G.I. Joe To Be An Origin Film?

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gijoe G.I. Joe To Be An Origin Film?It looks like G.I. Joe will be an origin movie, to help explain why Destro’s got the metal head look, among other things. According to Access Hollywood, director Stephen Sommers promises that newbies to G.I. Joe will enjoy the film thanks to the origin story, while die hard fans will get to learn more about their beloved favorite characters.

Don’t expect this to be a hardcore, realistic war film. The filmmakers are making a movie that’ll be fun and probably over-the-top, featuring all our favorite Joes and Cobras.

Recent photos surfaced showing actors Channing Tatum as Duke and Sienna Miller as a pre-Baroness Baroness. Us fans were a little worried about Miller’s appearance, since she had blonde hair in the photo. So are we getting a blonde Baroness?

No! According to Miller, she wears a black wig, along with the Baroness’ usual leather outfit and guns. Nice! (Hint to the filmmakers: official photos!)

After the images of Snake-Eyes showed up, I couldn’t help but get more pumped for the film. I’d love to see a film that’s nothing but fun, that’ll make me happy that I spent too much time in front of the TV watching G.I. Joe as a kid.

One more thing, the producers may even slip in the famous line that would show up in the then-mandatory, post-show PSAs (public service announcements): “Now you know, and knowing’s half the battle.” G.I. JOE! (A real American Hero, fighting Cobra and Destro!) Whoops, sorry I couldn’t resist. The movie opens next year from Paramount Pictures.

Source: Access Hollywood (hat tip: Ain’t It Cool News)

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  1. “It looks like G.I. Joe will be an origin movie, to help explain why Destro’s got the metal head look.”

    Which leads to the question: Are they discarding the ancestral mask as an explanation? Still, it sounds like this one will be faithful to the source material.

    Too bad not all movies based on toylines can get the same treatment.

  2. Wait a tic. I followed the cartoon when I was a kid, but how did Destro get the metal head look? What’s this ancestral mask business. (Thanks for saving me the trip to Wikipedia.)

  3. Heehee get ready to have your GI Joe memories destroyed.

  4. From “http://gijoe.wikia.com/wiki/Joepedia_-_The_G.I._Joe_Wiki”:

    “The silver mask Destro wears is his most distinctive feature. It is forged from Beryllium steel. For centuries, the Destro clan designed and sold weapons. In an incident dating back to the English Civil War, an ancestor of his was caught selling weapons to both sides. He is forced to wear a steel mask for his crimes (neither side were willing to execute him because they still wanted his weapons). Rather than taking it as a sign of shame, the Destro clan turned it into a symbol of pride. The patriarchs passed it down as tradition from father to son for over 20 generations.”

  5. One thing I’ve mentioned before and forgot to mention here is that they’re following the comics more, hence their hiring of long-time 1980s GI Joe comics writer Larry Hama. I didn’t read that, but I’m guessing maybe that’s where the mask came in?


  6. Origin film. Ug. The origins take up 1/3 to 1/2 the film and then we’re left with a time crunched, hurried up storyline wrap up, or at least that’s my take on it.

    I’m not always unhappy with origin spins, but for the most part, it takes a real crafted genius to make them work and with so many characters involved, eek, I worry.

  7. Larry Hama is the real deal. GI JOE at Marvel ran for 155 issues, and Hama wrote them all from issue 1 (if he didn’t, he came very close). He also wrote the GI JOE action figure file cards. The way I understand it, Hasbro asked Marvel Comics to create the bad guys (Cobra, obviously) for GI JOE, and Larry Hama got the job after literally every other writer at Marvel turned it down.

    The result of all of this is that Hama and the GI JOE comic became the main driving force of the toys and the cartoon, not vice versa (although the cartoon had it’s own separate ending in the GI JOE animated movie). They springboarded off each other. Hasbro would create some characters, Hama would create some, they would eventually become toys, etc.

    I’m not saying if you went back to the Marvel Comics GI JOE series that you would be blown away, but because of this one writer for the entire series, it had a consistency of tone — along with big reveals that actually WERE planned for 50 issues instead of just retconned — that no other Marvel title could touch. It became the best selling comic book of the entire industry, and I think it still holds some records due to the sheer volume of reprints that were done for Toys R Us and other retailers.

    Larry Hama involved with the new movie is as good news as good news gets. It’s like when they announced Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark.

  8. This is going to be one of the SILLIEST movies to EVER be released. WORSE than Charlie’s Angels, and that is pretty damn bad!!!

  9. I know that many die-hard G.I.Joe fans will disagree but I truly think that a Origin film would be the best approach for this one – It’ll relanuch the whole franchise, it’ll help all the newcomers understand who’s who and will surely enable the filmmakers to make a trilogy. :) I really hope that this’ll be a good movie!!

  10. i hope they keep the relevance in showing the subtle psychology of these themes. and if they don’t the coolness and the cgi should well make up for just about everything. yo joe!

  11. I grew up with GI Joe in the eighties.I always thought of the Joes as toy soldiers.I never cared much for the cartoon.I preferred the comics even though I thought the comic should have been more like Sgt.Rock and G.I Combat. I have reservations about the upcoming feature film. I feel that a remake of The Story of G.I.Joe which was released in 1945 would be a better idea. Just set it in the present and use COBRA as the villians instead of the Nazis,and instead of the Ernie Pyle character,the filmakers could use the Hector Ramirez character from the cartoon as the reporter covering the Joes as they fight the evil armies of Serpentor ,The Cobra Emperor who wants to establish a Carribean Empire from Cobra Island which is controlled by a military junta known as The Cobra High Command headed by a military dictator known as Cobra Commander. The film could be a war drama about a fictional war in the Carribean.It could feature the characters from the comics and cartoon without being cheesy. I believe G.I.Joe should be an acronym for Government Intergrated Joint Operative Exercise in which members from all branches of our nations armed forces work together to combat terrorism and tyranny. G.I.Joe is as American as apple pie and should stay that way.G.I Joe is not sci fi and fantasy.G.I Joe is the best of America’s fighting men and women.G.I Joe should be real. A Real American Hero.

  12. Is it just me or is anyone else wondering if anyone in this movie will be wearing ‘real’ military uniforms? The pictures so far look more like a s.w.a.t. team.