New G.I. Joe Trailer = Transformers Minus Giant Robots

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gi joe trailer New G.I. Joe Trailer = Transformers Minus Giant Robots


The latest trailer for G.I. Joe has hit and it reveals a bit more of the tone of the film. It seems to take the Transformers approach to an action movie based on a children’s toy – and again, it’s just not working for me. What exactly am I referring to? The combination of dead serious line delivery by one actor followed by dumb-assed goofy humor in the very next scene.

Check out the latest trailer to see what I mean.


[media id=168 width=570 height=340]

So here you have Dennis Quaid playing it dead straight as some fictional high ranking officer in charge of the most elite combat team on the planet – followed by a “ha ha” goofy pratfall in a multi-million dollar accelerator suit.

“If this team did exist…it would be comprised of the best operatives in the world, and when all else fails – they don’t”

“Delta 6 accelerator suits. Careful, they’re worth millions of dollars.”

“Got it! [falls out of the van] Oh, my bad! Won’t happen again.”

HA! Hee hee!… oh, wait, wait… I’m dyin’ over here.


Yes, it’s based on a toy line – i just hope that at least if they’re really targeting it at kids, they at least keep the humor kid friendly and don’t do some bizarre mix of under 10 jokes with teen jokes opposite the “serious” action.

I say either you bring down the entire “danger level” in a movie like this so the humor fits, or you make the humor more sophisticated so it fits within the context of the more serious aspects of the movie. But hey, that’s just me.

G.I. Joe opens on August 7th.

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  1. I am going to see this movie for the same reason I watched the cartoon SNAKEEYES

  2. I can’t see the trailer, the google adds are in the way?

  3. I don’t think the action looks serious at all, they have cheesy ray gun looking things, rockets with weird cheesy fins on them, cheesy muscle suits, it looks like a kid’s cartoon. I guess if that’s what they were going for, then bravo, they’ve accomplished it.

  4. silly action. in all honesty, if this came out a year ago, i would be more excited. but the way they have done all my favorite cartoons as a kid……..i just don’t know

  5. This is gonna be placed in the same section as Fantastic Four, Transformers, and Spider-Man. I´d hoped for more action (based on comics and toylines) movies with a more serious approach this year (after the huge success of The Dark Knight), but I guess now the only movie worth seeing this year is Inglourious Bastards. How many movies does Christopher Nolan has to make to open the eyes of Bay and Sommers?

  6. I know you would eat that up Vic ha. I admit this looks pretty cheesy even though the CGI is semi good which might equal some mild entertainment. Not expecting too much out of this but hopefully Transformers will exceed it.

  7. the google ads are in the way !!!

  8. Sorry for the ad-blockage, guys. see if the trailer is viewable now.

  9. Dang, sorry about the ad blockage thing – I thought I had put in a fix prior to publishing. Thanks for fixing it, Kofi!


  10. I’m not as concerned as you guys are. If you will look, all the scenes you are complaining about are tied together in the trailer. Almost as if, we only get to see those suits for one act. The humor may be a tad weak but I bet you anything that Stormshadow or Cobra Commander won’t reach over and fondle the Baroness’ breasts.

  11. It seemed OK to me. I might go see it . . .

  12. i wonder if any one will die in this movie. if they hold true to the cartoon no one will die, but duke will be knocked un-concious repeetedly

  13. Another thing to look at is the director, Stephen Sommers is it? of Mummy and Van Helsing fame.. They were ok movies, some will radically disagree but you just need to expect the same thing those movies brought you. Little plot and character development and a lot of action and CGI. Entertainment at its best…

  14. Seriously, if you lower your expectations and think of it as nothing but a popcorn flick, it’s passable. Won’t be anything like the comic book. I think I’ll see this instead of the anatomically correct and dumbed-down transformers…

  15. i think its good :) i will watch it ..

  16. Fenix I actually kind of dug Van Helsing, but this just looks horrible. Transformers looks better than this. I’m not surprised it looks bad I mean it is GI Joe, but still I thought they would make a terrible movie and at least pretend like they were trying something serious. The Trailer seems as if they know they made a crap movie and are hyping up that fact.

  17. woah woah, mummy 1 and 2 was great! ( i didnt even see 3 btw. i knew it sucked)

    i mean, when i was a little kild, i think around 6-7 i went to watch mummy 2 in theatres, and now i watch it on DVD every half-year or so…. i mean this movie is terrible, but mummy had great char development

  18. I couldn’t stand any of the mummy films which sucks because as a comedic actor I like Brandon Fraiser. Even out of movies the character he had on Scrubs and every episode he was in on that show was an instant classic not only with each episodes comedy, but his episodes were the most dramatic ones.

  19. Longshanks -
    I’ve said the same thing about this movie… Sommers + Cheesy Movie = Who’s Suprised?

    …and big shocker – it was Marlon Wayans with the goofy ‘fall out of the truck with the million dollar suit gag.’ At least I think it was…

    Why do writers still feel the need to have the secret ops “they don’t exist” line in these movies? Does it really have any impact on an audience any more? Is this a Delta Force remake? Why not make GI Joe like it was in the old series (and comics if I remember right)? Their existence wasn’t a secret, Cobra was known and feared.

  20. You’ve got realize that it’s not going to be all 30-40 year old men watching this movie. There’s going to be little kids with their dads. They need some of that “dumb assed” humor in there.

    You can’t make a movie based on children’s toys and not have some goofy parts

  21. Yea and you gotta realize foopher that you can’t put in those goofy parts and think your film is gonna be good.

  22. And you’ve got to realize Daniel its a 1 minute trailer. 1 little light-hearted joke and you guys say “Ugh it da movie’s gonna be horrible”. Grow a pair of balls and quit whining because they are trying to bring G.I. Joe into the 21st century. ITS NOT 1986 ANYMORE.

  23. And you’ve got to realize that cats can jump over 3 times their own height. Impressive, I know…

  24. It was more than one little joke. Also the joke wasn’t light hearted it was filled with ill intentions. They are trying to slowly kill off your brain cells.

    Also to be fair most people knew the film was gonna suck long before we got this trailer.

    There is gonna be a GI Joe film – My thoughts that’s not gonna be very good.

    Who’s directing it? – Oh that’s gonna be really bad

    What A waynes brother is in it ? – That’s gonna be horrible

    This trailer – A major contender for worst film of the year.

  25. Very valid point Ken.

  26. “Very valid point Ken.”

    Yes I know Daniel, you guys gotta get to terms with reality here…