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We haven’t set this up in a while but readers seem to appreciate it, so while we do have a G.I. Joe review where you can leave comments, we’ve set up this as a place where you can discuss G.I. Joe spoilers to your heart’s content.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. icon smile G.I. Joe Spoilers Discussion

And while you’re at it, you can give G.I. Joe your own rating right here:

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Have at it (but keep it civil – we’ll be watching)!

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  1. One thing seemed to bother me. It seemed like so much was taken from other movies. The jet/plane looked exactly like the ones from terminator salvation and some of the action scenes (like the street/missile jumping scene) came right out of transformers. Not a big complaint though.

  2. Things that bothered me:

    1. Snake eyes shooting an f’ing gun

    2. The crap prior history of Baroness and Duke (event hough Baroness did have feelings for a joe in one of the 80s cartoon episodes.

    3.Some of the CGI was a bit to obvious and off

    4. Destro was not a Scottsman

    5. Covergirl was about useless and they should of used Ali Larter

    6. Cobra commander had an ugly ass mask that from a distance was almost the same as Destro’s

    7. See number 1

  3. @The Critic

    Funny, I also thought of Terminator, but for the bad guys’ airships (HKs came to mind).


    Being an old guy, the last time I was into anything related to G.I. Joe was the original 12″ action figures, so I don’t know anything about the more modern characters. I actually thought Snake Eyes use of guns was cool in addition to his martial arts and swordplay.


  4. @ Vic

    Well the 80s and the 90s version of Snake Eyes never used a gun as it was against his ninja code, I know its small thing but, a real ninja don’t need to use a gun. So that’s why in particular the gun bothered me.

  5. @SIN187UM

    But COMIC BOOK Snake Eyes does use again. That’s the whole point of the “G.I. Joe (Un)American Hero?” post: G.I. Joe has had many incarnations through the years and things have changed. Everybody just has trouble letting go of their individual memories of it.

  6. @ Kofi Outlaw

    I can agree with you on that. I never read the GI Joe comic. What specific year are you referring to. Even still I would dislike his use of a gun if he claimed in the comic book that he was a ninja. Don’t get me wrong I am not saying this makes him less of a GI Joe or has less of the GI Joe persona, Im just saying ninja + gun = fake ninja perpetrator.

  7. @ Kofi

    Also what I got from the Un AMerican hero post was that people mainly griped about the costumes not being present and an over bearing WE ARE TEAM AMERICA F YEAH presence. I mean even with the gun you could still recognize who snake eyes snake was as well as, scarlett and hawk , and baroness. Also the guy bringing forth the charge did not account for all the years up tot he movie which still had signature costumes for a ll Joes, and pulled a turd move by not being able to produce the films that represented the American nation properly.

  8. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I enjoy reading other’s ideas about films I’m to see or have seen (spoilers don’t bother me). I just had to comment on one particular point: Snake Eyes. While true that he is a ninja (in his latest comic incarnation, a ninja master, in fact), Snake Eyes was, first and foremost, a military commando (much like Mossad, Delta Force, or Spetznatz commandos). If he DIDN’T use, or at least carry, a gun of some sort, I would feel much more disturbed. In fact, the comics have inferred or implied on many occasions that it is his melding of traditional and modern combat techniques and weapons that makes him so deadly and unstoppable…and, if I may gush for a moment, so friggin’ cool! By the way, just so you know (for those that didn’t already), the first Snake Eyes figure actually came with a gun and explosives pack…no sword. The second came with a sword, BUT he also still had his gun (usually an Uzi or MAC-10). In case you’re STILL not convinced of the viability of a gun-wielding Snake Eyes, consider this: In the original comic series (considered the G.I. Joe canon, though the cartoon was certainly entertaining), Storm Shadow was in the same Long-Range Recon Patrol unit as Snake Eyes…in the American Army! This means, of course, that he had been trained and armed with guns! Whether he USED them or not is another issue…Sorry for the explosion of verbiage; I’m just excited about seeing the film tonight or tomorrow :)

  9. …Ummm, excuse the nitpicking: “other’s” should be “others’” since I clearly wish to read more than one person’s opinion…NERD MOMENT…OVER.

  10. @ Andrew

    That’s one version that I also saw on Wikipedia. Another origin that I do remember hearing abotu was how he was initially with Cobra (which is also on wikipedia), but refused to go through with Cobra’s plans.

    As I said my perception is from the cartoon, and even still I hate the gun, but he is still a Joe to me.

  11. i think the movie was great !
    the only thing(s) that bothered me was the fast camera, and the lack of attention to specific moments such as snake eyes and shadow storm fight.
    also the “romance” involved was imo unnecessary.

    overall the action was great, ray park was great and destro with snake commander in the end looked owneage !!!!
    i hope it makes enough so they can make #2 hehee

  12. I can’t wait to see the movie and will post another comment later after I see it tomorrow. I am one of the biggest Joe fans. I still collect the figures, read and collect the comics! I know just about everything concerning Gijoe! The fact that I am 38 makes no difference. I’ve been waiting 20 years for this movie.Reading the comments, most people still don’t know much about GIJoe, especially my favorite Joe, Snake Eyes. Yes he is a ninja, but also a commando. If you are on a Military SpecOps team fashioned after Delta Force, you are an expert in most small arms. I was in the military, but also studied martial arts, including ninjutsu. Snake Eyes was an Army Ranger first, before he became a ninja. It is just a part of who he is. It makes him even more lethal and special. More to follow.

  13. OH yeah, about the cartoon. It was fun to see them on the screen, but the comics were the real deal. The cartoon was just for kids. More adults and teenagers read the comic. It was like reading an action novel with pictures.

  14. @ charles

    Knowledge already known about Delta FOrce special ops as I was in the service and had friends in Special forces. Am also a martial artist myself. Still don’t like the gun. Does not make him any less cooler though.

  15. @SIN187UM

    Yeah man to clear up your statement for other people, Destro was a Scottsman. He was born in Callander according to his bio. Just wanted to clear that up because Destro was a Scott.

  16. i think the whole gun thing with snake was great i mean its not like he used a machinegun or bazooka its just a small pistol, who really cares if its not “apart of the ninja code” i think the fight between the two ninjas should have gone longer and its shouldnt have skipped between the fight and the others.
    the CGI on the humans wasnt really good but on the bases and vehicles it was AWESOME!!!
    i always thought destro would have a hardcore deep vin diesel like accent, but scottish yuck (no offense to scottish people)
    anyone know how much it made opening night ?

  17. I know we are beating a dead horse, but if 20 or more Cobra troopers are shooting at you, you need guns to shoot back. A sword is only good for close up attacks. Snake-Eyes is the best American Ninja Master and can take out 20 ninjas and 20 cobra troopers, but only in the right setting. When bullets are flying you need grenades and his trusted, favorite UZI. Modern ninjas have a rule: Be familiar with any type of weapon to endure or win any situation.

  18. @jwalka

    who really cares if the ninja fight was too short, they fought.

  19. I saw the movie yesterday and I must say I thought the movie would be a disaster but I thought it was fantastic . it was just a fun movie to see I highly consider it (I cant belive it, but its true)
    I must say so far its been the best blockbuster of the summer (and i’m still in denial about terminator salvation)

    but yes …what I thought was gonna be turkey of the year but it was a great we surprise I just hope the sequel keeps me happy ..although I do have my doubts

  20. @ dafadge

    The sequel should be interesting seeing how as Zartan is the president. I actually thought he was going to be posing as general hawk for a minute when they started doing the facial reconstruction. I seriously hope in the sequel they clean up the CGI and dialogue, and it will be interesting to see what Joes and Cobras are in the sequel.

  21. Hey gang, FYI I’ve updated the post above to add a poll so you can give the film your own score. :)


  22. Is it me, or did the accelerator suits just seem like a blatant rip off of halo?

  23. I thought the movie was great, maybe not as good as star trek or iron man, but lots of fun none the less. It makes no qualms about being a fun cartoony movie. Thats what makes it good. The sets really did remind me of the giant battle sets you can buy and just make up cool stories around that. The writing i felt really honored the source material with its big monologues and goofy one-liners. So much more believable than a pair of friggin ghetto talking robots made up by Michale Bay.

  24. I liked it all I can say is DAM I hate flashbacks why why why do they have to screw up a movie with flashbacks

  25. It had a few problems, which I feel held the film back; I ranked it 6/10 in the poll.

    The worst part of the film is, of course, Marlon “Jar Jar” Wayans as Ripcord. I was grinding my teeth every moment he was onscreen.

    Another thing was how the female characters were chickified into damsels in distress. Scarlett is tearing up over losing a fight, but Ripcord lets her know it’s all right. The Baroness isn’t really evil, she’s just brainwashed until Duke saves her.

    If someone (anyone) else were cast as Ripcord and the girls were allowed to be kickass all the way through the movie, I’d give it an 8. It’s otherwise a 21st-century version of a Roger Moore Bond movie, and I liked most of those.

  26. An entertaining movie… Nothing more nothing less, 7 is it’s rightful place. Of course by these polls Transformers 2 was a 10(shutters)

  27. Loved the movie! Top notch action and I thought the actor’s performances were all good. I was never bored. 10x better than Wolverine, 20x better than Transformers 2.

  28. I liked it alot.It turned me into a 10 year old all over again. Snake-Eyes and Baroness stole the show. The vehicles were the bomb. Better than Terminator Salvation and equal to Wolverine. Star Trek stll took best movie of Summer 2009.

  29. Wow,I’m a bit surprised that so many people love this movie.

    I’m not gonna tell anyone that they are stupid for liking it,but this just wasn’t that good of a movie.It was way to uninspired to me.Way too many flashbacks that didn’t really give any depth to the characters.The Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow flashback was terrible.They didn’t explain why a white kid was living on the streets of Tokyo,digging out of garbage cans for his dinner.

    The whole thing with Baroness and Duke was just flat out awful.They totally made Baroness into a weak woman when she’s the furthest thing from that.

    Destro was miscast and so was Zartan.The actors should’ve actually switched roles.And I won’t even go into the whole Cobra Commander debacle.

    I could go on,but there are just too many elements of this movie that feel like we’ve seen them before somewhere else.
    Another fail from a terrible director,Stephen Sommers.

    McG would’ve done a better job,and maybe he should have bone this,instead of T4.