‘Gilligan’s Island’ Movie Reboot Being Planned by Warner Bros.

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gilligans island movie Gilligans Island Movie Reboot Being Planned by Warner Bros.

Rebooting beloved 1960s TV programs – in an effort to reap a sizable profit and/or launch a modern franchise – is old hat in Hollywood (see: Bewitched, Get Smart and, more recently, Dark Shadows), but despite the uneven box office results for past attempts, there are still some big ’60s small screen properties that remain likely to be re-plundered for new financial gain in the future (I Dream of Jeannie, among them).

Gilligan’s Island – the comedy show about an eclectic collection of people who end up being shipwrecked on a tropical island together – is one such program, though there have been rumors of a contemporary movie reboot being in development for the past few years. Warner Bros. is apparently getting serious about the project now, as the studio has recruited a team of producers, writers and even a star for a modern treatment of the old-school American sitcom (which turns 50 in 2014).

Deadline says that a Gilligan’s Island film reboot is moving ahead at WB, with a crack team of executive producers that includes Lloyd J. Schwartz and Ross Schwartz – the sons of Gilligan’s Island and The Brady Bunch TV show creator Sherwood Schwartz – and Cathy Silvers, who starred on Happy Days in the 1980s and is the daughter of late TV star Phil Silvers, whose hit program The Phil Silvers Show aired from 1955-59. So yeah – by ‘crack team,’ we mean people with personal connections and/or longtime ties in the television industry.

Currently lined up as a cast member is Josh Gad, whose film credits include the strictly-for-adult dramedies Love and Other Drugs and Thanks for Sharing, in addition to the Steve Jobs biopic Jobs, a voice role as the snowman Olaf in Disney’s Frozen animated musical and a role on the hit Broadway show The Book of Mormon. Which character he is playing in the Gilligan’s Island movie, however, remains to be seen.

josh gad gilligans island 570x294 Gilligans Island Movie Reboot Being Planned by Warner Bros.

In addition to playing a lead role, Gad will also co-write the Gilligan’s Island movie along with Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit – his writing collaborators on the short-lived 2012 TV sitcom 1600 Penn, where Gad played the hopeless couch potato son in a dysfunctional family headed by U.S. president Bill Pullman (and no, sadly, the show was not an Independence Day crossover).

Gad – who is also co-writing the Twins sequel Triplets for Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito – has carved out a niche for himself playing aloof and klutzy, yet likable and earnest comic relief sidekicks on film, TV and even Broadway, which arguably makes him a decent choice to play Gilligan in the movie. Obviously, he bears little physical resemblance to the actor who originated the role – the late Bob Denver – so there’s also a chance that Gad will end up playing someone like the constantly-irritated Skipper instead.

On that note: the original Gilligan’s Island TV series (which ran for three season from 1964-67) played on class stereotypes, so one imagines a contemporary reboot will continue with that trend, while also expanding to include comedy targets like race and other social constructs; a run of the mill farce for the 21st century, in other words.

Admittedly, The Brady Bunch movies in the 1990s were a bit more clever than that – transporting the ’70s version of the characters into a then-modern setting – so we’ll have to wait and see what happens in this case.

Hey, at least there isn’t a Mr. Ed reboot in development, right? Oh, wait…


More on the Gilligan’s Island movie as the story unfolds.

Source: Deadline

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  1. oh damn, whats next Fantasy Island

    • Matthew Moy as Tattoo.

  2. The even saddest part is the only person I could see playing Gilligan is Michael Cera.

    • Ha! Michael Cera would be a great Gilligan.

    • I agree! Michael Cera would be fantastic! I loved this show and I’m hoping for a great reboot film. There are the hits and misses of course. It depends on how serious they take it. It could be lazily phoned in for a cash grab or it could really be a great new series of films. We all know how Hollywood can screw s**** like this up but sometimes, like with The Brady Bunch film, we get producers/directors who want to see a great comedy tv series developed into a great film series as well. :::crosses fingers:::

  3. I might check this movie out, though I would DEFINITELY be down with a Mr. Ed. movie for sure. :D

    • Well, if there is a Mr. Ed movie done, I have a few horse’s patooties that are bosses of mine at the Wal-mart store I work at, and they could fill the casting requirem,ents and play the part with grace and aploomb!

  4. Can’t wait to see a this … YEA RIGHT ! :(

  5. woohoo

  6. Gag! That too bad a an idea to even be sarcastic about!
    A bad idea starring a bad idea!

  7. We had the Gilligan’s Island Reboot. It was call Lost.

  8. They should give it to the guys behind “This is the End”.
    Gilligan – Michael Cera
    Skipper – Seth Rogan
    Professer – Joseph Gorden Levitt
    Mary Ann – Zoey Deschenel
    Ginger – Emma Stone
    Thurston Howell III – Craig Robinson
    Ms Howell- Sofia Vergara

    • No Seth Rogan! He’d be making jokes about drugs and smoking island plants trying to get high. The dude is NOT funny at ALL. Besides, the skipper needs to be a father figure to Gilligan. The guy should be Jim Belushi. He’s the right age, the right build and has the comedic background for the role. Also, Sofia Vergara is too young and too hot to be Mrs. Howell she should be Ginger! I say bring in Ed O’Neill and Katie Sagal as the Howells!! That would get fanny’s in the theater! I like Zoey as Mary Ann. Emma Stone is not nearly attractive enough to be Ginger, IMO. Michael Cera HAS to be Gilligan. That I do agree with!! Maybe a guy like Lamman Rucker (or someone similar) to be the Professor to get a strong black character in the movie.

      • It’s ironic that you mention the stoner angle since Bob Denver played the first real pot-head on television as Maynard G. Kreebs. This whole thing would probably only work if they played it for that type of Rogen/Goldberg pot-head comedy. And no need for token Black characters when they could just have to Globetrotters show up randomly and leave them on the island. If they are going to steal, steal the whole thing…

  9. Even better: a Big Bang theory episode where they parody gilligan’s island.

    Gilligan- Sheldon
    Skipper- Leonard
    Me Howe- Howard
    Mrs Howe- Bernadette
    Ginger- penny
    Professor- raj
    Mary Ann- Amy

    • +100000000000

  10. no… just no.

  11. *Sigh* I guess stuff like that will happen over and over… But you know, it MIGHT actually work… The Chipmunks movies worked for me, so did The Smurfs. Some old shows do translate pretty well… But then there was “Land of the Lost” *shudder*

    I still keep my hopes up for a new take on ALF, Knight Rider and Masters of the Universe. Reboots like that do work under certain circumstances. Still better than reboots of classic MOVIES that are already perfect as they are… I’m more open to TV show adaptations as the old shows simply aren’t as timeless as old movies. Watching old movies is fun, but old TV shows are better presented in a new fashion. This is one of the rare things I like about Hollywood these days… a new take on Gremlins? NEVER! A new take on Gilligan? Maybe!

  12. DJ Qualls could play Gilligan as well. But Michael Cera is younger

  13. WHY, enough is enough

  14. Yes, I will like to see this movie when it comes out ?

    Here is the Casting
    Shia LaBeouf as Gilligan
    Tom Arnold as Captain Skipper
    Kirsten Dunst as Ginger Grant
    Vince Vaughn as Thurston Howell
    Kim Basinger as Eunice Howell
    Claire Danes as Mary Ann Summers.
    Frank Langella as Professor Roy Hinkley

    • Um, you know that Kim Basinger is like 17 years older than Vince Vaughn, right? Kirsten Dunst as Ginger? No thank you. She already ruined one iconic red head in the movies, no need for her to ruin another one.

  15. wow

  16. Tim Allen as Skipper
    Michael Cera for Gilligan
    Craig Ferguson as the eurotrash billionaire
    Heidi klum as his wife who wants to pop Gilligans cherry
    Lindsay Lohan as the forced to detox movie star
    Matthew Broderick as professor..degree from diploma mill has an unhealthy crush on
    Ariana Grande as Mary Ann.

  17. This was supposed to be an Adam Sandler/ Drew Barrymore project like 8 years ago….

  18. I’m going to wait for the “dif’rent Strokes” remake.

  19. Every time they try to reboot 60′s era sitcoms they fail. Where do they keep finding investors. When will they ever figure that they were successful in their era because they were tailored to the era? That and the actors of the times made those parts. It doesn’t matter how well a new cast does…They’ll always miss the mark made by the original

  20. David Schwimmer as Gilligan

    Philip Seymour Hoffman as The Skipper

    Angelina Jolie as Ginger

    Selena Gomez as Mary-Anne

    George Clooney as The Professor

    William H Macey as Thurston Howell III

    Christina Pickles as Mrs Howell

    And you could be on a winner.

    • David Schwimmer is to old, but i think your P.S.Hoffman and Clooney are a good fit.

      Gilligan – Michael Cera
      The Skipper – Philip Seymour Hoffman
      The Professor – George Clooney or Aaron Eckhart
      Ginger – Kerry Bishé or Isla Fisher
      Thurston Howell II – Jeremy Piven or Bryan Cranston
      Mrs. Howell – Diane Lane
      Mary-Anne – Chloë Grace Moretz

  21. This is one of those WTF moments. Besides the Schwartz brothers who else thinks this is such a ‘great’ idea? The reason the TV show way back when worked was because of the innocence of that certain era and pushing this ‘idea’ into the 2000′s will be like mixing Corn Flakes with an Energy Drink instead of milk. Awful concept and certainly doomed to failure. Maybe WB wants a major tax write-off for the bomb this will surely be.

  22. As long ad Will Ferrel stays a long long long way from this it might have a chance

  23. I hope all of these brilliant ideas from Hollywood leads to an upswing in reading…..

  24. John Goodman would be a good Skipper!

  25. Jason Dolley for Gilligan. Watch him on Good Luck Charlie… He’s a modern day Gilligan.

  26. To me, re-making Gilligan’s Island just screws up everyone’s great memories that they have of the show, and REALLY messes up all the fantasies we had about the Professor! lol LEAVE IT ALONE! Stop trying to remake everything! Won’t be wasting my money on it!

  27. Won’t be the same, without the original cast. Just leave well enough alone