Gina Carano Lines Up for All-Women Version of ‘The Expendables’

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Gina Carano Haywire Movie Review Gina Carano Lines Up for All Women Version of The Expendables

Adi Shanker – head of 1984 Private Defense Contractors – is quickly making a name for himself as a producer who knows how to make terrific action films, with titles such as The Grey and Dredd 3D under his belt (as well as the Punisher: Dirty Laundry short). Shankar managed to keep a lid on his most intriguing new project – an Expendables-style movie uniting several female action stars – until right when Expendable 2 opened atop the box office last month.

2012 has also proven to be a breakout year for former Mixed Martial Artist Gina Carano. Steven Soderbergh showcased the fighter-turned actor’s combat skills with Haywire, helping Carano to land a role in Fast and the Furious 6 as well as the lead in the Taken-esque thriller In the Blood. It’s appropriate then, that Carano be the first name officially attached to Shankar’s all-women riff on The Expendables.

Shankar has released a statement about the casting, saying (via Variety“I don’t know how I’m supposed to make… the female version of ‘The Expendables’ without Gina Carano in it. It would be like making Twix without caramel or Jamba Juice without jamba.” However, the producer refrained from offering any hints about the other players “affiliated with the action genre” who remain in talks to join Carano on the project (much less, a potential director).

Carano was a lesser-known when our Paul Young wrote his “If ‘The Expendables’ Were Woman” article, but she could have taken Michelle Rodriguez’ place as the “female equivalent” of Randy Couture. Rodriguez now boasts even more tough-chick roles – from such films as Machete, Battle Los Angeles, and Resident Evil: Retribution - under her belt, so she remains as viable (and obvious) a candidate to join Shankar’s project as any active female action star.

michelle rodriguez resident evil retribution Gina Carano Lines Up for All Women Version of The Expendables

Michelle Rodriguez in ‘Resident Evil: Retribution’

The appeal of the Expendables concept is getting to see badasses of the big screen – be they young(er) Terry Crews or old-timer Sylvester Stallone - brought together under one roof. Hence, if Shakar plans to make a proper all-women variation on that film’s premise, then the cast has to include more seasoned actors such as Sigourney Weaver and Cynthia Rockroth, in addition to talent such as Carano and Rodriguez (who are in the prime years of their acting career right now).

It stands to reason that screenwriter Dutch Southern – whose Hoof Harrington’s Greatest Hits script made the 2010 Black List of best un-produced screenplays – is well aware of that. The female Expendables could also be more akin to its straight-faced male counterpart than the more tongue-in-cheek sequel, given Shankar’s record of producing serious action fare (including, Machine Gun Preacher and this November’s Killing Them Softly). Good news or bad news? You decide.

More on the “female Expendables” movie as the story develops.


Source: Variety

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  1. Ugh

  2. Next we’ll have an All Black Expendables, All Asian, All British, etc…lol! kidding.

    • Once wesley snipes gets out of prison maybe. >.>

      • Thought he was out already, poor Wesley, Lindsey Lohan can break the law as many times as she wants but Wesley gets banged up on his first offense. American justice is awesome [ sarcasm ].

        • Federal charges are a bit different than crappy little dings Lindsey is guilty of … and he’ll be in medium security federal prison until July 19, 2013. That is what happens when you try to cheap the US government and get caught.

          • cheat … argh

          • At least no one will mess with Snipes, he’s beaten the Undisputed Heavyweight champion the last time he was in prison. ‘Are you not entertained! Are you not entertained!’

    • All British…They would take tea time.

  3. next they will start going into other genres, comedy ensembles, horror ensembles, drama ensembles, villain ensembles.

    • That has happend before 12 Angry Men for example is a classic drama with a all star cast. I say let it happen the more of these esamble cast films in any genre happens the merrier after all people wnat originality right?

  4. Ugh is right, but if they are going to do it, then off the top of my head, they should get Milla Jovovich, Lucy Lawless, Linda Hamilton, and Sigourney Weaver. I can’t immediately think of any other big female action stars. I would watch it on DVD while having a beer, chips, and dip.

    • @Jeff

      I was also going to say Hamilton and Weaver. :-)

  5. Didn’t they already make this? If not, what was Spice World?

  6. Carrie-Anne Moss maybe? And for the younger actresses: Jennifer Lawrence and possibly Chloë Grace Moretz. Although Moretz might be a little to young for this type of film, then again she had a very adult role in Kick-Ass.

  7. Like someone said earlier, eh ? Expendables with female leads ? What all 4 of them ? Weaver would not be in it, she hates guns. Jolie would not be in it, they budget could not handle that.

    So that leaves us with the likes of Gitte Nielsen, Pam Grier and Rhona Mitra ?

    Then again get Paul Anderson to direct it, have everyone in tight leather with flamethrowers down their knickers in 3D, yeah box office gold there.

    • that sounds awesome lol

  8. Yay for Carano :D

  9. Lotta misogyny on screenrant. At least the readership in any case.

    This movie could be bad ass. If the Grey and Dredd is any indication, this guy will do it justice. Especially with Gina on board. I’d say add Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Rhona Mitra, Michelle Rodriguez, Milla Jovavich, Yvonne Strahovski, Lena Headly and Adrianne Palicki and you got yourself a pretty bad ass movie.

    Who doesn’t want to see a movie with hot women kicking the crap out of anything?

    • As I indicated above, I’d watch it on DVD while having a beer, chips, and dip, but I wouldn’t see it in the movie theater. And my list included Milla Jovovich, Lucy Lawless, Linda Hamilton, and Sigourney Weaver. I don’t even recognize half the names you mention…

      • Kate Beckensale – Underworld, Van Helsing, Click (not action, but you may recognize her from it, the Adam Sandler romantic comedy).
        Jessica Biel – Blade Trinity, The A Team (the movie), Valentine’s Day, Stealth, Texas Chainsaw Massacre (remake), and the tv series Seventh Heaven.
        Yvonne Strahovski – Chuck, the voice & character design of Miranda Lawson in the Mass Effect games.
        Rhona Mitra – Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (she’s in other things, but that’s the only one I know her from).
        Lena Headey (had to look this one up) – Game of Thrones, City of Bones, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicals (as Sarah Connor)
        Adrianne Palicki – GI Joe, Red Dawn, Friday Night Lights, and the failed Wonder Woman pilot.

        Between these two lists, it’s a great lineup.

    • Sure we do, no woman hating here, but the fact is these movies tend to over sexualise women instead to get bums on seats, which is why all female action stars are hot, they are aimed at men. This movie will be no different as the first person cast is smoking hot. Its not us that are misogynists its the movie industry it’s self. You are attacking us, yet you should be attacking the people who make these movies. Why not have Rosie O Donnel in an action film ? Would you pay to see that ? Or are you only interested in smoking hot women doing the spilts ? I love women, but i hate the way they are packaged to appeal to men in movies. List me 5 action movies that are specifically aimed at women with female action stars cause i cannot think of any. And before you say “women hate action” then tell that to my gf who LOVED Dredd 3D. Rather insulted to be called a misogynist.

      • I like your comment and agree, especially with the part about how women are packaged in movies.
        Why did Black Widow’s top have to be half zipped open or why did she have to be the only one on the poster posing in a way to show off her butt? To get the “OMG black widow is so hot” kind of reaction out of the young males. Sub-consciously that gives the message that women need to be sex objects in these kinds of films.

        Action movies don’t specifically have to be aimed at women to have strong female leads. Take Ripley in Alien. A movie can just be good and it will get both males and females watching it.

        • Agree with just about everything here!

          But I can’t crit Marvel too much about Black Widow. Sure, the promo art of her was, uh, bad, but all of the movies have been pretty good about *not* objectifying women. I mean, Thor was the only person who got his clothes off in his film. So they’re pretty damn good in comparison.

          • Wasn’t black widow in her underwear in those photos of her Tony stark was looking at in Iron Man 2? In any case, they totally played up her sex appeal in that role (was her suit really that hot that she had to undo her zipper?), though I’ll admit that it wasn’t nearly as bad as in some other movies.

    • @Frameslyder1, Now add-in the WWE Diva Champion, Eve Torres and this movie will be badass!!

    • @Frameslyder: WAY to many names for one. Plus half the people you mention really dont have a following (hell, I dont even know a few). Each male Expendable does have a following though. That’s why it worked. I dont see the female version working that well at all. Most women just dont want to go see things blowing up and general bad assery. Only men will see this movie and most of us will wait for the BluRay/DVD to come out.

  10. sweet carano kicks some ass!!

  11. Good move getting her.

    I just hope these massive cast movies don’t turn into an epidemic.

  12. Fine…Here is my All Cartoon Expendables…

    Weapons Expert : Yosemite Sam
    Heavy Weapons : Elmer Fudd
    Martial Arts Expert : Hong Kong Fooey.
    Stealth Expert : Road Runner
    Explosive Expert : Wil E Coyote
    Fighter : Tazmanian Devil
    Master of Disguise : Bugs Bunny
    Transport : Optimus Prime (80s Cartoon version of course)
    Leader of the Group :Space Ghost.

    • LOL!! Epic! X-)

    • What he said ^

  13. “It’s appropriate then, that Carano be the first name officially attached to Shankar’s all-women riff on The Expendables.”

    I fail to see how Carano getting a couple more action movie roles qualifies her to be the most appropriate first choice considering the many more venerable and WORTHY action heroines there are in Hollywood. It’s almost a slap in the face if you ask me.

    • Only seen one Carino movie Haywire and i found it a massive letdown, long scenes of someone climbing round a building and a couple of blink and it’s over fights. The end fight was really funny though “oh no i have my foot caught on a rock”, epic stuff.

      Has she made other movies or is it direct to dvd dreck ?

    • Well, she’s a rapidly-on-the-rise action star who can actually perform all of her own fights and stunts, so I figure casting her makes sense.

      Also, just for the record: I didn’t say Carano’s the most appropriate first choice, just an appropriate one to be announced first, for the above reasons.

      • See, you keep implying she’s the next hot ticket in Hollywood with catch terms like “rapidly-on-the-rise” or “break-out”. I don’t consider being in ONE movie to be a “break-out” nor is getting parts in a few more B movies impressive enough to warrant the accolades you seem to be showering on her.

        I don’t disagree that casting her makes sense but come on, saying she is a more appropriate first announcement than ALL of the known heroines is a bit of a slam to the other more deserving actors.

    • I agree, Curano is not what the Expendables is about. The cast is Supposed to be older action stars of the past with a couple of newbies. This is starting to look like a group of hot girls who kick ass, didn’t they already do that with Charlie’s Angels?

      • @Jerry

        Actually, Gina Carano will be in the exact same position as Randy Couture in The Expendables. It’s not like he’s an action star from the 80′s and 90′s like the rest, but they put him in there because he’s a REAL competitive fighter like Carano is…

        I wouldn’t compare Carano with the stereotypical “hot girls that kick ass” thing. She’s definitely good looking, but she’s not exactly like those skinny girls that can’t really kick anyone’s ass. Carano is kind of “butch” and feminine at the same time…

        I mean, do you really want to equate this: with Cameron Diaz in Charlie’s Angels???

        • Actually most have listed actresses such as Milla Jovovich, Carrie-Anne Moss and Kate Beckinsale who are no different than the actresses in Charlies Angels. While many do not like Charlies Angels, that does not change the fact that these actresses are simply acting a part in a action movie, the same as Sylvester Stallone. None of them can actually do the action in the movie, they have developed a following as action stars. Adding fighters from MMA or other sports is done to get more young boys in the sets and increase the profit, not for their acting ability or following as action stars.

          • Don’t forget about Michelle Yeoh, Sigourney Weaver or Lucy Lawless! All are more deserving of a place in this movie before Carano.

            (and yes, I agree with you)

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  15. Actually..Seeing Road Runner and Wil E Team up could be epic…after 60 years of going at each other…..

    Road Runner lures them in and gets them to stand still..Wil E drops a safe on them…Road Runner Beep Beep

  16. Cheers! This sounds damn exciting. I’m hoping Zoe Saldana’s name is thrown around a bit, with both Colombiana and The Losers under her belt. Hopefully she isn’t too preoccupied filming the Avatar sequels.

    • Yes…Zoe!

  17. How is Angelina Jolie not mentioned even once? If you’re gonna have Sigourney Weaver then you must have Angelina Jolie.

    • @ezee

      Uh, sorry, Tomb Raider does not compare to Aliens… Just saying… I’m not saying not to have Jolie, but mentioning Weaver does not mean Jolie needs to be mentioned. Weaver is a must, Jolie, is a “I guess why not?”

      • I understand your point and I totally agree. But to clarify, I wasn’t attempting to compare the two movies or in any way trying to say Tomb Raider is on par with Aliens, it isn’t, but if you’re gonna have Sigourney Weaver then why not have the one actress who resurrected the idea of a female action star?

        Am I alone in thinking that Angelina Jolie is just as important as Sigourney Weaver in that without either lady the female action star wouldn’t be as mainstream as it is today?

    • Would command too much,and quite frankly, to many of her action movies are a bit over the top, Lara Croft and Salt.

  18. I’ll have to disagree, without her we still have Milla Jovovich, Anne Parillaud (of La Femme Nikita), of course Weaver, Michelle Yeoh, Summer Glau, Kate Beckinsale, and others. It’s just my opinion, but to me Jolie is not really a good actress and a lot of times she doesn’t even seem right for a role, and it seems to me like they only picked her to attract the h0rny teen boys to go buy a ticket to see the movie… So I find it hard to really take her seriously as having any serious impact on the movie industry in that sense…

    • Oops, that last post was meant as a reply to Ezee, lol. Forgot to hit the reply button. :-P

  19. no maáms ,thank you.

  20. I think you’re short-changing Jolie. I’d love to see her in this cast but I agree her price-tag might be prohibitive. If I had to guess, I’d stick with the usual suspects Rodriguez, Jovovich, Saldana. Zhang Ziyi would be a nice inclusion (Crouching Tiger, Rush Hour 2, etc).

    If we’re looking for older stars I’ve no arguments with Weaver, but wouldn’t mind seeing Michelle Yeoh, Pam Grier, and/or Geena Davis.

  21. The reason Expendables worked is because they are (mostly) aging 80′s action stars doing what they do best. It worked because most guys have always wanted to see these guys together on screen. They were usually each others competition. Women dont usually take on roles like this and it was definatly not something done much in the 80′s. I dont see this working well.

    • @Alpine

      I agree, it will not work in the same way, but there’s definitely a market for a bunch of female action stars being on the same screen. But yes, it is definitely true that part of the charm of Expendables and Expendables 2 is seeing Terminator, John McClane, Rocky, and Drago all on the same screen and on the same side to boot…

  22. Now that Gina Carano is officially on the cats all thats left is to get
    Sigourney Weaver,
    Lucy Lawless
    Linda Hamilton
    Michelle Yeoh
    Pam Grier
    Angelina Jolie(?) not sure she’ll do it
    Milla Jovovich,
    Kate Beckinsale,
    Michelle Rodriguez,
    Uma Thurman,
    Lucy Liu
    Zhang Ziyi
    Cynthia Rothrock
    Jeeja Yanin
    Chloe Moretz
    Devon Aoki
    Trish Stratus

    I have the villains being 70s, 80s, and 90s action stars cause the 5 women I chose are legends and really paved the way for the action stars of today.

    • So you want to make them villians? Would not one of them be the equal to Slyvester Stallones chracter?

      • cant Angelina or Uma play that role? I sort of imagined an old school vs. new school thing, but I wouldn’t mind having Linda or Sigourney playing Sylvester’s role, but who would you have as the villain?

  23. Lucy Lawless defo villan. ie. Battlestar Galactica.