G.I. Joe Contest: T-Shirts From The 80s Cartoon – Winners!

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gijoe real american hero G.I. Joe Contest: T Shirts From The 80s Cartoon   Winners!

Here are the lucky winners of our G.I. Joe T-shirt giveaway:

  • Omri Alon – Seattle, WA
  • Miguel Lopez – Miami, FL
  • Bruno Fragnito – Ontario, Canada

Thanks to everyone who entered and keep an eye out for upcoming contests from Screen Rant!

A lot people out there who are looking forward to G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra are fans of the 1980s cartoon, so Screen Rant is giving away 6 G.I. Joe T-shirts from that era. We have two designs and three winners will get one of each of the T-shirts below. These G.I. Joe T-shirts were kindly supplied by 80sTees.com.

We have one with Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow, and another with the basic G.I. Joe logo. You can see them both below with details of the graphics as well. Again, winners will receive both t-shirts.

gi joe t shirt1 G.I. Joe Contest: T Shirts From The 80s Cartoon   Winners!

gi joe t shirt1a G.I. Joe Contest: T Shirts From The 80s Cartoon   Winners!

gi joe t shirt2 G.I. Joe Contest: T Shirts From The 80s Cartoon   Winners!

gi joe t shirt2a G.I. Joe Contest: T Shirts From The 80s Cartoon   Winners!

Contest ends some time on Friday, August 14th and is open to residents of the continental United States and Canada.

To enter just leave a comment below – 3 winners will be randomly selected. If you are selected you will have 72 hours to reply or we will choose an alternate winner.

Good luck!

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  1. I cant wait to see this, cheesy as it may be I’m always up for a good popcorn flick

  2. I loved the cartoon when I was a kid. My Dad helped bring me up on them because he had a lot of the 12″ action figures and handed them down to me, to go along with the ones I already had. I’m pretty excited to see this movie. Hopefully, it will be some good popcorn entertainment. Given that its directed by Stephen Sommers, I’m not expecting it to be a grand-scale action flick.

  3. Anybody else wondering what the characters say on that shirt? Can wait for the movie.. I wasn’t impressed by Transformers 2 I need more cheese less corn..

  4. This is going to be a great movie, and I can’t wait to see it in four hours!

  5. 25 years later, my childhood dream comes to fluition in 2 short hours! Pretty amazing!

  6. It’s funny to take out all the old toys and see them again. I’ve been waiting for this movie for years. I can care less what anyone says, I am going to love this movie. T-Shirts look awesome

  7. Honestly, I’m more excited about these shirts than the movie, but most reviews make it seem acceptable, if not decent. Might hafta try it out, if I run out of my (non-too-short) list of better movies to pay to see in theaters this summer.

  8. Very cool. I’m hoping to see this on Sunday, but I’d love to get my hands on those t-shirts.

  9. Dude awesome. I used to love the G.I. Joe’s that had parachutes and I would throw them over my banister and they would float down to my 1st floor it was so fun I could do it all day. I hope the movie does well.

  10. !!!!!!!!!!!!COBRA !!!!!!!!!!!!
    if i exclude quite a few scenes of the Film.
    and just inserst memories of the Cartoon.
    and a Few panels of the Comics then i can go on peacefuly

  11. This t-shirt brings back so many memories!!!! I couldn’t wait to get home from school, skip out on friends, and watch G.I.Joe at 4pm! Then I’d re-enact the scenes with my toys! Ok, so I was a lil’ nerd……still am :)

  12. I love that they are making GI JOE movies and snake eyes was the best!

  13. how do i sign up for the contest?

  14. Def. gotta check this movie out!


  16. Count me in, I love getting free clothes.

  17. Go Joe!!

  18. Serpentor!
    Dr. MindBender!

    GI Joe owns many an 80’s cartoon.

  19. I want a shirt! :) Great movie! Reminded me of the cartoon the whole time!

  20. Just saw the movie and enjoyed it. A couple T-shirts would be awesome

  21. Go Joe! Movie was good and the shirts are cool! Wouldn’t mind picking them up!

  22. Just throwing my hat in the ring. 80’s tees are great, awesome website.

  23. Whoo I love me some t-shirts! especially ones with cool ninjas fighting!

  24. Cool shirts. Might as well try to win them too. :)

  25. Heck Yea, I was raise by G.I. Joe…I would love to bring it back and wear to the new movie

  26. Lots of childhood memories there. I used to race home after school every day to watch GI Joe and Transformers. I still have the first 100 or so issues of my GI Joe Marvel comic books. Thank you for the chance to win these very cool shirts.

  27. hope the movies good

  28. Yo Joe!!! Movie was awesome, and those shirts are too!! Hope I win!!
    ….Knowing is half the battle!

  29. I went and saw the gi joe Movie today. I thought it was really good, i like the story i guess they took it from the comic books i don’t know i never read the comic books. but i did however grow up watching the tv show and i just recently bought the dvd box set of the first season gen 1 tv show. YO JOE KNOWING IS HALF THE BATTLE.so i beg you make a 2nd gi joe movie you almost half to they left it up zartan is the president ooh sorry spoiler spoiler alert.