Finally! Check Out The G.I. Joe Teaser Trailer

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duke poster Finally! Check Out The G.I. Joe Teaser TrailerWe’ve been waiting for months to see the first glimpse of G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra footage, and Paramount has released the Super Bowl teaser trailer ahead of the big game.  We kept getting official and unofficial images, but no footage.

As you may recall, there’s been speculation for months that the first teaser would be coming, even as early as the fall.  But when reports surfaced that a teaser that was tested for audiences did horribly, fans started to get nervous.

Then we got word that a teaser would premiere during the Super Bowl.  And as I mentioned above, we can see it officially now!  Check out the teaser after the jump.

To be honest, I’m getting pumped again for the film.  Sure, Stephen Sommers can make some pretty big, loud movies (Deep Rising, the first two Mummy movies, and the awful Van Helsing), but that may work for G.I. Joe, which opens August 7.

It’s great to see most everyone in action, especially Snake Eyes, though it’s a little weird that you can see his mouth through the mask.  The CGI visual FX look rough, but I’m sure they’ll be cleaned up by the August release.  And it’s not a bad thing to have armored characters after Iron Man‘s big success last summer.  But the first thing I thought of was the armored soldiers from the Starship Troopers novel.


Destro and The Baroness looked great, and I can’t wait to see a shot of the mask.  I would’ve loved to have seen Joseph Gordon-Levitt, great in Brick, as Cobra Commander.  And of course, I loved seeing all the good guys, led by Dennis Quaid’s General Hawk and Channing Tatum’s Duke.  Their suits didn’t even bug me.

So what do you all think of the teaser?  Check out higher resolution versions at Superhero Hype!

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  1. I don’t know Heath, at this point a rental at best.

  2. Coming from someone who actually didn’t HATE Van Helsing:

    what the hell is this?

    As far as I can remember, G.I. Joe was the military version of the Village People.

    It’s been said before and it’s so true:
    this looks like a live-action TEAM AMERICA.

    And who the hell is playing G.I. Joe? Can’t find him in the cast list…

  3. The trailer looks awesome. I hate the fact that people will look at it and say nay. The trailer seem to keep true to the cartoon feel but added a sleek, fast, and stronger look to the characters.

  4. The trailer was great.

    Team America? Please… People will compare stupid things together just to try and make themselves understand it better.

    This looks great, it will have the same outcome as the first Transformers. Widely loved, and a $$$ maker.

    Snake-Eyes and Stormshadow will no doubt be the main selling point of this movie (their relationship is the main focal point of the story – as it should be).

    I can’t wait to watch it.

  5. @ .c.h.r.i.s.

    “Team America? Please… People will compare stupid things together just to try and make themselves understand it better.”


    Oh, and I think that this film will make a lot of money and MIGHT even turn out to be fun.

  6. Ray Park FTW

  7. It was like a display of every movie gimmick known to man all in one teaser! Yay!!

  8. The trailer looked good to me. After all the negative talk earlier this year and late last year, I thought it would suck but this trailer makes me bumped to see it.

  9. I meant pumped.

  10. I had NO idea what to expect with this… I’m still trying to wrap my head around it and decide what I think about it.


  11. everything with close-ups of the characters and their dialouge makes me cringe. But the action. Wow! i like a good film. but im a sucker for great epic action set peices. I’m not sure who the character was. but at the end when the “ninja looking guy” jumped on and over the car tumbling towards him. Just awesome. Of course there will be haters but just look forward the great action, nothing more.

  12. Ninja’s = gimmick #117

  13. Seems too early to call on this one to me. I’m not sure G.I. Joe can translate into this time period. People didn’t really appreciate global terrorism back in the eighties, what it could mean. The whole concept of Cobra in our day and age seems a bit vague. If the script can translate them in a way that works, then this could be a really good film… but I’m not optimistic.

  14. What’s this called?? CGI Joe?

  15. Who are the 2 guys in the armored suits? They are dressed identically. I am curious if they are supposed to be Xamot and Tomax. Not that their outfits are anything like the show, but they seem to be doing all the acrobatics and such that the twins used to do. I think that would be pretty cool. I just hope IF they are in the movie that they have the pain thing going on (you know, you cut one, the other feels it as well). Also, I am really looking forward to the first look at Zartan.

  16. “What’s this called?? CGI Joe?”

    Hahaha! That’s good!

  17. Seriously guys we all have to take everything in perspective…

    “lets go back to 1995 i just opened my present for the first night of Hanukah
    and what do i find??? with glee i find in the box the whole set of GI Joe’s Ace, snake eyes, Duke, cover girl the works…
    i sit down with my brother who got the cobra bunch; cobra Commander, Barones, storm Shadow and others… it does not take much time before snake eys and storm shadow are battling away as the barones tries to blow up the GI joes command post (which is the side cusion of the couch and duke i grabing the Bazooka…”

    this trailer ladies and getns has made me feel like a child again…

    Yes the movie might suck, it might be horrible from a artsy perspective. however if the film is anything like the trailer (same momentum, atmosphere, action packed and nija fights galore) then i hate to brake it to all of you but Gi Joe will nail it!!! I for one will be happy
    AND it will make tons of cash and people will come in hordes to watch it…
    Why you may ask? because it is what we want to see….
    By the transformers, the dialoge was cheesy no doubt and the acting was no Heath in batman or the cast of Revolutionary Road. but it made you feel like a child again.
    Transformers fulfild your “Transformers Fantasy” that ever since you were a young boy you wondered “what if they made it not lie the cartoon, but like real life” and when they did… there you had it people ran to see it once twice and some much more… and that is why we are all going to watch Tranformers ROF and that is why we will all go see GI Joe, rental Shmental, we all know it is true

    @ vic,
    Correct me if i am wrong but the reason you hated transformers so much was you wanted it to be so much more then what it was… A. from a critics point of view and B. becasue in a sense (and i agree with you) the movie could have been better for many reason however; i belive Michal Bay acomplished what he set out to do and that is bring the Transformers to life… and i think there is no way as a transformers fan you did not enjoy seeing Optimus Prime stick that sword in Bone Crushers face, there is no way…

  18. Umm. I watched the super bowl and there was no GI Joe trailer. I saw a Transformers 2 trailer. But no GI Joe. Thank you for providing the trailer.

  19. @Ian

    THe trailer was actually a few minutes before kickoff.

    I thought the trailer looked great. How many of you ACTUALLY remember the cartoon. Great story? C’mon, most of the stories were just ways to set-up GI Joe and Cobra fighting. What did you expect from this movie, an Oscar? Just enjoy the ride, although GI Joe the animated movie was very well written.

  20. Oh, and on my question earlier about the 2 matching guys in the robotic outfits. I am assuming they are actually BAT’s

  21. I’m of two minds on the trailer. If the guys making those fantastic leaps and bounds are wearing some sort of powered armor that allows them to do so then all is well and good.

    If however those are normal powered humans making leaps that are physically impossible for even the best trained athletes then no. They are overdoing the special effects to the point of destroying suspension of disbelief and the movie will be a humongous flop just as other such movies have been.

  22. Look like what I expected from S. Sommers films. I think it will do as well as Transformers did at the Box office.

  23. @Doom3524… I couldn’t agree more. I still get chuckles from that “Viper” episode. One of the few episodes I can remember much about even after all these years. That one was hilarious.

  24. @thandral

    I had the same exact thoughts while watching the trailer.


  25. I think if we just suspend ALL disbelief, we’ll enjoy this movie. I just thought it looked like fun, but I’m scratching my head over the early August release for an action movie. Crowded summer, yes, but August plays better to movies like Superbad, because they cater to kids NOT wanting to go back to school. Then again, early August isn’t bad.