if I like the sequels that much. The first book is a real roller coaster airport thriller, but the second and third books take things far too slow. Hornets Nest especially, it’s a house brick essentially, far too long and fixated on details.

    • The second book was my favourite. I thought it was really exciting and more action packed. Also it didn’t have three seperate plot threads. It was all about Lisbeth. And she really showed what a bad-ass she is. The third was a bit hindered because Lisbeth spends it in a hospital bed for most of it. But it does tie everything up and needs to be read.

      I rate them….

      #2: THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO ( Men Who Hate Women )

      • I like the second book but it just didnt have the pacing of the first. And the plot just wasnt as interesting as all Dragon Tattoo. It suffered from Jack Sparrow syndrome by focusing too much on Lisbeth.

        • Maybe that’s true. However Lisbeth stole the show from the outset and the further books weren’t focused on her at the expense of other characters/plot. The second and third books were all about her.

          Besides, her character is a lot more interesting than Jack Sparrow! ^-^

          • I think the multiple strands and the violent mystery of Dragon Tattoo just worked better.

            And yes I agree about Lisbeth being more interesting, it is just my way of explaining how secondary characters get over used in sequels and somewhat ruined.

            • Yeah, i got that. I didn’t take that comparison as real. I’m not saying the second book is better, only that I enjoyed it more. Just my opinion. The main thing that hinders the second and third books is that “Dragon Tattoo” can be read as a one off. Whilst the other two are pointless by themselves. So I guess you could argue that the second one is nothing without the first and so on…

              • …Well, not “pointless”. But you know what I mean!?

              • Good point. The first one is indeed very standalone. But the other two are almost too expansive, there’s little focus. And I never felt like Dragon Tattoo was a translated book, but with the other two, I got the feeling that something definitely got lost in translation. A good edit might have helped.

                I’m curious to know what the fourth book was about, we’ll see it some day I’m sure. It was more than half finished and the publishers will enjoy the millions it will bring in.

                • Yeah, doesn’t his girlfriend/partner supposedly have further books of his? But Larsson’s family cut her out of his estate despite knowing his wishes. Leaving her with nothing because they weren’t married.

                  Now everybody is desperate to get hold of anything further he wrote. His family would probably debunk it unless they had the rights to it anyway.

                  • Yes she got nothing and they got everything due to some despicable law. But yes there is a fourth book. Everything else she has are just notes for others. They need someone to finish it though. Happens all the time when writers die.

                    • From what I’ve read he only had the 4th book halfway finished. It was supposedly a new arc using her twin sister.

        • I’m on the same page me personally i would rate them in the order they’re already in. Dragon Tattoo was such a great crime thriller but was slowly losing its pace. Played w/ Fire was good and Hornet’s Nest was cool not the best of the trilogy but it was cool

  2. I’m really surprised it hasn’t done better. Especially considering the hype and the high profile of the book.
    But I suppose with it being so violent and sexually explicit it does limit it’s audience to reaching the really big numbers. I haven’t seen it yet because I’m waiting to see it with my sister. I loved the book and the Swedish film, so I have high hopes for it and am very confident that it will be a very good film.

  3. It’ll do better on dvd/blu-ray. People are just afraid to go out to see this I’m guessing.

    I’m glad they are moving on with the sequel. I loved this movie.I want to see more of the characters

  4. I saw the movie and the first 30 minutes is about as disturbing a movie as I have ever seen. I saw Fincher’s “Seven” and the beginning fits him. The rest of the movie was great, but I have to admit reading the book helps fill in some blank spots. I think a movie like this has a limited audience to begin with because of its dark nature.

  5. Add another 50 million for marketing and with half the receipts going to theaters
    The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo would have to gross 280 million to break even.
    Sony talking active sequel development is aimed at driving current box office.
    The bottom line is if this film loses money which looks likely then no sequel.

    • I thought marketing costs are part of the cost of the movie. This movie cost roughly 90 million to make. Where are you getting the other 190 million?

      • The marketing cost are not part of the
        budget to make the film which was 90 million.
        The added marketing costs of 50 million totals 140.
        Doubling that to cover half going to theaters yields 280.

        • Yes, marketing is included in a movie budget, and theaters do not receive half the gate for movies. theaters make there money in concessions and receive less than 20% of ticket sales.

          • Sorry Bob, but Robert is correct and you are wrong. Marketing is never reported as part of a film’s budget. In fact, it’s almost never reported. And every week a movie is in the theater the studio gets less and the theater gets a greater percentage of ticket sales.

  6. Yes please. Personally I preferred Fincher’s version over the original. Mara’s Lisbeth was more akin to the novels than Rapace’s imo but Craig and Nyquist (or however you spell it) were the same.

    I have to agree with DRSB, Hornets Nest was a long drag for me but I did enjoy Played With Fire but Dragon Tattoo was just brilliant

  7. Woot!

  8. i think Hollywood is reverting back to the 80s and 90s formula of franchises. Give a sequel to a lukewarm or dud first film, and add to its story. Is that good or bad? I consider it good for films that are extremely underrated, under appreciated and well crafted, but the numbers arent really there. This is one of those films that deserves another two sequels. and G.I Joe as well. It wasnt the best movie, but it was fun and extremely entertaining

  9. Surprised to see no comparison of the popularity of the remake with the original (and imho compelling) film of the book.

  10. Wife and I have seen the original movie and want to see this…. however finding time to do it takes a back seat when you realize in a few months you can watch it in your home via disc or streaming.

    The days of ‘experiencing’ the movie theater (IMO) are dead. Generally speaking people are rude, obnoxious, prices are high, theaters (some) are dirty, etc.

    Its no longer an enjoyable experience as it use to be. Especially when you can watch it at home on a 50+ inch screen.

    It being R means a lot of theaters dont let (yes to their credit I see them cracking down on this) the ‘kids’ in. So I believe that also hits the bottom line.

    With the subject matter and its adverts if it was PG-13 I think it would have done a lot better.

  11. I just came from see the movie and I think I will do good over time And word of mouth because god dam it was a good movie

  12. Im sorry to say i haven’t viewed this movie and probably won’t untill it hit’s DVD & BLUE-RAY.I saw some good movies in 2011 but also saw alot of terrible ones so i definitely wanna see one of the better ones of the past year & plus there’s nothing like watching a good film in your own home so you can analyze it properly.

  13. I saw this movie, it was pretty awesome. Might rent the Swedish one someday but I HIGHLY doubt it’s better than this. Just seeing a screenshot of their version of Lisbeth, and sorry, but she looks ridiculous. Rooney Mara’s version actually looks like a believable goth chick… The Swedish version of Lisbeth just looks like they tried too hard to make her look “edgy” and it comes off as very fake and hard to take serious… That’s just my opinion, but I want to watch them anyway…

  14. Bring on the sequels!!!

  15. I was thrilled when I heard that this wonderful book, translated from the original Swedish, would be made into a movie. My husband and I both were fans from the get go. I expected some omissions and can forgive the omission of Blomkvist’s affair with Cecilia, but cannot forgive the change in the end of the story … another Hollywood thinks they are better than the author fiasco. Why oh why does this happen to all great books? Why do they have to dumb it down? Of course, they will make another and another. How will they screw with the next two? One can only imagine. I do however recommend you see it. Make sure you wear a sweater, it is cold throughout most of the movie and it is winter you know.

  16. I agree with Fincher. I also think that should they shoot a movie for the 2nd book, they should shoot the 3rd one back-to-back.

  17. WARNING – mild spoilers in secondary things.

    The US version was very good, and Rooney was very,very good and unexpectedly spot on. But for all its Style it fell a tiny bit short of the 1st Swedish film. Why?

    #1.) The profound importance of the 3 “trophy walls” – flowers at opening bracket, missing girls in middle,(pivot,) and horror wall at end bracket was gone. The skeleton of the movie was gone. Just harshly lovely surfaces remained.

    #2.) To my horror, instead of a believable and deeply moving quite moment of summing up after the horror in the basement in which the male and female leads agreed to be 2 different people – in this film PERMISSION is given for one by the other before the action – jettisoning the contrast of moral worlds that Michael and Lisbeth lived in. WRONG!

    #3.) The second film is weakened by Lisbeth playing chess IN THIS FILM with her old guardian – this mitigates her string of confrontations with her own heartless way of dealing with people that made a spine in the second book.

    Other things were much better. His female editor was not a sissy who couldn’t run a magazine like in the original film. This editor ROCKED. The family was better explored here. Hateful bunch. And the resolution was a little smoother and faster – more logical in context, and not so much like an afterthought from left field.

    All in all – Noomi Rapace looked physically wrong (always seemed “too grown up”), but had a violence and feral danger Rooney lacks – Rooney, yet richly deserves recognition for her acting. She was a more BELIEVABLE Lisbeth – if more frail.

    First “Dragon Tattoo” A (with an A for levitating 3 films to World Stardom on her shoulders – to Rooney) – More truthful pace and framing

    US “Dragon Tattoo” A – (with an A for unexpected and crackling accomplishment to Rooney

  18. CORRECTION “First “Dragon Tattoo” A (with an A for levitating 3 films to World Stardom on her shoulders – to NOOMI Rapace!)”

  19. I LOVE Lisbeth Salander. She is such a bad ass and my hero. I wish she was a real person. I cant wait for the newer movies to all be out. Im on the third book right now and after I finish Im going to watch all the older movies and then when the new ones come out Im going to watch all of those. I find myself sort of sad because I know Im on the last book and that means that it will be over soon. I wish there were more books so I could keep reading!

  20. I Loved the movie, I can’t wait for the 2nd and 3rd…

  21. Dolph Lundgren would be my choice to play the role of the blond giant in the American adaptation of The Girl Who Played With Fire. My only other suggestion for the American adaptation would be to supplant Rooney Mara with Noomi Rapace.

    • Oh yes, your suggestion for the American version is to replace everyone with European actors to turn it into the Swedish version. Yah, that makes sense… Sorry, I’ll take Rooney Mara over Noomi Rapace anyday. Just keep watching the Swedish versions and I’ll watch the American versions when they come out and we’ll both be happy…

  22. I just was there to be a movie sequel to the dragon tatto

  23. The movie should be made. I am a big fan of the novels but not the swedish films. I am a fan of the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo movie. I think it did a great job and will be dissapointed if the others are not made.

  24. I loved this movie and loved all the books. I can not wait for the 2nd and 3rd movies. I never go to the theather but I saw the first movie in the theater and bought the video. I will most defiantly go see the 2nd and 3rd movies in the theater.

  25. Can’t wait for the sequel release of Dragon Tatoo. Come Sony- keep the faith. Rooney Mara will take them all the way!

  26. I really hope the two main actors are never change! They did a great job together! I love this movie, and I think the 2 remaining ones are gonna do much better in the movie theaters!!! Please hurry I can’t wait to se Lisbeth and Mikel again!!!