‘G.I. Joe 3′ Will Mix New & Returning Characters; Channing Tatum Could Return

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 G.I. 3 New and Returning Characters e1387213265938 G.I. Joe 3 Will Mix New & Returning Characters; Channing Tatum Could Return

G.I. Joe 3 is happening. Despite the debacle that was G.I. Joe: Retaliation‘s production (with a last minute year-long delay in release), the franchise continues to make enough money (especially overseas) to convince Paramount that another installment is worthwhile.

The series saw a major overhaul between Rise of Cobra and Retaliation; the sequel was also a semi-reboot that saw most of the cast of the original swapped out for new headliners like Dwayne Johnson and Bruce Willis. One of the biggest missing elements in part 2 for a lot of fans was the lack of Channing Tatum’s Duke – but could G.I. Joe 3 correct that?

Retaliation director Jon Chu is coming back for the third installment, and in a recent interview he basically said that the idea of Channing Tatum’s Duke somehow coming back into the fold after (SPOILER) seemingly meeting his death in a Cobra ambush isn’t an impossible thing in the G.I. Joe world.

While speaking to MTV:

“You never know, Storm Shadow died in the first one and came back in the second one, and then other characters have died and never come back. The G.I. Joe world, the best thing about it is you never know who’s coming back and who’s not.”

G.I. Joe 3 Channing Tatum Duke G.I. Joe 3 Will Mix New & Returning Characters; Channing Tatum Could Return

Channing Tatum as Duke

Chu fails to mention some key facts – such as the fact that Storm Shadow (Snake Eyes’ ninja nemesis) did die in the first film and come back in the second film, without a shred of information about how he was able to do so! So yes, Chu is right, there are basically no rules (and no discernible logic) when it comes to this G.I. Joe movie franchise. So Duke could – somehow, someway – be resurrected.

Of course, bringing back Duke is less important than the obvious benefits of bringing back Channing Tatum. The actor has hit it big since his Rise of Cobra days, and having him share headlining status with Dwayne Johnson is a guaranteed box office draw. On a less cynical note: the scenes of Johnson and Tatum hanging out and trading quips were some of the most fun parts of Retaliation, and the mix of buddy chemistry and action chops is definitely there. The only question is: can the franchise now afford Tatum?

Channing Tatum and Dwayne Johnson in G.I. Joe Retaliation1 G.I. Joe 3 Will Mix New & Returning Characters; Channing Tatum Could Return

In other news, Chu says that the third film will feature  both returning characters and “exciting” newcomers, which should lead to plenty of speculation about who will be in G.I. Joe 3. Chu also said the the new film (which will once again be in 3D – hopefully filmed in the format this time) will be ‘next level’ stuff; though I’m sure more than a few of the franchise’s detractors are hoping that the new film is simply on the level, rather than below it, let alone above it.


G.I. Joe 3 is currently getting underway on production. A release date has yet to be set.

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    • Who cares about Duke? Bring back Dr. Mindbender! (And Destro!)

      Hail HYDRA!…I mean Cobra.

      • Cobra? BAH! Incompetent fools…

        Hail HYDRA!

        • Fail Nobra!

  1. Didn’t think Chu would want to do another one with all that happened last time around. Maybe this time they will figure out who is in and who is not, if the movie will be 3D or not before filming.

  2. Bring back Tatum as Duke and Breaker, Heavy duty and Scarlett. Recast Destro and The Baroness for people who will stick it out for a franchise. More wacky tech like in the first one and more Cobra Commander. Also, stop killing off all the bad guys. Cobra should flee at the end of each film with their tails between their legs.

    No more Bruce Willis. You could tell he just wasn’t really interested. Bring back Quaid.


  3. Sorry but a dead Duke is not the same as a dead Stormshadow.

    Snake Eyes could lop off Storms mellon and show up in the next movie and I wouldn’t even question a wtf?? He is a Ninja. Ninjas do that.

    Duke should never have been killed off in the first place.

    • “He’s a ninja. Ninjas do that.” LOL. Your logic is impossible to argue with. 😉

    • I agree, killing Duke was an odd choice. He’s not been killed off in the ongoing comic, toys will still be produced. There was no point in it. The character gets a lot of hate, and it don’t think it’s justified. He was poorly written in the first catastrophe of a live action movie ( let’s pretend it never happened, right?). Everyone became ninjas in the second, thus making the whole thing ludicrous. The whole point of having ninjas in joe is that they are rare, unique, and hard to defeat. If EVERY FRIGGIN JOE is a ninja, and they’re falling out of the cupboards, it’s just stupid.

      God help us, could the writer PLEASE remember that the joes are, at their very core, soldiers? American soldiers, from all walks of life in this country? Go back and watch the toon. Read the OG comics. Pay attention the the toon scripts, the voice actors. They spent time creating characters. Read the first run of RAH comics…but ignore Ninja Force, Eco warriors, Headman and all that pap. Oh yeah. Just forget anything DIC put out. Yesh. What works for Joe is a strong group of characters, a little trench humor, a lot of fun, and more about the people than ninja every frigging thing. How about a ninja cap of four, OK?

      Yeah, try and pay attention to the characters. Why make Ripcord black? Why not use one of the awesome black joes already waiting ? Stalker is one of my faves. Alpine. Bazooka. Iceberg. Doc. If you have a rich multiethnic cast of characters to choose from, it looks odd and more than a little patronizing to do such a thing.

      Friggin heck,bring inStalker anyhow. He kicks ass.

      • Real talk ! Stalker is the truth !! Plenty of characters they must bring in !

  4. Who cares about GI Joe anymore. Aside from Snake Eyes and a good but mostly misused cast, both films suck ass.

  5. I really didn’t like Chu’s version of GI Joe, especially after he killed off Duke. I think they should introduce as many GI Joes as possible. GI Joe was more than 4 people. They don’t all need a background stories, just recognizing they exist.

    I hope they bring in Serpentor for the next one as well as more members of GI Joe and Cobra they a big variety to choose from, and they must bring Duke back and Quaid if they can.

    Bruce Willis was terrible I totally agree. Keep him away from the next one.

  6. I liked the first better than the second.

    Don’t stray away from the formula, over the top action/technology and some type of cohesive storyline with tons of iconic GI Joes that we all remember.

    Simple story:

    Cobra Commander is terrorizing the world again and is trying to obtain a new weapon that requires 3 parts (normal McGuffin stuff). The first mission is led by Firefly (who Roadblock thought he killed in the second movie) and the Joes lose with Roadblock taking a beating from Firefly. The second mission, the Joes win and capture Firefly, who when unmasked, is revealed to be Duke (gasp!). Through some machinations by Duke/Firefly, Cobra is able to break into the Joe facility (again), stealing the 2nd part and freeing Duke/Firefly. The final quest for the 3rd part, also led by Duke for the Cobras has a pivotal moment between Duke and Roadblock but then turns for the Joes when The Baroness and Ripcord appear which distracts Duke enough for the Joes to win. Cobra Commander escapes once again and the Baroness, Ripcord and Roadblock are trying to help Duke overcome his brainwashing.


    • Dude, you should write the script.

    • The first movie wasn’t good, the second was so bad I’m not even sure you could call it a movie and I had LOW expectations going in, but it was just HORRIBLE beyond belief!! Tatum or not please don’t make any more of these until a whole new group of film makers want to reboot because this group doesn’t know what they are doing.

    • Someone should hire you to do this. Brilliantly job done.

    • LOVE IT!!!!!

  7. How about this time around the Rock gets offed in the first 15 minutes. Take your franchise leading actor and kill ’em in the first 15 minutes. That could be the Joes legacy on the film world. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.

  8. Just reboot this crap already! I can’t believe he came back for this trainwreck instead of continuing to get Masters Of The Universe off the ground which he could’ve been in complete control of from day one.

  9. Bring back Scarlett. (I wouldn’t mind a recast.)

  10. The first was terribad, the second .02% better… Seriously how do you screw up a spec op force of true badasses? Super laser pistols like the Baroness had in the first movie, acceleration suits, and other corny s***…

  11. Duke and scarlet need to come back, thats all really.

  12. Bring back Scarlett and the Baroness

    • I agree.

  13. Bring on Shipwreck!!!!!!!!

    • I second that. And nominate Bruce Campbell for the roll.

    • Was one of my favorites why not just follow the characters in the cartoon plain and simple like marvel

  14. These movies sucked so hard. Please DO NOT make more, or do it RIGHT and DON’T BRING BACK THAT BLOCK OF WOOD NAMED CHANNING TATUM!

  15. I wouldnt go see it with a free ticket, after the absolute crap that the 2nd one was. The first one, at least you could tell they spent some money, and it was all on screen. The 2nd, bargain basement trash with ZERO logic and semi-sensible story. Crap!!

  16. The description of this article says Tatum’s return is impossible, when clearly the actual article and its title say otherwise. Just wanted to point that out Kofi.

  17. If Transformers 4 fails, then they will rethink the next GI Joe.

  18. Think tatum is happy his character died lol that franchise blows, if he’s a smart man he won’t come back to it.

  19. the begining with Channing and Rock was the best part of the movie

  20. Just read the title of this article only……Are you serious! Who is loving “Channing Tatum as Duke”


  21. Tunnel Rat, Quick Kick, Gung Ho, Sgt. Slaughter, Marcer, Falcon, Scarlett, Baroness, Budo, Destro,Some Alley Vipers, Sci-Fi, Nemesis Enforcer, Golobulous, Dr.Mindbender & The Dreadknaughts….With a few hundred Battle Android Troopers (B.A.T.)And give us the gold Destro, with the Iron Grenadiers.

  22. sad to say they should reboot GI Joe… There’s no continuity related to the characters the movies make no sense to me. NO more Bruce Willis… They shouldnt have killed Duke… I can care less about Channing on the movie., But hes character didnt need to die… This movies are just wrong sadly

    • and I believe Storm Shadow came back from the dead thank to the nano-technology presented on the first one

  23. I think they should just go all out with it. Have a 50 man cast and have EVERYONE in it. Duke, Flint, Gung-Ho, Shipwreck, Snake-Eyes, Roadblock, Breaker, Lifeline, Scarlett, Lady Jaye, Jynx, Stalker, Ace, Wild Bill, Cover Girl, Blow Torch, Recondo, Alpine, Dusty I could go on and on. Then for Cobra you have Cobra Commander, Storm Shadow, Destro, Mindbender, Baroness, Serpentor, Nemesis Enforcer, Major Bludd, Firefly, Tomax, Xamot, Wild Weasel, Crimson Guard, etc… No need to go into eveeryones story, just a big bad ass film. Its G.I Joe for crying out loud!!!

    • I agree

    • Speak ! Real talk ! They need to create stars out of unknown actors if the leading a list folk will become expensive!! That way the character can have a stable actor for the remaining of the franchise !!
      THEY NEED TO LISTEN TO THE FAN BASE !! Create the weather dominator story that way you can put multiple characters fighting in different scenes !!

  24. Tatum had scheduling issues and was still locked in to a smaller payday. He’ll want parity with the Rock at the very least. His star is too big for the show. Honestly the only way to save this franchise is to go zero dark thirty or black hawk down on it ass and set it in more real life war type situations.

  25. the rock and the hot girl, is this a real question?

  26. Bring back Channing Tatum. If you dont have a story to work with, then at least don’t kill off your leading man at the start of the movie!! Basic sense man…Channing was a huge factor in the build up to GIJoe2 and they removed him at the start. Not looking forward to this 3rd installment cause the director has no sense of audience reactions. Wonder what he will dish out now after making the previous one so so badly.

  27. 2 things I want to see.

    The proper story behind why snake wears that suite.

    Scarlet returning and make her Snake’s love interest like she should of been in the first movie. I dont mean have her around going “I love you snake let me be a pointless character that wants to cry every time you fight and smooch you around every corner.” But how she was in the comics. “I love you snake. Now lets go kill a bunch of cobra crack heads and be the most kick ass boy friend and girl friend the world has ever seen.”

  28. did one of the previous posts say Bazooka was black? or did I read that wrong? Anyways, this franchise could be sooo much better than it is now. Why not just do a live action version of the animated movie. That would be bad ass!