G.I. Joe Keeps Sommers Around For The Sequel

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At a junket in Australia hosted by the native press outlet, Jabba, when asked about the word going around the water cooler (read: the internet), Steven Sommers quickly smothered the flaming rumor that he had been canned from G.I. Joe and that the film was being re-edited due to poor testing and flaccid online response.

“I have final cut, it was actually a surprise because I was in the editing room and I got a phone call from a friend checking if I had been fired and replaced, so I just kept editing. That’s what’s crazy about the internet because I have final cut and they couldn’t throw me off if they wanted and clearly when you see the movie you’ll realize how silly that was. Someone said ‘It was the worst testing movie in Paramount’s history’ that’s crap! When you see the movie you’ll know it’s false. It is discouraging though. If you took two seconds to look into it not only do I have final cut but as a director if I didn’t have final cut, you’d have to really screw up a movie to get fired because once a director gets fired from a project the stigma attached to that movie… you’re just dead.”

Allow me to translate:  “No f-ing way.  As if.  Whatever.”  Sommers seems to have his head screwed on squarely enough to realize that while it doesn’t take much to start a rumor, it takes a lot of work to overcome one, even a false one. Reinforcing his confidence in the movie, and thereby the public’s, Sommers goes on to reveal that not only will this movie prevail over canard, so will its sequel: Sommers revealed at the junket that the movie get a sequel, and that all the players are locked in to reprise their roles for next summer.

What does this tell us?  Cobra Commander will not be defeated?  Perhaps Storm Shadow will flip flop and cause enough commotion to warrant a sequel.  Maybe the sequel will flesh out Destro’s love for the Baroness and be a romantic comedy starring Matthew McConaughey? Or maybe we could go old skool and really mix it up: G.I. Joe vs. The Transformers vs. Predator (or the Terminator, or Aliens, whatever).  I’d be up for all of those, especially the last. Regardless, any plot pieces left dangling shouldn’t leave the audience with any unresolved tension; rest assured, they will be answered eventually.

So one person says something that’s deliciously incendiary, and it takes off, out of control, like a North Korean missile.  Before you know it, someone hates someone, or slept with someone’s dog, or is fighting with the Pope; rumors know no bounds.  That’s why its important to deep-six any sparks before they turn into wildfires. Thanks to Sommers for posting this little clip on his website, actively dispelling any rumors that the movie will suck, and giving us a taste of what looks to be a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-Delta-6 Accelerator-Suits flick with plenty to offer the original G.I. Joe fans, and enough to keep the attention of the new ones.

I don’t know about you guys, but I like to keep an open mind.  People will say whatever they want, but it’s up to the audience to listen or not.  I choose not, at this juncture, and will see the movie regardless of what will or will not be said.  In fact, not only will I see the movie, I’ve already begun planning my costume:

hr gi joe storm shadow G.I. Joe Keeps Sommers Around For The Sequel

Like this only less bad ass; I could never be Storm Shadow, perhaps I’ll be Light Drizzle Shadow.

So what do you think?  Are there enough die-hard Joe fans out there to overcome this speculation, or will Sommers’ G.I. Joe be felled by the Rumor Monster (not to be confused with Rumor Willis)? I say GO JOE!  And now you know…

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  1. “And knowing is half the battle”

    Let the rumor mill spin, I’m still seeing it. Many keep saying the trailers look like crap; well, I guess I’m addicted to crap because they don’t look bad to me.

  2. I just cant believe that Deniss Quaid of all people signed on to this film…I really had more respect for you man

  3. damn that’s too bad!

  4. Sommers says they couldn´t pull him off the project even if they wanted to… That says a lot, doesn´t it. Or actually, it could say a lot.
    It seems he got a very good contract for himself, to be this ‘untouchable’. If it’s true, of course. But if it is, and the movie sucks (like the incredibly dumb trailers did) ánd people stay away (Transformers 1 & 2 both sucked, and still managed to be big success stories), then Sommers’ head will roll.
    I predict G.I. Joe is a goofy action movie, and people will go and see it nevertheless.

  5. @tasouli

    So you’ve obviously seen it, right? Please, do tell …

    … Well?

    … c’mon!?

  6. I will see this being a GI Joe fan as a kid, but I really think the weakest part will be the accelerator suits. They make the characters look like Master Chief.

    Snake Eyes looks cool.

  7. Other films that were highly anticipated, sputtered after negative reaction to trailers, and were pulled from theaters after two weeks (if that) i.e. Street Fighter and Dragonball. However GI Joe is neither of those and fans love GI Joe too much to turn their back on it. Ghost Rider made big money didn’t it?

  8. @ tasouli

    It’s called a “paycheck.” If you want Quaid to do quality films, then he needs to do crap-fest films like these so he can keep doing the aforementioned films. That’s how it works with ALL working actors.

  9. Actually, the trailers were the best part of Dragonball. So that tells you just how bad it was.

  10. im a lil worried about the movie but i am still gonna wait till I see it to pass judgement

  11. I think stormshadow needs a tophat.

  12. Nice article Jacob, turning this into a interesting read would have challenged my lame writing talents. :-)

    (Could this be spin?) Sure the Director has final cut but that doesn’t mean the studio can then re-edit the film anyway they see fit. Let us never forget “Waterworld!”
    This sounds like damage control to me. Should be interesting to see how this performs. If not for the Transformers fanbase wildcard, I would call this a bomb.
    At this point its too close to call,,,

  13. Just to give yall some insight the whole Delta 6 suits has to do with the writers, producers and director trying to incorporate some of the Sigma 6 GI Joe series into their script to beef it up a little plus it adds on a lot of time that is probably more of a waste but makes up a good bulk of the movie

  14. Its a huge action figure commercial Heath.

    This film seriously looks like its being marketed to 9 year olds,,,

  15. No offence to my Klingon brothers that just want to loose themselves in some battle action.

  16. UH YEAH thats what its supposed to do because cartoons and toys are mostly marketed to anybody under the age of 13! So why not a movie! Anyhow I was just commenting on those suits because it struck me as odd that they had them when the original “Real American Hero” series never had anything such as these. But in the spirit of serene conversation, it was just a comment, sorry to have offended your delicate senses!

  17. Ok, action figure marketing is the norm here,,, whatever Heath. Don’t get bent out of shape on it,,, we all have are limits. 8-O

  18. I hate it when people say a movie is gonna suck when it hasnt even came out yet. Seems childish to me. I know im gonna go see it cause i loved watchin the animated series as a kid. Of-course its gonna be different from the cartoon just as Transformers was. I cant wait to see Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow fight each other. If they do make a sequel, i hope to see Serpentor take over as leader. He always made Cobra Commander look outta his league on the animated series.

  19. The suit thing is a really silly idea just like having Marlon Wayans being in it. The only person they look like they paid any kind of attention to detail to is Snake Eyes. If they would’ve actually had some type of Q & A or survey type of thing prior to filming they might’ve saved themselves a lot of trouble. Or they could’ve just listened to all the screaming fans of G.I. Joe to begin with and just canned the whole thing. Either way I look forward to the reboot in 2-3 years.

  20. We dont even know if they’re gonna wear those suits all thru the movie. for all we know they could be used for the final climax. Besides the suits idea, imagine how all of them would look as they did in the cartoon. If movies were 100% perfect then Bumblebee would still be the shortest robot in Transformers, not Jazz. Im just using that as a example.

  21. No offense taken! I never killed anyone while posting, Mr. 790!!

    For all you non-Trekkers, that’s a modified quote from Star Trek:TNG, spoken by Kurn, Worf’s brother. :-)

    Yeah, just hoping for some good action and, hopefully, humor that’s commensurate with an IQ over 100. Just take me away from reality for 2 hours.

  22. @Kahless

    Kurn was fun. “I will have some of your burned replicated bird meat.”

    Interesting that they already have a sequel waiting to film, but not surprising, since the whole thing is kind of a setup for things to come. In reading the novelization, it’s pretty clear that they were confident enough to assume a sequel. It’s not a cliffhanger ending, but leaves a couple of pretty important situations unresolved.

    I’ll grant that the accelerator suits are kind of gratuitous, but considering Cobra is using nanotechnology-based weapons, I think the Joes are already handicapped enough. The setting is intended to be “near-future,” say ten or fifteen years from now … probably not enough time for power armor of the sophistication shown, but hey, the original Joe team was using jet packs and laser rifles back in 1982. By 1986, they had progressed to teleportation, at least in the cartoon. Cobra has always been “too advanced.” But these days, that’s what sets them apart from the real terrorists.

  23. @SpaceCowboy1701
    Why aren’t you part of the discussion on the Trek Review board? We are trying to get to post #1701. Sorry your babe track record was tarnished by Uhura. :-)

    I really don’t see anything wrong with the Accelerator Suits. If the action is more extreme with them, I say bring it on.

  24. @ Kahless

    I posted a few comments there a while back, after I finally got to see the movie … I thought that tread was pretty much done. I’ll see about dropping by.

    I think you and I are the only two people that don’t have a hate on for the accelerator suits. I’ll admit, I don’t think they were necessary, but I can definitely see from a writing/directing/producing perspective, that they would be a not-unreasonable tech upgrade … if you look at the whole thing from a simple “update the franchise from the ground up” perspective. Which is what they did.

    My understanding is that Sommers and crew researched what the military has in development and just extrapolated to some degree for a near-future scenario. Definitely some dramatic license, though. I’m looking forward to reading the “making of” books to find out if this was true and to hear the thought processes …

  25. Make it 3 As far as not hating The accelarator suits .
    I find it odd that so many people are upset that the studio that produces Iron Man is doing a movie that uses as one of its major plot points the idea of a suit that enhances the physical abilties of the wearer.

  26. @ Gary
    The way people talk about it, i find annoying, childish, and dumb. They sound like they prefer everyone look just as they did in the cartoon,lol. Not all the Autobots and Decepticons looked the same in the live-action films as they did in the animated series. Some people are far too difficult to impress these days.

  27. Nostalgia is a powerful force … personally, I’m glad they got Scarlett out of the purple and orange getup she used to wear. The original team all wore standard green uniforms with little differentiation, for the most part. Stalker, Snake Eyes, and Scarlett had the different outfits. I’m still not sure what I think of the body armor “look,” but it certainly won’t keep me from watching the movie.

    The most unrealistic part is the amount of international cooperation portrayed. But even that is similar to Britain’s “Action Force” incarnation of GI Joe …

  28. I think for some people (me included) the thing that was kind of the sale point of the G.I. Joes of the 80s was the fact that the G.I. Joes had individuality. Yes they were a team, but a team made up of an assumable of different parts of the military. Each one was suppose to be the best of the best and be the best at what they do. So when they chose to stick everybody in the same armored black suits it kind of took away from one of the things that made G.I. Joes cool.

  29. @ KnKonWD
    I see your point of view. It reminds me of the X-men films aswell in which the X-men pretty much had the same costumes with a big X on them and all being black.