G.I. Joe Japanese Trailer: We See You Cobra Commander!

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gi joe cobra commander first look cropped G.I. Joe Japanese Trailer: We See You Cobra Commander!

[UPDATE: Ok so now we've got a solid look at Destro too! See bottom of the post!]

The Japanese trailer for G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra recently hit the web and the guys over at Cinematical were savvy enough to spot a little Easter egg tucked into an otherwise carbon-copy version of the domestic trailer: a first look at Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Cobra Commander!

Up until now all we’ve had are toys and word-of-mouth to go on, as far as what Cobra Commander would look like in the film, but now we know for sure – and knowing… well, you know. Check out the new Cobra Commander:

…But before I go throwing up the Japanese trailer for G.I. Joe and force you to sit through two minutes of a mediocre-looking movie, I thought I’d warn you: Cobra Commander is only in a single shot (:04 seconds in) and then the rest of the trailer is everything we’ve already seen before. It’s really not such a big revelation, all things considered.

So, if you don’t want to waste the 4 seconds necessary for viewing the trailer, here is a quick screen shot of Cobra Commander (guy on the left with the S&M mask on):


gi joe cobra commander first look G.I. Joe Japanese Trailer: We See You Cobra Commander!


If you want to see the good Commander “in motion,” here is the Japanese trailer for G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra:


My personal opinion? Finally seeing Gordon-Levitt as Cobra Commander is about as underwhelming as EVERYTHING ELSE I’ve seen from G.I. Joe; the design isn’t terrible (he looks kinda creepy), it isn’t great, it’s just…blah…

HOWEVER, this trailer does pretty much prove my earlier (much-disputed) guestimate that the Rise of Cobra international poster was actually depicting images of Destro (Christopher Eccelston) and Cobra Commander in full armor! Here’s a cropped version of the poster so you can see what I’m referring to:


gi joe international poster cropped G.I. Joe Japanese Trailer: We See You Cobra Commander!

Click image for larger size


Like I said then (from L-R): Storm Shadow, Baroness, Destro and Cobra Commander. I stand by my guestimate.

UPDATE: Ok, so readers are telling me the poster is actually (from L-R): Storm Shadow, Baroness, Cobra Viper and Cobra Commander. NO DESTRO. Pretty random to have just 3 out of the 4 main villains on a poster, I say.

RE-UPDATE: And now, thanks to UGO, we have a better look at what we can actually expect the “finished” Destro to look like:

gi joe destro mask G.I. Joe Japanese Trailer: We See You Cobra Commander!

click for UGO's larger version


G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra will be in theaters on August 7, 2009.

What do you think: Cobra Commander – thumbs up? Thumbs down?

Source: Cinematical


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  1. Thumbs down on CC but I’m seeing it anyway.

  2. My first reaction when I heard there was to be a GI Joe movie was that I wouldn’t see it. But, I decided to wait until I saw a trailer. And once I did, I thought it looked like the crappiest bunch of crap-tasticness I’d ever seen. It is possible the rest of the movie is good and they shoved crap only into the trailer, but I doubt it.

  3. Thumbs up.

  4. And here I thought in the poster that was Destro and Cobra Commander was in the black suit and helmet… sheesh…


  5. Kofi,

    I think that’s one of Cobra Commander’s guards/warriors in the black suit and helmet.


  6. Look you have to expect a bit of camp with this because it’s an 80s cartoon but they really dropped the ball on this big time. Especially with Cobra Commander who looks more like Doctor Mindbender from back in the day…but with hair. Maybe it’s what they’re going for. I don’t know.

    I could probably live through most of the movie if something besides the posters looked or sounded good. But it doesn’t. And it’s a damn shame.

    Because, as I’ve said countless times in the past, once they start changing things for the sake of the movie will fail. It’s happened over and over again in the past. So many people want this movie to be good and yet again Hollywood has screwed it up.

    If you don’t know the subject matter. Fine. But you know you have a good property on your hands that can make money. Take some of the budget and hire people who do know the subject matter. But that would be too easy.

  7. This hasn’t exactly been getting my adrenaline pumping and seeing Gordon-Levitt as CC hasn’t done anything to make me want to run out and see it. I’ll probably see it but not gonna rush out like they would expect me/us to.

  8. Anyone noticing how in not one SINGLE trailer or ad none of the characters actually say “GI Joe” outloud?

  9. Maybe they think that by not saying it maybe they’ll maintain some sort of mystique to the film? I cannot say for sure but I can’t fathom why they would go out of their way to avoid mentioning it anywhere in the trailer.


    Just flipped through the comic book adaptation of the movie. Nope, that’s not Destro. Believe it or not, by the end of the film, Destro gets a very familiar-looking upgrade to his face — ’nuff said.

    Not that it makes me at all excited to see this. Netflix.

  11. For those of you who have read the adaptation, DON’T POST SPOILERS!!!


  12. Ive never paid that much attention have you guys notice how EXACTLY similar this looks to Transformers? In terms of shots, how it looks, camera movements, etc.?
    It is as if Stephen Sommers watched every Michael Bay film or just Transformers and did the exact same thing. Really, look how similar this trailer is in terms to all the Transformers (1&2).
    More evidence, the last sequence with the missiles firing at those “accelerated” Joes. Ironhide & Ratchet vs. the Tank at the end fight of Transformers?

  13. You are right about that being Cobra Commander in the poster but the other character is not Destro. It is a Cobra Viper.

  14. Wow… So the international poster shows all the main ‘Joe characters and the main villains except with Destro swapped out for a Cobra Viper? RANDOM.

  15. Thumbs down, studios think they should make this campy or make it so we can see the actors faces?! I’m tired of these studios thinking they know what we want to see, better than us. They say they care about the hardcore fanbase?, they say it with a straight face and lie. The producers and studios make these films(Transformers1 & 2) for everyone else and just hope the hardcore fans will accept it, if not?, at least they made whole bunch of new fans they can cater to.

  16. Looks good

  17. I imagine the thought behind the choices for the poster was that a guy in a business suit would not look right on there, even though it is Destro. Didn’t they already release a character poster for Destro?

  18. I googled for images of Cobra Commander in the upcoming film, and found on picture with four characters on it, with that guy we are all talking about included. According to the caption, that character was called “The Doctor”, not Cobra Commander. Try it for yourself.

  19. I for want really want to be excited for this movie but I must admit it’s hard. For one we’ve gotten only two trailers since the superbowl and in all honesty, the theatrical trailer is just a longer version of the teaser. Another thing is the shot with Duke and Ripcord fliping around in the suits looked pretty bad. Snake Eyes look pretty cool though the suit Ray Park is wearing does look a little bulky. Ray Park appears to be a fairly fit fellow, so why the rubber suit? (sigh) In the end I’m gonna check it out. Hell, there was a lot of folks who swore that Transformers was going to suck but it turned out pretty good. I only pray to god this one turns out to be good too.

  20. that is the docter rex lewis , after the fire that cause’s his face to be burned and then he turns on duke!!!!

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt really plays 3 characters rex lewis the best friend of duke and then is turned into the doctor then transforms into later on in the film Cobra Commander !!!!

    and on the poster that is a viper solider not Destro !!!!

  21. @ Steve

    You probably ought to put a SPOILER warning in there somewhere …

  22. after a little snooping on the Hasbro website, the guy pictured on the poster isn’t Cobra Commander but rather a new character called “The Doctor”. I assume he’ll be like a retooled Dr. Mindbender.

  23. No, it was Cobra Commander alright…or just a skinny guy wearing a sleep apnea mask.