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We haven’t set this up in a while but readers seem to appreciate it, so while we do have a G.I. Joe review where you can leave comments, we’ve set up this as a place where you can discuss G.I. Joe spoilers to your heart’s content.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. icon smile G.I. Joe Spoilers Discussion

And while you’re at it, you can give G.I. Joe your own rating right here:

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Have at it (but keep it civil – we’ll be watching)!

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  1. The accelerator suits are just another version of battle armor … and that’s been a science fiction staple since at least the 1950′s with Starship Troopers. The design may be a little “HALO-esque,” but it’s in the same design style as the rest of the movie, as far as I can tell.

  2. I knew it!!! Vic if you go back a long ways to one of the articles about g.i joe before it came out, i made a statement about how i thought the scene where the 2 joes were dodging the missiles in slow motion while in there accelerator suits was suspiciously close to the scene in transformers 1 where they do the same thing. And i read somewhere that they actually put that in there to pay respect to the first transformers!

    I gave the movie an 8 for these reasons.

    1- It was plain old fun. It was a popcorn action movie with enough and just not enough of all things that made it awesome. Action was good, jokes were kept to a quick minimum, and story was easy ebnough to fit in there between the action.

    2- Snake eyes…………

    3- SNAKE EYES!!!

  3. oh and as far as everyone saying that the suits were a halo rip off. Everyone should realize, that halo is actually a rip off of another suit that ripped off another guys suit from a guy who ripped it off some other guy. Cmon guys if you honestly think that the halo suit is the first one to ever look like that your just being naive. Thats like saying oh man, batman ripped off supermans cape or oh man for ripped off toyota for building a car that looks just like it.

  4. oh i got another one or the halo suit thing.

    big-o ripped off s-cry-ed who ripped off gundam who ripped of voltron who ripped off power rangers zords who ripped off gigantor who ripped off….. see what im saying?

    sorry for so many posts next time ill make it one big one

  5. well my thing about the suits is, we have the technology available to us to make photo realistic models like the iron man suit. So why havent we been able to make a Halo movie yet. The series is immensely popular and has an amazing following already. They could make mondo bucks off it. Especially if you get a director like James Cameron to direct it.

  6. It’s coming. No James Cameron but possibly Steven Spielberg. Scripts written by the guy who did this G.I. Joe movie.


  7. duke seemed way too young to be a major. sounded like he was a gangbanger wannabe just off the streets (or out of the ghetto) in the way he talked, didn’t sound like a seasoned military officer at all. what was with the facial hair? goatees are not allowed in the military, though perhaps they grew them while in the field (if i’m being generous). the joes in the base looked quite sloppy also- facial hair , EARRINGS(heavy duty), many joes (the “elite alpha soliders” )in the background didn’t look like they were in tip top shape, uniforms worn very sloppily (including GENERAL HAWK). i hate any version of snake eyes where we can see his lips- what’s up with that? it’s a cloth type mask no? if it’s that tight, how does he breath. good point about why a white kid was in the streets of tokyo, though perhaps we will see that more of his background in sequels??(perhaps he was a dependent of a gi stationed in tokyo (like i was,(a gi,not a dependent) ), but “he doesn’t speak because he took a vow of silence after witnessing his master murdered” is very weak compared to the original- he can’t speak because he was injured and disfigured on a military operation is much better (and another reason why we shouldn’t see his facial features through the mask…)
    a neo viper who “doesn’t have fear” – screams after falling down a chute in an attack on the gi joe base????? if he has no fear- why is he screaming??
    cobra commander’s mask looked dumb (why not stick to something based off the original cool toy version- or the hooded version- why rip off darth vader when the original look is already so cool?)
    – so did the vipers. hard to tell in the battle scenes who was the good guys and who was the bad guys because there was no distinct difference with the vehicles- which i liked about the toy line. mostly gi joe had olive drab- cobra had black vehicles . would’ve liked them to stick a bit more to the original integrity of such, including the blue unforms with helmets and facemasks, instead of looking like robots… could’ve used more of the cool red cobra symbol. (i didn’t feel like i was watching gi joe battling the COBRA that i knew and loved, or even a resemblence of such…)
    ripcord????? of all the joes to choose from, we are given ripcord??? – why not just make him stalker who was black and a main character? had ripcord died in the end (sacrificing himself while saving the washington)it would’ve been more acceptable to me..
    ok, despite all my complaints and distractions, the movie i must say that it was much more enjoyable than i thought it would be, but i hoped for better and feel there was not legit reason why it wasn’t…….

  8. listen all im going to say is in a summer of disappointing ass movies joe was pretty damn good. it was what it was a good old fashioned popcorn flick, loved JGL as the doctor/cobra commander its good they cast them younger hopefully this will be a trilogy with brendan fraser in the sequel more and more BARONESS!! it was a pretty cool movie i must admit the trailer absolutely sucked lol i def was gonna pass on this movie but i was very surprised. i must say snake eyes should have had a black ninja outfit like storm shadows HOW FREAKING COOL WAS HIS NINJA OUTFIT it was awesome i was very upset that storm shadow seemingly died at the end he and snake eyes stole the whole show, really liked the 2 Lost guys sayed and the preacher dude in thier roles quaid was good as usual but sienna miller was freakin awesome and sexy im down for a sequel and FAST!

  9. Even Sienna Miller’s look was a ripoff. It reminded me a cheap Kate Beckinsale’s version.

  10. I don’t know if Storm Shadow actually died; we just see him fall into the water after being stabbed. A normal person would have died but we are talking about Storm Shadow. I wouldn’t be surprised if he came back.

    I enjoyed the movie but yes, I did have a problem with one of the vipers yelling falling in the shaft; they are suppose to have no fear. I thought the action was great and the special effects were good, not great. The best fights were with Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow. I gave it 8 out of 10.

  11. what was with duke and the bubble gum? wasn’t that a character trait of breaker??

  12. Finally saw it, and I liked it. Ya, I’m surprised too! Didn’t like the mouth on Snake-eyes mask, made it look real dumb. And Brenden Frasier as Sgt. Slaughter? Isn’t that what the other Joe called him? I could have seen him as Gung -Ho but Slaughter? Hell no, he’s too weak. But as far as Cobra Commander’s mask, it was based off of the ’80s toys. C.C. had the full metal faceplate, the hood, and then this mask he had on his battle armor when it came with the bounceing ball on legs toy called the cobra pogo………. anyways … liked it more than TF2

  13. Finally saw the movie and liked it a lot! Really fast paced and loaded with action! Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow? AWESOME! Just as they should be portrayed. Duke? Too weak. Duke was always hard knuckled, cool and a strong leader. Maybe they’ll toughen him up later. Duke was too dry. Everyone else was good, except Cobra Commander. We shouldn’t know who Cobra Commander is too early! Maybe in the last sequel, but not now! They tried to fit a lot in, but managed to entertain kids as well as old fans like me. I’ll accept the story changes because I realize it is a franchise revamp and they didn’t change too much. Storm Shadow will be back!- better be. I give it an 8. Well worth it, going to see it again. YO JOE!

  14. SOmeone made a comment about seeing a lot of the elements in the movie before. This is true, but they presented them well. They combined sequences from different Joe cartoon episodes and comic book stories. I recognized most of them and with Sommers directing, he included some other elements from his other movies and even the actors. This made the movie well rounded and exciting. Take from the best and put it together. Everything was set up nicely for a sequel- especially the ending.

  15. i thought the doctors voice was kinda cool. forgot how the commander sounded like though.

  16. Easter Eggs! Baroness ran through that glass building in Paris and hit the guy with the balloons! Just like how it looked in the cartoon movie.Sommers hey even did a birds eye view of them flying. The Bubble gum thing…. even though I don’t think that was Duke’s thing. I’m pretty sure it was Breaker’s or Tunnel Rat’s or something. I think It’s cool that they threw out Dr. Mondbender’s name(not really an easter egg) Hopefully he survived that bunker attack too and will show up in the next movie. I mean, he was a pretty big character in the cartoon. He made serpentor for christ’s sake. The weapon deployed by Duke in the sub, he called it L.A.W. which was a toy battle station from the 80′s. Of course I’d have to mention, Dennis Quaid’s General Hawk actually said it. “Knowing is half the battle.” The midnight showing audience, including myself, got a kick out of that one. I can’t think of anymore, but I’m sure you can!

    I just want to say, I hate what they had to do to my beloved G.I.Joe’s to make this movie. However, I do understand why they changed what they did. As a fanboy, hated the movie, but at the same time I had so much fun with it. At least Sommers was nice enough to nod to the fans on those easter eggs. Go see it! You’ll be surprised.

  17. Does anybody know if that Battleship they shot at the end of the movie was supposed to be a nod to the U.S.S. Flagg? I thought it was but I didn’t remember seeing the 99

  18. I liked it overall as a fun action movie. As a longtime Joe fan, I have gripes. I didn’t like Snake-eyes showing his mouth. It looked goofy, but they didn’t show it enough to be a distraction. I think Hawk referred to Duke as a captain. I could be wrong. In the comics, he was a sergeant. Storm Shadow does die in the comic, but is resurrected when he is used to help create Serpentor. I had the original Snake-eyes figure which included an uzi. Actually, in the comic he didn’t start using a sword until after the first few years. I didn’t like the “vow of silence” explanation for him not speaking either. Sommers used lots of references from the comics. I would have expected him to use more of Larry Hama’s version of his origin. Breaker does chew bubble gum all the time in the comic. Destro is a scotsman according to the bio on the back of the action figure. The cartoon didn’t present him that way. Brendan Fraser was supposed to be cast as Gung-Ho. I agree with Ripcord being a lame character to choose out of the hundreds of Joes to choose from and casting Marlon Wayans in the role made it even worse. Add to that he was one of the main characters in the film. I have to admit that he wasn’t as bad as I was expecting and was actually entertaining in parts. I couldn’t stand him being linked up with Scarlett because she was always with Snake-eyes in the comic. I didn’t like Cobra Commander being revealed as he was. The mystery of him being an unknown made it more interesting. Making him Duke’s best bud and his girlfriend, the baroness’, brother seemed a bit forced. I sort of accepted it because Duke really didn’t have a personal life in the comic or the cartoon. Give the guy a break.

  19. The movie kicked ass!!!!!!! In most adaptations things get changed so we should expect stuff like that. Scarlett and Baroness were so hot and used well. Scarlett was awesome on her bike. Of course the best parts of the flick were Snake eyes and Storm Shadow. I also like the flashbacks because this way they didn’t have to start at the beginning of everyone’s stories thus slowing down the pace of a well crafted action extravaganza. Highly recommended. Better than transformers even though I enjoyed that flick as well. But nobody’s has beat Star Trek yet!!!!!!

  20. Stephen Sommers should never be allowed near a film set again as long as he lives. First he utterly destroyed the legacy of the great classic universal mummy flicks and now one of my childhood favorites, the JOES.

    The fundemental flaw in Sommer’s direction…in all his films…is his very poor taste. It sums up all the flaws in his pictures, and he seems to be unable to overcome this fatal error time and time again. Note the laughable production design, poor plotting (machine guns underwater? seriously? physics test – fire a bullet into water. its rendered harmless in 3 feet or less), horrendous casting of some key roles, replete cornyness, insulting dialogue and acting, and just plain crapping on the legacy of the material. It physically pained me to view this.

    Sadly the main demographic for these films shares his same lack of taste, and since the studio is only interested in box office numbers, they falsy percieve him as being a capable helmer when the opposite is true.

    Case in point: imagine if you will that a tasteful, quality director had taken this project on. Say…one Christopher Nolan, or Jon Favreau. What kind of monumental blockbuster would the studio have on its hands then? Fans of all ages, and action film junkies all spending thier dollars like they did for The Dark Knight or Iron Man, propelling it to astronomical profits. And the serious film afficianado would have a great addition to the halcyon of comic live action pictures.

    And G.I. Joe would have a quality live action movie to carry on its legacy.

    But no. They went with Sommers. Proof that if you sell you soul to the big “S” down below, then you too can have a film career.

  21. Oh, so now I have a lack of taste because I enjoyed this movie? I guess The Dark Knight and Iron Man were poor movies as well because I enjoyed them. :-(

  22. I hear they may bring on Brett Ratner if Sommers backs out of the Sequel

  23. Kahless was a fake, a clone, my dear boy. And any vulcan worth his salt would be able to point out that your if:than clausal statement is meritless, you’re comparing apples to oranges.

    As my favorite film critic is oft to point out, enjoyment of a film is not directly tied to the quality of the film. There are a great many collossal wastes of celluloid that people find enjoyable for one reason or another.

    Because you enoyed it, your poor taste in this reguard, has no bearing on whether the former were quality movies, nor invalidate that Sommer’s G.I.Joe was, in fact, craptacular.

    A film can be of the highest calibre and not be enjoyable to view (though that does not negate the beneficial effects of viewing it). Example: Schindler’s List. If you get enjoyment out of a holocaust film…that is…disturbing.

    Conversely, a film can be total schlock and be enjoyable to view as entertainment. E.g. Any number of the sadly, now late John Hughes films.

    Somehow I suspect that you will have to consult imdb.com to discern who the great Mr. Hughes was or his body of work, which no doubt peaked in the 80′s yet remained prolific.

  24. @ I. Houdini

    What’s with the hatin’ on John’s handle … ?

    There had to be a real (well, “real”) Kahless in order to have a clone, right? And he was a Klingon, not a Vulcan …

  25. Seriously has Channing Tantum acted before?

    Otherwise all is good.

  26. This movie was exciting the whole way through… well for the most part… At one point I started zoning out and they could have cut one of the battle scenes short, but other than that I thought it was terrific! And since we can put spoilers in this discussion let me just say this… That part at the end when that guy was in the president’s body and started whistling was crazy! That gave it away that there would be a sequel… Also we’ll get a better look at Destro in the sequel and he looked pretty awesome. I thought The Doctor was much cooler without the Cobra Commander mask though. They could have made that look much MUCH cooler.