New ‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’ Trailer: More Action & Cheesy One-Liners

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Despite the influx of G.I. Joe: Retaliation posters and images over the past few weeks, fans have grown increasingly (and audibly) restless about the wait for a new trailer. Just in the nick of time, another theatrical promo has been released for the second Joe live-action movie (see above), offering a succinct outline of the story featured in the (semi-)rebooting sequel, an extended look at the film’s renovated cast in motion – and a better idea of what director Jon M. Chu meant when he said that Retaliation does not “discount” the events in Rise of Cobra.

Here’s the million dollar question, though: will seeing this additional footage from Retaliation ultimately get the fanbase more excited – or diminish anticipation for the film?

As you’ve undoubtedly picked up on by now, Retaliation “wipes the slate clean” by having most of the G.I. Joe squad slaughtered during a surprise attack ordered by Cobra spy Zartan (Arnold Vosloo), impersonating the U.S. president. Judging by the latest trailer, Channing Tatum as Duke – who was essentially “the lead” in Rise of Cobra, could even be among the casualties.

However, the few survivors (including, Dwayne Johnson as Roadblock) band together in order to stop the diabolical Cobra Commander and his forces from reigning destruction down upon the world. Joining the Joe crew on their new dangerous, globe-spanning mission is organization “founder,” Joe Colton (Bruce Willis).

gi joe retaliation trailer New G.I. Joe: Retaliation Trailer: More Action & Cheesy One Liners

The latest footage seems to indicate that Chu hasn’t completely abandoned the cartoony sci-fi elements (see: insect nanobots) or over-the-top CGI sequences (see: the destruction of London) that director Stephen Sommers favored in Rise of Cobra. Similarly, the Retaliation screenplay penned by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (Zombieland) isn’t above saddling its heroes and villains alike with some noticeably (but intentional) cheesy dialogue.

Working in Retaliation‘s favor is that the sillier elements carried over from Rise of Cobra appear to be played down, enough so that they help keep the proceedings light-weight and fun, while also not clashing too much with the film’s overall grittier tone and feel. It also helps that charismatic action heavyweights like Willis and Johnson are the ones running the show – and delivering most of the tongue-in-cheek one-liners.

So, all in all, G.I. Joe: Retaliation looks like an enjoyable helping of summer popcorn entertainment. Heck, if nothing else, the movie seems worth checking out just for that massive ninja brawl on the mountains alone.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation opens in theaters around the U.S. on June 29th, 2012.


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  1. I am going to have so much fun when this opens in theaters…and I believe I saw a squad of Rattlers :D

    • I agree. Of course I enjoyed the first one for what it was – minus the horrible choices they made with Cobra Commander.

      • Joseph Gordon-Levitt probably the worst casting in history of filming for Cobra Commander. I like him as an actor that he is but Cobra Commander seriously ?

        • Wasn’t so much the casting that bothered but the portrayal of CC.

  2. Impressive, still waiting for the COBRALALALALALA!!

    • That’s from the animated move (which would be AWESOME to see on screen.)
      So unless they introduce the whole Golobulous (SP) storyline they shouldn’t ever say it.

      • Yea that is true, but it would be just as good if they yelled, COBRA!!.. now to hear CC’s voice, if it sounds clsoe to the cartoons, or Renegades..i’ll be happy

        • Now THAT I agree with. :)

  3. Has no one asked Jon Chu straight up if he killed off Duke?

    Whether you like Channing Tatum in the role or not, that is significant and I hope they didn’t.

    Making what was suppose to be an ensemble character like roadblock take the lead is one thing but killing off Duke is completely out of bounds.

    Imagine if some random director filming a classic team like ohhh, umm… X-men and they decided: oh, hey lets just focus on Wolverine and let’s take Cyclopes who has always been portrayed as the field leader and kill him off…

    crazy I know…

    • Why spoil anything about the plot, why worry about Duker… if you know G.I. Joe..i’m sure he’s alive

    • He’s the director… not the screen writer.

      Go ask a producer or Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick not the director who they hired after the script was completed.

  4. I am still surprised they didnt bring back Joseph Gordon Levitt’s character as Cobra Commander back into this film. I thought he did really well in the first one. it doesnt make sense on why he isnt in this one

    • i thought he was the one that said no thank you to returning … repeatedly

      • idk I never heard anything about that

    • You must not have seen the original cartoons, Cause I don’t ever remember CC’s face being shown..I don’t even think it happened in the comics either. Not saying he was a bad choice for CC, just how the character evolved into CC was terrible and the look was bad. Even if Levitt played Cobra Commander, how would you know?

      • yeah I never watched all of them just a select few. so Im not entirally sure of what each character was supposed to be like. Im just basing it off my opinion and I thought the characters were perfectly fine

      • Cobra Commanders face was only shown in the GI Joe animated movie. Which is excellent BTW.

        • BUZZZZZ! Wrong-o. CC’s face was shown repeatedly through out the comics in flashbacks, as disguised and as (supposedly) true reveal a few times. Its always been danced around in the books, but its not completely taboo or unknown of. Even Destro has been revealed in several incarnations of the printed medium. The only place they never truly revealed his face was in the cartoon. Even the movie version was a hybrid snake human face that had no resemblance to his actual human face so the writers thought it appropriate to go ahead and reveal it while not really revealing anything at all.

          • BUZZZ!
            We were talking about the cartoons.

    • In rise of cobra he was only needed to establish this “Rex back ground story” but now that is out of the way he is no longer needed. Just find some one who can walk all devious like and some one with a evil sounding voice.

  5. awesome! i knew we would have another trailer soon after those posters!!! i loved the first one, and im sure i will love this one two. I just wish there was a little more continuity. i dont care if they didnt bring back the whole team from the first, but at least a couple of the main characters wouldve been nice.

    • They did… Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Zartan, and Duke are all back from the original cast. I know thats not everyone, but its some of them and they were all main characters from the first. Now what would be nice if there is some kind of mentioning of those from the first movie in this one, that would better bridge the gap between the two movies.

      The thing I am most curious about is, how does CC get out of the prison they put him in, in the last scene of the first movie? Is this even the same character? I always felt that JGL’s character was less CC and more Dr. Mindbender, even though the guy in the house that got bombed with him in it was actually named Mindbender. So who knows, maybe they will go that direction seeing as how Destro seems to still be stuck in purgatory, perhaps JGL’s character still is too and this is the REAL CC instead.

      • that would be interesting if they did it that way. and yeah i know they are bringing back those characters. which im glad but i mean like dukes best friend and girlfriend. they shouldve at least had his friend in that first scene with duke at the beginning of the trailer and then kill him off or whatever they are doing with duke.

      • If the President/Zartan can Frame the Joes, order the to be wiped out, and convince everyone it’s a good Idea to instill Cobra in their place, I’m sure he can manage to get someone released from prison

      • Well since Zartan is president maybe he got CC out on a loophole or nonsensical pardon blaming the Joes as the true orchestrator branding them traitors/renegades… as far as Marlon, Adebisi and the other characters go maybe they were sent on fluff missions and rounded up afterwards… and killed… lol!… besides their characters were so bad why would you care?… lol!

  6. Yeah, i thought I saw this at the end of the trailer! Saw them building this on Military Channel. Sweet!

  7. Channing Tatum as Duke – who was essentially “the lead” in Rise of Cobra, could even be among the casualties.

    Was starting to think the same thing no matter what trailer you watch he is no where to be involved in the movie except for that first scene

  8. Joe colton is John maclene’s (saperated at birth) twin brother.

    • I like the fact, the film is using elements from the comics as well, since Joe Colton was in them too. So he’s not something made for the film

  9. Will be seeing this, that was awesome. Just why in the hell couldn’t they recast Duke? Would make this and the last film even better.

  10. I still can’t believe that they killed off Duke. Who knows, maybe it’s meant to look that way but at the end we find out he was only captured. Or as I said before maybe he’d need plastic surgery and come back as a different actor… A better actor, someone who doesn’t say every line the same way twice… If the only way to get rid of said actor is by killing off the character, than so be it.
    R.I.P. Sgt. Conrad “Duke” Hauser.

    • He was not a sergeant in the movie. I believe he was a captain or lieutenant. Another gross miscalculation of the first movie.

  11. Man this looks awesome the rock and bruce willis in same movie? Sweeet

  12. This trailer alone makes up for the embarrassment known as The Rise of Cobra.

    Goodbye Channing Tatum, you won’t be missed.

  13. Trailer looks good. My only question, who is the redhead. Is it Scarlett, played by a new actress? Or a new character entirely?

    • Returning characters are Cobra commander, Duke Zartan , snake eyes, and storm shadow, with in that cast only duke, Zartan, storm shadow, snake eyes are played by the same actors as the first.

  14. The Red head is suppose to be Lady Jaye, oh and the fact that Duke or rather Tantum is in little to none of this movie is a blessing as far as the rest of the original cast, they mostly all sucked, Ty GOD for getting rid of Ripcord, and Scarlett, would have loved to have seen her replaced but im fine with Jaye and Flint coming on board. I also love that they have tried to seperate themselves at least partically by excluding the Baroness from the sequel as well, though the Baroness was one of the better characters in the first movie, they completely Fraked here background by making her and Cobra Commander siblings, or having CC friends with Duke, and also melding his character with Mindbenders.

  15. This looks awesome

  16. as i never read any of the comics, or ever watched the animated shows, i cant follow a lot of what you all are talking about. i thought the 1st film was ok. my biggest complaint of the film was marlon wayans. it was just too many constant jokes with him, and i felt it ruined the pacing of the film. channing tatum is basically the same guy in every film he does, with the exception apparently being 21 jump st. but i’ve not seen that yet. but the new film looks to be an improvement over the 1st, but we will see. and agree with Vladiator about dwayne and bruce in same film, could be epic. i wonder why he (johnson) wasnt approached for the expendables? i guess they wanted all the older guys. maybe he’ll show up in “expendables 5, the next generation” type thing.

  17. I looks like John Chu and the writers did their homework because I am seeing everyone proper character and attire (excluding Fint and Lady Jaye but they’re in their military gear so it’s cool). It even looks like Firefly is being used correctly as a sabator. This trailer only got me more hyped for June 29.

    Just from a trailer standpoint they really have out done themselves compared to the first one (which I enjoyed but I think I’m going to enjoy this one much more).

    • It. That should be “It looks”

  18. This movie has “CRAP” written all over it, just like the first one. But, at least there’s no Marlon Wayans this time.

    • This movie doesn’t look like crap to me. It looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun.