‘G.I. Joe 2′ Poster Roundup: New Improved Heroes and Villain

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Despite getting off to a bumpy start with 2009’s G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, the live-action Joe franchise looks to take a big step in the right direction with this summer’s installment, G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Director Jon Chu’s decision to include more fan-favorite Joe characters – and abandon Rise of Cobra helmer Stephen Sommers’ cheesy approach to the series, in favor of a down n’ dirty, hard-hitting angle – has a lot to do with that.

We’ve rounded up the latest Retaliation character posters from around the ‘Net, as can be viewed in the gallery above. You can also read on for further analysis of the film – including, a breakdown of the personnel recruited to realize Chu’s new vision of the Joe universe – and for larger versions of each individual one-sheet.

Retaliation maintains narrative continuity with Rise of Cobra, in so far as the plot involves Cobra Commander’s spy Zartan (Arnold Vosloo) – having successfully infiltrated the higher echelons of the U.S. government – sending out an order for the Joe organization to be disbanded (and all its members killed). Those who survive the surprise attack band together to (what else) retaliate against Cobra’s forces, with help of the original “Real American Hero” himself: Joe Colton (Bruce Willis).

In addition to the Die Hard franchise icon, Retaliation features a verifiable cinematic badass in Dwayne Johnson (Fast Five) as Roadblock, Rise of Cobra stars Ray Park and Byung-hun Lee, returning as improved versions of Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, respectively – alongside up-and-coming action starlets like Elodie Yung (District 13: Ultimatum) and Adrianne Palicki (the [almost] new Wonder Woman), playing Jinx and Lady Jaye – and Channing Tatum back as Duke… though, possibly, not for long.


Judging by the Retaliation trailers and TV spots, Zombieland screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick’s script for the G.I. Joe sequel paved the way for Chu to produce some pretty exhilarating and cleverly-constructed action set pieces – be it a cliffside battle with swinging ninjas or visceral shootout/combat sequences set everywhere from the unsettled regions of Pakistan to government facilities around Washington, D.C.

When all that is combined with the steelier tone and upgraded cast, early signs point towards Retaliation being a potentially rip-roaring summer blockbuster that unfolds like a feature-length treatment of the 1980s G.I. Joe Saturday morning cartoon (the right way, this time around).

G.I. Joe: Retaliation strikes theaters around the U.S. on June 29th, 2012.

Source: Clone Web, Coming Soon, Collider, HeyYouGuys, IGN, JoBlo, Yahoo! Movies, /Film

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  1. i want another trailer!!! but posters look good

  2. I will probably see this. It should be fun and entertaining. Cant be worse than the first. I am glad they kept Channing. He was decent in the first IMO. The movie as a whole was just bad and underwhelming.

  3. i actually really liked the first one!!! i must be only like 1 of 3 to ever say that!

    • The first one had its flaws and LOL moments (The Accelerator suit part was both, even though it looked great as far as the special effects go).

      But it was definitely an action flick that one could enjoy with popcorn, just turn you brain off and watch.

      I enjoyed it too, just wished somethings were different in it.

      • Big flaw to me was.. CC and Duke were friends at one point, and Baroness is CC’s sister.. when did that EVER happen in the cartoons? I mean I heard at one point Duke and Baroness were an item.. but her being Romanian related to CC…? Did it happen in the comics?

    • I also Enjoyed the first one a lot for what it was, a fun popcorn film.
      But the addition on Bruce Willis and The Rock make me really want to see this one.

      Posters also look good.

      • i guess the reason why i liked it so much compared to some people is i never watched the gi joe cartoons or even played with the toys (I was a corps man myself, or boy i guess. those toys were awesome!).

    • 2 of 3 here
      i enjoyed to

      • i enjoy a good butt front and center

  4. The “Conspiration” poster was a terrible idea. With the actress’ butt front and center, I actually misread “conspiration” as “constipation”. Get marketing on the phone and tell them their fired.

    • The movie is called ‘GI JOE: Conspiration’ in France which is where the actress that plays Jinx is from. I believe that poster was originally revealed on a french website, so it makes sense. I’d imagine you can look forward to an english version with Reatliation on it here pretty soon. It’s actually one of my favorites of the whole set. They all look pretty stellar in my opinion.

    • Actually I like Jinx poster, mainly cause she looks bad ass with two swords, that’s the main focus.

  5. Who’s in the suit and tie?

    • Click on the pic to see the full thing. :)

      • Oh right, duh!

  6. Is it just me or is Storm Shadow’s sword handle look unusually long? I mean I suppose it could be some sort of double bladed weapon but then why would it have a guard on it?

    • he’s holding the swords together at the handles.

  7. No Baroness in this one?

    • Zartan is the President buddy

    • Zartan is in this movie disgised as the president and later in his natural form.

      Baroness sadly is gone though. They have not said what will happen of Destro but it has been hinted he might show up in the movie.

      • I know that’s where he was in the last one. I want to see him kicking ass with his Dreadnaughts and his little turbine powered swamp ski thingy, and giving both sides pure hell, like he always did!

  8. The first movie was garbage but this one looks promising. Hope Channing Tatum is reduced to a cameo.

    • Agreed, don’t need to see him at all.

  9. The posters are awesome espeically Strom Shadow, Snake Eyes and Cobra.

    Cobra seems amazing.

    I am happy that Zartan has returned and also think Duke will have a cameo but wouldn’t die, the character is popular.

  10. All I can say is, it looks like the director actually managed to stick to the correct look and didn’t “over Hollywood” it up (lips on Snake Eyes mask was just……./sigh)

    I wish others in Hollywood could show this much restraint.

  11. I believe Duke will be captured by cobra in this film…my opinion

  12. Any one noticed they messed up the snake eyes poster? Look at his stomach… then look at his chest. Improper weight lost?

  13. These look great! love the rock. I dont think its improper weight lost, i think its just a weird angle….

    • It was a joke. But it looks like some one screwed up in photo shop. Modifieing the waste line but leaves the chest a weird look not very many people will catch.